Sunday, January 30, 2011

Too Much Excitement For Tanner

Tanner has laryngeal paralysis.  This means that he has this hard edged panting along with throat clearing that sounds a lot like a goose honking or a loud "HRRRAAACH."  When he inhales there is a harsh edge sound similar to the wheeze of an asthmatic. These sounds are more pronounced and prolonged when he's excited or stressed. On Wednesday as the storm was starting to roll in I got the dogs outside, and something caused Tanner to not be able to catch his breath.  After several minutes of nothing more than a squeak from him as he tried to inhale, he started foaming from the mouth, his tongue and gums turned gray, and he collapsed. You know as well as I do that time is critical and I knew I had to get him to the animal emergency.  He was totally limp and I somehow managed to get him in the van.  Typically the drive would take about 20 minutes but with the storm, the road conditions were quickly deteriorating.  I tried to not panic but I have to admit that I really thought he was going to die before I got there--Along the way the sounds stopped all together.  I pulled over on the side of the road opened Tanner's mouth and pulled on his tongue and I heard and saw him take in a breath.   In just a minute or two he had his head up and by the time I got to the animal emergency Tanner was fine...The vet, no bigger than a pencil and looked to be about 12 years old, did an exam and x-rays.  She gave him an injection of a steroid in case he aspirated fluid or irritated his vocal cords.  Within the hour we were on our way home with the instructions to keep him quiet.  Other than his bark sounding a bit hoarse, he's been just fine.  

Yesterday afternoon Carl and I finished clearning out the last of the snow from our driveway.  We had the dogs outside with us and someone stopped by. Tanner became excited and just as a precaution I got him inside and away from the commotion--I figure that it's better to be safe than...well, you know...   

All in all a quiet weekend for us.  Another storm is predicted for Tuesday, but there won't be a snow-dance for this one.  I think we have enough snow, at least for right now.  I thought I'd end this post with a picture of Hamlet.  I thought he looked a bit regal standing in the snow.     


  1. Phew, that was scary. Your quick thinking got dear Tanner through this emergency, well done.

    Hamlet looks so handsome in that photo.


  2. Holy smokes, I'm glad that Tanner is all right. You must have been terrified! I'm glad that you kept your cool and pulled on his tongue. That, undoubtedly, saved his life.

    We're getting a Tuesday, into Wednesday storm, too. I AM looking forward to it. We haven't had a significant snow in over a month, just a piddling dusting to a couple of inches every day.

  3. My Marigold has a bit of that - the rough panting - so loud you can hardly think sometimes. So far no spells like this one, though, but thanks for the heads up. I hope Tanner is okay from now on!

  4. Poor old Tanner. Thank heavens for folks with huge hearts.

  5. Thank goodness he was okay! That must have been quite a nerve wracking ride.

  6. Tanner is such a trooper! I take it then that the laryngeal paralysis is a permanent thing? Sweet guy!

    Yes, Hamlet does look rather "Majestic" standing there in the snow.

    Hugs for them all! U 2!

  7. Glad Tanner is OK. You really got your money's worth out of that last snow dance.

  8. So glad that Tanner is feeling better, boy that would be a terrible scare, and on top of it having to deal with the road conditions on your way to the vet.
    Please give him a big HUG from us.
    That is a wonderful photo of Hamlet and yes he sure does look regal.

    Sheila & Bob

  9. Hi sweet friend, So sorry to hear about Tanner but so thankful you made it to the vet and home without too many problems. We've had wonderful weather but like you, snow is in the forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday plus frigid cold. Our old Reggie is showing signs of his age-if I bump him or try to gently move him, he cries and snaps at me-so unlike him. I'm thinking that before long I'll have to make that dreaded decision.
    Warm winter wishes to you today.

  10. I'm so glad Tanner was okay. What a beautiful photo of the snow!! Hamlet is one handsome dog!! I'm hoping Ginger (my son's golden) will look like him when she grows older. She's just over a year now and light in color like Hamlet.

