Sunday, October 23, 2011

Resilience and Perseverance.

With the exception of the clouds that kept us from viewing the Orionid Meteors on Saturday morning, the day was a perfect one at home!  The clouds finally cleared in late afternoon and we caught up on things around the house. We even had this little visitor stop by several times, reminding me that I need to get the feeders filled.
This morning started out well too.  We had our first frost and took a walk at the start of a gorgeous fall day.
Funny how quickly things can change.  Getting breakfast ready for the dogs, there was a fight between Sheba and Jasmine.  Thankfully all Jasmine has is a bloody-nose and a sore ear.  Both dogs quickly forgot about their disagreement and as I write this they are sleeping nearby to one another.  
Riley was also 'complaining' this morning, but we managed to get her to settle down.  But then CarrieAnne got after Todd for something that I've no idea about.  Even though he was yelping and whining and there wasn't a mark on him, I still felt bad for him.  But things are quickly forgotten in 'puppy-dom,' and let's not forget that he's a Scottie after all.
I noticed this morning that the butterfly bush that was cut down to the ground in August because the stink-bugs totally consumed it, is blooming again.  I think the theme for my day is going to have to be 'resilience and perseverance.'


  1. i hate scraps between siblings! but when you have more than 3 dogs, i think it's inevitable...

  2. I hope they all settle down for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully, doggy friends rarely hold grudges.


  3. It sounds like a stressful morning! We love your new header - how peaceful!


  4. Hey Kim,

    Nice header! I like it!

    I hope Jasmine's nose is better. Ouch!


  5. First, I do love that new header of yours! Wonderful!

    Poor Jasmine. Mad me sad to see her poor little nose.

    Todd is just getting cuter everyday.

    Kim, I'm hoping you find some peaceful moments today.

  6. what a stressful way to start the day

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. In the dog family tempers can flare, but they disappear just as quickly. Hope everyone calms down now.

  8. Resilience and perseverance. Two great words !

  9. Hope everyone is settled down now.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  10. If only we people could forget our disagreements as quickly! As always, we have important lessons to learn from our dogs...

  11. Yikes, sounds like quite a roller-coaster day! Hopefully your pooches will get along better tomorrow. Some days we just have to wonder what gets into our pets.

  12. Oh for a peaceful day!...but I guess without the hiccups we wouldn't appreciate the good ones.

  13. Oh no! Did you put some Neosporine on it? Poor boo boo nose. Dogs always seem to work things out though in their pecking order so to speak.

  14. Perhaps the Earth's trip through the tail of Haley's comet is effecting the dogs and making them a bit more aggressive?

    They sure do keep you on your toes, don't they?!

  15. Whenever I am away from blogging for a while, yours is one of the first blogs I go to catch up on. I see that life goes on in the Golden Pines household, with a few downs, and many ups.

    I hope that Jasmine's nose heals quickly (she is adorable, by the way, and I'm glad that you have her.) It's encouraging news about Riley. Even if her fix isn't 100%, she is going to be so happy that she can run and play now. I hope that Bubba's meds are continuing to work and that you are feeling totally recovered from your illness. Give Todd a hug and a pet from me, will you?

    I drove through quite a bit of Virginia this past week, along the Western border on I-81. What a wonderfully beautiful state it is. Your pictures show its splendor well.

  16. Maybe they all need to watch a good video together. Something about dogs who live in peace and don't fight.

  17. Hi Kim. We hope all is at peace now.
    Hope Jasmine's nose is better.

  18. Love the new look of your blog! Wow, really pretty. Ouch, the sore snout looks like it hurts, but glad that everyone has settled down and found that they are best buddies after all. Reminds me much of my siblings and I growing up. I was the youngest and had to find my place! A good thing I turned out to be the tallest one of them all, they soon left me be. :-)

    Sorry that cloud cover put a kink in the meteor shower viewing. Over here in Europe on Oct. 8th we were blessed with some clear weather and got to see the Draconid meteor shower, was really spectacular, even if the brightness of the moon made many nearly invisible. I was happy with the ones we got to see!

    hope you are having a good sunday.

  19. Sometimes it has to get a little physical when someone forgets his/her place in the pack. Little Todd may be a diva (or the male equivalent) like our Lucy. Overly dramatic.

  20. It's one of those days...but glad all are unharmed, and settling down. Yikes! One of those days you are glad to be close by and keeping a close eye on everyone!
    We're having a mellow and warm Sunday here...

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  21. Just one of those days... ughh! Poor Jasmine, glad to hear that they made up! : )
    What a pretty little visitor.
    Hope that you have a great new week.

  22. Very interesting header, looks like one of those hidden object pictures.

    Ouch! Poor Jasmine!

    Has become gray and damp, nice nap weather.

    Flowers - no stink bugs, now?

  23. Some days are like that! You've chosen a good theme.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  24. Poor Jasmine, but at least no permanent damage done. We have had them here too, these dog fights among best of friends. Jasmine is adorable. Is she a new arrival, I don't remember her?

