Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Calm After the Storm

Tanner continues to have problems breathing.  On Thursday there was yet another episode where he was clearly in distress and unable to breathe.  Though not as severe as the first time, (still a little pink in his tongue) I waited a few minutes to see if it would pass.  When it didn't, I put Tanner into my van and we were off to the emergency vet.  His breathing did seem to be improving along the way. This was why in my mind I marked a place in the trip that if he wasn't better by the time we reached it, I would let them know that we were coming.  When we got to the landmark, Tanner was comfortable, his head was up and he was okay.  I stopped and made sure and could easily see that the color to his tongue and gums had returned.  I turned around and went home. 

The vet that Tanner sees wasn't working Thursday and so I spoke with her on Friday.  There is a human medication that has been used to ease the symptoms of laryngeal paralysis in dogs.  It's a bit experimental in its use for this condition--My vet has not given this medication to treat laryngeal paralysis, but has given it for use with animals that have skin conditions. Since it has very few, if any, side effects we've decided to try it and see if it helps.  OF COURSE the pharmacy didn't have the medication, so I'll have to get it on Monday.  (I know there are some readers of this blog who like to know the names of medications, so I'll post its name when I pick it up--All I  know is that it's an antihistamine that he'll take twice a day.)   


My day today has been a welcome calm after the storm of the week.  The 'issue' with my sister and her family only escalated after I'd decided to wash my hands of them.  There will still be a few storms that come from all of this, but I remain hopeful that they will pass.  Thank-you all for your kind and thoughtful comments of support on my last post.  Your kindness and friendship continue to humble and strengthen me. 

This evening I am looking forward to sitting at my computer, with a blanket on my lap, the dogs around me and catching up on your blogs.  I hope you're having an enjoyable weekend! 
~Winter Wren~


  1. Glad to hear that Tanner's episode was not as bad as the last one.
    Hope the medication will help.

    Sheila & Bob

  2. Oh poor Tanner boy. I hope the medication will help! His sweet old gray face is just so precious.

    That wren is just adorable! They are some of my all time favorites. I wish we could see more of them here.

    Hope you have a quiet Sunday, my dear!

  3. Dear sweet Tanner, what a beautiful old boy he is. I do hope the new medication can ease his condition.

    That is such a gorgeous photo of the winter wren.

    Keep strong, Kim.


  4. Hi Kim,

    Poor Tanner! I hope this new medicine does work well for his problem. Too bad you couldn't start him on it right away.

    We should try to mend fences when there is a flare up in the family, but, you know when you run out of nails and the other person isn't offering to help.... It is time to just let it go, for your own sanity and health.

    Oh! What a cute little wren, I haven't seen the first one this winter. I hope they are eating well - wherever they are!

    Hang in there, enjoy the calm!

  5. Hi there, So glad Tanner returned a bit to normal and that your vet had something that might ease the problem. I love the photo of the winter wren as I haven't seen them before. We will get robins here in winter. Have a peaceful weekend dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Poor sweet Tanner... I'm glad his spell passed, but I'm sure this is taking it's toll. I can honestly say that I could not do what you do. You are a gem to take care of these pets as you do. This says so much about your character and it's a shame that your sister has to miss out / not have you in her life. She is missing out>
    Have a good night Kim, and give the kids a hug for me.

  7. Rest easy Tanner my boy. Hope the medicine helps. Golden Kisses from Lady.


  8. Sounds like a good medicine to try, at least if it offers Tanner some relief.
    What a beautiful face he has...
    I saw one of those little Wrens just today as I was sitting on the porch, she was stealing the moss off my wreath !
    Hang in there with the rlatives ;)

  9. It is too bad we can't pick our blood relatives, but it is such a joy to find people in life who are just as close to us in our hearts. I hope you have "family of the heart" like I do who take care of me and understand me when I need it.
    I'm so sorry about your old doggy. Poor old boy.

  10. Kim,
    I'm sorry to hear of your trials this week. I pray for good health for Tanner and for your family burdens as well. I like the quote that talks of Friends as being God's way of apologizing for family...there certainly is truth to that sentiment!
    Enjoy your evening and thoughts accompany you!

  11. My sister and I use to fight like cats and dogs when we were growing up but you would never know it now. I don't think I could handle it if we didn't get along. Hope things resolve themselves soon for your sake. Tanner is such a sweet looking dog. I hope the meds help.

  12. gosh if it isn't one thing it's another. Glad there is a solution to the problem though, but very distressing for both you and Tanner.

