Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Stay-Cation?

Our little getaway is being postponed.  This morning Todd decided that what looked like a fun play toy was a water jug.  He dragged it down the hallway and water got all over the house, which was not a problem.  What was a problem is that we were unable to find the cap that went onto it.  After turning our house upside down in its search, we could only conclude that Todd had swallowed it.  I took him to the emergency vet hospital where an x-ray was done.  Because it's plastic it didn't show up.  So we decided to give him Bariam to see if there was any kind of a blockage.  The first vet we saw told me to bring him back this evening to do the x-rays.  I left their office about an hour later and called my vets office.  I decided to take him there and have x-rays done at hourly intervals to see if the bariam was moving through his system.  By 12:30 it looked like everything had moved through normally.  I've brought him home and given him a little bit of food and water.  Thankfully he's keeping everything down and is acting just fine.  We're to keep an eye on him for the next couple of days and watch for him to have any signs of discomfort or vomiting.

Words can't begin to explain how terrible and how sick I feel about all of this. This water jug of distilled water had been sitting in our laundry room since June.  I never thought of it as a possible problem...That aside, I'm trying so hard to remain optimistic and praying so very fervently that 'it'll all come out in the end.'


  1. oh dear!!! i do hope the postponement of the trip and the extra vet appts. are all the discomfort you all get from this! how scary for the little crazy pup!

  2. Oh no! That little stinker. Prayers that everything turns out OK!

    Sorry about your getaway being delayed.

  3. That's a puppy for you, in to everything, and full of poking their noses into things an older dog would never dream of.....
    I surely hope that cap has made it's way under the coach or washer and dryer, I can see why you would postpone your trip !
    Let us know, as soon as it shows up !

  4. If there is something to get into, our cats and dogs will be sure to find it. It's promising, I think, that the bariam has moved through his system normally. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. Please don't blame yourself. Try as hard as we can, we cannot totally cat or dogproof our homes.

    Did you check down the registers?

  5. Ohhh, I hope it all comes out in the end and all is well with this little one! Amazing how they think..just like having a toddler around! ;D

  6. Don't worry Kim, I'm sure he'll be fine! Quinn swallowed a piece of string that had been around a piece of beef I was having for dinner when I first adopted her and I never saw it again and she's been fine for the two years since then! Pets are like kids, we would like to keep them in a bubble and protect them from everything, but unfortunately, we can't. It will be a funny tale to tell eventually, trust me. I now get a kick out of telling people how our first dog, Micha, once swallowed a pair of my underwear (she had a thing for underwear, particularly mine and my dad's) and my mom and I drove her around the neighborhood taking all the twists and turns we could for at least a half hour until she threw them up. Good thing that dog got carsick, otherwise it would have been quite expensive to get my underwear back. And no, we did not keep them. They went right into the garbage bin!!!

  7. that little rascal ... the things he will do to keep you home! Hope all goes well. Love your last line!

  8. Sorry for your loss (of the bottle cap). My two have eaten some strange stuff, and they are doing good. Jack was really fond of PVC and Jill ate wood, rats, paper plates, oh, you name it. More than likely, that lid, although bent and with teeth marks, is somewhere around the house.

    Try not to stress too much.


  9. Oh my Todd is bringing back all the 'excitement' having a pup brings.

    When Bobo was little he loved to eat bark off trees. Well one day he started kindof coughing and breathing just a little off. We took him to our vet who thought it was an allergic reaction she couldn't find anything in his throat (xrays inconclusive because he wouldn't be still) so off we went with a benedryl shot. He still wasn't 'right' in an hour or so so we took him to emergency.
    They sedated him and took xrays.
    A HUGE piece of bark was stuck in his throat! Now he's always told 'NO TREES BOBO!!!!! :-)

  10. I hope Todd will be fine. And you as well Kim. You must not beat yourself up over this. No one would think a gallon jug of water would be of interest to a dog. Well, no ONE, but maybe one DOG would. Enjoy the rest of your staycation.

  11. Kim,
    As we said on FB, we are praying for the little guy, but all indications you have received so far sounds good.
    It's the simplest of things that sometime gives us the most problems.

    Sheila & Bob

  12. Kim, I'm sure this is terrifying for you. We will be praying that everything comes out ok.

  13. It's so hard to watch them all the time and if your dogs are like mine they eat anything.

  14. Woof! Woof! Oh TODD ... Sending you Lots of Golden Thoughts ... You'll be alright especially if you can drag that jug of water. Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

  15. Jeepers!
    That little stinker Todd!
    Has it come out yet? I am hoping it comes out soon,, if its in there.
    Puppys are so unpredicatable!
    And mischievious!
    Little Todd is for sure.
    Its not your fault Kim...
    Keeping our paws crossed and sending prayers!

  16. Paws crossed as this too shall pass...

    It is amazing what they will suddenly find interesting even though it had been there for some time!

  17. My daughters' 10 month old husky swallowed a white cotton athletic sock. No chewing just swallowing. Called vet, vet said go into the bathroom with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Both you and the dog get into the bathtub. Pour as much hp down dogs throat and wait. It took about 3 seconds, we got the sock and his breakfast back. I guess you can't do that with hard plastic but that scene came to mind after reading about Todd. :)

  18. Oh, I'm so sorry! I hope that tomorrow morning you find that bottle cap in some place that you missed and can laugh about puppy antics!

