Thursday, June 2, 2011

Worn Out!

I remember a day about six years ago when Carl came home and told me that the entire agency that he works for would be moving to a new building located more than 2 hours from us.  Knowing how the government does things, and how slow they can be, I thought it would never happen.  Well, it did...His office being relocated is part of what's known in this area as 'BRAC' which stands for Base Realignment and Closure. They are defining it as "a congressionally authorized process of the Department of Defense to reorganize its base structure to more efficiently and effectively support our forces, increase operational readiness and facilitate new ways of doing business."   Whatever that means...All I know is that this week Carl started  a very long commute to his new office, where the building is said to be the length of an aircraft carrier.  Fortunately he has been able to get into a 'van pool' so he only has to drive about 30 minutes to the meeting place.  But another downside to all of this is that to get there he's leaving home by 4:30 in the morning.  I'm getting up early too because it leaves me to get everything done before I go to work.

I have never been very good at change.  And this change, at least this week has left us both worn out, and exhausted.  When I get this way, things that wouldn't ordinarily bother me, do.

Things like what happened yesterday when we noticed that the Phoebes that built their nest just more than a week ago are no longer around.  We really tried to stay away from the area of the nest as much as we could.  But it really bothered me that they were gone.  I checked and was glad to see that there were no eggs.

I was also upset when Hamlet chose a couple of times this week to not go for a walk with us and hasn't wanted to come outside.  I know he's been really sensitive to the heat and just have to hope that it was because of that and nothing more.  I've not yet heard back from the vet about the results of the culture, hopefully I will in the next couple of days.  The ulcerations on the tumor, while still draining a little bit, I think, aren't nearly as 'angry' as they have been.  As I write this, Hamlet is laying on his left side, which is the side of the tumor--I've no idea if that means anything, but I am a tiny bit encouraged by that.

Another moment came at the groomers when I dropped off Charlie this morning. I met someone who was bringing in two Scottish Terriers to be groomed.  Of course I mentioned that we were getting one at the end of the month.  I was totally unprepared for her telling me that she didn't think that anyone should get puppies when there were so many in shelters that needed homes.  I tried to tell her that I've devoted the last 12 years of my life to rescue, in particular the senior dogs, but it fell on deaf ears and ended in my feeling on the verge of tears.  I left the shop and was called a few minutes later by the owner who apologized for what happened.  She gave me some very kind words of encouragement which I appreciated.

As I said, typically these kinds of things don't bother me, at least not to much.  Which is why on my day off it has been so nice to just be home, eating all the wrong food, watching reruns Project Runway, relaxing and catching up on your blogs.  I hope you're having a nice day too!


  1. oh look at that sweet porchful!!! that would cheer me up a bit.

    i read on a birding blog this spring that sometimes birds work very hard to build a nest, then seem to disappear after it's done because they're waiting for the weather to warm up enough to make a steady supply of bugs when they need it for nestlings. but it sounds like you've had plenty of warm weather already so that probably isn't it. maybe they found another spot they prefer...

    i think you need a good long nap today and maybe things will not get to you as much. i totally understand your mood. :)

  2. Kim, I am sending you great big hugs from FR!!! I often get more upset with things I would normally get over quickly when I'm overwhelmed or overtired so I sympathize with you.

    I work in Alexandria 2-3 days a week and the talk is constantly about how traffic is going to be affected by the BRAC. I have to leave by 4:45 now but I'm not sure how things will shake out when all the moving is complete. I'm glad Carl has the van pool!! Hopefully he's not getting home too late and that this soon becomes a routine and you get more rest.

    On a positive note, fingers (and paws) crossed for Hamlet!! I somehow missed that you are bringing home a Scottish Terrier!!!! That is SOOOO exciting! I can't wait to see pictures of the new addition to your family. I wish I was at the groomer with you because I would have loved to give that woman an earful about how amazing you are, not to mention selfless!! Grr...

    I'll have to go back and look at your closing picture to calm down. ;)

    Jill (Zona's mom)

  3. Kim,

    Sorry things are so turned upside down for you right now. You're an angel and deserve to have as many puppies of any kind that you want.

    Can't wait to see your puppy. Would you send me your mailing address (to my e-mail). I have something I want to send you.

  4. Dear Kim, don't let that one ignorant woman drag you down. I have never 'met' any one more selfless and giving to rescued dogs, you TOTALLY deserve to make your own choice for a puppy.

