Friday, April 1, 2011

Groundhog Day on April Fools?

To begin, I really enjoyed reading your comments from my last post about inconsiderate cell phone users and which is your favorite day of the week!  Thursday didn't turn out to be to bad for me.  Late yesterday afternoon I got a call from the office manager where I work asking if I'd like to take Friday off because of a 'wide open schedule.'  Not wanting to be at the office looking for something to do, I said I would.  Wednesday had also been a bit slow and with no patient after lunch another co-worker and I decided to make 'banana boat s'mores' in our little toaster oven for everyone--Now you know what goes on in a dental office when there are no patients--They had been featured in a magazine we received and we thought 'why not?'  I've never had them before and have to admit, they weren't too bad--But then isn't anything that has melted chocolate on it?  
The day at home has been a pretty quiet one.  As I write this, 'stray cat' is eating the food we put out this morning.  Of course it runs when it sees us, or crouches down in the grass and watches as we put the food down; but it is coming every day to eat.  I did notice the crows got there before the cat did, so I hope there was something left. I also have caught my very first glimpse of our one of our resident ground-hogs!  A sure sign that despite the cold that spring is here--At least I 'think' it was the ground-hog.  It is April Fools day after all! 

I'll end this post with a picture of Hamlet.  You can see on his left shoulder a tumor that is a little smaller than a tennis ball.  It's not the same one that he had removed, but it has been there since he came to us.  It has gotten a little bigger, but it doesn't seem to bother him, so with that, it doesn't bother me...At least not too much... 


  1. A surprise day off is always a good thing. Hope you have a nice weekend, Kim -- you, your hubby and troop of canines (& one stray cat.)


  2. sweet baby Hamlet... :) My lumpy Miss Marigold say hello...

    Love the groundhog! What a cutie!

  3. That banana boat looks sooo good!! And I just adore Hamlet's sweet face... Have a great weekend, Kim.

  4. Hi dear friend, Kim I always love spending time visiting with you even if it is just in blogland. So glad you got today off and I'm hoping you have a wonderful warm weekend.
    Hugs to you today.
    Love, Noreen

  5. Banana Boat Smores? I bet they were good!

    I'm glad stray kitty is eating and that Hamlet's lump doesn't bother him.

    Have a wonderful weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  6. Oh Hamlet, Such a sweet face!

    Groundhogs are one of my favorite critters!

    Happy weekend!

  7. I'll have to make banana boats for the they'd love I'D love it!!
    We have a groundhog too and he has lived here for 20 years. He's not a pet but almost...we beleve in live and let live.
    Poor hate seeing things happen to your pets. Ours is "knuckling" and walks really stumbly. he is 11 and has a heart murmur so we aren't doing anything but carrying him everywhere...we love him like a baby!!

  8. Those banana boats look amazing!!!

    I'm glad that Hamlet isn't uncomfortable and good for you for taking care of the cat :o) It's good to know that he now has someone looking out for him!

  9. Oh Kim
    We think having a surprise day off is wonderful. Excellent idea.. and those banana boats,,, YUM.
    Sweet Hamlet,, oh we could just hug his sweet body!
    Happy weekend

  10. Hamlet has a sweet soul, you can see his in his eyes.
    Yay for a day off!!
    Yes Bambi loves the strawberries and so does everybody else!!!!!!
    XX, Bambi & Fern

  11. So you eat sweets at the dentist's office!! I love sweet Hamlet -- that face. I just want to hold him and kiss him, he is so adorable.--Inger

  12. An extra day off, great! I'm not sure what a groundhog looks like, that isn't in some dufus' arms, honest. Must be though.... Oh, Hamlet, erg... Such a sweetheart!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I must say that I'm surprised that people in a dental office *ever* eat sweets :) Just kidding. Those smores looked good!

    Hamlet is looking good too. I'm glad that lump isn't bothering him!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. I've tried several times to comment on your posts, and finally got through! Anyway, love the groundhog picture! And my favorite day is Friday because it's the first day off of my four-day-weekend!


  15. Love that Hamlet face! Hope spring is here to stay. Have a good weekend!!
    - A

  16. Guess that's the only way to deal with tumours. Not let them bother you. At least not too much.

  17. Just been catching up with your posts,and the cell phone incident made me smile.You wouldn't believe the number of times I see people with the phone to their ear while driving!I'm really nervous of the dentist but I think having you there would really keep me calm.Your patients are very lucky. I love the look of that banana..oooh,yum....hope sweet Hamlet won't be bothered by the tumour,and that it won't get any bigger either.
    Hope you enjoy your well earned weekend rest Kim.Wags and woofs from Bella. :0)

  18. Hamlet, your eyes are so sweet! That seems to be a characteristic of Labradors - eyes that melt our hearts.

    I want a ground-hog!


  19. Day off? Bonus! Those darn crows eat everything don't they? I'm still on the look out for a smaller bird table to put on the patio for the smaller birds, hopefully on my various trips round the local boot fairs, I'll find one.

    Heidi (greyhound) had a lump removed from her neck a while back and it wasn't cancerous but I've noticed that a little one is growing back, but its not bothering her, so we'll leave it alone for now.

    Hope you are having a great weekend ... :0)

  20. Poor Hamlet. Morgan and Samba are lumpy, too and even Tsar and Fudge each have a bump. Getting old is tough work.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  21. I wish we had ground hogs rather than badgers!

  22. Kim,
    Hamlet always takes a good picture. I always want to reach out and touch him.
    The banana boats are great. We make them all the time but usually on the BBQ after dinner. I just put them on the grills turn off the heat and they are ready after supper.
    No fuss no mess and yes what can be tastier then banana,marshmallows and dark chocolate.
    There healthy right?
    Enjoy your weekend.

  23. Every time I see a picture of Hamlet, I just want to give him a great big hug. He's my favorite of all of your dogs.

    I'm heading for Woodbridge in a few days. I'll wave at the road to your town right after I get off of the bridge over the Potomac.

  24. A very nice picture of Hamlet. You can really see his tumor.Yikes! I'm glad it doesn't bother him. Love that sweet Golden face. I've never seen a groundhog in person. But, then again, most people have never handled a timber rattler either!!
    I was scary fun.

  25. we'll, i'm not happy about that new tumor growing on beautiful hamlet! is it possible that it might be better to remove it while it is still relatively small? i just remember the anguish you went through before having the last one removed...


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