Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday at Golden Pines

I'm back from Kentucky with my youngest brother who will be here until the end of the week. Rudi and Charlie went with me, and are great traveling companions!  Both don't seem to mind the almost 11 hour trip as long as they get their turn at sitting in the front seat.

The mishaps from the trip were a flat-tire on Saturday morning and on Sunday a fall at a gas station. I was so thankful that the flat didn't occur during the drive home, and that I'm only bruised and skinned up from landing practically face down on the pavement--Both could have been so much worse!

Carl did a great job taking care of the dogs including Todd, who I think grew while I was gone. 
On Wednesday I'm taking Reggie back to the vet for the x-rays of her chest.  She's doing well too, and I really think she's feeling better.  Her skin has really improved and is healing.  Her ears have cleared up nicely as well, all good signs!  There is a content feeling about Reggie and she seems happy.
Today is 'day 38 of grace' for Rudi.  She has good days and like today, some not so good ones. She's very quiet and subdued, but still seems to be 'okay.'  Whatever kind of day it is, I continue to cheer her on and hope for more, and I thank-you all for doing the same!    


  1. oh, i'm glad you are home safe and sound (even if a little worse for wear!) and i'm glad you ended up taking rudi and she did okay on the trip. God bless that sweet girl!

  2. I didn't get to wish you a safe journey, nut glad to read you are back.....
    What great traveling companions you had, they looked so well-behaved.
    Sorry to read about the fall, I hope you are not too badly injured,I'm sure everyone was so happy to see you return home.

  3. I'm happy to hear you're home safe and sound - my favourite journey is always the one home! And I hope you're okay after the fall - even small ones can really shock us. Please take care - you're important to us!

  4. I'm glad the trip went well, except for the two problems. I'm sure Charlie and Rudi liked the almost one on one vacation, with you! I imagine the whole crew was happy to see you when you got home! I can just picture all those tails wagging and in my head, I can hear the deep "woofs" of greetings!

    Sure glad that Rudi is still with you!!!

  5. Good to hear that you are ok...these animals are so blessed, I think they have already died and gone to Golden heaven and you are their angel! ;D

  6. We have a little old lady who will be sixteen in September! I understand about borrowed time. I hope you have many more happy days with Rudi!

  7. Woof! Woof! Glad to hear you made it home safely. For sure Charlie n Rudi had a FUN car ride. I don't mind being in the car at all ... I do LOVE long car rides. Sending Lots of Golden LOVE to Reggie n Rudi. Todd ears got bigger. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Good to know you are safely back home. So sorry for the fall. That can really jar a body physically and mentally.
    Glad to know Charlie and Rudi did well on the trip. 38 days of grace..that isjust wonderful news!!
    Rudi probably is just tired from the trip and hot from all this summer extreme weather!!
    Hopefully, she will continue to respond to all of the good care and love she receives from you.
    Reggie looks wonderful, and are you sure Todd is real? He is just too cute. Those ears are just perfect as he is.

  9. We think Todd's ears grew! Glad the others are well.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  10. Another happy memory made with Rudi. I bet she enjoyed having you almost to herself all weekend!

    I'm glad you made it home in one piece! A flat tire AND a fall??? That's terrible! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt ~ a fall at a gas station is how I hurt my elbow which culminated in me almost dying!

    BE CAREFUL my Friend!!!


  11. Hey there Kim
    Glad you are home safe and good news about Reggie. Hoping for more days of grace for Rudi.
    You know, I think if I spent just ONE day in your household, I would learn a lifetime of lessons.
    ...Kim, Doggie-Angel extrodinaire!
    Sending lotsaluv

  12. We are very happy for the days of grace for Rudi. It's good she got to go on your trip with you and Chuckles.

    I'm not sure I've read about a dog lately that tugs at my heart strings quite like Reggie. We are SO thrilled she is getting healthy and continues to thrive at GP. What a tough life she had. I so admire the bravery and resiliency of dogs; their ability to just let it all go and live for the moment. Reggie is one of their official poster dogs, fur sure.

  13. Both Rudi and Charlie look as though they've had a whale of a time !

  14. You are back !!...nice...give Rudi a big hug from me....love Ria....xxx.

  15. That Rudi is something! Sorry to read about your fall. Reggie sounds like she is doing so well...thanks to your excellent care. We have had a break in the weather, hope the same has happened for you.

