Monday, July 11, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

A quiet weekend.  Well, as quiet as it can be when you have a puppy around!  Todd is finding his place and forging relationships with all the dogs.  He and Charlie had a real bonding moment when the two of them worked on digging a hole next to the barn.  I think Charlie was probably digging it so Todd could escape never to be seen again, and Todd was just digging for the fun of it.  Whatever their reasons, it seems to have helped them to almost work out the differences Charlie felt they had.

Today we are at day 23 of grace with Rudi.  I have remained a bit humbled and grateful for each day, because I don't know if it'll be our last.  There has been a different look in Rudi's eyes the last week or so and I've noticed her watching me.  I even wake up at night and she's there on the bed looking at me.  I can't help but wonder what she's thinking or if she's trying to tell me something; I've always felt that if Rudi were a person she'd never be able to keep a secret.  Her appetite has decreased over the last few days, and we try to tempt her to eat with baby food--Sometimes she'll eat, other times she won't.  She sleeps more and wears out pretty easily.  Yesterday evening she hadn't eaten all day and didn't want to go outside with us for a walk, but I insisted.  She was laying in the driveway and on a whim I threw her, her most favorite toy of all, a frisbee--Suddenly she came to life and wanted to play.  A couple of very small tosses for her was all it took to lift both our spirits.  When we came back in, she ate her whole meal.

Mother Reggie is also doing well, and continues to watch over Todd.  I see a spark as she now anxiously goes for walks with us, never looking back towards the house.  She doesn't even mind being outside alone and is much more relaxed.  I take all this as an indication that she's feeling secure and has found her place here with us--Wait, wasn't she only supposed to be here temporarily?

I hope your week is off to a good start and you're getting some relief from the heat. Our news is reporting that the Washington D.C. area has been named the 6th hottest city in the nation--What an honor as we are currently in the dog-days of summer!


  1. So happy Rudi is hanging in there.....
    Reggie is so beautiful, glad she has "come home"

  2. And life goes on at Golden Pines...just like Rocky Creek Farm - isn't it amazing how one day goes into the next and on and on and on. And truly they are all days of grace.

  3. Life -- it moves on. I'm glad that you have been gifted with so many days with Rudi. Memories grow, to keep and cherish.

  4. i think rudi is saying... hang in there with me mom. if we ever wonder about the little miracles in life, there is the proof of wilf...given 3 days to live and now, nine months later ...
    living each day to its fullest. that's a golden happy face on rudi in that picture!
    and sweet reggie has come home.
    laughed at the antics of little charlie and todd. what a pair. bets that they will become the buddy rascals of the pack!
    love and hugs,
    tammy j

  5. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a Frisbee toss can make your whole day! I am thinking you are going to be able to write a book about the adventures of Todd,lol!

  6. Glad you had some good times over the weekend. I hope they continue. :)

  7. so glad all the dogs are getting along pretty well. and i'm very glad reggie has settled in and you're thinking long term now! :) especially since she's being so sweet to todd!

  8. Before losing our rottie, Handsome, a few months ago... he too always watched over our newest pup, Rowdy. He taught Rowdy how to be a dog. I think all young dogs should have a mentoring older dog in their life.

    Thinking of you and Rudi.


  9. Rudi thanks you for knowing just what to do when she`s feeling low.You are such a good mom to all your dogs,hoping Rudi has another 23 days with you,phyllis

  10. Woof!Woof! I guess digging is the best way to bond. Glad to hear about Rudi ... definitely mom think of me the same way. Just like the other Goldens you had Reggie found the Golden forever home. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. I've been reading a book on the behavior of dogs and have learned so much about why they do the things they do. So interesting. Glad Rudi is hanging in there.

  12. Loved this post, Kim. From the comment 'Differences that Charlie thought they had' to seeing Rudi's eyes alight in the picture with her frisbee. I'm so glad you both were blessed with these extra days. And I'm so glad that my 'feeling' that Reggie would be staying was true. You can just see that she is happy where she is!
    Take care,

  13. Love the way the puppy finds his place in your pack. How wonderful that you have had some good days with Rudi. I think that will help you say goodbye when Rudi tells you it is time.

