Sunday, July 31, 2011

The End of the Weekend!

I"m so glad this weekend is over!!  Carl left on Saturday to take my brother back home to Kentucky and is leaving from there to go to Wisconsin on Monday.  But it does mean that I'm a 'single parent' for a week.  We got off to a rocky start when I had another, yes another flat tire on my van.  I've no idea how it keeps happening, but I'm glad that we bought the warranty that went with the tires!

This morning at about 3:30, Todd woke me up whining.  He'd been playing in the water, so it was only right that he would need an extra trip outside during the night.  Just as things were settling down Bubba started having a seizure. I sat with him and waited for it to end, knowing he would be disoriented afterwards and need some reassurance.  I'm not sure what time we finally got back to bed.

This direction continued when Rudi's day didn't start out well.  Her unwillingness to get up and seeming so tired and worn out, convinced me that today would be our last day together.  I sat with her for along time as she slept so soundly with her head on my lap.  I finally decided to let her be, because I had to tend to the needs of the other dogs.  I'd left the door open when we went for our walk and when we returned, there Rudi was, standing by the garage, just as I'd hoped.  As the day has continued, she has rallied to be with us another day.  She ate part of her meal this evening.  I can feel her spark dimming, but I marvel at her strength and determination to take in as many moments as she can.

I don't know what the week ahead will bring for Rudi.  But for Todd it will be a busy one because he starts 'day care' on Monday.  I hope he gets along with the 'other kids' and makes as good of friends with them as he did with the broom he dragged into the office this evening!  


  1. oh poor heart just aches for her brave soul
    and that rascal Todd....he makes the world a better place doesn't he?
    I'll be saying a few words for you to the big guy tonight...for comfort strength and a bit of sleep
    you are quite a woman

  2. Oh Rudi, heart of a lion, soul of the eagle. We love you.....

    Good luck in Day Care tomorrow Todd. I hope you have a great time.


  3. oh sweetie. i do hope your week is not too difficult. poor miss rudi...

  4. Poor Bubba, I bet he wonders what is going on. Rudi is hanging on, but I get the feeling, her thread is getting thinner, I keep hoping for a miracle with her. Great that Todd wakes you up to go out! Jill didn't do that for ages!

    Have a good week, being the only parent!

  5. You certainly have your hands full. I'm rooting for Rudi to make it a few more days... how well I recall Handsome's slipping away earlier this year. You are so lucky to have Todd around to brighten your day... he's a character.

    Hugs to Rudi!

  6. Oh, you poor, Dear thing! I'm so sorry to hear about Bubba's seizure and Rudi slipping farther away. At the same time, what a wonderful, safe haven you have been for them! I think of all the additional days of life and love that Rudi has had because you didn't listen to the vet on that day, WEEKS ago. Each animal that finds it's way into your home and your heart is blessed indeed.

    Yet YOU must pay a price for all the pieces of your heart that you give away so selflessly. Please know that we share your pain as well as your joys! I'm sending you heartfelt hugs...

    And then there's Todd! ;-) I'm grateful for all the smiles he brings you.

  7. Here's hoping the week ahead brings more special moments with Rudi, calm on the home front as you single parent the pups, and no more flat tires!

  8. Kim, Hoping you will have a better week, then the weekend was.
    Praying for both Bubba and Rudi, we are just so happy to know they are being loved.

    Sheila & Bob

  9. Wow, you have had a busy day! Glad you and Rudi are getting to spend some quality time together.

    Thinking of you!

  10. Wow! I am a person who rejoices for the weekend, but after reading you post I wanted yours to be over! A flat tire has always been a nightmare of mine, especially when my husband is gone. Add a dog seizure to that and I call it good. Let’s stick a fork in you because I think you are done! ;)

  11. Rudi is such a trooper and amazing dog. I am sure there will be a empty spot in all hearts at her passing. Good luck at school tomorrow Todd!

  12. Todd is too cute! I hope Rudi is doing better, poor puppy.

  13. It's amazing how much Goldens willt to hold and lie life to the Max when they know that they are loved. Wishing Rudi well for this week - and you too...Doggie Angel!
    Sending lotsaluv

  14. Todd is such a cutie and Rudi is an amazing girl. My hubby always gets flat tires on his truck too!
    I hope tomorrow goes easier for you.