  25. Oh no - poor Jasmine!
    We had no idea that stink bugs ate plants. We only see them inside our house and we can't stand them!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  26. Happy Sunday Kim and gang, We are now back home and getting caught up. You certainly handle dog-scuffles well, I'd probably be so upset by the cuts. Reggie did really well at the kennel and seems to be happy at home. Sending love your way.
    Noreen & Reggie

  27. Your home sounds like ours! The pups and kitties are just like children and make us feel like parents most days! But, I wouldn't trade it for anything!
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing your kids with all of us :)
    xo, misha

  28. I guess it goes with the territory with the dogs having an off day.....

    Gill in Canada

  29. Oh, children and their disagreements! Glad all is well. Love your new banner. Been working on a new one myself the last several days.

  30. Sounds like a stressful morning, hope things got better!

  31. I would like to give the lovely Jasmine's nose... a sweet lick.

    with love from the Bleu

  32. My Bandit does that to Hunter sometimes.I`m always amazed at how Hunter never holds a grudge,he continues hours later of lying side by side with Bandit or trotting shoulder to shoulder with him on our walks.
    Your puppy keeps getting cuter & cuter.phyllis

  33. Wow, I love those pictures of yours Woof!

    It's all About Pet Fences | Dog Fence

  34. Hi Kim
    Jack Frost will visit us next,, (we heard it on the news).
    We also have a butterfly bush that is blooming again, and Delphiniums!
    Your new header is beautiful! You are an awsome photographer. And the photo of the bird,, gosh it could never be more beautiful. The Phoebee right?
    We are hoping that after todays "squabbles" with the dogs,, everything is peaceful at Golden Pines, and we hope all the boo boo's heal fast,
    nitey nite

  35. Your weekend sounds like mine. Two of my girls had a short fight today and later they were playing.

  36. Your first photo made me smile. Outside my kitchen window this morning (on our white timber handrails just like yours) was a waxeye (a small NZ native bird) that reminded me to fill my bird feeder. I filled it (for the first time in a while) and then saw your blog post. We've done the same thing on opposite sides of the world!

    I hope Jasmine recovers quickly. Resiliance and perserverance are good traits to have.

  37. I too hope that Jasmine's nose heals soon. Scraps aren't nice, but with so many dogs, you are are right - they are inevitable.
    Hope you have a wonderful day, Kim.
    I like your new header, but please don't lose the other one - would love to see it again sometime. :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  38. I think anytime you have more than one dog you can have little fights. Lord knows Fred and Hay have them... nothing ever too serious but they scare me :) im a wimp.

    Im glad everyone ended up ok

    Ahhh your pictures are so serene, I cant wait for cool weather.
    We were in shorts and sweating in 90 degree weather yesterday :)

  39. Dear Kim,
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Fall images. I'm really pleased that in spite of the bloody nose nothing serious happened.
    Thank you for your always kind and supportive words.
    Love from your friend in Greece

  40. I also noticed and love your new header photo.

    Glad there were no serious injuries. I never like to see blood drawn. We have noisy skirmishes with the dog and cats but its is all bravado.

    Glad you enjoyed the shots from Hilltop in Anchorage. I just love the fall colors and crisp clean air this time of year.

  41. Ah there is something in the air! Everyone I know is having a hard time right now or feeling cranky and it must be affecting the fur friends too! Change of seasons? Colder weather? Poor puppies, like us they are slaves to their passions.
    Have a good week Kim!
    Tina xo

  42. I love your header photo and the new look of your blog. I hope the dogs get settled down and will get along well together. I hate to see siblings have disagreements. I love your butterfly bush. It is real pretty.

  43. Oh those 'kids' will spat won't they? That is one fantastic bird pic. It's so windy here today the birds are flyin' backwards!!! Heeehehehe!!!

    I'm in awe of your bloomin' butterfly bush. We drove in from Brownsville Tx and my acre of flower gardens are toast. It was 27 degrees that mornin'. It was a sad, sad, sight!

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a terrific Tuesday!!! :o)

  44. Kim, that first photo of the bird is the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! Did you just point and shoot? It made me smile.....thanks!
    Thank goodness for the resilience of dogs! Can you imagine if they didn't have this skill?
    Todd is certainly learning the ropes but as you said he is 'Scotty'.

  45. Your new header photo is gorgeous!

    Sorry to hear about the fight. I hope that all stays peaceful for you. I'm glad that no one was hurt badly.

    I love the bird photo and your "resilience and perseverance" motto. I could use to remember that one every single day.

  46. Hope this little skirmish settles things, at least for a while. Changes in the pack order sometimes pop out in more than one little dust up, but can't disregard the possibility that Todd's fracas was puppy behavior related.

    Glad Riley is continuing to heal. Poor baby must be so bored!

    Jed & Abby

  47. What a wonderful picture of Todd - the rest of them of great too, but his is extra special.


  48. Kim, it is ALWAYS important to be resilient and persevere through the day.
    Take good care!

  49. little jasmine's face says it all... "poor little me!" i know it has to hurt.
    i thought charlie was the alpha dog.. maybe sheba has different thoughts! lol.
    or she's just a little jealous cuz jasmine is so darned adorable.
    and todd? the only word for todd is "dapper!" look at that scottie pride! oh kim, i just love visiting you. and your new header is simply superb.
    big smile and hugs all around,
    tammy j


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