Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Best Day of the Week!


For the most part, I really enjoy the patients that come into the office where I work.  But every once in awhile one comes in that has a way of getting on my very last nerve.  The patient I'm referring to is habitually late for his appointments and is always talking on his cell phone.  Today it was the same thing, he came in late and was talking on his cell phone.  When seated, just as the appointment was about to begin, the phone rang and he got up from the chair to take the call without so much as a word to me.  Have you seen the Verizon commercial where the two guys are on a ski-lift and the other takes the cell phone from his friend and throws it?  That's what I felt like doing when it rang yet a second time--Fortunately for him, he let it go to voice-mail. 

But each week I realize just how much I just love Wednesday.  I think because it always reminds me that I'm half way through the week and I only have one day left to work and two days until the weekend.  But in thinking about it, maybe it's Friday that I love the most...Yeah, I just love Friday, that's my favorite day of the week!  What about you?  Do you have a favorite day and why do you like it so much?  


  1. that man is rude, that is for sure...not sure if i have a fave day...any day that allows me to be free with my time with no appts. or to do lists...a day i could just piddle around would be perfect...oh and the weather would have to be decent too!

  2. LOL> Kim I feel your pain (the rude patient). You handled it though... and made it through. Tomorrow is Thursday, then your favorite day of the week. Yay! I like both Saturday and Sunday because they = no going to work. I especially like weekends where I don't have any plans and just wing it. They are few and far between though. Give all the kids a hug for me!

  3. Before I retired Friday was definitely my favorite day of the week. Now, everyday is a favorite day and I feel so blessed.

  4. Hi Kim,
    I just got caught up with you and the pups and "It"...the mystery continues, eh?

    Since retiring, I love everyday, but I must say, I especially like Sunday evenings, because now I don't have to dread Monday morn. :)

    PS We have snow in our forecast tomorrow night! Spring in the Appalachians!

  5. Remember that no matter how bad the people are, some dog loves them. It may be only his dog that loves him, but.....

    If nothing else you can always talk to the dog, I bet the dog is polite enough to listen.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  6. Woof! Woof! My mom always giggles on that commercial. We like Wednesday - a sign that we survive the week n halfway there. Of course Friday is the best ... the beginning of the weekend. LOVE Wendy's Golden Senior Face. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Oh, annoying people and their annoying cell phones...

    When I was working I loved Sunday nights: finalizing lesson plans, ironing blouses for the week ahead, packing lunches for the freezer. Now I love Sunday nights because I don't have to do lesson plans or iron anything or pack lunches since I eat lunch at home. Go figure.

  8. Both of those pictures are so beautiful. Look at sweet Wendy!

    (We love that cell phone commercial - I'd have definitely had to bite my tongue with that guy...)

    Right now I'm enjoying being home and unemployed so I don't have to have a favorite day - right now anyway. That's my story and I'm sticking to it - for as long as I can make it last...

  9. What a nice post! We love Wednesdays too!!

  10. We all need those favorite days to recharge....

  11. That guy sounds really annoying!

    Thursday is my favourite day. I work Monday-Wedenesday, so on Thursday I know I've got four lovely days off. Every other week my 16 year old son is off school and it's great to spend some 1:1 time with him (it's the only time he seems to talk to me), and then everyone is around for the weekend. But Thursday is special for me, it's sweet with relief (for having done my 3 days) and anticipation for the days to come.


  12. Hey there Kim...
    Sorry about the difficult patient. Only a few more hours and then it's FRIDAY! :)

  13. We love Wednesday too, cuz Daddy only has one more day until his 3 day weekend...which he spends with us! Walking us, brushing us, taking us to Ouma's house to run in her yard. But like you, we love Friday best as that is the start of the weekend for us!!
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  14. I have come to the decision that cell phones are the scurge of the 21st century. I cannot stand dealing with people who constantly have a cell phone stuck to their ear and expect the world to work around them.
    I'm with you on the Friday thing, and oh, I like being off work on days when everyone else are still hard at it, it almost makes you feel privileged ;)
    Such is life....
    Lovely, countryside, makes my heart skip a beat staring at the old fence.

  15. Kim, I know your frustration - I have had that patient in my chair too and finally the dentist I worked for had signs put up that said, "Be courteous to others and turn off your cell phone when you enter the office". Of course there is always the jerk who either can't read or thinks he's so important that it doesn't apply to him - and then you just want to squirt water up his nose when he sits down again!!

    But, thankfully, I don't have to deal with that any longer. Some days I really miss it though, but most days, I never think about it. Every day is usually a great day for me, but the days I love the most are when I have my family and dogs around me.


  16. Any non-work day is my favorite! haha

    What is it about people and manners? Sometimes I despair - I know these folks were taught better!

    Did you get snow last night? We got a heavy dusting.. I guess going out like a lion!

  17. Next time it happens, tell him he needs to reschedule his appointment and then walk out.
    If you do it often enough, maybe he'll get the message.

    Many banks tell you not to use the phone while there, even my vet does!

    I was told many years ago that common sense is not common any more, so you just do what you need to do.

  18. Friday is my absolute favorite day of the week as well...even Friday morning is fine becuase it's limited time until we are all together as a family with spontaneous moments and just time to do what we will.
    I think I view Wed. as a 'Thank God I made it to Wed.' :)
    Have a good one Kim!

