Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Sleepless Night

~Rudi & Charlie~

I was awakened in the early morning hours by Rudi, whining and pacing around the bed. She knew there wasn't room for her because Josh and Charlie (and the cat) had claimed a place last evening when we went to bed. My telling her to 'go lay down' fell on her selective hearing.  I knew what was coming next--I was right--She tried to jump on the bed anyway. Then even though she hadn't 'asked,' I got up to let her outside. I knew that would be her next request.

I wasn't sleeping all that well anyway and so I was unable to get back to sleep. I've had yet another falling out with my sister. This time two of her adult children are involved. The whole incident, that is so trivial, sophomoric and ridiculous has left me again stunned and hurt by their actions towards me. I'm worn out from it all...But in the quiet moments of the morning I really do try to remain positive and remember the good things in my life. 

I received an unexpected note yesterday from the son of a co-worker.  He's in his last year of high school and had a class assignment to compare two of the newspapers in the area, The Washington Post, and The Washington Times. He was a bit frantic because despite looking everywhere and calling everyone, a copy of The Times could not be found.  But I happened to be at a local store, saw the paper and bought a copy for him. His mother really appreciated it, and by what he wrote in his card, I think he did too...The card was totally unnecessary, but very thoughtful and his 'way with words' gave me a bit of a chuckle.   


  1. Oh Kim life can be a challenge can't it?
    My family has brought me the the hardest challenges I have had to face in this life.
    Like you I have a sister I love but who has caused me untold pain over the years. She is the youngest and I the oldest of 5 children. Maybe that is all that needs to be said.
    Take heart Kim, I can tell you are a wonderful and caring person and maybe that is what irks your sister the most. She sees in you the traits she wishes she had more of in her own life.
    Have a great day anyway Kim because you have many friends here in blogland who think you are very special!
    Tina xo

  2. I'm so sorry that you're having troubles with your sister and her kids. There is nothing that wears more on you than family troubles. It sounds like an ongoing thing, but, I hope it is resolved soon.

    Cute note from young David. And, how nice of him to send it. Very unusual in this day and age.

  3. I love the note too. The wording is hilarious.

    It must be tough having too many dogs to fit on your bed. We don't have that problem... a king sized bed and two dogs works great.

  4. *hugs*
    Hope you have a good day. ♥
    Family can definitely be trying.

  5. Ugg, family stuff - dealing with some of that myself, so I know what you mean. Try not to lose any sleep over it. Stroking a Golden head always makes me feel better. What a nice card from such a young man. There is hope for the newest generation after all (well, at least David).
    Poor Rudi, left out of the snuggle bundle. She gets first dibs tonight....right?

  6. Amazing how 'family' things can get us so 'crazy' at times.
    Perceived small acts can be so appreciated.....too bad family doesn't always see things so simply, eh?

  7. bummer about the sister thing....
    but such a nice note from the young man!
    hang in there girl!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about you and your sister - I'm an only child and the first time my own children ever fought, it made me so sad because I didn't think it was the way it would be. But now I know - not everyone can get along and we are hurt by the ones we love the most.

    On the other hand - I love David's note - that's a keeper.


  9. When family fails us, others come help. I am continually stunned and hurt by my other brother's complete lack of caring. Oh well, he loses.

    Isn't it nice when you save someone's butt?

  10. Sometimes it is the simplest things that lift one out of their day! You did it for your co-worker's son and then he returned it to you. :)

    Sorry about the family strife. Don't let it weigh too heavily on you.

  11. I understand the pull of family, and the wish to preserve those connections as much as possible - but sometimes it's hard to know whether it's worth it. It says a lot about you that you have tried so hard with your sister - maybe one day your care and concern will be reciprocated. In the meantime, you're right to focus on the positive - that was a very sweet (and deserved) note David sent you!

  12. Oh bless, how sweet of him. A lot of people nowadays don't bother with 'Thank you' cards do they. I think this is a real shame to be honest.

