Thursday, October 20, 2011

Todd's New Friend and a Favorite Place

A busy, hectic and stress filled week.  So today while I'm trying to get caught up on everything, including blog-visits, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite pictures from Todd's day-care with you.  Posted daily on 'Belly Rubs' Facebook page are candid shots from the day.  The ones below are from Wednesday.  It was the first day for a Rottweiler puppy named Mattie.  There's just something about their expressions as she approaches Todd and the group.
Judging by all the pictures that were posted, Mattie's first day at camp went well and she had a good time with her new friends!  
Todd's favorite place at the day care is under this block, 
and on top of it.    
Finally, thank-you again for the continued good thoughts for Bubba.  He's had no more seizures but I was really feeling pretty discouraged earlier in the week because for some reason he was refusing to stand up on his own.  But yesterday he was up and about and today he is as well.  I think he's going to be just fine, don't you think?!


  1. Looks like a blast at daycare, that puppy is sooo cute!!

    We are still keeping our paws crossed for Bubba!! Hugs to all of yall.

  2. Looks like Todd is enjoying his new day care.
    That last photo of Bubba is precious, he is loved and cared for and he will be fine.

    Sheila & Bob

  3. Fun pictures from daycare but Bubba just melted my heart. :)

  4. that's neat you can see photos from the doggy day care.

    As long as the medication continues to work, he should be alright.

    Ds is on siezure medication and I am touching wood at this point, he has been fine.

    Gill in Canada

  5. So sweet Todd with all the other dogs...and sweet sweet prayers are for him from

  6. Brilliant photos of Todd with his Daycare friends!

    Bubba looks so cute with his little tongue sticking out, I wonder what he's dreaming of.


  7. I love those day care shots and bet those folks have fun watching all the play!

  8. Looks like those pups are plotting something in the first picture!

    Good news about Bubba.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. Sweet Bubba and his pink tongue. Love it when pups sleep like that. :-))

  10. I think that Bubba is a smart pup and he knows when to lay down and take a break. He looks so peaceful and happy in the photo, he even made me start to yawn!
    That daycare looks like so much fun for the puppies and Todd looks like an angel, what a face!
    Take care and follow Bubba's lead and relax....:)
    You guys are in my prayers always!
    Tina xo

  11. Love the picture of Bubba with his tongue peeking out. :-) Glad he's doing better.

    ...and Todd looks happy wth his day-care buds!

  12. Glad to hear your weekend is going to end on a better note. ♥

  13. We are so happy to hear Bubba is doing better! Yeah!

    Todd had a great daycare. He and his friends look very happy there. Perhaps I will look into that a couple days a week for Ryker.

  14. Happy to read that Bubba is doing much better !
    I'm smiling at all the expressions on those dogs faces, what fun they have at the doggie daycare :)

  15. glad bubba is doing better and getting stronger! i hope it continues!!!

    and todd and his daycare pals are so cute!!! i'd have to sit and watch their webcam all day!

  16. Hi Kim and Co :-) Great news that Bubba is up and about again, we were wondering how things were going. Fabulous to see photo's of our hero Todd, we would aim for the spot under the blocks too, great place to keep your eye on everyone from ;-) Have a great weekend xxx

  17. Go Bubba. That day care is very smart to post those adorable photos. Best PR they could have.

  18. I love the photo with the Rottie looking at Todd as if to say, "How'd he get under there?" Bubba looks like he has the very best rug in the world for a good nap. So glad he's doing better:-)

  19. I love the daycare's idea of putting photos of the dogs on their Facebook page!

    As for Bubba, he certainly looks like he doesn't have a care in the world :o)

  20. If love has anything to do with it Kim...he's going to be just fine.

  21. Isn't daycare a fun place?

    Stop on by for a visit

  22. Todd found a great little hidey-hole! And you can use the top for a bed or playing King of the Mountain! Glad Bubba is beginning to perk up. Have a great weekend.

  23. I hope Bubba will continue to get better. Having been w/o a computer when Todd first arrived, I'm enjoying watching him and I'm so glad you decided to get a puppy for balance in your pack and for balance in your heart that has to get sad so often. Looking at our two old dogs, I'm so happy to have Samson for that unbridled young dog joy that he brings.

  24. We LOVE the daycare pictures. I think that block looks like a wonderful hiding place!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  25. Daycare looks like a blast, love the pics! Love the pic of Bubba, glad he is feeling better and hope it continues.

    Miley and Maggie

  26. In the first picture it looks like Todd's two golden friends are saying 'don't mess with our baby now!'

    In the last in looks like Bubba is blowing raspberries at the naysayers! You can't keep a good Bubbadoo down...

