Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Color and Jasmine

Thank-you all for the get-well wishes this week!  It worked because despite a nagging cough, I feel much better and returned to work on Wednesday, ready to share air space with germa-phobic co-workers and dental patients. Carl did not get by unscathed and became the next victim of the virus.  He stayed home from work today.  Its a dismal, rainy day here in Virginia and while 'the patient' was napping, I ran a couple of errands, taking Charlie with me.

The fall colors on my road have suddenly started to pop.
They are also showing on this beautiful old maple tree
next to the church just down from us.  
Jasmine has settled in nicely!  She's a sweet little thing, and gets along very nicely with our gang.  I think she's feeling right at home because she has started barking with a couple of the other dogs who always tell me to 'hurry up' as I fix the meals for everyone.  She also lets us know when she wants to be let inside and out.  
~Jasmine and Bubba~
 Despite a week that hasn't been my best, I think its been a good week for the dogs. 
I hope its been a good one for you too!  


  1. Hi Kim and gang, So glad you are on the road to recovery! Poor Carl, you know just what to do to help him get better-chicken soup. My girlfriend has a cold/cough virus that has lasted a week and a half. Love hearing that Jasmine is fitting in well.
    Sending love your way.
    Noreen & Reggie

  2. Glad to hear Jasmine`s settling in well-she looks like a real sweetie !good to hear you`re feeling better too -take care x

  3. I am glad you feel better...I always love seeing pictures of the dogs, there is no greater beauty than a Golden! ;D

  4. So glad you are feeling better. Wow I am so jealous of the changing colors..we don't experience that here in Texas :)
    Im so glad to hear that Jasmine is settling in and I love that picture with her and Bubba

  5. Good news that you are feeling better Kim, and fingers crossed that Carl doesn't come down with the same thing...
    It's really looking colorful around your parts, so very pretty.
    Jasmine seems to be right at home, she looks like a sweet girl, and is in the very BEST of homes.

  6. Glad you are back in the swing of things.

    Jasmine looks very bright and happy with her world.

    Enjoy the fall color.

  7. The colors look boo-tiful!! Jasmine looks happy and it has been a good week fur us too!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better.
    Hope Carl gets well soon!

    Thanks for all the lovely pictures. Have a wonderful weekend. ♥

  9. Glad that you are feeling better, I hope you are taking just as good care of Carl as he did you!

    Lovely colors up there, is more bug eaten and dried up leaves, down here.

    Bless Jasmine, nothing better than a dog that lets you know when they want in and out, and you don't need to ask all the time.

    I'm sure Charlie loved his ride, hope you got him a MickeyD!

  10. Glad to hear your feeling better and Jasmine has settled in well. Hope Carl gets better soon as well. Lovely photos, the colours here have poped big time some trees are already bare. Have a wonderful eve.

  11. I'm sure the dogs would rather have you home sick than at work healty. Glad you are better and especially glad Jasmine is fitting in.

  12. There are a lot of sore throats going around here in NE Oklahoma but I think it's allergy related. Glad you are feeling better. Our trees haven't turned as much as the trees in your neck of the woods. Another week or so and we will start seeing the difference.

  13. So glad to hear Jasmine is fitting right in! Looks like she has a crush on Bubba! Where's his sidekick?
    Glad you are feeling better....never fun...

  14. glad you're feeling better! (sorry, carl!) loved the colors and the pups!!!

  15. Hi Kim.. Glad you're feeling better. I missed your last post for some reason, so didn't even know you were sick. I love these fall photos. The colors are beautiful this year, aren't they? We've had a lot of rain here for the past few days as well.
    So when you go to run an errand, how do you decide who will accompany you? Do you just say, 'hey charlie, ya wanna go?' and do the rest get upset if you don't take them along? I notice that you seem to take each of theml out at different times. Do you have a system? Or is it just eenie, meenie, minie moe?
    Awe Charlie!! Please hug him for me, Kim!

  16. Thanks for sharing your fall colors. We don't have any this year. All our foliage is brown and crispy from our hot dry summer.

  17. The fall colors are delightful! We're still waiting on 'em down here in Mississippi. Glad Jasmine is fitting in well and that you are feeling better.

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  18. Glad you are feeling better, Kim. Jasmine looks like a sweetie. I looked at a Senior Lab on Sunday at the pet expo, but hubby has threatened to leave if I bring another dog home. LOL

  19. Hi Kim
    Your autumn is turning colors of "splendorious"! Thank you for sharing.
    Ohhh were happy Jamine is fitting in,, she is feeling the love now.
    So glad your on the road to recovery,, but now poor Carl. We hate colds!
    Bubba and Jasmine are so cute together.. and beautiful Sheeba.. she looks like such a love
    Still wish we could bring you some chicken soup

  20. Great picture of Jasmine and Bubba. He is a big, red, regal looking boy - like Easton. Hope he finds just the right meds for his seizures. That must be very upsetting to watch him lose control. Poor guy.

  21. The trees are so colorful here in Iowa.. Time for a drive to see all the trees blazing with color.
    Sorry you have been sick.. It's not nice..
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  22. First, I should tell you how much I love and treasure you! Next, I must apologize for my weaknesses... I care a great deal about my legacy... I hope it shows.

    Just saying.

  23. I am glad you are okee now....great autumn colors!! enjoy a happy

  24. sorry to hear you were not feeling too good, but happy to know tha you are on the mend. Seems to be the time of year for "bugs" everywhere, everyone has something. I hope I can steer clear of the germs for a while longer. Autumn is looking real pretty in VA right now. Our trees are just barely starting to show color and won't be at the peek for another week or so. Much rain of late, but sunshine today, so I am grateful for that. Have a great weekend. hugs, Debby

  25. I'm in love w/ Jasmine's sweet expression...
    Happy Fall Weekend, my friend! :)

  26. My son is still coughing from a cold 2 weeks ago. It does seem to hang on. Looks like you are getting some very pretty colors there!

    Happy Weekend Kim!
    xo Catherine

  27. I'm glad that you're feeling better although I'm sorry about Carl. We did a similar routine here a couple of weeks ago, first my husband and then me.

    I'm also glad that Jasmine is fitting in nicely. She's a lucky dog to have ended up in your house!

  28. Your Fall colors are so beautiful! Ours are just past peak and already I miss them. Fall is kind of like my favorite flower (lilac) ~ it just doesn't last long enough!

    OMG ~ Jasmine is the CUTEST thing!!! Kind of like a 'miniature golden retriever'!

    I hope you and Carl are both feeling well enough to have a wonderful weekend!

  29. am i the only one?
    one of my favorite autumn smells is damp doggy fur! i love the pictures today... tiny little jasmine and giant bubba! and the glimpse of charlie enjoying his ride as top dog! and the scenery. wow! rain with autumn color. perfect.
    i love you kim and your whole crew.
    so glad you're feeling better and wishing carl a speedy recovery too.
    tammy j

  30. I'm so glad that Jasmine is settling in well and that you're feeling better! My week as been better than last week, so that's good!

  31. Glad you're feeling better. It's raining here, too....just a gentle rain for us; but enough to skip walks this morning.

    Enjoy those fall colours, they'll be gone soon enough.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  32. Hi Kim,

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better - hope this weekend helps both you and Carl recover.

  33. Hope you are feeling much better. Loved reading your posts and catching up on the news. Your new roommates are dear. Love the autumn colors.

  34. Glad to see Jasmine settling in, Kim.
    The colours are beautiful!


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