Saturday, April 23, 2011

What'll They Think of Next?

If you're from the south like I am, then you know that all good things come fried. So you can imagine how my interest was peaked when I read in the paper a couple of weeks ago about a 'new' Easter tradition, deep fried Cadbury Creme Eggs--I could tell in reading about them that they are an important part of a balanced diet and are a terrific source of sugar, calories, and saturated fat.  I could also tell that they greatly reduce the chances of avoiding a heart attack. I knew I had to try them.  So, with Carl working, I decided today was the day to give this nutritional goodness a try.  They weren't too bad--I think the secret is to eat them while they're still warm.  They tasted a little soggy when cold.  But I have to wonder just what'll they think of next?

~Bubba (left) Toby (right)~
 I'd like to thank everyone for the good thoughts for Bubba. He didn't have any seizures last night. But he did have one mid morning today. If I saw the clock correctly, it lasted 6 minutes. His seizures seem to come in 3's, so I'm hoping that'll be the last of them for now. Amazing how afterwards he continues on like nothing has happened. If only I could do the same!

Sheba's eye is much better too.  The swelling on her eye as you can see is almost totally gone.  So I think our day is ending on a good note, with the help of deep-fried Cadbury Creme eggs!



  1. Hugs and Happy Easter to all of you...and you can keep the fried Cadbury! LOL ;D

  2. Happy Easter! I hope Bubba has no more seizures. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday:)

  3. Oh dear! What will they deep fry next?

    Cute shots of the critters : )

  4. Happy easter weekend darling..give all the dogs a big hug !! love love

  5. Amazing to learn that Cadburys Creme Eggs ahve now crossec the Atlantic. Must be something abouth them that anglo-saxons the world over adore. As for frying them ! Sxcots are known for frying Mars Bars but Creme Eggs ?

  6. I don't know if it was Guy's Big Bite or Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy, but there was a restaurant that fries sticks of butter, too.
    Glad to hear your eggs turned out well. And glad to hear Sheba is much better, too.
    Hope Bubba stays seizure free.

    God Bless and Happy Easter. ♥

  7. Oh yes...Sheba's eye looks much better which has got to make her feel good. Bubba looks so serene in this pic. They (dogs) are so resilient. Now the deep fried eggs...I'll pass...a little too much even for me!...:)JP

  8. Oh My, Southern Sister, pass some of that deep-fried Cadbury my way!!!
    Happy Easter to you all,

  9. Kim,
    I think I'll pass on the Cadbury eggs...I don't like them 'normal' so I'm certain fried wouldn't be much better.
    So glad Bubba's seizures aren't as frequent; thinking of him!

    The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances. ~Robert Flatt
    Have a wonderfully splendid Easter!

  10. Oh I like the sound of those Cadbury eggs fried! Mmm melted goodness...and even if I did "go" after eating one, I would go with a big 'ol smile on my face!
    Lots of love to the pups and kitty this Easter Morn!
    Tina xo

  11. hoping all and well is quiet at your house today! happy easter! squeeze all those sweet babies for me!

  12. I love everything Cadbury, especially their Easter eggs... but I have to say that the notion of them fried doesn't catch my fancy :)

    I hope that Bubba's three seizures were all that he had and I'm glad to hear that Sheba is better!

  13. Kim,
    I have never heard of the deep fried Cadbury eggs. Deep fried Mars bars are the big ticket idem here. Haven't tried one so I can't really say if they are good or not.
    Glad to hear the dogs are doing well and Sheba's eye does look much better.
    Happy Easter to you and Carl and of course all your fur babies. They are so precious.

  14. Oh my goodness ~ a deep fried Cadbury Creme Egg. I can't even imagine! I bet it was yummy! A person really does need to get their 'balanced diet' in now and then. :)

    Poor sweet Bubba. But how wonderful he just keeps on moving along when all is said and done. Animals sure do know how to cope don't they? I'm glad Sheba's eye is much better as well.

    Hope you and all your furry friends are having a terrific Easter Kim!

    xo Catherine

  15. Things are lookin' up for your sweet pups. Enjoy the day.

  16. My daughter is into trying all of that deep fried stuff. I can't even eat a Cadbury Cream Egg anyway if I look at it - it just gags me so I forgo them.

    Happy Easter from Rocky Creek to all of our friends at Golden Pipes.


  17. Happy Easter to all of you too! I am definitely thinking of Bubba. I had a dog when I was a kid with similar seizures. Glad to see Sheba's eye is getting better. Good luck with those deep fried Cadbury eggs. You are right -what in the world will they think of next????

  18. Glad to hear that everyone is mending. I love my chocolate and I love my French fries, but I think I'll keep them separated. You're brave to try it.

  19. Ugh, disgusting deep fried Cadbury eggs!

    Wishing you and your crew a very happy Easter.


  20. Hang in there Bubba.

    My teeth are aching and my veins have clogged just thinking about that southern treat. Sorry to say but: yuk
    Gimme grits any day.

  21. Hi Kim. I don't know how I missed your post about Bubba. Bless his heart... and yours too... I hope he is going to be okay.
    I'm glad you liked your treat. As for me, I think that some things were just not meant to be fried LOL> But, chocolate is chocolate and I'm sure I'd eat it when push came to shove.
    Give the dogs a hug and may you, Carl, and the rest have a happy Easter day!

  22. At the Nebraska State Fair, they have all kinds of deep-fried something on a stick. Oreo cookies even. Yikes!

    Glad the day ended well for the kids. :)

  23. I am hoping Bubba is having a good day... fancy free and you too..
    You were brave to try the deep fried cad berry eggs.... i tried fried cheese last year!!
    Your photos are beautiful and what a great one of the bunny.
    Hope your Easter was great.

  24. Hope you all had a great Easter.

  25. Hi, we found you via KT's blog and loved the sound of your blog. What a beautiful place you live in, we do hope Bubba and Sheba are doing better now, Dex & Louis x

  26. Oh what a delight! I've not heard of the fried Cadbury eggs but it sounds like it needs to be on the menu. There's a cafe around the corner from us that serves up chicken fried bacon and served with gravy. That's just the appetizer! Hope all your critters stay on the mend.

  27. Being from the south I bet you've heard of chocolate cobbler. Have a friend from Mississippi that made one for one of our get togethers. Not bad, but not like a peach.

  28. Deep-fried Cadbury Cream eggs? Eww...I must be too Canadian to even like the sound of those lol

    I'm glad that Bubba seems to be doing better, I'm sending positive thoughts his way for no more seizures!

  29. A belated Happy Easter. I do hope Bubba's seizures have stopped and that everyone has recovered.

  30. that dee fried creme egg looks nasty.........

  31. Obviously a derivative of that well known Scottish treat, the deep fried Mars bar, supposedly 'invented' just 15 miles from where I live.
    Toodle pip!
    PS We often enjoy your comments on Angus's blog, and thought we'd pop over for a visit. Gail and Bertie.


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