Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Did I Miss Most?

All is quiet here at home.  Carl is finally back from his 10 day trip to Wisconsin to see family.  It's kind of hard to say which I missed more, him or my good camera that he took with him, having his help with the dogs, or the good camera (did I mention that already?)  All of them I guess!

The weather today could not have been more gorgeous!  There was low humidity and lots of sunshine!  I sat on the porch for awhile with the dogs and we enjoyed one another's company as the sound of cicadas filled the air, and the elusive hummingbirds which I've been trying to get a picture of buzzed around.  
Todd who hasn't spent much time on the front porch enjoyed it too. Being overprotective, I've been afraid that he would try to leap off, but so far, he hasn't...At least not yet.
Rudi has almost totally lost her appetite.  She wants nothing except dog-treats, which I give her by the hand-full. Tomorrow I'm going to try to remember to bring home a fast-food-hamburger.  Dogs always love them, right?  I left work early yesterday when our dog-walker called and said that she was laying in the crate and wouldn't come out.  When I got home, Rudi was up on her feet but was very quiet and seemed uncomfortable.  I've started her on pain medication which seems to have helped because this afternoon she found the enthusiasm to play frisbee.
Each day that we have together is a good day!  
I hope yours has been a good one as well!  
(Did I mention that it's so nice to have my good camera back, and oh, Carl too?!)


  1. Big hugs to you tonight Kim, I always love seeing your photos-you have such a good eye as well as good models. My heart is sad when I hear that Rudi isn't eating much and has little energy. Such a trooper Rudi has been. Hang in there my friend, so glad your man is home.
    Love Noreen & Reggi

  2. That's gotta be tough watchin Rudi lose her appetite and energy. I know you have her best interest in your heart. Cherish those days.

  3. Wow!! That Todd is really growing up!! I can't believe how big he's getting.

    I'm sure Rudi will love a fast food hamburger or cheeseburger - all of my crew loves them. Last night I let them share a little piece of steak and tonight they are looking for another one, but kibble will have to do. Does Rudy like chicken liver - sometimes I saute small pieces of chicken liver for my dogs in olive oil and then scramble eggs in them. You can't give them liver but one or two times a week but they all seem to love it.


  4. It is sounding like every day Rudi has a bit of energy is a gift. Hopefully you get a lot more good ones as well. Glad you got your camera back! Lovely butterfly!
    xo Catherine

  5. Love the porch time and the frisbee time...great day! :D

  6. Hugs to dear, sweet Rudi. All your dogs look so beautiful laying on your porch.

  7. Fantastic photos ! Bet Rudi will love the burger I know I miggy would heck she eats anything lol . Glad you have your camera back I dont know what I would do without my camera ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. So the camera's back? Thank goodness. Otherwise you might not have been able to get that butterfly picture and that would have been a shame.

    Enjoy Rudi. I know you are...


  9. Keep on keeping on, Rudi! We wuf vu!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  10. What a difficult and brave and loving thing you are doing, letting Rudi set her own pace with her last journey. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that I think I pulled the plug too soon for my first cat - I was afraid, and she and I had been through a lot with her illness. I so admire how you and Rudi are managing this together.

  11. Tell Rudi to keep on trying. Every day is a wonderful day at this time in life.

    As you know, we are near that point with Nala. Each day we have to ask if her joy is greater than her pain. So far the answer is yes, the joy wins. We hope you too get a lot more yes's.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  12. Glad you have your camera back, Kim! Oh yes, and Carl too! lol
    Rudi, you take it easy buddy....

  13. I'm so happy that you are giving Rudi her own pace, good days and bad.
    Just looking at your long porch and thinking there's never a need to sweep, with all the swishing of the dogs tails,it's like having your own robotic vacuum :)

    Good that Carl is home safely, oh and he brought your camera back :)


  14. It's great that the camera (and Carl) is home, that puppy is growing too fast to let many days go by without pictures!

    Get Rudi some french fries and maybe a Dunkin donut for dessert, after her burger. I'll bet she would like that.... maybe. God love, Ya, Girl!

  15. Mu dogs love spending time on the porch, too, but they don't settle down like yours. They race back and forth hoping to see a squirrel.

  16. I was looking out the window to the field across the road when I stopped to read your blog.

    The feeling of you sitting on your porch with the dogs and the sounds of nature was almost made visable.

    then I looked out my window again and watched a car stop across the street, a man get out and go to the side of the car and releive himslef. Oh gosh, I wish we were there on your porch.

    Berts My Vickie

  17. Oh Rudi Rudi Rudi .... sending good vibes sweetie!
    So Kim, are you glad you got your good camera back??? LOL!

  18. Carl and the camera....both home at the same time. How good is that. Keep giving Rudi those hamburgers if she'll eat them! She has quite a constitution... I sure love your porch with all those sweet pups on it.
    We had the same beautiful day here. Loved it.

  19. Hey Kim!

    I'm been remiss in not commenting! Lol! I've been in my own little world but still reading here and there...