    Dear Hamlet is probably just tired too, given the early starts and the heat. I think it must be a good sign that he is not feeling pain if he is able to lay on that side.

    Sweet porch photo.


  5. That drive is a tough one...and this porch full of Goldens is so awesome..what a thing of beauty! :D

  6. Golly, that's a long way to go to work! So much time on the road! DH won't travel that far - and come home at night. Of course, he usually works a 12 hr day too....

    Odd that the birds left, after going to all that trouble.

    Maybe the cool floor feels good to Hamlet? Sweet thing!

    Love your porch padding!

  7. ANyone who loves us fourlegged critters as much as you and who takes in senior rescues as well, should never have to deal with ...........bad opinionated outspoken nuts.

    But it happens so just know we all know you is the best. And in the golden kingdom you are a celebrated angel.

    Give Hamlet a hug for me.


  8. Oh, I could just kick that horrible woman at the groomer, and every other person on the planet who thinks they have a right to pass judgement without knowing a thing about the other person. I completely understand how something like that can wreck your whole day, but you didn't deserve it. If it happens again and you're feeling charitable, you can suppose that maybe she was having a bad day, too, and if you're not feeling so charitable - well, then, let me know and I'll come down all the way from Mucky Boots and give her an earful of my own!

  9. Hi Kim,
    I know when I'm tired and out of sorts things bother me allot more as well. And this hot weather just makes everything worse!

    People are so quick to judge, my goodness. Yes, the shelters are full and there are too many puppies and kittens in the world...but let's face it--it's not responsible dog breeders and/or owners that are causing the problem.

    I love collies and will probably always have one or two if I can. Normally I go the route of taking in a retired show/breeding animal. Now I have two puppies..and well, it's just fun and I'm not a bit repentant for their birth. Ninety nine percent of my pets have always been 'rescues' and I know what all you do for your chosen breed--so I say just ENJOY ENJOY when he makes it to your house.


  10. Kim, I understand the depth of emotion you are feeling. When your body is tired,it drains your whole being. I hope you get use to your new routine quickly. Let us know what you hear back about Hamlet. He is so pretty.

    This morning on facebook I saw where Canine Assistants had posted pics of new pups for the program. One person commented "I hope these were adopted not bred." Well, one, all puppies were born to dogs that were bred one way or another. And two, even a six week old puppy that has been through a dramatic set of circumstances can be emotionally scarred to the point of never being able to do a specific dog task - especially that of a service or therapy dog. I prefer raising our therapy dogs from puppyhood where I know exactly what I'm getting to do the job it will need to do. I spend hours volunteering with local animal rescues and have a heart for shelter dogs, but it is ludicrous to think that every dog should only be a shelter dog.

    I could go on and on and perhaps Boondocks will blog on this topic one day...

    For now you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Boondocks Mom

  11. Sending you a BIG hug,as I think you definately need one.
    One for Hamlet too of course! :0)

  12. You just tell that lady that your Scottie will have both of hers for a light snack and then go looking for a Mastiff!! As much as I believe in rescue - and most people don't think that people who breed dogs do, I also believe in placing dogs in the right homes. If most people would have their dogs spayed or neutered (both pure and non breed) and not allow them to "date" unsupervised, it would surely cut down on a lot of the dogs in shelters. And I know I'm preaching to the choir. But if these same people would realize that the cute puppy today might become a very ill 12 year old they can't afford ----just kick the soapbox - you know where I'm going.


  13. People can really get up on their high horses sometimes, can't they? My mom also devotes a lot of time to rescue, but right now she has two rescue dogs and two from breeders. The fact is that rescue centers have very few puppies, so when you want one, you basically have to go to a breeder!

  14. What an insensitive CLOD!

    The woman at the groomer ~ not you.

    I appreciate the need for canine rescue but you have MORE than fulfilled your duty and I think the idea of a puppy to bring some youthful joy and abandon (not to mention chewing and potty training!) are JUST what you need...

    I'm sorry about the change in Carl's schedule. That would depress me as well. How is he handling it? It is good that they've formed a carpool but still...four extra hours a day???


  15. Hang in there Kim. On days like you are describing the best medicine is to just sit on the porch as that last photo indicates.
    This is a good place to come and vent, as we have all been in your position at one time or another.

    Sheila & Bob

  16. I guess that woman doesn't think anyone should have children because there are so many who need to be adopted! The cheek of people like her bothers me even when I'm not out of sorts.