    Praying for you all,


  13. Hey K,
    I certainly hope the new meds will provide relief for sweet Tanner.
    The first photo just melts my heart!
    You're a lot like that wren: spunky, resilient, determined, and cute! :)
    Hugs and bellyrubs,

  14. Oh, poor Tanner. I hope the new drug is successful at making him more comfortable - he deserves all the peaceful, happy days you are working so hard to give him. Bless you, bless you, bless you. And bless Tanner, too.

  15. Tanner is a lucky dog to have you. He is doing well because of the love you give him.
    Have been praying for you and hope things get resolved with your sister soon. Hope she wakes up and smells the coffee quick and realizes all the blessings she is missing by having you for a sister.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~!
    Ta Ta For Now from Iowa:)

  16. Poor Tanner, I hope he feels better soon! Is it Claritin they're going to give him? I think that's what they gave my cousin's elderly dog when she had reverse sneezing. They also pulled up all the carpets in the house since the vet told them that one of the causes of her problem might be an allergy to dust.

    I hope things get better with your family soon.

  17. Hi Kim
    We were sad to hear Tanner had another eppisode. I can only imagine the panic in your heart when this happens.
    I too hope that the medication will work.. It is definatly worth a try. We will keep Tanner in our thoughts and prayers as always.
    I know how upsetting the issue is with your sister and her family...
    i guess just ignore,,, and hope someday she comes to her senses.
    We your friends- adore you.

  18. Maybe these new meds will do the trick for sweet Tanner. Hope you have a nice quiet weekend.

  19. Poor Tanner, I hope the new meds help and he's able to breath easily again. Having sick pups is no fun. Thanks for the good thoughts for Samba. For once I'm actually hoping it's an infection that can be treated with antibiotics.

  20. Thanks for all the updates -

    I know from the past, sometimes that's what one must do -

    Hard though it may be -

  21. Tanner lot of strength to you, We'll pray and cross our paws for you. Come on friend! You can!!

  22. poor tanner, so hoping the new meds will work. yes, i like to learn about that kind of thing so posting the name would be awesome!

  23. The trust in Tanners eyes.

  24. Hugs to Tanner. I hope that the new meds work. It's so hard on we humans, when we see our loved animals in distress. Between that, and your family problems, you have to be quite tired. I hope that you are able, now that things are quieter, to get some good "you" time.

    Love the picture of the winter wren. That's a sight that will cheer anyone up.

  25. So sorry to read about poor Tanner's ongoing struggle. Hopefully the medicine will help.

  26. Woof! Woof! Hope for miracle on Tanner's medication. Sending him Lots of Golden LOVE n Healing Thoughts. Hope you'll have a better week. Trials in life (especially that involves family) are normal but with these trials you become stronger and more resilient. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  27. Your dogs sure do keep you on your toes! At least they seem to (for the most part) stagger their crisis so that you only have to deal with one emergency at a time. Judging by the photo in this post, I would think that Tanner must be almost blind? At least in his right eye. Is that the case.

    It may not be 'politically correct', but I say: "Good RIDDANCE" to your sister! We all have enough stress in our lives through things that we have no control over. Why invite more into our world?

    sending big hugs!

  28. I'm glad Tanner is OK ~ poor pup!
    xo Catherine

  29. Tanner seems to be very resilient dog, Kim. He knows he's in good hands!
    Ah, families and the DRAMA! You are so smart to do your best and let them have all the drama they feel they need and want. It can be difficult to let it go, but you have to for your own preservation. Life is way to short for that foolishness! Be strong.

  30. Poor old fella; age is the devil. I just love wrens, we have quite a few with us here in France over winter. They dart about in amongst the bushy undergrowth, and seem totally unconcerned by human presence.

  31. Oh Kim you know how much I love your dogs and think of them often during my week. I had missed this post until this morning while catching up and I held my breath until I read through it. Thank goodness he is ok and you have a prescription for medication that may help him! Yay!
    As for the family thing...sometimes you have to do what is best for you and guilt be damned. You can't be all things to all people but you can be everything to yourself and those that love you. I wish you a peaceful happy heart Kim, you work hard and care for so many and you deserve to enjoy your life.
    Take care and have a love filled Valentine's Day!
    Tina xo

  32. My heart goes out to Tanner,such a dear sweet face.Thank goodness for the wonders of medication eh?
    Sorry to hear of your family dramas.You know the saying?..'you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family'.
    Hope you have a good week Kim. :0)

  33. I'm so glad that Tanner made it through this episode ok. I hope that medicine helps him... His face is so lovable that I can't handle thinking of him in distress.

    The winter wren is gorgeous. Peaceful.

  34. Hugs & licks from Neeli to Tanner - we're revlieved to hear that he's recovered from this incident. Fingers & paws crossed that the meds will help.

    Nadine & Neeli

  35. I am so glad Tanner is doing better, perhaps this new drug will make both your lives easier.


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