  14. Dog Days (Daze) indeed, and we still have HOT Aug. to look forward to...

    Looks like all is well at Golden Pines...hugs and belly rubs to all,

  15. I just love your photos Kim and enjoy hearing about the antics your crew always seems to up to!
    My prayers each day continue to include you and Rudi and I think she knows her time with you is short and she is soaking up all she can of great memories to take with her until you both meet again.
    Please give her a big hug for me and tell her Tina thinks of her many times throughout the day!
    Love to all...
    Tina xo

  16. Around here we're big believers in never ending days of grace . Like the dog days of summer they just keep on coming . Thank heavens they do.

  17. Hi Kim, loved the pictures! and hearing about the dogs. The more we love them, the harder it is to see them age and know that we have to some day let them go. Ours is only 7 but we were told by the vet that he suffers with arthritis and is considered to be a "senior". He certainly does have a few "senior moments" now and again. :-) I used to miss the hot summer weather of the east coast, but more and more I enjoy the cooler less humid days of July and August in Germany. I guess we really can adjust to almost anything! Hope all is well with you. ~Debby

  18. It used to be August when we had the dog days of summer, something about the dog star. I can see where all your overly warm day are the dog days, actually you have them 365 days a year :-)

    Glad Rudi perked up! She's a special gal and I know how much you love her.

    Years ago, we had an adult dog, much loved and very personable. We got a new puppy and he didn't like the puppy. I guess he took the puppy for a walk, but he came back alone. We never did find the puppy.
    Just sayin.....

    Todd got to work with you today? I was a little worried that he might bark and the two of you would get the boot.

    Have a great day!

  19. Rudi, one day at a time, you have so many praying for you.

    Mother Reggie may be taking up permanent residence...bol

    Hamish & Sophie

  20. Hmm...maybe Rudi needs a bit of frisbee therapy every day? It's certainly worth a try!

    It's quite warm here today as well, I closed all the windows before leaving home and am hoping that will help keep the temperature in my apartment down!

  21. Amazing Rudi! So much love you are giving her ...
    Love the photos!

  22. I just knew that Charlie and Todd would bond, and it sounds to me like that is happening!

    Sweet Rudi, "one day at a time".
    She is trying to tell you that she will be okay..
    And when she looks at you in the day and nite, she is hoping that you can read her mind and know how thankful she is for all the love you have given her. She is trying to tell you thank you,,
    Mother Reggie,,, wouldn't she be the greatest friend for any new puppy? I think so.
    The butterfly,, ohh the butterfly..
    thank you Kim!

  23. Digging doggies, that's gotta be a bonding experience and fun too. Keep the frisbee handy Kim, sounds like it helps ol' Rudi. Sounds as though Reggie doing better, how good is that? Butterfly pic is great.

  24. Great butterfly picture!

    Glad to hear that Rudi is still doing well, all things considered. Grandma Reggie looks pretty darn relaxed. I think she might want to stick around for a while....

    Hope you all stay cool!

  25. I love that butterfly photo!

    I can just picture the two boys working on that hole. Too cute! I'm glad Rudi is still doing well! Reggie looks very at home there...

    If it makes you feel better, we have a 105 degree heat index here now and it's not even the heat of the day yet!

  26. Hi Kim, So glad that Todd and Charlie are having fun together. As I read about Rudi-made me think that it is so similar to my Reggie. In fact, last night he just couldn't settle down but kept moving around. There are times when I look at him and wonder what he is trying to tell me. Each day is a day of grace. Loved hearing about your Mother Reggie.
    Hugs to you and your 4 legged babies.

  27. Digging and chewing, two of the favorite activities of puppyhood. I'm glad Rudi is showing some interest in her favorite toy.

  28. We know you treasure all those days of grace with Rudi. And Reggie feeling at home must be a boost for you, too.

    Glad Todd has a digging partner!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  29. Rudi is very lucky to have 'found' you in his last days. He is probably looking at you Kim because he can't believe how fortunate he is.
    a puppy could be the 'best thing' for senior dogs...what do you think?

