Monday, August 1, 2011

Your Turn to Make a Wish!!

My week is off to a winning-start and I feel so lucky today!  A few days ago I posted about a Facebook photo contest, that the shop where I buy dog food was having.  The winner would receive a $100 gift card, that I really hoped to win.  I have to be honest,  I felt a bit selfish asking for your votes, so I removed the post on the last day of the contest.  But today, I found out that I WON by a mere 16 votes!  The manager of the shop told me that 2 weeks ago I was behind by more than 40 votes--So I can  only conclude that those needed votes came from those of you who voted from that post and from Lynn at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures who also posted it--THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

As if that wasn't enough, a kindly fairy granted my wish when Nancy at A Rural Journal had hers granted and was given the chance to pay it forward.  The Fairy Hobmother works for Appliances Online, a web retailer of household appliances in the UK and has such a fun job, granting wishes and spreading happiness to bloggers.  And it really made my day to receive an email a few days ago granting my wish for a fun new toy for the dogs!  The toy that the Fairy Hobmother picked out was a whirlwheel and it arrived today!  It's a fun toy that flies and squeaks which are the two favorite things our dogs love!  Rudi was the first to try it out, and it really provided a nice lift for her today too! 

The Fairy Hobmother has offered me the chance to let YOU make a wish too!!  All you have to do to maybe have your wish granted by the Fairy Hobmother is leave a 'wishful comment' below.  You don’t have to restrict your wishes to items that Appliances Online sell – you can wish for just about anything you'd like!  There’s no rules, no catches, and please don't be shy – just leave a wish and let The Fairy Hobmother know what your most tangible wish would be for, she'll read them all, and choose someone to sprinkle with Hob Dust.  It's as simple as that! 

THANK YOU all again for voting for our picture, and 
THANK YOU FAIRY HOBMOTHER for granting my wish!!


  1. oh kim, seeing rudi with the toy makes my heart smile! congratulations to you on both wins! love your pups!!!

  2. Well, that is super, Kim! I'm sure glad that you won, I am sure that it helps a lot! Of course, that picture should be published and printed, it's a photographic version of a Norman Rockwell type picture! I've loved it since I got mine!

  3. Congratulations Kim! I'm glad Rudi liked the new toy and how wonderful that your pic won the contest.

    My wish -- after a lot of thought -- a gallon of paint and some painting supplies to help me make my new apartment truly mine.

    Have a great day

    Jean - MN

  4. Woof! Woof! First n foremost ... a BIG Golden CONGRATS!!! We are so :-) Happy you WON! You deserve it!!! Super Golden Happy to you n of course to the Golden Pines Gang. Glad a "fairy granted your wish" You are truly amazing that you wished something for the Golden Pines Gang. Sending you Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

  5. Smiling for you and Rudi all the way down here in florida!

  6. I am so happy that you won, Kim. Good things happen to great people!My wish would be to have that same toy for my Arabelle. She would love it!

  7. I agree with Theresa. Sweet Rudi and her new toy. :)

    For situations like this, I love the blogging world. I'm so glad you won the FB contest. So well deserved, my friend.

  8. so sorry rudi seems to be slowing down. It sure was nice to see her having fun with the new toy. As long as her little body is willing to fulfill her mind's wishes, you will hpefully have at least a few more days of grace...

  9. What a cute toy! I'm glad it came at a perfect moment for you!

    I wish my car hadn't broken down when there was no money in the piggy bank to fix it, but I'm pretty sure that's out of the fairy's hands!

  10. Congratulations! So nice to know tht we helped a little bit. It's fantastic seeing Rudi out there playing.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  11. You won because it was such an absolutely perfect photo. Way to go!!!

    Funny, I can't think of a thing to wish for except for good health for all of our dogs. I smiled after reading about Rudi's rally yesterday. I know that it's still a tough time but each day is a gift.

