Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hamlet and Hope

Its been just over 3 months since Hamlet had his last surgery.  I marvel at how well everything has healed because I think I would still be recovering from it all.  But being a worrier, I'm still concerned about him.  

With each meal Hamlet is given three Chinese herbs which total 14 pills a day--In the evening Maitake mushroom is added.  All of this in hopes that it will prevent the regrowth of the tumor that I was told would come back.  

My only worry is where the tumor was.  I do feel a hard lump that I don't think was there before.  To see if it's growing, I've measured it, and four of my fingers fits snuggly around it.  I've no idea if it's scar tissue, since there is a similar one in the same spot on the other side that is softer and almost moveable.  

I suppose that I shouldn't focus on what could happen, but remember to enjoy our daily walks... 
 Our time together... 
(left to right, Rudi, Josh, Charlie, CarrieAnne, Sheba, Hamlet)
Just hanging out...
 And try not to worry...
At least not too much...And remember to have hope...Sometimes that's all you can do...


  1. Beautiful photographs of your gorgeous dogs. You are right to remind yourself to enjoy each day, each walk, each cuddle. You have given dear Hamlet at least 3 more months of quality life, how precious.


  2. Sometimes it's hard not to worry... especially when you know what you know. But Hamlet does look great, and I'm so glad he's enjoying life once again. You take such good care of him. That last picture is precious!! I also like the one where they are all looking over the porch rail. AND Charlie and Hamlet resting on the porch. Oh, gosh... let's face it, I like them all!

  3. Oh Kim, that last photo of Hamlet is a heart breaker...I pray he lives a long and happy life. I know you will see to it that he does.
    Bless his heart...I could just hug him and curl up beside him. Perhaps its because one day Hurricane will be Hamlet and grow old...I will hope for a long life for him as well.
    Have a wonderful day! and thanks for giving me a glimpse of my friend Hamlet!

  4. You're a good Mom to all of your lovely dogs. Hamlet is a very lucky dog.

  5. What cute pics of the dogs. You need to frame the one with all of them. Hope is a word that gets me through most of my days.

  6. I can't believe it's already been 3 months since Hamlet's surgery.

    Moms worry -- about everything it seems. ((Hugs.))

  7. What GReat pics!

    You are doing all you can SO be sure to enjoy the time you do have -

    One pawprint at a time -

    Khyra and Phyll

  8. I love that image of all of them lined up at the gate!

  9. Ah, Hope - our ever present friend. 'Tis the reason I named our farm as such - because there are times, indeed, that it is all you have left.

    Love the pictures of your dogs. Hamlet is a dear. He is definitely a dog "at rest", seemingly he has no worries of his own. That speaks for itself.

  10. Never trouble Trouble,
    Till Trouble troubles you.
    IF you go and trouble Trouble,
    Double Trouble's due!

    I kind of figured that you weren't going to cut on poor Hamlet anymore, if you look for problems, well, you'll probably find something. Don't worry about it, be happy he is there with you now ---- until something is evident.

  11. Push it out of your mind so your heart can fill with love for that sweet face!

  12. I've never heard that rhyme of Sharons before, but it's so bloody true! lots of love Kim...xxxxxxxxxx

  13. oh kim, i am a worrier too. the worst of all worriers. i love what sharon has written and am going to copy and paste and print it out somewhere. she is so right, though. i just ruin beautiful moments in my life when i imagine horrible things that could happen. this is very interesting about the mushrooms. i have heard about chinese herbs on the sunday morning show...but around here there is no access. maybe you could post about them and give us some links? love your photos. your precious babies are adorable as always! hugs, jill

  14. A great photo of everyone. Wishing you and all the furry ones a wonderful life, enjoy it every day.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  15. Hamlet is blessed to have you and you are blessed to have him. Live in the moment and hope--I know the worry is always there, but our time with our little furries is so short anyway. They make an excellent poster child for Enjoying Life in The Moment!
    Take care--Hamlet looks wonderful.

  16. Hamlet is such a handsome fella! I hope he get's completly well. ANd you have way more time to spend together. Blessings jane

  17. We're at the same place. I must feel Morgan's lump a dozen times a day to see if it's changed. I try not to, but I can't help myself.

    I love Charlie. He reminds me so much of Morgan.

  18. Look at it this way, you give these beautiful dogs as much as they could possibly get from any soul on this earth. Right there, that gives them an advantage! They are well taken care of and loved dearly. Every day you have given them is a bonus. What a Mom you are!!!! Don't worry too much, they are all lucky dogs and want to be with you as long as possible.

  19. "And remember to have hope...Sometimes that's all you can do.."

    We think your above statement says it all, you have done so much for Hamlet and he appears healthy & happy.
    Enjoy each day and let tomorrow take care of itself.

    Sheila & Bob

  20. Sweet boy :) Of course it is hard not to worry, and no one blames you for worrying. You are so so right to enjoy your walks and remember to have hope. He's a precious boy, I can see. love love love to that dog :)

  21. I know it is hard not to worry, but if you were Hamlet would you be worried - no. Hamlet is too busy enjoying time with his family, eating his food, going for walks and doing things (like taking extra naps) that all senior dogs do.