  30. Oh, do you think Rudi has been bored? Or,maybe she has been depressed not being able to play??? Maybe she has been looking at you trying through osmosis to get you to play with her!! I just love that she became so excited to play and showed her happiness by eating well. I think she looks wonderful in her pictures. Ahh, the days of grace that you have given her..wonderful

  31. Well if DC is the 6th hottest city in the nation, I can assure you, that at 106*, Oklahoma City must be the 1st! Glad to hear of Rudi's progress and Reggie's fitting in. Keep those pics of Todd coming! Love them!

  32. Life is so full at Golden Pines - joy, pleasure, sadness, play. Young and old. And you embrace it all with your big heart and let us share it, too.

  33. Take care sweet Rudi, we are thinking of you! P.S. Reggie is so cute :)

  34. I know that you're treasuring each day of grace. I loved the vignette about the frisbee and Rudi's playfulness. Isn't that wonderful!

    The butterfly on the flowers is amazing.

  35. Kim, we're glad you and Rudi are still having special moments together. We love the picture of the butterfly.

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  36. All your pups are so lucky to live with such a caring and wonderful person Kim! I am thinking they know it too!

    Keep cool!
    xo Catherine

  37. Rudi and Reggie are both looking good. Hope Rudi continues to get well.

  38. The Northwest summer is as cool and as damp as its EVER been. Kind of off-sets the rest of the country's hot weather. Hey, we're not complaining! Love the days of grace for Rudi. Brings back memories of my Goldens talking to me in the winter of their lives. Frankly Kim, I knew Reggie was home the minute you announced her arrival and told her story. Welcome to GP Reggie. The blogousphere welcomes you.

  39. oh sister I love your love for your animals...and your sense of humor...makes my day...and right now I am dog tired....thanks for the chuckle about the hole digging

  40. I am thinking of you re: Rudi. I love your term "days of grace."

    That is so true.

    Love your photos (do you get tired of me saying that?)...

  41. Hello all :-) We're so sorry to hear Rudi is still feeling tired most of the time but fantastic news that a game of frisbee brightened both of your days. It's great hearing how little Todd is coming along, is he an honorary Goldie? He is such a sweetie, gentle hugs to Rudi, we're all thinking of her xxxx

  42. I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday!

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  43. I am so surprised that there is no comment from me. I have been to your blog ,this one and the one before this one and there is nothing from me!! I am getting so very forgetful. I come to a blog and TRY to get the comment frame up and I don't get one, or I comment and the comment doesn't go through. I go on to another blog and I forget that I didn't get through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hopefully this will go through!!
    xx, Fern
    PS, Todd is a good boy!!!

  44. So I need a post on how Rudi is feeling today.

    It has been over a week and I am getting worried.


  45. OK I take it back, it wasn't a whole week. It just feels like a week.


  46. For whatever reason, sounds like things have fallen into a natural rhythm. Smiled at your comment about Todd and Charlie. I know a thing or two about dogs and I have a feeling you might be right about Charlie's intentions... :)

  47. Thank you for visiting me--otherwise I might never have found your lovely blog! We have one Golden, and seeing your brood is such a delight. They are all so fortunate to have you and to have found such a caring home. Best wishes for Rudi.

  48. What a great update. I'm so glad your days of grace are continuing and that the pack is all settling in with each other! I love the photos!!

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment! We're all doing well. Getting used to new sleeping habits!


  49. Have you read the book "Is Heaven For Real".. IT's a wonderful book and I loved it because it says there are alot of animals seen in heaven... If that's possible a lot of my pets are going to be there .
    Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  50. i continue to think about you and rudi...and send good thoughts....

    i have been down this road, my friend...many times...i know the feeling...hopefully you can find comfort in all the support from your blogger buddies. i do.

    love that todd is doing so well...

    happy to stop by today,
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  51. Pretty sweet Rudi! Keeping my fingers crossed that what time she has left is filled with joy. Mother Reggie is looking after Todd, I bet she has her paws full :). Lovely butterfly photo, we are in the dog days of summer here in Iowa also. We had a 2 day break but the heat and humidity are back.

  52. Awwwwwwwww - we BET Rudi would love dock diving! Especially with your heat - bravo to you for getting her out and tempt her with the frisbee - loved reading that she then ate all her din din! Reggie is looking good too - not surprised that she's acting as if she is "home"!!! And we love the story of Charlie and Todd - what a cutie pie! Have a good weekend!
    Sammie, AValon and Oz


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