  12. Congratulations Kim!!!! Well deserved. My wish is that my husband gets well & we can all get some peace....that's probably selfish of me to wish that with all the suffering in the world though....xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Hey there Kim...
    Oh, I am so happy for you - I know how much you wanted that food voucher! Yippee!
    As for wishes - well, I'm not sure your fairy Hobmother can do much for me (but then you never know:))
    My wish...
    "Wherever MAXDOG goes, let it do good"
    (With some luck and prayers, MAXDOG may well be available at Christmas time..hold thumbs)'ll have to explain it to her. :)
    sending lotsaluv

  14. I'm so happy that you won! You deserve some recognition (prizes are nice as well!) for the beautiful photographs that you take of your dogs. And just LOOK at the twinkle in Rudi's eyes! I do believe that she's laughing at us...

    Perhaps I'll go make a wish.

  15. That's great news. That photo was simply the best !

  16. You all are so kind, but please make a wish for yourself!

  17. my wish
    I wish I had some nice high quality poultry mix to support my tatty old hens through their annual moult!!!

  18. Who says that wishes can't come true ? !

  19. YAY, Rudi!! You go play, GIrl!! Hey, not leaving a wish since I have won before... so glad you won this time around!!

  20. Congratulations on your good luck!

    My wish...that Thunder and Storm do well in their hunt tests this weekend. :)

  21. I'm so happy for you that you won and it lifts my heart to see Rudi with her new toy!

    My wish: a weekend away with my Sweetheart!

  22. Yeaaaaaaaaah! I am very happy for you.
    Smoochies to the doggies!!!

  23. Kim, I'm so glad you won your contest!! Arroooss to you from my crew!!

    If I had my wish, it would be for a black Scottie female puppy with full breeding rights from champion blood lines that's not related to any dog I own. How's that for asking for something for myself?? Or someone to come help me for a month to go through all of my stuff and pack it up or give it away or throw it away and then help me get started on demolition of our granary so we could start a new home. I hope she specializes in miracles.

    Have a great day.

  24. I wasn't going to post this because I know that it is WAY out of the good Fairy Hobmother's power of wish granting. But I'm not going to waste my time with something that I don't really need. So my wish is for a new (used) car. As you know, I am battling breast cancer and I live 45 minutes away from the medical center that I receive care from. That's a lot of driving! Unfortunately, my beloved Jeep is on it's last legs. It's a 1994 with well over 200,000 miles and I think she's nearing the end. When I go around curves, the tires wobble which can send me into a panic attack (ever since I rolled the Jeep in March of 2010). The entire bottom of the Jeep has rusted away and I worry what the floor might look like, under the rugs. The point being. I no longer feel safe driving my Jeep. I also need to change over to a used car to get better GAS milage. I can't afford the gas to make all these 90 mile round trips!

    My brother is a car salesman at Brennegan Chevrolet in West Salem, WI. and I had told him that I was going to buy a new/used car when I sell my house. Bobby knows what I like and will make sure I get something that will meet my needs and keep me safe. I figured that I could spend up to $10,000 with the profit I'd have from the sale of my farm. It's been on the market 2 months now and only 2 people have even looked at it! If we have to lower the asking price, I won't have enough money to buy a small home in town and get a car. Very scary thought! Worse yet ~ what if it doesn't sell at ALL??? Everything I own is packed and in storage except for my kitchen table and chairs, one living room chair, my bed & dresser and the computer! I'm eating off paper plates and all my cooking & baking (and soapmaking!) supplies are packed and stored who knows where? I have to admit, I'm getting tired of living in limbo.

    Sorry for the long ramble. I didn't mean to post a sob story. I realize that I'm one of the lucky ones: I've got a roof over my head and a vehicle that still gets me where I need to go ~ it just eats gas and could die at any minute! ;-)

    So, if the Good Fairy should win the lottery and decide to up the anti on her gift giving, I would be eternally grateful. If not, I still think that she is doing a wonderful thing and maybe I'll just 'play it forward' anyway...