  11. Oh geez Kim what an experience and I am so glad it came out alright for poor Tanner!
    The picture of him is beautiful, what lovely soulful eyes!
    The picture of Hamlet isn't coming up for me, but that's blogger for you.
    I'll keep you guys in my prayers with special mentions for Tanner and Hamlet! Love you guys so much...
    Tina xo

  12. Woof! Woof! Glad to hear Tanner is feeling better. Golden Thanks for this information. My mom gets nervous when I get over excited too cause I tend to choke and pant so hard.
    YES SNOW ... more to come this week. More shoveling ... we are so looking forward to Spring weather. Be Safe. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. Happy you pulled over to save the day for Tanner...Also keeping him away from commotion for a bit is probably good for him...I know they get SO excited...
    I'm glad you've had enough SNOW and if you'd like any more I'd be VERY willing to ship some down to you...
    I've also heard about MORE on Tuesday but really I don't believe most of us have anywhere to put it!!!

    Good Luck this week with the Snow
    My Best

  14. With a large pack you need to react fast in some situations. When Noah was about six months old, he decided to graze along the fence as he'd seen the adult dogs do. Fortunately I was close by because he suddenly passed out, just fell over. I ran up, opened his mouth and removed some long pieces of grass that had apparently cut off his airway. He jumped right up as if nothing had happened. I rushed him to the vet to be sure and after an exam and a few tests he was declared well. I try not to think what would have happened if he'd been alone in the yard.

    Hamlet looks good. No more shirt?

  15. You must have saved his life, pulling his tongue out like that. What a terrible experience for you. I'm so glad it all ended well. Thank you for ending with that beautiful picture of Hamlet. I think about him a lot.--Inger

  16. I am happy to hear that Tanner is better. I cannot imagine how you managed to carry him to the van. You are indeed a marvelous person and these babies are lucky to have your love.

    Keep warm and stay inside. The storm is going to get us too!

  17. I don't believe you.
    I think you made the whole thing up.
    You must be starving for attention!

    Just look at those photos.
    Tanner is obviously fit and healthy as a horse! Good looking dog to boot.

    One can tell by the alert, contented look on his face that this has been a peaceful, pleasant day.

    If you want to take Hamlet for a ride in your truck, it's OK. You really don't need to make up scary stories or excuses.

    I'm just sayin'...


    (you are their guardian angel, for SURE!)

  18. wow girl, you were lucky! i see this quite frequently and this is quite rare that he was that far and survived! thank heavens!!! i had a golden with lar par too and always kept acepromazine on hand in case he got too stressed and couldn't breath...never had to use it...
    phew! and i thought i was having a stressful wknd! yikes...
    so happy all ended well!
    Hamlet looks very handsome....
    (i love the description of the Vet...i swear all the Vet's i work with could be 15! :)

  19. Oh Kim, how scary must this have been for both Tanner and you. Is he going to be OK , could it happen again?? So pleased he seems alright now, bless him. Give his nose a big scratch from me please. Blimey, you have got it bad with the snow haven't you. Fingers crossed that the predicted storm is not as bad as they think it's going to be. Take care, and stay warm. Sue x x x

  20. Ohhhh I was getting nervous!! I'm a surgery nurse so I know all the symptoms you are talking about...he was as near to death as he will ever come. Good thinking stopping and pulling his basically started CPR by doing that-you cleared his airway. My pup is getting old too and now having seizures....had 2 last night and my heart stops a little each time it happens. They have a big part of our hearts, huh?
    Good Luck!!

  21. Did my message disappear or did yu get it??

  22. So glad Tanner came through it ok. Has Tanner ever done that before?

  23. Kim,
    We are sooo thankful everything turned out okay.
    I am thinking you may be hoping for signs of spring.. and not this new storm that is on its way.
    Beautiful, beautiful photos as always. You have had enough excitement for awhile

  24. puppys Hi:) poor tanner that ugly moment had to happen, I'm happy for him, knowing that already recuperado.Valla with that snow! gives me cold the echo only looking at the pictures and see you stranded in the snow .. . Take care please. many kisses pamela and family.
    P. S. and the kitty forest, still watching?