    Sorry to hear about Rudi's appetite, but she still looks good. It seems like so long ago she received her diagnosis, and here she is, still chasing her frisbee. :)

    All the dogs look great and little Todd is just a riot! I love every picture of him.

    Glad you got your camera back! Wonderful butterfly picture. Take care and have a great weekend!


  20. Hubby... Oh, and the good camera safely back home, that's a good thing. Another day for Rudi, another good thing. Todd with all 4s still on the deck, a good thing. And... A beautiful butterfly, again a good thing.

  21. Sweet Kim
    Your words are so beautiful as you describe just everything,,,,
    I can hear the thankfullness in your heart- having Carl home,, your camera in your hands, a beautiful afternoon to sit with the dogs, and to watch Rudi play with the frisbee.
    One more day of grace. One more please. Yes ,, get the burger,, that will be perfect and maybe french fries too! Every day we wish Rudi peaceful feelings... and we wish them for you too, because it is not easy to let go.
    The photos of the dogs on the porch is so beautiful... but what caught my eye.... is of course...
    "the blue butterfly"
    I don't know if I told you or not,,, but we have been obsessed with the blue butterflys!
    We send all of you love

  22. The dogs on the porch, a picture of Todd's butt and another day with THAT's life at Golden Pines. Glad the weather was perfect and the big guy made it home. I was afraid he was going to forget the camera.

  23. ditto to KT's post. I was looking at that picture on all of the goldens on the porch, all doing their own thing and just thinking what a little piece of heaven it looks like.
    Rudi looks as though she still has bright, clear eyes. Good news that the pain medicine still gave her interest in playing frisbee. Here is to hoping that hamburger will make her feel better tomorrow.
    I am always so happy when I read each new post and see that Rudi still is having her days of grace. It is a gift for sure.

  24. Thanks for the comment you left on Ruby's blog. I can feel what you must be going through with Rudi. It's different with each dog's passing, and we learn something from each one, but this experience can never be described as easy. The hardest part for me is learning to let go of the physical. That beautiful, tangible golden presence that brings so much joy in the stroking and cuddling, playing and loving. Continue to fill your heart each moment with her presence and everything she brings to you. That is what remains when the physical is no more.

  25. Dogs always love fast food burgers . Old dogs love them the most . There comes a time for rule books to be shredded.

  26. Big huge hug for Rudi.......and for you too my darling take from

  27. Your dogs are wonderful. I'm enjoying reading and seeing photos of them...(from Williamthelurcher's mum).

  28. Oh Todd is such a character ! A young man surrounded by those gentle old Goldens.

  29. Ah,one of life's great joys-a porch full of dogs!I know you cherish every day with Rudi.

  30. Your love for your life is so evident..thanks for sharing the good and the bad with lead the way
    ..I love a summer porch sit too

  31. Give sweet Rudi a hug and a kiss from me. To spend her last days surrounded by love and caring is the greatest gift of all.

    Glad your camera's back (and Carl, too)

  32. I'm glad that you have Carl and your camera back and also that Rudi wanted to play frisbee! I always keep her in my toughts and prayers :o)

  33. The dogs look so content.

    Sad to hear that Rudi doesn't have much of an appetite, but glad she got some frisbee time in.

    You really do have a great eye for the photos.

    I wanted to ask, do you have a subscribe button. I just love reading your blog!

  34. Love your photos - glad Carl and the camera are back home. Hope Rudi is enjoying a hamburger - that should give the old pup a new appetite!! And Todd - what a cutie!! He just makes me smile :o) Take care and keep cool -
    Judie, Duncan & Hamish

  35. My personal fav. is the double burger with bacon.....yummmm

  36. Dear sweet Rudi, I hope the burger is yummy. I'm so glad (your camera) Carl is back - these are such beautiful photographs.


  37. hi kim..came by to check in on sweet, sweet rudi....teddy love the mcdonalds double cheeseburger...plain...cause they put onions on it and sauce....that's not good....

    i hope rudi is feeling better with the medication...and i love seeing all the gang on the deck..and that darling little todd...

    glad you got your camera back....and carl

    have a wonderful weekend, my friend
    kary and teddy

  38. hmmm fast food hamburger should do the trick i think?!

    the pup looks good!!
    Hope you have a great weekend

  39. Sounds like a perfect day. I'm glad to hear that Rudi was up playing frisbee today. Give her a kiss from us.
    - Anne

  40. i think if darling rudi can just make it thru the summer, she will make it much longer. it seems harder on them than the cold.
    you are an angel. i think we cannot tell you that enough.
    i don't know why but "behind" shots of todd make me laugh right out loud!
    love and a special hug to rudi,
    tammy j

  41. Yes, your good camera is back! And I lvoe the cute "backside" picture of Todd. Hugs to Miss Rudi...a gentle one.

  42. Well, it's Saturday afternoon and you and Rudi are on my mind..hope all is well.


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