Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We're Having a Heat Wave

Searing heat here in northern Virginia the last several days.  I was reminded yesterday by a co-worker that we didn't have air-conditioning when we were growing up.  We wondered how we managed and decided it was because we were younger then.

The dogs of course are feeling the effects of the heat too.  The seniors, Wendy, Hamlet and even Toby go out, and quickly come back inside.  The younger crowd (the 9 year olds) still want to play a round of frisbee, but it's short lived because we put the brakes on.


Sam loves to just lay in the sun and bake...
Charlie is having the hardest time in the heat because of his very thick and heavy coat.  He goes to the groomers on Thursday which will be just in time for the weather to cool off.   
The one dog really finding relief in it all is CarrieAnne.  Last evening she once again did her thing, and slipped away to her private little swimming hole.  The water level must be a little low because after several minutes she returned all wet and muddy and quite happy with herself...
And this time, not even the bath afterwards caused her to have any remorse.  
Do you mind the extreme heat?  How do you stay cool in it?  


  1. Ugh...I don't like it one bit. We've had upper 80's, low 90's and high humidity this week. It sure makes you exhausted a lot quicker when you're out in it! I think I would like to join Carrie Ann! :=)

  2. I've been putting The Sweet Babes in a wash tub of water in my yard but they are getting so big that I might have to get out my kiddie pool for them. The only adult I have that will use it is Piper, but since it's so hot, even Lilly might decide to take a dip.

    I don't have A/C in my house - so it's a bit warm here!!

  3. If Sam stays out in this heat too long he will bake!

    I'm hoping this summer won't be a repeat of last year. I found out during last summer that the older I'm getting, the less I tolerate the heat!

    Now, if only I had a pool or a swimming hole....

  4. Am not a hot and humid fan! Had a couple days with the air on....prefer windows open with fresh breezes! Took the dogs swimming....then have to deal with wet, stinking dog smell!:)

  5. Oh Kim I detest hot weather! I hate to perspire and get all muggy...yuck! A/C is my weapon of choice and if I must be outdoors in the heat I carry a spray bottle of water to spritz down with.
    I bear the heat though because I love my little garden and it needs warmth and sun, so I will put a smile on and wear shorts.
    Carrie Ann where is that swimmin' hole?
    Tina xo

  6. Woof! Woof! YES ... no Spring just straight to Summer weather. Beside the heat lots of bugs. A PetCam will be great for CarrieAnne - you'll have an idea where she goes. Happy Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. I love the smile on CarrieAnne's face!
    Last evening we took our regular mile walk around the neighborhood and Gracie was dragging by the time we got home. We try to wait till it cools down a bit at night, but even then it's been a little too much.
    You take such good care of your dogs. I always see the love on their faces in your pictures. I've decided... if I'm reincarnated... I want to come back as one of your dogs. lol.

  8. OH man that IS hot! And look at Sam's huge, expanded tongue! When it gets too hot over here, hoomie Melissa will turn on the A/C in the computer room & we will sleep in there.

  9. I wonder if it's heading this way? Hope not!
    Carrie Anne reminds me of Sophie.....just that look of contentment.
    I do not like extreme heat at all being so far north. We usually have about 2 weeks of it in August. We don't have AC so we go for drives in the car and hike the AC up.

  10. I stay in the air!I walk the dogs as early as I can,then stay inside.I even brought the rabbit in yesterday.phyllis

  11. A/C is my friend... :) and ice makers...

  12. Jack goes out as little as possible, but Jill goes out, remembers it's hot and wants to come back in right away, in a short while, she wants to go outside again and the cycle continues all day long. :-)

    I go out as little as possible too.

  13. oh so sorry you are having such bad heat. My Vickie hates the heat and when it gets bad, we don't get out as much.

    yeah air-conditioning.

    I on the other hand, don't mind the heat as long as there is water close by and so far, there has always been water near by.

    Me and Carrie Ann have that in common

    Be cool


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  15. I can't stand the heat any longer, we are up in the high 90 degrees and it's not even summer.
    When I was younger I would bake in it all day long, now I choose my evenings in the garden, never the daytime.
    CarrieAnne surely knows how to cool off !
    Love all those faces....

  16. Nala likes to bake in the sun, it helps her hips, but it has been cool here until this week. Now that it is warming up in Colorado, we are taking advantage of it. 70's and 80's are warm enough to us, we are glad we don't have your heat. The swimming pool will be opening shortly, then we know that summer has arrived.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  17. Extreme heat for me means lots of water, salads for dinner and running my little window AC unit all day until I go to bed. It's too loud for me to sleep with it on, but at least it gets rid of the humidity in my bedroom! We've had two very hot days too...and the AC the office let go on us! We had our windows open this morning to let the wind in and it blew the humidity out of the office, but they told us to close them when it was apparently fixed. We aren't seeing a difference yet though and it's getting hot in here again!

  18. While I don't look forward to the 100s, I'd give anything right now for the 80s! We are unseasonably cold here now and I am SICK of it!