    Here's hoping the weather will break soon. That will help a lot. I know what you mean by having to do all the morning stuff alone. When my husband was recovering from surgery I had all the chores and found it surprisingly difficult. And we have only two dogs. I'll think positive thoughts for you.

    BTW: I'm hooked on Project Runway as well. And I adore Tim Gunn.

  17. As you may know, it's been one of those Hell weeks for me too. Don't let that old bitty bother you -- she doesn't know you and people that give their opinions to complete strangers (who don't ask for them) are just stupid. So there! :)

  18. I'm lovin' that 'herd' of doggies on your front porch!
    You know, sometimes people say things only to make themselves feel better at the expense of others. Can't wait to see your new pup at the end of the month:)

  19. 2 hours more of commuting that would send me right round the bend for sure. Maybe the heat is making everyone edgy...deep breath and exhale....especially on your day off with your beloveds!

  20. If that woman only knew! I can't wait to meet your puppy.
    The porch picture is one of my favorites. 4 hours of commuting everyday can't be a bowl of're going to need some naps if you keep getting up that early!

    Just know that we all realize what a saving grace you are. You're one in a million. Thank you!

  21. Don't let that nasty women bother you. I've always thought we are responsible dog owners - we can get a puppy from a breeder, we will take care of it, we will get it fixed, we will make sure it lives a good life. We also foster, promote rescues, promote spay/neuter programs.

    Enjoy your puppy!


  22. Puppies are puppies and it doesn't matter where you get them as long as you give them a good home. Some people can be so callas. Hopefully, you won't run into that person again.

  23. Carl has to drive 2 hours ~ both ways ~ just to get to work every day??? Oh my stars ~ the poor man is going to be exhausted! Is he anywhere near retirement? What's going to happen in the winter? Honestly, doesn't it make you wonder what gets into the head of the gov't officials that make these kinds of decisions.

    I'm sorry sweet Hamlet has not been feeling well enough to go for a walk. Poor boy!

    And I know it's hard, but don't let the 'lady' at the groomer's bother you. After all, you know in your heart what is true ~ as do we. Some people just seem to need to be vocal and pass judgement on others. Booooo to ignorant people spouting their mouth off!!!

    OK ~ enough said ~ I'm sending you a great big hug and wish I could sit down with you on your couch, watch some "Toddlers and Tierras" to make fun of the parents and eat a big bowl of triple fudge ice cream.... yeah.... that works for me... ;)

    xoxo Catherine

    PS ~ there's just no way to stay in the 'doldrums' looking at all those sweet pups lined up on our deck!!!

  24. That porch of doggies is testament to your devotion and love of them! Forget the cruel insensitive person.
    That's gonna be a tough drive. Sorry for your hubby. Maybe a chance to listen to a lot of good books for him!!!
    Take a soak, have a glass of wine and love your puppies! :-)

  25. Hi Kim,

    I swear it must be something in the air! I've been worn out lately, too, but for seemingly no reason.

    You know, I caught a lot of flack when I bought Cooper from a breeder (my first dog from a breeder). I really believe that our dogs come into our lives for a reason. Cooper has taught me more about being a good owner and trainer than all my other dogs combined. I think the relationship you have with your animals is far more important than where they come from....

    I would take Hamlet laying on his bad side as a good sign, too. Sending good thoughts for the grand old man!


  26. That sure is a long drive to work. And I complain about a 5 minute drive?! I really hope Hamlet is doing better, it does sound like he may be.

    Just a thought, but what if you didn't get the Scottish Terrier and you decided to rescue another dog instead? And what if that very Scottish Terrier that you were supposed to get, was instead purchased by someone who mistreated it? Every dog - whether rescued or purchased - deserves to have a wonderful, happy and loving home. I'm excited for your new baby to be a part of your family... Can't wait to see the little guy!

    I hope you're feeling better, Kim.

  27. Ah... you have all our warm weather. Good things to eat and good stuff to watch sounds like a plan! Don't listen to people who spout off about things like that! Those are the people who go around making the world a difficult place to live in... there are always people who think they know what is right and they seldom if ever do. My advice is to steer clear of them!