  25. I'm glad you posted and that we all got to help you win. Congratulations!

  26. Kim, I am sooo thrilled that you won the photo contest! Goes to show that every little vote helps. I loved the photo and am so pleased for you. And, to had even more sweetness to your day, you won the dog toy. Cody loves those flying frisbee like toys. His arthritis not longer allows for him to jump up and catch them like he once did, but he still likes to take them along on every walk, just to have them with him. Have a great day. ~Debby

  27. We are so glad you won!!! That picture was perfection...

    My wish would be a bottle of glucosamine and condroitin for Bobo. His displasa'd hips are bothering him and there's no bones in the coffers this month.

    Bobo, Meja and Mommy

  28. Yay! I voted for you, can't think of a good wish right now, but I'll be back! :-)

  29. Congratulations, Kim! I can't think of anyone who deserves those things more than you. I'm so glad that Rudi enjoyed the whirlwheel. She looks so happy.

  30. Congratulations, Kim! That picture was absolutely amazing.

    Our wish would be for a wagon to pull three legged Kudzu in when we make our therapy visits. He tires out so quickly and a wagon would enable him to visit more people!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  31. That's awesome to hear!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  32. Yea!! Our vote actually counted for something! Unlike our votes for politicians who promise us things, then go off and do exactly what their corporate masters tell them till they need another vote from us. But I digress!

    We'll think what we'd like from the Fairy Hobmother. That toy sounds like a really good one that my pack would enjoy.

    Congrats and may the week continue to be happy.

  33. 1st time visit to your blog via going gently! LOVE IT.. I really like to hear of people winning these online competitions! FAB

    I wish I could loose some pounds off my middle! :o)

    Fairyhobmother.... <<>>

  34. I'm not sure if illnesses that linger or illnesses that we are surprised by are easier to cope with. Rudi continues to amaze me - not only because she looks soooo much like Cleo - but because she just takes it one day at a time. She's teaching me something!

  35. Congrats, Kim, that wonderful photo deserved to win (I did vote for you).

    My wish would be for Lynn of Rocky Creek to win.

    Hugs to all, especially Todd.

    Linda, Abby & Arlo

  36. I am so happy and excited for you and the crew! Wonderful news.

    Wishes for a new camera so I can improve my blog. :)

  37. That new toy was meant for HER! It's brought Joy to all of us!...:)JP

  38. My wish has already been fulfilled: YOU WON!!!!! No better news this afternoon than to know that you won the picture prize and the toy for the babies!

  39. KhonGRats!!!

    That is so furry khool!!!

    I'm pondering what to wish fur - somehow I think world peace would be too much fur The FH -

    Failing that, I'd say ga$ bukhk$ fur Mom's transports - although a new khamera without spots on the lens would be special too -

    I do wish I khould give The FH a special Khyra Khyss!


  40. can i wish for rudi to have a couple of more "days of grace"? and the fairy hobmother really do that?
    if not and it needs to be more practical - a new cutting board and/or perhaps a good knife.

    jacquieastemborski AT comcast DOT net

  41. Hi Kim
    We are so happy to know that your won the contest! That photo is just the most loving photo ever!
    And that special new toy that Rudi was playing with- its the best!
    We are also smiling that Rudi pulled through another day of grace!
    What would I wish for? Well ,, would it be selfish to wish for my refrigerator to stop making all the noise it makes! I think it is going to fly away,, and then it gets quiet, and then ,,, there it goes again!


  42. Hi Kim
    One more wish, if its okay...
    we have a metal snake stuck in my spring (where the water fills into the cistern,,and I cannot get it out. I was trying to rotorooter the minerals out of the hole (after I climbed down into the cistern,,) and now the snake has been stuck for at least 3 months,,
    maybe someone would have an idea on how to get it out,,, this is the only water we have,.
    ok ,, enough for wishes.