  19. Hi there Kim...
    While you are having a heat-wave, we are shivering here...brrr...around freezing level.
    It seems like your doggies all have their ways of keeping cool.
    Sending lotsaluv from us all
    MAXMOM, TOBY, TAMMY and TOFFEE in South Africa

  20. Being mostly black, my dogs feel the heat. The Porties sit and lie under trees chewing on sticks. Morgan and Tsar prefer to stay inside in the air conditioning during the day and go out in the morning and evening when it's cooler.

    Soon we'll be heading for the lake so some of them can swim. That's a favorite with this group.

  21. I hate extreme heat and every summer I wonder what I'm doing here in the desert mountains. But at least it isn't humid. I remember New Jersey....

  22. Wish you could all pack it up and come visit out here, where we're still in the throes of Bay Area winter! The 3 and 4,000 foot highest hills here supposedly got dusted with snow and a few ski areas decided to open again in the Sierras, because of all the snow - yikes! Hope you furry doggehs get some relief soon (and send just a tiny bit of that heat westward???!!! Thanks for coming to say hi!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  23. O my...look at taht...too hot for the doggies.......enjoy

  24. NO!!!
    I do not-I LOVE the heat! and I think CarrieAnn has the perfect idea which is why we've spent the last week and a half at the pool!
    Hurricane won't go out either...he looks at us like, 'you think I'm crazy?' I suppose not!

  25. Oh God! I DREAD the thought of hot and humid days. I absolutely detest heat and humidity. I hate sweating. When I was a kid, I LOVED the heat. The hotter the better! Of course, when I was a kid, I lived in my swimsuit and practically lived on/in the Mississippi river.

    THAT ain't gonna happen no more!


    Stay cool Dear Friend...
    and don't forget to save that dog hair (especially the fluffy undercoat!) Winter WILL return!

  26. CarrieAnne is laughing so much in those photos, I bet she felt just great.

    Dear Josh must win the longest tongue competition, surely!!

    We don't suffer with extreme heat for very long in the UK, we just enjoy it when it's here.


  27. We live in South Mississippi where the heat index is already over a hundred. We prefer staying inside with the a/c. When we go out, we make sure we have lots of water - to drink and to play in! As for myself, while the other dogs lay, I love to hide in the shade.

    Y'all stay 'cool'!


  28. I don't like it too hot,it saps my energy and I find it hard to sleep.I was wondering the other day how we managed without air conditioning in the car! They're saying we're going to have a hot Summer here this year,so they'll be lots of trips to the beach for the three of us! :0)

  29. We still have so much cold..snow a few days ago and cold wind today. The dogs are so the one baking in the sun, must be old and cold! ;D

  30. I bet that the other dogs are dying to know where CarrieAnne's secret swimming hole is! Imagine if you had to give your whole pack a bath!

    It never gets hot here, but it does get warm enough that we take out our baby pool for the pups sometimes. They jump in before and after exercise, and it seems to really help them stay comfy!

    I hope that your heat wave ends soon!

  31. Record highs here in the mountains. We take shorter walks and then quickly return to the air conditioned house. Dogs prefer lying on tile or hardwood; humans in a recliner beneath the ceiling fans. Lots of ice cubes for the dogs and lots of ice water for the humans.

    I'm praying this weather is not the "new normal."

  32. Oh my ~ now that is much too hot! What's it going to be like in July or August for you? I think the cool spray of the garden hose would feel good! :)

    I do not like the heat ~ though I like it better then the extreme cold! I will just stay in my basement with the air conditioning running thank you!!

    Keep cool Kim and fur-friends!
    xo Catherine

  33. It was even hot here in Philly .... 92! CarrieAnn's got the right idea ... find a pool (but without mud!)

  34. Yikes,,, that is a little too hot for us. But it will come sooner or later.
    We had 48 just a while ago.. but heard sunshine is on the way.
    Carrie Ann is the smartest,, and funniest! Little mud puddle girl.
    All your furries seem to cope in their own way,,, and don't looked stressed, not one bit.
    When it gets hot,,, we stay in the shade!

  35. You are getting close to a 100. I'm used to it being in the 70s and once it gets to even low 80s, that's hot to me and I demand AC :)

    Keep cool guys.

  36. Love all the beautiful photos and smiling faces. Guess those might be heat-wave-panting faces! I would be right behind Carrie Anne headin' for the secret watering spot! Mud or water, I'd be in!
    Mom's wearing her coat in bed...we could use some warmth our way!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  37. that reminds me..i need to shower my lot..... I have a guest comming!

  38. I've never seen it this hot so early. I think we're in for a really long hot summer!

  39. Wow that's hot hot hot! We are having some lovely sunshine today and it's too hot for us but nowhere near your temperatures. We loved the photo's but Carrie Anns has to be the best - what a girl!! Dex & Lou x

  40. Oh, the heat has been unbearable here too...of course Bud and I are not spending much time outside these days, and Zack and Sas come right in and collapse on the AC vents...

    As I type, I am waiting for Bud to come out of his 2nd surgery...not thinking very clearly, but I always find some peace here w/ you and the pups!

  41. We know what your talking about in regards to heatwave. record highs here and my girls no likey.
    Beautiful pics.


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