    Families...sometimes more trouble then they are worth. I too have had a kind of fall out with my older sister - she is 16 years older then me. I haven't spoken to her since my Mum's funeral nearly 7 years ago. She cleared out my Mum's jewellery box and took most of it and kept it for herself and her 3 daughters before I was ready to deal with it - very selfish indeed. She moved 4 hours away from my M&D's home in '96 and has only been back a handful of times (when she needed a favour) - wouldn't even come to see my Mum when she was ill unless we could confirm that she was dying. Then, once she had dies she was up the next day being the dutiful daughter. Theya re really wealthy but never offered to help M&D out in troubled times. I really have no time for her at all. The only good thing about when my Dad passes away is that I won't have to see her ever again. I know blood is thicker then water but I can't forgive. I hope you manage to sort things out with your sister Kim. Sue x

  13. Hi Kim :)
    David's note gave me a chuckle as well. My son finished high school last year so he and David must be close in age. His note reminds me of something that my own son might have written----silly but from the heart :)
    I am sorry that you are going through a hard time with your family right now. I hope things get patched up soon.
    Wishing you a happy day and a restful night

  14. Good for you, Kim, for working to stay positive and above it all!

    Look at that sweet Rudi face! :)

    - Anne

  15. I'm sorry about your sleepless night and falling out. Keeping positive is hard but is for the best. I bet just looking at the adorable furry faces around you helps a lot! Just look at Rudi and Charlie smiling at the camera in that picture - ADORABLE!!!

    Zona's Mom

    PS - Gotta love that card!! :)

  16. Mark Twain said that ' kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see '. Your post made me think of this.

  17. Kim,
    Sorry about the sleepless night and the falling out with your sis. Sure is nice to know there are still young people who take the time to say thank you, and wonderful that it came at a time when you were dealing with disappointment (family drama).

    Hope your day was good, despite the sleepless night!

  18. That's what family if for...the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. However, letting the dog out got your mind headed in the right direction and this note you received...what a peach he is!!!...:)JP

  19. Oh that note was so sweet!

    It's funny about the dogs trying to all get a spot on the bed. Oh my goodness... I have enough trouble sleeping with Gracie's lifeless body that prevents me from stretching out or moving, I can't imagine sharing my bed with one more. God bless you!!

    I'm sorry about the sister-thing. That's a tough one... I hope and pray all works out and you can become friends once again. In the meantime, enjoy the family you share your bed with. There's no other love like the unconditional love of a dog>

  20. Hi sweet Kim, My heart hurts just hearing about the situation with your sister and her kids. Life is just to short for nonsense-know what I mean. I had this kind of problem crop up with a couple of ladies and it reminded me so much of high school. You are so precious and I for one count it a joy to know you.
    Sorry you had to get up during the night-old Reggie just snuggles in to stay warm. Stay in and stay warm my friend.

  21. I know how you feel about falling out with your sister. I hope things get better soon. As for not sleeping well, I had a night like that too this week with my cats getting hyper as they often do when I'm not sleeping well. I think animals can feel how antsy we get when we don't sleep well and then they can't relax either.

  22. The note made me smile, sometimes the unexpected kind gestures are the best.
    Sorry to read you've been having spats with family members, they do have ways of pulling our strings..
    I only sleep with one cat in the bed, I can only imagine what it would be like sleeping under the weight of all the electric blanket needed that's a certain :)
    Thank you for asking about Oliver, he's still at the vets, but doing better.

  23. Oil and water, sorry. Sometimes family just don't get along. Occasionally it's because we are so alike.

    You may just have to get a twin bed and push it up next to your bed - if you can. :-) Personally, I still want a covered crib for Jill, or a kennel on tall legs so she is at the same height.

    Cute note! That's one to keep!

  24. I think EVERYone has family "stuff" from time to time. Anyone who acts like they don't ...lies. I once went to my minister lamenting something bothering me, talking about "perfect families". He said there are no such things. I said yes...and named several that I thought were. He said "two of those you just mentioned have been in here counseling all year with bad family problems. People just don't know about it."
    The card from the kid is too cute and yes, a reminder to enjoy the good "stuff"!

  25. Such is life. Don't you wonder what some people think is really important in this world. Life is too short for some of this nonsense. Hope things straighten out soon.

