Friday, October 21, 2011

The Weekend Ahead

We have a weekend guest.  Riley has come to stay with us until Sunday while her foster home is out of town.   You may recall that she had her first surgery a few weeks ago.  She is doing wonderfully!!  The foster home that is now caring for her is doing an amazing job!  Riley is unable to walk without assistance, so she is walked with a sling to help keep her balanced and to not allow any extra weight on her knee that is still healing.

Riley will be easy enough to care for this weekend because she has to remain confined.  Although she lets us know she's unhappy about the accommodations, her complaints are falling on mostly deaf ears--Well, we may be deaf by the end of the weekend because she can really voice her objections!  It's times like this that you just wish you could explain to them that there's a bigger plan in motion, that this is only temporary and they'll be okay.
 But since we can't do that, we're letting the 'calming medications' do the talking for us.
Tonight in Virginia, there will be two events.  The first, is the prediction of our first frost.  The other is being able to see the Orionid Meteors in the early morning hours of Saturday.  It was reported on the evening news that we should be able to see a dozen or more meteors per hour as the Earth passes through dust left by Halley's Comet.  Because we have a crescent moon, it'll be easier to see least that's what they're saying...We'll see.
Enjoy your weekend,  
and the colors of Fall!


  1. oh, at least riley is being 'babysat' at a familiar place to her! bless you!

    and i saw the most brilliant, longest-lasting meteor here last night. it was AMAZING! then i read about the orionid shower on the web today, so it should be a good one!

  2. Poor Riley. Wish she could understand the BIG picture.

    Hope you can see the meteors...should be a clear night, if you're getting frost.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    Love the Fall pictures.

  3. I'm so glad that Riley is doing well!

    I don't think we'll be getting any frost here this weekend or seeing any meteors since we're in the city, but we do have lots of pumpkins and a few colorful trees left!

  4. I'm losing count of members of your household. Hope it's been a better day for Bubba. And Riley, boy - if there were only some way to communicate. You are such a good Mom to all those fellas. IF, you see the orionid shower, let us know; I'll probably be sleeping.

  5. Glad to hear about Riley and to see him again. Frost!!! No!
    Love your fall pics! Have a great weekend!

  6. If you can figure out a way to explain to them, please let me know. Morgan is so unhappy about her confinement and I hate that she can't understand the reasons.

  7. Supposed to drop to 36 degrees here tonite. Think I'll let the pups snuggle a bit closer in the bed tonite. :-)

  8. Hi Riley! Welcome back. Bless your heart. You are certainly in the perfect place. You'll have lots of love, I am sure.

    Beautiful pictures, Kim!

  9. Sweet Riley, I hope she doesn't hold a grudge and think you are choosing to ignore her pleas to spring her !
    It's all for her own good, maybe she'll understand that after she's completely healed.
    We have our second freeze warning in as many days, rather early for us this year.
    Enjoy your weekend !

  10. It's so sad when we can't explain to them, but all will be well in the end for Riley. She has many friends and I'm sure is happy to stay with you. Have a nice weekend.

  11. Yeah, I wish we could just talk to them.

    Will watch for the meteors. Thanks for the head's up! I have most of my flowers covered up.

  12. What a sweet weekend guest! Riley looks great!! Oh, How I wish dogs could understand when you explained things to them. And sometimes they do...
    Beautiful pictures Kim. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. What great news about Riley. I don't blame her. Being couped up when all your friends are playing really sux.
    Beautiful pictures too.

  14. I love that you can still help with Riley's post-surgery care and that you keep us updated.

    I'm sure being somewhere she is comfortable will aid alot during her foster family's absence.

  15. Enjoy your time with Riley

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. I bet it feels good to have Riley visit, and you can see she is okay.
    You may need some ear plugs! She can kind of visit the other dogs through the cage- right?

    We do not have any frost.. But after this weekend- it will cool way down.
    Enjoy the stars!
    The pumpkins and leaves are just gorgous!

  17. We won't be far behind with the forst . Great to see Riley on the path to recovery . Any meteorites seen around here are likely to have something to do with the rugby finals .

  18. Lovely to know that Riley is slowly getting better.

  19. Tough love Kim...enough to break a parent's heart. Stay sad as she looks, it's all for the good.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  20. Riley is in a good familiar place. She remembers it as not being in a crate. She'll be fine. Isn't fall wonderful, thanks for sending us some of your color. Hope you will get to see the meteors.

  21. How nice to have such a wonderful sweet guest staying at our house. I bet it feels like she is 'home'.

    Lovely pumpkin and leaf colors!

    Have a super weekend Kim and pups!
    xo Catherine

  22. oh I do hope you see those meteors ! Rest up Riley x

  23. Nice to see Rilley...happy from

  24. Happy weekend, Kim and gang!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  25. We're so happy to see Riley is getting the treatment and love she needs and deserves. We have our paws crossed for her best possible recovery. Being cage confined does suck. Is she allowed a nice bone?

    Jed & Abby

  26. must be hard for her to be confined like that, despite it being for her own good.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Gill in Canada

  27. You're so good to volunteer with the pooches. (Here's hoping Riley calms down!) It's been raining here the past few days, so no shows in the sky for us. We got our first frost about a month ago. It's going to be a VeRy cold winter in N.Idaho this year. Have a good weekend.

  28. Kim, what a tight and supportive 'group' you are involved in. Works well.
    Good to see Riley again, looks like she'll be fine.
    Great fall photos.

  29. Glad to hear that Riley is doing well. We hope she is totally recovered very soon!

  30. I know the Riley is grateful for your weekend lodging, lifting, balancing, walking. Vociferously is just the only way she has to express it.

    We would love to see those meteor showers. We're BIG on that stuff around here.

    with love to ALL of you from the Bleu

  31. what is there about riley? i so see how you fell in love with her. i'd have to be giving lots and lots of love thru the bars of that crate. i tend to spoil rotten!
    glad she could come back home for awhile with people who love her rather than being "boarded" in a kennel. i know you'll keep us posted on her progress! it's amazing what they can do for them.
    tammy j


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