  19. Could Todd have dropped the cap somewhere in the house...maybe not in that room???

  20. It is just amazing how puppies can turn the most benign things into dangerous things. I have a million stories just like yours.

    Our very first vet, a long time ago, would have us feed our dogs Wonderbread when they ate anything plastic that was sharp and small enough to move through (e.g., they once decided to "eat" a plastic water bowl, breaking it up and then eating the pieces). She said that the Wonderbread would form a ball around the plastic would prevent the plastic from hurting the inside of the GI tract. It doesn't sound appropriate in Todd's case but I thought that it might make you smile. It also might make you realize that puppies do this to *everyone*!

    I so hope that cap comes out the other end, and soon - so you can go on vacation!

  21. It will all come out in the end...ha ha ha, good to keep your sense of humor about this. Puppies...sheeezz, what can you do?

    I remember when Devo decided to dig through a bag of cement.Freaked me out.

  22. First of all ~ Todd looks SO grown up (and smug!) in that first picture! What a handsome lad he is growing into.

    I'm betting he chewed that cap up really good before swallowing any and he'll be no worse for the wear.

    I had a dalmatian swallow one of my wool mittens, many years ago. It passed without problems.

    I wish I could have seen Todd dragging that jug of water around!

    (I'm sorry ~ I'm not being ANY help...)

  23. Hope you find the cap--not in Todd. Pups will get into everything!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  24. Oh...I do so hope Todd didn't actually eat the top, and that you will find it had spun and then rolled under a chair or cupboard out of sight and out of reach!! Give Todd a hug from me.

  25. Our paws are crossed that the cap will come out in the end!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  26. Todd...Todd...Todd...what are we going to do with you?? Just keep you and love you.

  27. If it was in the laundry room, I imagine you've looked under the washer and dryer?
    Those caps are pretty small and thin, it could be anywhere - including the black hole that steals only one of a pair of socks.
    I do wish you well with this. Those caps are pretty flimsy. Praying all comes out well. ♥

  28. why, that stinker
    I hope all is well with that cutie of yours
    I would stay home too
    Our cat loves to play with you have a kitty...maybe she is the guilty party who ran off with it
    leaving poor toddy to get the works

  29. WHAT are we gonna do with that pup Todd??? BOL Oh the curiuos puppy stage!! Yep, hope it all comes out ok!!


  30. oh baby todd!
    you can't check everything as busy and stretched thin as you are! and like babies they're into everything.
    and now you'll need a vacation even more! oh dear kim...
    if it weren't for scaring you to death this would be a funny post. his fans and yours are praying he's fine. he will be! eating and drinking are always a good sign.
    tammy j

  31. Oh Todd, you big dork!! Hoping "all's well in the end". We once chewed up one of mom's razors that fell in the shower. Mom's first rottie, Max, chewed STEEL WOOL. He lived to be 12 - which is old for a rottie!! BEHAVE!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  32. Hi - we are a new follower!
    We will keep our paws crossed that everything ends up ok!


  34. Hi Kim, I'm so sorry about Todd's getting into the plastic jug and of course the vet bills etc but better safe than sorry. Once we had a dog that would actually eat part of the aluminum shake cans we had and it came out of him. I like KB's hint about wonder bread-I'll have to remember that. I am really disappointed for you though at not getting away-wish I could come spoil you!!! Have a restful evening. Sending lots of love.
    Noreen & Reggie dog

  35. Geese Todd, you gotta quit worrying your sweet mom. And I hope that you didn't swallow that lid cause I can tell you from personal experience, that the surgery you will have to go through is PAINFUL and no fun and you have to wear that stupid cone and you don't get to eat much for days.

    Dude, be careful what goes into your mouth.

    Love ya

  36. Oh Todd! You are such a stinker!! My Golden Grand dog Ginger used to eat some pretty crazy stuff and it all worked out just fine in the end... I'm praying for the same for you little Sweetie.
    Kim.. I just don't know how you stay sane.. You are a super hero, I do believe.

  37. I hope everything is as is should be Kim! Very scary!

    And a stay-cation is always nice!!

    xo Catherine

  38. i like the new set up of the blog!
    somehow easier to read left to right. or maybe just me!
    thinking of our sweet boy today and hoping he's okay.
    i hope you're taking the time off even if your trip gets delayed. you deserve a BREAK!!!
    tammy j

  39. .....and it most likely will come out in the end! Heeehehehe!

    Sorry your trip was cancelled. Prayin' that all's well that ends well.

    Enjoy your 'stay'cation sweetie.

    God bless and have a terrific weekend!!! :o)

  40. waiting...waiting...waiting. How's the pup? So worried.

  41. First, we're glad Todd seems none the worst for wear. It's easy to get out of practice baby-proofing the house, when you've been out of the baby business for several years. Hope you get to reschedule the llama trip while the leaves are at the peak of turning.

    Second, we wish Riley total success in her treatments and a loving forever home. We know she's grateful to have had even a short respite at Golden Haven/Heaven.

    Jed & Abby

  42. Oh Todd, you goober... Lila bit the end off her bottle this spring and swallowed it. I was a nervous wreck. Kids!