    I sure think of you as a very kind and caring person...maybe your sister does not recognize you.

    David sure appreciates you!

  26. Things could be SO much worse:

    The other night Sable (my Great Pyre/Bernese Mountain Dog cross, that looks like a German Shepherd Dog cross) woke me up, whining. I got up and let the dogs out and waited a few minutes for them to do their thing before calling them back in. Fortunately, I have NO trouble falling asleep and I was out, again, as soon as my head hit the pillow. A bit later (I really don't know how long ~ I didn't look at the clock), Sable was whining again. I figured that she must hear something outside and told her that it was "OK" and she should go back to sleep. She quieted. For a while.

    A bit later, Sable woke me again. Now, I was getting a little irritated. She kept pacing and whining until I finally scolded her and told her to go sleep on the couch.

    I slept, peacefully, for a couple more hours.

    Then I woke up to 100 pound dog, diarrhea on the rug in my bedroom, the dining room rug and the rug by the kitchen door!

    She had TRIED to tell me...

    I hope that makes you feel better.


    BIG HUGS, my Friend. You are a wonderful human being ~ just ask any one of your dogs!


    P.S. I had/have a stuffy nose ~ that's why the smell didn't wake me up...

  27. That was an honest note from David and we loved it too.

    I just know all dogs wonder why thet all cannot sleep on the bed!

    Hopefully your nerves have calmed some,,, and you can get some sleep tonight,,,, we send you bubbles and love filled with star dust!

  28. Sometimes the tiniest of 'thank you's' can brighten our day!
    xo Catherine

  29. Love David's note!
    Sending you hugs and belly rubs to pups,

  30. Families are great for the stress levels! Dogs are a better option - no hidden agendas, no intentionally doing things to hurt you, and when you look into their eyes you know they really do care about you. Regardless of any thing else going on, dogs don't judge you or try to change you - it doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, old, young, happy or mad, so spend some time with your dogs and, hard as it is to forget what your sister is doing, realize that it is trivial, and probably won't matter a year from now compared to what is right beside you.

    Wishing you all a good nights sleep.
    Riley and his mum

  31. I got worried and thought something bad had happened to one of your dogs when I read your header. I'm so relieved all is well at your house. I love the note.--Inger

  32. Sounds like one of those Serenity Prayer moments with your sister. Throw in "that which does not kill me makes me stronger," and you've covered your bases.

    Perhaps you need to take advantage of one of those bed ads: buy one, get one free. Just set up 2 king beds in the bedroom [we're sure there's room :)] and that should provide enough bed space even for your extended brood.

    Here's to better, warmer days.

    Jed & Abby

  33. I am sorry about the problems with your sister... I've got a sister too. Always finds a way to hurt me one way or another!! Remaining positive is the best thing you can do!! Take care, and sorry I haven't been here more. Super busy with Mr. Simba. He's been on a new mega vitamin/probiotic treatment and ever since, he is getting more and more lively, and crazier. That means, more fun and games. Less Lazy Simba LOL.

  34. I’m sorry about the sister situation-hope all is well soon-I’m sure it will be. Your note says it all--you are a dear friend to have. Butt saving is a high compliment :)
    Hugs to you,

  35. I left tons of family (cousins) in my country. I hear of no one. Did I die, and forgot to fall? Who knows?

    That's how it goes, I guess. We did not choose them, they did not choose us, therefore, all is fair. I suppose.

    Hang in there. Don't let the situation hurt you so bad. You are a precious person, appreciated many friends!

    Including David, right?

    Have a good week-end. Stand tall!

  36. See...karma has come go out and spread some more!

  37. Ahh, sisters. Mine hasn't spoken to me in over twenty years. It seems I did or said something that she didn't like, but I don't know what it was and she won't tell me. Oh well, I've adjusted.

  38. Hi Kim
    I'm sorry for the very late reply - I'm sorry about your family issues (I know what you're going through - our "family" has been at odds with each other for over 10 years - and it's very hard - emotionally).

    Hang in there - your hubby & doggies love you!

    Nadine & Neeli


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