    Either get this lump checked (so you know for sure either way) or everytime you find yourself wondering about what the lump is make yourself see five good things about Hamlet like his lovely eyes, wonderful nature, etc. There is so much more to him to focus on.

    Love and woofs,
    Riley and his mum (who is the worst worrier in the world. Over the years she's spent far too much time worrying about things that never happen),

  22. I love the photo of the gang hanging out on the porch! It made me grin.

    I know how you feel. My fingers are crossed for it to be scar tissue. K got a hard lump of scar tissue after her amputation that is finally going away now.

    We wouldn't worry if we didn't love them so much. I think that you'd agree that the love more than offsets the worry in the overall scheme... and do enjoy those walks!

  23. We worry for them, don't we? He's a happy boy, and that is all that matters.


  24. Oh god, I was speechless and in tears innundada soul, I feel it is an introduction to Hammlet farewell, from the depths of the heart, I pray he is okay.

  25. Sweet Hamlet boy, he is one of the most gentle-spirited dogs, and I hope and pray he shall live for many more years to come.
    I love the photo of all the goldie's peering through the deck rail, all so excited and obviously well-loved.
    You have a huge heart my friend.

  26. He has done remarkably well Kim. He is blessed for sure. Love all the faces on the porch. Made my day.
    I'll be at the airport vortex tomorrow, thinking about Hamlet, Lady and all my wonderful bloggy friends & their dogs, past and present.
    Be well Hamlet.

  27. You're completely right about staying in the moment and having hope. I read once that 90% of what we worry about doesn't end up happening, and of the 10% that does, 90% wasn't anything we could have done anything about anyway. Of course that doesn't prevent me from worrying about everything anyway, but I keep trying!

  28. thanks for the lovely pictures. my thoughts are w/ you and your whole pack as you treasure whatever time you have left together. (which i hope is long)

  29. thanks for the lovely pictures. my thoughts are w/ you and your whole pack as you treasure whatever time you have left together. (which i hope is long)

  30. I'm glad to hear that Hamlet has completely recovered! Try not to worry about him too much though, he looks so happy and carefree, he just seems to be begging for you not to worry about him :o)

  31. Sweet Kim
    it just seems impossible not to worry. I think I am the queen of worry sometimes,,,
    Enjoy the moments,, and know you have done everything for Hamlet.
    He looks so happy,,,, and I know he is so thankful for all that you have done for him so he could feel good.... and it worked,, he feels good,, he feels loved,,,
    and remember we are all on this journey with you and your loving fur babies...
    Beautiful photos,,,
    remember to breathe

  32. Dear sweet Hamlet. The sort of noble look that can melt hearts a thousand miles away. Hope is a wonderful , and surprisingly practical, thing.

  33. It's hard not to worry about our furry four-legged friends. If only they could tell us what is wrong with them so we could help make them better.

    But I know your pups are in the most loving hands!

    xo Catherine

  34. Of course we always worry about our furkids - Hamlet looks so peaceful and serene. Thoughts and prayers continue his way - may you share many more moments together.

    Nadine & Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples (1994-2010)

  35. Kim, you are so good at what you do here on your blog posts!
    Just love the photos you choose each day.......and that group shot is so good!
    The future we have no control of, but at the moment is what's happening!
    Have a great week.

  36. I love the photo of Charlie with his head stuck between the bars.........sort of saying get me out of prison!!!


  37. What a boy! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your babies. I'm praying for him along with the rest of Blogistan. I'm glad he's in your loving hands.


  38. Hope. And find joy in every day. Beautiful photos of well-loved dogs.

  39. Another one of those Serenity Prayer moments with Hamlet. We keep our paws crossed for him.

    Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

    Jed & Abby

  40. Yes, live in the moment and live it well!

  41. What lovely photos of your beautiful dogs. They are so pretty. I sure hope things go well with Hamlet and he recovers well after surgery. He's a very sweet dog.

  42. Just thought you'd like to know that I get my Golden fix at your blog. It's like my personal bartender. Golden on tap, all day, every day. Plus Tanner. And kitties. And YOU!

  43. Just thought you'd like to know that I get my Golden fix at your blog. It's like my personal bartender. Golden on tap, all day, every day. Plus Tanner. And kitties. And YOU!

  44. How did I almost miss this post???
    I'm so glad that I found it. What beautiful pictures of Hamlet! You have given him so much love and outstanding care. What a lucky dog he is!


  45. Lovely photos Kim. Hope you have a well deserved vacation. I'm sure the troop will be just fine but bet they will be really pleased to see you when you return! S x x x

  46. Incredibly sensitive and lovely pictures of the dogs. All the things you write are such good advice, but it's so hard to "take" it and follow through. We think you are doing an incredibly good job. Hugs to dear Hamlet xoxoo
    Sammie, Avalon, Oz and Mom

  47. Give l♥ve - that is what heals all sorrows and wounds...


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