Sunday, October 16, 2011

Feeling Better

THANK YOU all for the good thoughts for Bubba!!  It worked because we were able to get the Potassium Bromide yesterday and started him on it.  A few of you commented about the use of Phenobarbital instead. For more than a year, Bubba has taken Rimadyl twice daily for arthritis.  Like phenobarbital it can damage the liver and the vet felt that his taking the two medications may not be the best combination.

It has been a quiet weekend for Bubba and thankfully there have been no more seizures. Although he is still pretty unsteady and needs help to get to his feet, today he seems a little more stable and was able to eat his morning meal standing up. Progress!

I can tell that Toby is concerned about Bubba, because he has been staying nearby.  What a devoted companion he is.
On the flip-side the weather even though it has been windy, has been just gorgeous here this weekend.  Despite feeling pretty worn out,  I took Sheba and CarrieAnne for a walk up into the field in back of us.  I never get tired of the view at the top of the hill.
Of course it's totally wasted on the 'the girls' who just love
the chance for adventure and to explore.    
I felt better afterwards. 
Going on a walk, either with your dogs or alone 
has a way of doing that, doesn't it?  
If you were at home or away, I hope you enjoyed your weekend too!


  1. Glad Bubba had a better day!!! Toby is such a friend to him, gotta love that closeness.

    Looks like the girls had a good walk - you too. It is a beautiful day. We have 86 right now, so it's a bit on the warm side, but as soon as the sun sets, it will cool off.

    It still looks really pretty there!

  2. glad to hear Bubba is feeling a little better.....


  3. Hello Kim
    Have to agree with you on the powers of walking and the great outdoors. I can vouch for its healing feelings.
    You are certainly doing good things where the health of your brood is concerned - I take my hat off to you for that.
    Keep well and enjoy that view as often as you can
    ps Thanks for dropping in the other day - it was lovely to see you again

  4. WooHoo for Bubba! May the healing continue. How sweet that Todd is right by his side.

    Glad you and the girls got out and about today. What a lovely place to walk!

  5. That's great news for Bubba! We will make sure to keep sending some positive vibes his way!


  6. hurray for help and improvement for bubba!!! loved your walking companions!!! :)

  7. So glad Bubba got his meds and that you and the girls had a beautiful autumn walk!!

  8. Glad Bubba had a better day, hope the medicine helps him . Lovely photos. Have a wonderful eve.

  9. So glad to hear the good news. And yes, no matter how bad I may feel, getting outside with dogs will almost always make me feel better. Your photographs are beautiful.

    Our dogs never notice the grand views around them either. If it's not on the ground, it's all invisible to them

  10. Taking a walk in that beautiful countryside would lift my spirits too.

  11. If you're worried about his liver, try giving him milk thistle. It helps cleanse the liver of the toxins and a lot of people swear by it. It's sold in health food stores and it's safe for dogs.

  12. WE recommend the milk thistle too. So glad things are looking up and oh man we can see why taking a walk in your area would clear your mind and soften your heart.



  13. Hi Kim and all the doggies, I'm finally back in the blogging business. I have a lot to catch up on and yours is one of the first blogs I just had to visit. I hope all the dogs have been well and I can't wait to read more about the new addition to your pack. Too bad about Bubba, I hope he continues to get better.

  14. Poor Bubba....and what a sweet Toby to stay nearby. Animals are truly amazing. And yes, walking with the dogs makes me feel much better too. :)

  15. I'm glad to hear Bubba is feeling better!

    I love just walking with the dogs enjoying the beauty that surrounds us.

  16. Glad Bubba is feeling better. Love the photos of the area around your home, just beautiful, and when you add the furry ones they are even better,

    Sheila & Bob

  17. Hi Kim
    We are also so glad that Bubba is feeling better. Now he will have a chance to recoop and get better.
    Sweet Toby,, what a friend he is!
    Your beautiful day looked perfect. What a gorgeous view from the top of the hill. It is post card perfect and I can imagine how the air must smell.
    Loved the photos of the Carrie Ann and Sheba running,, free as the wind! They were feeling soooo good.
    We hope you and Carl are better too

  18. Yeah Bubba is felling better. How wonderful~!
    Nice pictures..
    Have a Tiggeriffic day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  19. Happy to hear about Bubba...hope the seizures are at bay now.

    Walks always make you feel better and that's such a beautiful area for a walk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  20. I am SO happy to hear that Bubba had a seizure-free weekend! I hope that means you were able to get a little sleep!

    How are you and Carl feeling? There's nothing like a walk in the fresh air and sunshine to cure what ails you!

  21. Glad you are all doing better. A good walk can really clear your head.

  22. You have such a beautiful place to walk. How refreshing and peaceful! Love that picture of Sheba!

  23. Feeling better . Two of the most comforting words in the English language .

  24. I hope this week will be better for Bubba and you can get some rest. You are like a parent with children when something is not "normal" in the house. I love the animal sense they have and have concern for the other. Love your fall color and an outdoor walk does refresh us.