  16. Good morning Kim! I'm so glad you made it back safely from your trip. It sounds like you had a good time in spite of the mishaps. I'm glad you didn't break anything from your fall... I'll bet Rudi and Charlie liked getting away and it's good that they are well behaved and you can take them with you. I can't even take Gracie up the road to visit my daughter (she's so bad)... she barks and carries on like she owns the world and don't understand why other people are trespassing on her world. Ugh! Todd does not look for real. He is adorable!!! Glad everyone is doing ok!

  17. welcome home. Sorry to hear about the tire and the fall, yikes. I'm glad that you are ok.

    Even though Golden's are so easy to love ~ it takes a special person to do what you do. I love hearing about the love and care that you give to those babies.

    When Paul and I finally leave Baltimore we swear that we will have a house full of dogs ~ we already are at our limit with 3 in the city.

    Enjoy your visit with your brother.
    Have a fantastic day.
    How about a little boston terrier rescue ~ we'd be pulling our hair out. lol.

  18. So good to have you back! I'm so sorry to hear about your fall and flat. Glad you're Ok. I think about sweet Rudi so often. I'm glad she made the trip ok. As always, I just love all of the photos of the dogs.

  19. Fun! Well, except that the two "flats" ;-).

  20. Welcome home! I'm so glad that you are gettin this time with Rudi, and that Reggie is doing so well. There is pain in dealing with the old animals, but there is so much joy, too.

  21. Welcome home! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. :)

  22. Sounds like an adventure for sure. Glad you are OK and the dogs too!

  23. Oh wow... so glad you didn't hurt yourself badly.

    YAY, Rudi! You go girly!!


  24. So happy to hear you were not injured from fall...
    Sounds like a good trip, otherwise!
    I'm the pups are enjoying having company!

  25. That was a long trip with the pups! Glad Rudi did well on the trip. And you, my dear, are lucky with no more than bruises and skinned up parts of body. Whew!
    I'm thinking Todd could have his on blog ... he is just too darn cute!

  26. Kim,

    Glad your back and that your fall was not serious. We continue to pray for more days of Grace for Rudi

    Sheila & Bob

  27. Yep i am cheering all the way from Indiana! Hope it works!

    And i hope you have some cooler weather too!

    and i just wanted to let you know, i have a really bad accent! haha so no comericals for me!

    But Thanks!

  28. Hooray for Rudi and Reggie and I'm so glad that you were not badly hurt in your fall!

  29. Hi Kim, So very thankful that you didn't get seriously hurt in your fall and that the flat didn't cause an accident. It would appear all those left behind faired pretty well. I am thankful for your days of grace with Rudi as I am with those same days with Reggie. Sending lots of love to you today.
    Noreen & Reggie-dog

  30. Great news about Rudi, each day is an extra blessing and she looks so content, what a kindly soul. Todd looks such a character, I could eat him up :-) I hope you've recovered from your fall, that must have been a shock, take care, Di x

  31. goodness! the fall. hope you're not too sore in days to come.
    you know what... i think sweet rudi is going to pull through! she's a tuff lil girl. a survivor.
    the picture of her and charlie sitting up like two people on a car trip is priceless!
    and i think the only thing baby todd grew were bigger ears!!!
    love and hugs,
    tammy j

  32. So sorry about your misfortunes, Kim. I hate flats and I hate falling. Who doesn't, I guess?

    Awesome that the kids behaved so well on the trip. It would have been a much longer drive without them, I'm sure. :)

  33. Yay for Rudi!! And welcome home!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  34. Good news all round! Everyone safe and sound.

  35. Hoping for the best for Reggie!! That first photo just cracks me up! :-)

  36. I am cheering for more days of Grace for Rudi. And, I'm happy about Reggie.

    Welcome home! I think that mainly Todd's ears grew while you were gone :)

  37. Hi Kim
    Are you okay? Are your bruises healing? That is so scary to fall unepectedly. And more scary to be alone except for Charlie and Rudi.
    I know they were great company,but they cannot drive the car.
    Did you have a nice visit with your brothers?
    I am relieved to see you all made it home safe, and that Rudi could make the trip. I know Charlie was great company too.
    Its always good to go back home.. right?
    We send love

  38. Just love Todd's ears! LOL!

  39. Sorry to hear about your fall but glad that it wasn't serious.
    Yeash, looks like Todd's ear grew, by an inch :)

  40. Kim I am so sorry to hear about your fall! Thank goodness it wasn't any worse!
    Happy here on the news of Rudi and Reggie. You all continue to be in my prayers each and every day Kim! I have a good, positive feeling about your crew and I am sticking with that!
    A very happy day to you and yours Kim!
    Tina xo


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