  25. Good to see that Tanner is more comfortable, Kim. The same thing happened years ago to our first dog, Regan....except the vet had to do an emergency tracheotomy right there....Ron almost fainted! But Regan survived.
    Hamlet, you regal dog you! What a beauty.
    Yes, I guess we will get 'your' storm the next day......thanks for this. LOL

  26. My goodness Kim ~ that must have been such a tense ride to the vet! I'm so glad Tanner was OK. What a scare!

    And Hamlet does indeed look very regal standing in the snow. I'm glad you stopped the snow dance. :)

    xo Catherine

  27. Oh my goodness. How do you stay calm, Kim, in those circumstances? If Simba just gets a peice of corn (which he's allergic to) i go into an absolute frenzy. I need to learn from you!!!!


  28. That was an incredibly scary story. We had a dog with laryngial paralysis but nothing that extreme ever happened. Is it possible to breath through a dog's nostrils for him during an episode like that? Hmm, I guess not, now that I think about it. The larynx would still be stuck closed.

    I am so happy that it all turned out ok. And then you ended by saying that it was a "quiet weekend"! I guess that you take it all in stride, and are much less frazzled than I would be!

  29. I'm glad that Tanner is okay now, that must have been scary indeed! I think that Hamlet is saying 'See how efficient my snow dancing talents are? Want more? Just ask!' I don't blame you for not asking him for participate in a snow dance though, it does look like you guys have plenty! Montreal thanks you guys down in the States for keeping all the snow away from us this winter by the way, we've been getting some more often than not, but just a centimeter or two at a time!

  30. Hi Tanner,

    That was a bad scare. Thank goodness everything turned out fine. We hope you are feeling a lot better now.

    Your human's description of your vet is funny!


  31. Ms. Kim,
    Tanner sure is a lucky guy to have a mom as concerned and caring as you. Homer J, gets really upset by thunderstorms and fireworks and start panting but he hasn't be unable o breath. Mom bought him a Thunder C oat which works on the same principle used to calm autistic children. The thunder coat works GReat on Homer J. and keeps him calm.
    Hamlet is a regal Golden,isn't he.
    - TBH&K

  32. Our Chow mix, Rexie, has the same type of problem, Kim. Cold weather is really hard on him and I notice he doesn't eat as well when the temps drop.

    Good thinking on your part. You likely saved his life.

    And yes, Hamlet does look regal. :)

  33. Poor old Tanner - glad he recovered from that scare. How do you cope with all the vet's bills ? Do you fundraise & run as a charity ? Hope you don't mind me asking.

    Hamlet look gorgeous.

  34. Hi Kim
    Wow, that sounds scary for Tanner and you. Thank goodness you pulled on his tongue. We're sure your heart was pounding the entire way.

    Hamlet is so sweet - thank God for our senior doggies! And no t-shirt for him either?

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  35. gawd.....
    stressful or what?
    you kept me on the edge of my seat!

  36. I really don't know how you do this! I would be a nervous wreck!

    Thankfully he's okay and hopefully you've recovered by now, too!

  37. Wow! It's a good thing that you kept your head and acted so quickly. Now it's time for you to de-stress!...:)JP

  38. Phew...your world is mighty hectic at times!

  39. Oh, I don't know how you handle the snow. Looks like your dogs are liking it. Poor Tanner..that's scary. I remember when Jasper had something lodged in his throat and I had to stick my hand all the way down his throat to get a stick out. That adrenalin was kickin' in for sure.
    Stay warm.

  40. That got me so scared! Poor puppy! I hope he is okay now

  41. We're so glad Tanner is all right now! Mom had a panic attack just reading about this. Glad you got to the vet safe and sound, too!

    The Road Dogs


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