Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Predictions

Yesterday the country's most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring.  He even went out on a limb to forecast that his state's Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl; we'll see.  I'm going to predict that even if the dogs and I do another snow-dance, we won't get any more 'significant snow' because we've finally found someone to plow out our drive way when needed.

The massive storm that clobbered much of the country totally missed us here in Northern Virginia.  We were even supposed to get an ice storm and it missed us too.  What we have gotten are cold high winds.  Last evening just after the dogs were all fed and happy, I settled into the evening of watching American Idol and enjoying a 'white-pizza' that I'd picked up, and the lights went out.  Thrown into pitch blackness, I did the only thing I could do, finished dinner and went to bed early.  The power came back on around the time Carl arrived home from work.  This morning the wind is still blowing, the temps are below freezing, but it's beautiful and clear.  After several days of clouds, it's so good to have the sun back
After errands this morning, I'm looking forward to catching up...But I'm predicting there may be a nap too.  


  1. Yep Kim we got clobbered! And supposedly more of the beloved white stuff is on the way for this Saturday!
    I am tired of shoveling, but try as I might I cannot hold back those cold little's woman against the elements and the elements are winning!
    Love the pictures of the crew in the snow!
    Have a wonderful day guys!
    Tina xo

  2. After "they" said THIS IS THE BIG ONE, we just had tons of rain and awful winds, then nothing but COLD! No snow, no ice, zip. We will see if tomorrow's prediction of snow is right....

    Great pictures of Tanner and CarrieAnne! Very huggable!

    So far, our power hasn't even browned! DH bought up a bunch of gas for the generator, I think that's why, LOL!

    Pretty day there! I do like sunshine! Have a great day!

  3. Now I know why we got the brunt of the move more in an easterly fashion and hit us dead on! Luckily we love the snow here and had a ball!
    Funny how dogs, most anyway, love the snow....must 'cool' them off, especially the older ones.

  4. I'm so glad this one missed us!

    Now we have double insurance against blizzards - us with the tractor and you with someone to plow your drive!

    btw - I was in your neck of the woods last weekend at the pizza place in town. Made me think of you and all your beasties!

  5. It looks like Tanner is predicting a nap as well. We dodged the bullet as well, Kim. A little ice one night. A little rain... not much. And wind. Not complaining. I'm ready for spring :)

  6. It looks like Tanner is predicting a nap as well. We dodged the bullet as well, Kim. A little ice one night. A little rain... not much. And wind. Not complaining. I'm ready for spring :)

  7. I was wondering if you got any snow- all we got was rain and wind - it's pretty cold today though and a nap sounds good.

  8. Glad you power came back before too much damage was done. We're staying inside and warm today. It's way too cold outside for doggy feet.

  9. You lost power and we got a mini ice storm - all okay by yesterday afternoon! I think my Neeli shared Tanner's mood by napping during most of the day. Yes, it is good to see the sun again.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  10. I am so looking forward to "sleep-in Saturday"!

    I had to spend three days without power a few years ago due to a storm, and I don't have a fireplace! It's amazing how cold a house can get. Thank goodness for warm dogs!

  11. Also glad the power came back on - sounds like it's frigid back there, but oh such a pretty photo of contrails against the blue, blue sky! Have a great nap (wink!).

  12. I'm glad that you didn't get the ice storm. As much as I love snow storms, I hate the ice. It just causes too much damage. With this season, I'm not so sure that, plow guy or now, you won't have more snow. It has just been so odd.

    You mentioned that you haven't seen your feral cat for a while. I hadn't seen mine either, and was getting worried. Then, this morning, I went out to shovel and, there in the snow, were little cat tracks. Phew!

    How's Tanner doing?

  13. The storm missed us as well but it is a good day today to stay in and catch a nap!...:)JP

  14. Definitely sounds like an "inside" kind of day. Looks like Tanner is waiting for some warm treats to come out of the oven :)

    The Road Dogs

  15. Kim...
    First of all, I don't even know how he was able to get out of his hole to see his shadow!!!
    There's Sooo much Snow and Ice...

    We got the ice up here in Ct. and I'm pretty worried about my ROOF...
    We also lost power yesterday and it got pretty cold in here. It's back now and I'm truly grateful. I always have by water jugs filled just in case of something like that.
    Do me a favor,

    My Best Always

  16. Cold winds here too -- about 6-7 inches of snow. Staying in and baking some applesauce cake and bagels. :)

  17. Oh Kim,
    I read below about Tanner and am so thankful he is doing okay...gosh that is scary!
    And the photo of Hamlet loos so serene and peaceful; those eyes just dig deep into your soul!
    I'm glad the electricity came back on...nothing like being in the dark, in the dark! It's even actually spooky!
    I hope the snow stays away on Tuesday...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  18. Lucky it all missed you!! We got ice then snow that has kept schools closed all week! Funny, at work we saw that older people came from far away and still made it in for their surgeries but younger folks who lived in town, cancelled!
    Your "pups" look like they enjoy just being inside withyou!!