  15. It's amazing how strong that spark of life is . So many people take it fo granted but it's an absolute miracle.

  16. Brooms NEED to be shown who's boss! Well done, Todd.

    Good for Rudi, hope she enjoys more days this week.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  17. O my...wishing you lots of streingth..for this week darling......give Rudi a big hug from take

  18. I'm sure Todd will capture the hearts of everyone at "day care" just as Rudi has for all her years...:)JP

  19. Good morning Kim. I love the picture of Todd with the broom. It reminded me of our own puppy days here and some of the stuff Gracie used to get into..
    Poor sweet Rudi... She sure is hanging in there. My heart goes out to her and to you. I hope the week goes well for you. Good luck at day care, Todd! Show 'em your sweetness and try not to get in any trouble ;-)

  20. Hang in there this week as a "single parent". Those days are tough. Here's to a happy and easy Monday for you!

  21. Poor Bubba. Poor Rudi. Poor you! I'll be thinking of you all this week.

    Todd...what a hoot!

  22. Kim, have you ever entertained the idea of running a day care for dogs? You would be so good at it! I know right now may not be the best of times especially with older dogs....but I am sure there would be a way. Friends of ours run one and they are filled up all the time and doing very well at it. Sophie loves their place and will be staying there for 12 days this month.
    Just an idea for when you guys retire......

  23. Woof! Woof! Hope you have a better week. Sending Lots of Golden LOVE to Bubba n Rudi. Golden Luck to Todd ... Hope you took some time off from work this week. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. Stay strong Kim - sending Rudi big hugs, Bubba too.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  25. Sending extra big hugs for Rudi and best wishes for a wonderful August for you and all your pups Kim!
    xo Catherine

  26. I'm sorry to hear about Rudi. If only we could wrap them in bubble wrap and keep them safe and healthy forever! I'm not sure they'd agree to it, though.

    I hope Todd has fun in day care! Hopefully you won't get one of "those" phone calls, either! lol

  27. I will keep praying for peace for Rudi...

    As for Todd, I'm sure he'll get along swimmingly with the other dogs at the daycare :o)

  28. It's hard with them at both ends, the beginning of life and the end of it. Morgan is tired these days and the stairs bother her more and more. We accommodate our routine to her.

    Meanwhile the younger dogs are restless because of the heat. They're doing zoomies in the house and generally getting into things.

    We'll be thinking about you and your oldtimers.

  29. Bless Rudi, she's a strong girl. Why do I think that Todd will liven things at day care up a bit?

  30. We're so sorry your week started out badly. That always happens here too. As soon as Daddy Patrick heads back to AZ, all hell breaks loose. Sure hope when your Rudi goes it will be quietly in her sleep. That Todd looks like a little roughyin(SP??). How cute is he?! Hope his day care goes well.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog & HOotie

  31. kim.
    your life is sometimes a rollercoaster isnt it

  32. Hi Kim, I'm so sorry you had a bad weekend but here praying for grace and joy this week. Rudi is certainly strong willed and isn't quite ready yet(reminds me of Reggie)and poor Bubba. So thankful you have Todd to bring you smiles throughout the days.
    Sending love and prayers your way.
    Noreen & Reggie

  33. if you can just get your darlings thru this horrible endless summer... it's "not fit for man nor beast!"
    it has been in the mid to high
    100's here for so long that we can't remember anything else. i do think it's hard on them. (and us!)
    extra hugs for all your crew from my heart to theirs. total love coming your way. take good care of you too. autumn is surely on the way! tell rudi and bubba to hang on!!
    tammy j

  34. I'll be thinking of Rudi this evening and likely tomorrow. Also wondering how Todd did at doggy daycare. Did he get a time out or a gold star? :)

    PS -- The barn photo was taken just up the road "a piece" from our place.

  35. Dear Rudi, I continue to pray for your happiness and health each day! Us "old girls" need to stick together with our aching bones and dim eyes. Peace be yours each day old girl!
    Tina xo


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