  19. Sometimes people get so rude with their cell phones don't they?

    Friday at 1:30 pm.... the best day and time of all. Quitting time for me!!! :)

    And then Sunday at 3 pm I start to get depressed... :(

    Hope you are having a lovely week Kim!
    xo Catherine

  20. OH My Gosh Kim that is the one thing that drives me crazy too!!!! I used to work at a local bakery and sandwich shop. There was a man that would come in everyday to order lunch. Most of the time he would be on his cell phone for the whole order. It would make me so mad. I felt like telling him "I am a person too. My time is just as valuable as yours. When you finish your call I will take your order" But I never got the nerve. I would just make his turkey sandwich with "double turkey,swiss cheese, extra mustard on whole wheat" :)
    HMMMM I think Saturday is my favorite day of the week. Alex and I usually go out to breakfast together to our favorite little diner. Sometimes we go to a flea market or estate sale too. Saturday is usually the day that my Mom and I do fun things too. Maybe a visit to the quilt store or to the local market district. Oh now I can't wait for Saturday to get here :)
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY :)

  21. Oh don't get me started on cell phones. MeMa works in a High School Library and tells me that kids are terrible with their phones. They ignore the big sign at the entrance that tells them to turn their phones off before entering. My favorite day of the week? Today would be one, but then tomorrow will be another, and.....

  22. My favorite days are when there are post from Golden Pines and/or all my other dogga-blogga friends to read.

    Starting next week, my very favorite days will be Saturday and Sunday - days off, yes, yes.

    Hi to Wendy. Is she feeling better?

  23. The patient is just plain rude.Cell phone conversations can`t be that impotant to drive & talk or go into public places yakking on them.Some people look like the phone is perminatly connected to their ear & shoulder.There will probaly be a new study come out in the future where it will be called ear & shoulder disease caused by cell phone usage,hah,hah.
    Even tho I`m retired,I still love Sundays.phyllis

  24. This cell phone thing has gotten way out of control. I'd love to throw many more than one off of that ski lift. I do admire your restraint.

    From the time I was a school kid, Wednesday has always been special. In grade school, it always worked out that Library Day was Wednesday, and I loved going to the library. Then, in college, I took mostly Tuesday and Thursday classes, so Wednesday was the slow down day in the middle of the week. At work, well, hump day, of course, and it was all down hill to the weekend.

    Now, I don't have any special reason for liking Wednesday, but, it's so ingrained in me that I still always get that little thrill when it comes around.

  25. When I was working I liked Mondays! Go figure! I had lots of energy because of the weekend but it was downhill from there till Friday.

    Now being 'retired' everyday is like Saturday!......sorry........

  26. What a rude guy. It's my understanding my husband talks throughout his cleaning appointments. I don't see how he can do that. I love all days now that I'm retired. And I love Wendy's picture. How adorable she is.--Inger

  27. That guy does sound gratingly annoying. What is it about cell phones that makes people forget every last ounce of politeness that they ever learned?

    As for me, my favorite days are the days that my back doesn't hurt too much and I can have fun with my pack. That means that my favorite day is rarely the same day of the week!

  28. are an angel...i have tears in my eyes seeing all of the sweet babies that you rescue and care for..they are beyond precious....what a delight to meet you and these beautiful animals...

    i am SO HAPPY to follow you, my friend

    may God bless you and all the animals that live with you...

    kary, teddy, dande, whiskey and pixie

  29. My favorite day of the week, is any day, where I wake refreshed, am ready to do something and I don't hurt..... maybe that's my favorite day of the month..... :-)

  30. Fridays used to be my favorite day when I worked. Couldn't wait to get out of the city and back to the farm.

  31. Kim I am right with you on the cell phone. There's many times I'd like to take someone's phone and throw it or maybe even stomp on it then hand it back with a smile. Great satisfaction!! I do like Wednesdays because you know you're work week (most of the time)is half over. Fridays are exhausting so I will go with Saturdays as my favorite. Jay wakes up early with the dogs and chickens so it's my only day to sleep in. We also go to the farmers market on Saturday.
    Beautiful photos!
    Have a great FRIDAY!!!

  32. Found Ya!

    Happy to be following you arround!


  33. I think the surgery would be within its rights to put a sign up asking people to turn off their phones - then you could just look at that jerk & tap the notice !

    I was on a train on Friday, in a so called " Quiet zone " and a business man received call after call til a man stood up and said " This is a quiet carriage " Everyone around laughed !
    I guess Saturday is my favourite day xx

  34. My favorite days of the week are Saturday and Sunday! I think it's because the whole pace of living seems to slow down for me on the weekend.
    Since weekend tv scheduling is dominated by sports I leave the tv off and enjoy the quiet. Yep indeedy do it's the weekend for me!
    Tina xo

  35. Cell phones are a scourge and I bet the times will change in years to come to prevent rudeness!

  36. Hi Kim
    Our dial up has been soooooo bad,, and so we are doing a trial on DSL.
    Wow- what a difference..
    I am trying to get caught up.
    Those silly cell phones- drive me crazy. People everywhere talking all the time.. yack, yack, yack!
    I love Fridays the best,,, and at 330 pm as I walk out that door at work,, the air smells sweeter, and even the gray coulds look prettier!


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