  19. Keep those puppies warm and they'll return the favor if needed. Glad you power outage didn't last too long. I'm tired of the cold here too in Texas. Frigid for too long for us wimps...

  20. Beautiful pics! Charlie says even a weatherman can predict nap time! ;)

  21. Naps are good!

    I love your middle photo - such a contrast to the hot humid weather where I live.

  22. Hi Kim :)
    Our weathermen were calling for snow and ice here in Pittsburgh too. I am afraid to drive in the snow so my husband kindly offered to drive me to the grocery store. I think everyone in my community was there along with me. I stocked up on food and all the necessities (like chocolate, dog treats, and coffee) He then took me to Joann Fabric I grabbed all the supplies that a girl, who was going to be snowed in could possible need. After all that we hardly got anything. A little freezing rain but nothing terrible. We had some high winds but never lost our electric. It is beautiful here today---maybe our Phil was right :) I am sure he is right about our Pittsburgh Steelers too :) I sure hope Tanner is feeling better--how very frightening for you. Hope you have a great weekend.

  23. Kim,
    It looks like CarrieAnne is trying to predict the weather. She can probably do it better than the silly groundhog. Interesting that the groundhog picked Pittsburgh to win. I like both teams so really I don't know who to cheer for.What about you?
    I hate when the power goes out, especially if it is really cold out and I'm trying to eat pizza.
    Hope it warms up soon.

  24. Hi sweet friend, So glad you missed all the storms, or that they passed you by. Love the photo of Tanner, I've got to get one of my brothers Border Terrier pup.
    Hugs to you today.

  25. Lovely photos! I hope you get to have your driveway cleared by your hired hand at LEAST once!

  26. Sorry you lost power - that's the worst!! Glad to hear it's back on. Oh, and a nap....always a nice thought. We didn't get nearly what was expected for this area (thankfully) but it is so beautiful, although trying to convince my husband of this as he's snowblowing and raking the roof is another story. :)

  27. The power went out during Idol...nooooo...not is so good this years...watching it right now from Hollywood. No snow not fair either! Oh well...thanks for the birthday greetings! Cheers!

  28. Hello Witch!! Because of my husband's deep Wisconsin roots we are cheering for the Packers on Sunday!!!

  29. My husband actually went to see Punxsutawney Phil as a college crazy road trip. Apparently, it's a huge bash.

    I'd be happy about an early spring (especially after our -30 deg temps burst one of our pipes) if we'd already had enough snow to keep us safe from forest fires next summer. But, we haven't so I'm hoping that Phil is wrong for us!

    I hope that your nap prediction was right. I've been having unpredicted naps over my computer. I think that I need a real one!

  30. We hate it when the power goes out while watching American Idol.. or any of our favorite shows.!
    You did not get dumped with this snow blizzard,, but you already had yours. You have enough to last forever, and to capture some beautful photos. Carrie Ann and Tanner,, well I think they need me to come give them a kiss on the their lips!
    Carrie Ann reminds me of a candle on top of cup cake- don't ask me why- maybe I am craving!
    Beautiful sky shot!

  31. I hope you enjoyed your sunny sky and then took a nice, long nap! Beautiful shots of Carrie Anne and Tanner. YOU should make a calendar!

  32. There's always time to squeeze in a nap I think! :)
    xo Catherine

  33. we still haven't found anyone to do ours yet, so we are doing it ourselves and it sucks!!!

    Gill in Canada.....on her way out to blow out the driveway

  34. when the iceland volcano went up and all aircraft in the UK grounded, itwas bliss to see the sky without ANY vapor trails!!!

  35. we both got lucky and avoided that snow storm. but i think we are in for some more next week. i still beleive we will get an early spring and said it for some time now. the deer are showing some spring splotches of a new coat near their elbows and they have lost their antlers early this year. glad you found someone to clear the driveway, what a relief! nice pics, kim, tanner is adorable as always!

  36. We're behind so just read about Tanner's episode. Glad he's recovered. Excellent idea to check the tongue position [carefully]. Mama took a canine first aid course years ago. Once the tongue is clear, it taught to put something like a stocking around the muzzle to prevent accidental biting, then blow into the nostrils if necessary. It's doggie CPR. Hope Tanner doesn't have any more episodes. That much excitement can take years off of YOUR life!

    So far, we've been very lucky with the snow/ice/power issues here in beautiful PeeGee County. Hope it lasts.

    Jed & Abby

  37. I feel blessed to live in a place where the weather is relatively gentle for us.
    Please tell me what is a white pizza?
    I just adore all the photos of your goldens...makes me really miss my darling Cho Cho, she passed away almost a year ago now at the grand age of 13yrs.


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