  25. I'm so glad that Bubba is feeling better! Maybe he will be well enough for a walk up the hill soon? I'm sure he would love the view too, it's simply stunning!

    You're lucky you had nice weather in your neck of the woods, as it was pretty lousy here in Montreal. Windy, rainy and cool, although we did get a few peeks from them sun.

  26. what angus said. he always says it so perfectly.
    i feel a sense of calm and beauty and refreshment simply looking at your pictures dear lady!
    and must go now to investigate milk thistle. i take meds for the heart, with liver damaging side effects, so will definitely check into that! thanks houndstooth and bertsblog!
    love and healing hugs to you and all your crew,
    tammy j

  27. I am so glad Bubba is feeling better Kim! Bless his magnificent heart, you are in my prayers buddy!
    What a lovely place to walk, wow, that country lane would certainly get me moving. No wonder the pups love it!
    I will be holding you all in my thoughts today, God bless your home and all who dwell within it!
    Tina xo

  28. HI dear Kim, I missed your last post because I'm away but so sorry to hear about Bubba. Glad you've made a decision on how to treat him. You mentioned walking and oh my, how being with animals and in nature does that to me. I hope you are having a great Monday.
    Hugs and love,
    Noreen & Reggie(I've got to call the kennel now and see how he is doing).

  29. Hi Kim and Gang *waves* :-) So pleased to hear Bubba seems to be okay now. We agree there is nothing like a good walk for blowing the cobwebs away - what a fantastic view from the hill there, we would never tire of that either. Hope you all have a peaceful and stress free week and that Todd is being a naughty pupster...well that's what pupsters do isn't it?? Hee hee xxx

  30. We are glad Bubba is feeling better. What a great place you have to explore. Such beauty. So amazing!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  31. So glad to hear he is feeling better

    Swing on by for a visit some time!

  32. Im glad that he is feeling better and you got the medicine compounded. I know that at some point we will have to mover to pot brom and I had no idea it needed to be compounded.

    Taking a deep breath and walking to clear your head sometimes is just the perfect fix. Im glad to hear things for the weekend settled down.

  33. Gorgeous fall weather always makes everyone feel tops!

  34. Glad Bubba is feeling better...a Bubba hug is being sent.

  35. Great news! The weather here sounds the same as yours! Yes, after a walk one feels so much better.

  36. Hope things improve for Bubba now -- so glad he has a guardian in Toby. :) Glad you are feeling better too!

  37. Just saw your posts tonight! So sorry about Bubba..and hope he is doing lots better. We had to use phenobarb, potass. bromide and in the end neurontin for our poor Winnie and lost her at 8 to kidney failure! So hope you don't have to use more than one drug to help! It is exhausting! He is so lucky to be w/you! Give him hugs for me! :) Robin

  38. I'm so happy that Bubba didn't have more seizures over the weekend. My fingers are crossed that he finds his equilibrium again as he starts the new medication.

    It does look gorgeous there! You're right - a walk with the dogs almost always makes us dog-people happy!

  39. So worrying...these old doggies. I am so glad that there has been an improvement.
    I too think that such a beautiful environment can only add to the healing process.
    Sending lotsaluv to all of you and also to Todd.

  40. Hi Kim, just popped back to ask if I can use your photo of Todd (from your post of the 1st October) for one of my paintings. I'm looking to do a little step-by-step sketch of him and putting it on my blog....if okay with you I'll mention and link to your Blog.....regards, ann.

  41. Hooray for Bubba feeling better!!

    And isn't it amazing how much going for a good long walk can lift your spirits! Wonderful!

    xo Catherine

  42. Sure glad to hear that Bubba is feeling better. Great picture of the boys eating side-by-side.

    Sending extra hugs,
    Nadine & golden Neeli

  43. Hang in there BUBBA, we're barking for U.

  44. Glad to hear Bubba is on an up-swing.
    I agree, walking has the power of working wonders.

  45. Oh, yes. I can understand not wanting to overdo it with strong meds! I would certainly look at PhenoBarb as a last resort, especially with the arthritis medicine. Have you heard anything about Milk Thistle to help support the liver? I'm so glad he had a better few days! Paws are crossed here that the medicine kicks in FAST!

  46. Glad to read that Bubba's meds are helping him. xxx

  47. Hi Kim. I was going crazy trying to get on blogger (it was acting up for me) for a few days.. and I knew one of the dogs were not doing well because you mentioned it on your facebook but I didn't know which one. Poor sweet Bubba. I hope things are looking up for him.
    So when you all go for walks, is it hard to keep them all from running off... or do they pretty much listen when you call? It's great that you can just let them go on their own like that.. I wish Gracie would obey my voice.. huh! fat chance..
    I hope you're having a good week, Kim.


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