  43. Yeah... Congrats on the photo win Kim. Who better than Rudi to be the first to try the whirlwheel (lucky dog).

  44. I'm so glad I happened to read your blog that day. I'm also pretty well off, the fairy Hobmother needs to help some other deserving person. Maybe she could bring you another gift card for dog food! I love reading about your babies. Take care.

  45. Congratulations on your win, Kim. It was well deserved and you shouldn't have felt guilty about asking for votes. Sometimes we have to be reminded.. and that is just what you did. :-) So glad your wish was granted.. Rudi is too.. obviously. HUGS to you and the kids. Oh, and BTW> The post that I did on Cecil reminded me so much of you and Carl - Angels.. you are!

  46. Congrats Kim!! I think you may be on a lucky streak! Now's the time to purchase a Lotto ticket!!
    My wish Kim would be that you receive a $100 gift card EVERY month to help feed your dogs....what you are doing is so incredible kind and compassionate.

  47. Kim I am over the moon hearing the wonderful news that you won!!! Yay crew!
    The picture of Rudi with the toy is priceless and such a wonderful sight for sore eyes. I pray that many more blessings are on their way to your and yours this you guys!
    Tina xo

  48. Ok, I'm back with a wish! So many possibilities, but trying to work out which would be the most useful was tricky! What we'd really like to wish for is a chest freezer to put in the garage, I've been cooking extra meal portions for the first few weeks after the baby is born and I ran out of room in our fridge/freezer REALLY quickly. We had one in our basement in Canada and it was so useful helping us get through the winter when we were snowed in!

  49. My wish would be that Rudi stays with you a while longer (as long as she is comfortable). :-)

  50. Sophie is too shy to ask for anything...fib.....white lie....she just loves Mr. Orangie and guess what someone switched an old one for new one the other day and she didn't even notice. Oh well...Carry On, folks!

  51. Kim,
    Congratulations on your win.
    Sorry I haven't been more on line lately but when the weather is nice NO COMPUTER TIME FOR ME!!! I have a garden to attend to which I love to spent time at.
    Rudi looks so happy with her whirlwheel toy that it just makes my day seeing her smile. Dog do smile right?
    My wish is just for everyone to live life to the fullest everyday.

  52. he sweet lady!
    I am so happy for you on your win!!! i think you deserved it!

    and my wish would be.... rain rain rain and a little bit more rain....

    we had only 0.2 inches in the last SEVEN weeks..... so yes my wish would be rain...

    and yes i'm sprinkling some Hob Dust!


  53. Congrats on the win!

    My wishes are for both two legged and four legged - may you always have a full belly, shelter from the storms, someone to love and someone to love you! Big wishes, for sure.

    Enjoy your week!

  54. this leaves me with tears in my eyes !!! i am SO HAPPY for you !!!!
    ( i did vote too ! )

    you are so kind to take such good care of these precious sweethearts !!! so well deserved !!!!

    happy to stop and see REALLY did make my day !!!

    God Bless You and sending love,

    kary and teddy

  55. How cool is that Fairy Hobmother!???

  56. You welcome Kim and I am so glad you won that dog food and the gift from the UK. What did you call it?? Anyway I could use one of those with a new puppy around. She loves to play and we play all the time!!!
    She has worn me out in just three days!
    She has learned a lot in those three day too!!! If she and Happy can get along we have a keeper. I will give Happy time to come around.
    So happy for you Kim!!
    xx, Tinker & Fern

  57. I`m so glad you won,you deserve too.It is worth it to see Rudi"smile".
    I wish for you to be helped monthly with dog food too,don`t know about yours,but my sheltie is on a special dog food for her lyme disease,so I`m wishing for you to get help with your doggie food,it sure gets expensive,phyllis

  58. Congratulations on your prizes! I didn't know about the contest, or I certainly would have voted for you. The first photo of you with your clan is so precious, and it's good to see Rudi smile.

    My wish is that all dogs can have a loving home such as yours.


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