    Bobo and Meja

  27. Hi Kim. Bubba looks so peaceful. So precious!
    Now that dog beside Todd that is looking at him seems to look up to him, even though he looks down at him. Something tells me Todd is well respected by the others...
    Oh, I love his little 'hiding' place. Todd- can you get any darn cuter?? I doubt it!

  28. I love the day care photos. I agree that there's something special about that first photo and the looks on the dogs' faces. Todd is funny with the blocks!

    I am glad to hear that Bubba is doing better. I hope that he's turned the corner and those seizures are behind him.

  29. I'm so happy to hear Bubba has turned a corner and is back on his feet - that's great news!

    Our Frankie went to day care every week day when we were still working, and I am sorry to say he sometimes ended up in the "penalty box" for door dashing. But most days day care was his favourite place to be - I think he thought it was his job!

  30. Hi Kim
    Its good news to hear that Bubba is feeling better.
    And I hope you take some time to relax in this good moments.
    Those photos of day care made us giggle. Little Todd is too funny under that block! All his friends are so sweet looking, and that puppy is cute!

  31. Sooo glad that Todd is doing OK! He looks so cute at daycare!

    Also glad to hear about Bubba! Sending lotsa woofs & hugs! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  32. Glad Bubba is feeling better. I'm also glad you found a daycare you are comfortable with.

  33. What I know is that we have become too wrapped up in our own problems and have not kept up the bargain of good friendship!

    Please forgive us!

    Todd seems to be getting the hang of things, and we loe that Bubba is feeling so much better.

    Don't ever think we don't love you with all our hearts, because we do!

    with love from the Bleu

  34. Have been following all your posts,sorry I havn't commented for ages! Wish we had doggie daycare over here,looks like they are all having a ball.Hope Bubba goes from strengh to strength,he looks very contented there.Have a happy weekend. :0)

  35. Todd is definitely sociable ! Strength for Bubba .

  36. Poor Bubba. Happy to hear he had a better day. I am hoping and praying he will be fine. Todd is such a character - he cracks me up!

  37. I will definitely have to check out the day care site on FB -- so cute!

    And I'm glad Bubba is doing better. Perhaps he just needs to recuperate from each seizure? I hope he doesn't have any more. xoxo

  38. Gosh, too many blogs and not enough hours! I've missed so much going on in your world, but these pics are just adorable! Todd is such a cutie! So sorry to read about Bubba. Hope the new med is working wonders for him. Such a beautiful time of year in your area. Hope you get to go for more soul-cleansing walks with the pups!


    The Road Dogs' Mom

  39. Love the daycare pictures. Hang in there Bubba. Let the medicine help, be cool and get strong. We are rooting for you.

  40. Golden's are super resilient! We think Bubba will be just fine!


  41. Continue sending good thoughts Bubba's way. Looks like Todd has a lot of friends.

    Nadine & golden Neeli
    Angel doggie Apples 12/6/94 - 10/21/10

  42. Todd really looks like he is enjoying the Day Care, especially when he can relax and have a snooze. Love to Bubba who sounds to be adjusting to the medication.

    I thought I was a Follower on this blog, but discover it was only William!...have now corrected that one :) and welcome to my blog. cheers.

  43. Yea, Bubba! Looks like his chemistry is getting balanced. We're happy to see he's doing so much better and has had no more seizures. Paws continued to be crossed for him!

    Are those some of your Goldens at day care with Todd, or are they just Golden friends? Very cute rottie! Looks like Todd has lots of opportunities to run off his energy at daycare.

    Jed & Abby

  44. Kim, I have to admit I've been blog stalking you every other week or so since my mom (of Rocky Creek Scottie fame) linked that picture of Todd escaping from his pen. I really enjoy your posts and pictures, and especially love these with the little rott. 2 of my favorite breeds; rotties and scotties. It's not often you see the two together.

    In any event.. hi! I'm Kat =]

  45. Looks like Todd is the KING of his castle! Looks very comfortable there too for him.
    Good to see Bubba look relaxed!

  46. oh my sweet bear, bubba. rest well my boy. you have lots and lots of good times yet. you have the best person in the world to live with.
    and todd... you little dude...
    the daycare pictures are priceless.
    he is so small, even beside the other puppy! he's truly a star.
    i don't know why, but i think my favorite shots of him are when he's asleep... well, no i like the ones where he's into something... no i like the ones where he's with another buddy... no wait i like...
    well... you get the picture!
    (no pun intended.)
    tammy j


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