Saturday, April 2, 2011

Waiting and a Lost Piece of History

I was told yesterday that the board of directors for the rescue would be meeting this morning and on the agenda will be 'The Chub Brothers.'  While I really think (and hope) that good sense and logic about their situation will ultimately win out and the boys will stay here, I still am nervous about it.  This in part is why I wasn't sure if it was that or the cookies I had for breakfast this morning that made me really antsy and I just couldn't sit still.  To rid myself of that extra energy, I packed up Rudi and Charlie and ran a couple of errands.  One of my stops was Southern States for bird food where I was taken in by another kind of bird--Lots of baby chicks!!  They are really cute, and I thought were inexpensive at about $5 each; I had $25 in cash but resisted!    
On my way home I drove past this barn. It was built in the 19th century and is the last intact barn that the town had.  It is also the spot for a new shopping center and the barn and silo as per the agreement with the town were supposed to be dismantled and incorporated within the center.  However, the construction company's version of 'dismanteling' the barn with the use of two backhoes looked more like a demolition!  Of course the town is really upset and issued a 'stop work order' and is fining the construction company $1000 per day until it's resolved.  The construction company in turn fired those responsible for the 'mistake' and vowed to 'make it right'  in a written apology to the town and its residents that appeared in the local papers.  But I think it's really sad that such a beautiful piece of the towns history and the gateway into it have apparently been destroyed. 
I'll be sure to post when I hear something from the rescue about 'The Chub Brothers.'
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. Keeping our paws crossed that the right thing is done and the boys stay with you.

    Hamish & Sophie

  2. We have all 40 paws crossed hoping the Chub Brothers can stay with you.

    It makes us sad that so many people have no regard for history and historical buildings. We've seen this happen so often and they never seem to learn.

  3. I hope you get good news about the Chub Brothers!

    Those chicks really are adorable, I would have had trouble resisting them for sure!

    And as for the barn, it is absolutely scandalous that they took backhoes to it, it looks like it was so well preserved too!

  4. Oh those sweet red-headed boys! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!!!

    Such a shame on that once beautiful barn! Looks like it was hit by a tornado! I hope they can salvage it yet. UGH!

  5. Waiting for that call, I am sure is making you very antsy! Now I am too! Crossing fingers and toes!

    $5 for one(1) baby chick? NO! Really? That's crazy! Isn't it? I guess I live in the stone age, I would have thought they would be cheaper than that!

    What a mess they made of that barn! That's horrible! How are they going to "fix" that? That is just plain unreal!

    Keep us posted on the bros!

  6. Lovely pic of the Chub Brothers, keeping my fingers crossed that common sense prevails.

    Cute chicks and the destruction of that old building is so sad.


  7. Kim,

    Cookies for breakfast? Heck yeah! They go really well with coffee and get your day off to a rockin' start! (Nevermind the sugar crash later!)

    That's a shame about the barn. I've seen similar things happen here and it really is a bummer.

    Fingers crossed for The Brothers Chub!

    Waiting to see how much snow we really get over the next 24 hours... ;)



  8. Fingers crossed about the brothers! Someone should knock down the construction company's office.

  9. Fingers toes and everything else crossed that the Board of Directors use commen sense when making their decision!!

    Gill in Canada

  10. oh goodness Kim, I certainly hope that they leave them put...I can see why you are antsy. I'm not good at unfinished business and handling the unknown.
    You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know as soon as you find out.

  11. I sure hope things work out the way you want for the Chub brothers. I can tell they are happy with you. How awful about the barn. Hopefully, it will be restored. Weather here is great for a change and am enjoying the weekend.

  12. Ohh...I love the Chub brothers and I hope they are staying. That barn is beautiful, I'm sorry they took it down :(

  13. Hope all works out for you with the Chub Brothers. There is no better place for them. That barn story is a sad one. Sure hope it gets done the right way...if it's not too late already.

  14. Those little yellow fluffies are really, really cute. Hoomie Melissa has always wanted to keep one as a pet. She just doesn't know where to find live chicks! We hope you're having a great weekend too.

  15. I hope the Chub Brothers will stay with you!

  16. All paws and fingers crossed for the Chub brothers. They belong at Golden Pines for the rest of their lives.

    Breaks my heart to see the barn destroyed by such knuckleheads. I'm sure the developer hired subs who hired subs who hired Jethro and his backhoe. Doesn't anyone take anything seriously any more? What a shame.

  17. We're all waiting to hear about the hCub Brothers.

  18. The indiscriminant destruction of these old artifacts of the past is happening everywhere. It is good to see that the 'company' is doing something about it at least.Guess we can't get in the way of 'progress'. Oh the greed!

  19. I will be thinking of you and the Chub brothers. Good willpower to pass by the chicks!! I'm surprised we didn't end up with anymore this year. My husband usually can't resist the peeping. I've been very good at keeping him away from the places I know have them.

  20. I'll be waiting for the update and chewing my nails Kim!
    Tina xo

  21. I hope your proposal for the Chubb Bros. will be accepted. It makes so much sense. Thanks for the good thoughts you sent for my husband.--Inger

  22. You know how we felt-- we wanted you all to stay together

  23. So sad when a piece of history which had planned to be saved goes down. I don't believe in saving every stick out there (that's why we have film and video) but when it works for the benefit of all to incorporate, why not?
    I've just read your most recent post about the Chubb brothers staying on...hurray!


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