  28. Stupid woman....she has no idea what a wonderful person you are. I would have punched her in the mouth. xxxxx

  29. I know I would be exhaughsted with all that has been happening,, changes to schedule's are enough to throw me over the ledge. I like things to stay calm and not change so much,
    I understand how your feeling,,,
    its just tooo much to deal with.
    That is sad the phoebes left,, I know you were counting on them being there,, and I was too.
    I hope Carl and you both are able to adapt to the new schedule.. gee you'll be getting up with the birds- like us.
    That groomer woman needs to get a clue on when to keep her mouth shut.
    You deserve this baby ,, its time for your heart to feel that joy,, and you do not need to explain it to anyone,,,
    I hope your day of being home helped you,, always remember all of us- out here in bloggy land,, who stand right with you.
    Hugs to you and all the furrys, and a kissy for Hamlet.

  30. What kind of a twit would lecture someone on any subject after meeting them for 30 seconds. You have more patience than I would. I think your energy was weak at that moment from the stress of the week. You and Carl are the Queen and King of Golden Pines. How dare a stranger presume to know you. Now I'm pissed - sorry.

    You left something off of the end of the definition.....blah blah, woof woof, increase operational readiness and facilitate new ways of doing business, "yeah that's the ticket". That really sux Kim.

  31. Oh yea, Easton and I cross our paws every morning for Hamlet. I'll try to get a picture soon.

  32. We've come across evangelical proponents of ' the only route is rescue dog ' variety . Take a deep breath and put it down to her being well meaning . If no one took home puppies the rescue shelters would soon be bursting at the seams !

  33. Kim,
    I am so sorry that things have been challenging lately and you are left to feel vulnerable and worn out. Like you, I don't do 'change' well...just don't! but then I always remember the Serenity Prayer and fit the things going on in my life into those categories. Deep have plenty of support here!
    About Hamlet...bless his heart-I just want to come and sit down with him and hold him in my lap. What a sweetheart as all your dogs are. I love the photo of the porch; how endearing to all of you!
    that woman was totally out of line and wicked; perhaps she was having a bad day and just needed someone to bless her :)
    but it's okay to have down trodden days...just recognize it as such and move forward; the problem is when you allow yourself to stay there so today is a new one and enjoy every single moment!
    love and hugs...

  34. I've tagged you......sorry! You don't have to do it...xxxxxxxxx

  35. All I can do is send some hugs from this side of the Potomac from me and my wacky shelties.

    I know what I'm like when I'm tired which is over-sensitive. One can only bear so much.

    I'm having a "hooky" day from work myself and enjoying every minute of it on this beautiful day.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Woof! Woof! Oh KIM ...
    My mom can totally relate about 2 hrs of work commute. Hope Carl is getting enough sleep n rest and you guys still able to spend time together.
    There many times that you just have to let go of what other say ... it happened to my mom last Tuesday. It is hard but being clam n taking deep breath helps. She always says "bad things happens to them and good things will happen to yourself"
    I 9Sugar) can sense the weather ... I don not enjoy being outside as much as I did when I was a puppy. My takes me on many short walks during the day. But I do enjoy seeing Sunshine. Golden Woofs to Hamlet.
    Golden Congrats again ... you week ended just right. Happy Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  37. Kim there are people in this world that have very little joy in their lives and when they see someone whose happiness is so apparent (as I am sure yours is) they just can't help but to try to take some of your light away. Send them off with a silent blessing....
    Beloved Hamlet I am praying for your speedy recovery old boy!
    And who would not just love to be sitting on your porch surrounded by that sweet gang, I know I would!
    Love to all...
    Tina xo

  38. oh i am sorry things are upside down...not are such a wonderful doggy do so much for these amazing dogs...

    seeing these sweet sweet ones and knowing that you are taking such good care of them fills my heart with love...

    i am sending best wishes to are a kind and caring animal lover and i am happy to call you a FRIEND...

    take good care..i am thinking of you...

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  39. Hi Kim!

    Your senior goldens are just beautiful and so are you for the good you do. BTW, I love Project Runway, too!

  40. The porch full of babies is a beautiful scene.

    As for that woman, I would say what my mom said to me many times: "Save your tears, my dear. Some people don't deserve them!"

    You are a beautiful person, and you are admired by all of us!

  41. Aww, Kim - big hugs from here to you and hope today has been a better day. What a horrible person to bump into at the groomers, some people need to put their brain into gear before engaging their mouth sometimes. Hope Hamlet has been comfortable today too, Dex, Lou and a hug from the human for you xxx

  42. I just don't understand why people are so judgmental these days, it is a type of arrogance as far as I am concerned, how awful for her to say that to you!


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