Thursday, November 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Internet problems returned here at home, but Carl and Verizon are assuring me that after 3 days of a slower than slow connection, it's repaired once again.  Our snow was a short lived event and the warmth of the October sun melted it all on Sunday.  November has taken over, and we're seeing warm temperatures well above freezing during the day.

At the moment, all the dogs seem to be doing well.  The swelling of Jasmine's nose (that resembled Marsha Brady's) is almost back to normal.
~Bubba & Jasmine~
Toby is back to himself which is a huge relief! 
~Toby & Sam (snoozing)~
And Todd has had a good week at daycare...
I know, it does seem a bit of an uneventful week.  But behind the scenes, it hasn't been.  Yesterday I was asked if we would take in another dog.  Time was a bit of an issue and so I said yes. Last evening, I picked up a 13 year old boy named Jake.  Intros and settling in have not gone as smoothly as they have in the past.  He is really stressed and very nervous and confused.  I will post his story and better pictures tomorrow.  Jake is not the most photogenic and he's also not the most 'handsome' of Goldens either.  But he is really a sweet old dog, and he has reminded me that what's in his (or any) heart is what's most important. 


  1. Good to hear all is doing ok. What gets me is the number of these dogs that need to be taken in , doesnt anyone care for their pets any more it is heart breaking to know that there are so many out there that need forever homes. Thank the lord for kind, caring, loving people like you. If I had the room and the extra $ I would take in a few over here lord knows theres lots . Have a good day !

  2. I guess all the introductions can't be smooth but I'm sure it's nice if they are. It's so hard to know what they need in such a short amount of time, but he couldn't have landed at a better home than yours. Another sweet boy who just needs some loving care.

  3. Bless your heart on adding Jake. I do hope they all eventually get a long and that things smooth out.

  4. look forward to Jakes story.....
    that little jasmine is so cute1

  5. Lovely to hear all the dogs are doing well.Hope the new boy settles soon,bless him.You do have the biggest heart Kim. :0)

  6. Our Mom is always grateful for quiet, uneventful weeks and keeps asking us to give her more of them.

    We're looking forward to meeting Jake.
    Morgan, tsar and the Porties

  7. Good to hear things are getting better there.
    I too hope the new dog will relax once he realizes what a wonderful place he is in. ♥

  8. Mom always says an uneventful week is a good week! Glad things are improving, hope the new dog will settle right in. Great pics!!

  9. You are truly going to heaven Kim!!
    Yes I see bladder there and hear it now Kim--- thanks thanks thanks!!!!
    I want another dog so badly!!!
    I have called two different Greyhound rescue groups and they are not calling or emailing back!!! I have called the local shelter and they don't have a sight hound or even a part sight hound.
    Thanks Kim. I would love to call you sometime. If you are interested email me with your number OK???
    xx, Fern

  10. Hi there, Sounds like an interesting week, so glad Toby is back to normal as Reggie is. Poor Jake, so glad he is with you; I'll continue to hope he settles in easily. Reminds me that there is One who doesn't look on the outside but looks at our hearts.
    Your love is like that Kim.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  11. I will keep my fingers crossed that Jake settles in better as time goes on and he realizes that he has come to the best place on Earth.

  12. Glad to hear all dogs are doing well. Welcome Jake to this wonderful home.
    Thor and Jack

  13. Happy to read all the dogs are having a good week !
    You have a heart the size of Texas taking in another old soul, I give you a virtual {hug} everytime I read your posts :)
    You're a good egg...

  14. Glad things are manageable and working out! Hello to Jake!!! Will be looking for more pictures...

    Verizon and I have been having a bit of a problem too...

    Have a great evening, Kim!

  15. Poor old Jake, I hope he soon learns to understand and accept the love and the other golden guys.

    Good luck,


  16. Love that first photo Kim!
    The dogs look so content and so will Jake in time.

  17. once again, your huge heart and open home astound me...

  18. That is so sweet that you have taken in Jake at the ripe age of 13. Hopefully he will settle in.

  19. You are right about the golden heart underneath - love and kindness are always more important than looks.

  20. Kim,
    Welcome Jake to the best home you could wish for during your retirement years. In time I'm sure he will settle down and be just another member of the crew.
    God bless your heart Kim, I really don't know where these sweet labs would end up without you and Carl.

  21. So great to see all your beautiful dogs...have a nice from

  22. Jake does look a bit confused....I'm sure your tlc will work it's magic, god bless him.

  23. I'm not as photogenic as I used to be either!! Jake just doesn't know it yet, but he sure hit the jackpot coming to you. Glad to see some other areas calming down and doggie daycare is a hit.

  24. We hope it really is repaired!

    Stop on by for a visit

  25. that is always frustrating with the internet.
    Im glad to hear that things are going ok with everyone.

    Sorry that the meeting with Jake wasn't as easy as expected. Fred does great outside the home with dogs but he does have some issues with other large dogs in the house which prevents me from fostering a senior bloodhound :(
    you have such a heart of gold and are wonderful to help all these dogs. I appreciate you telling us the stories and sharing the times that aren't always the best ones, I love that its real what I read with your blog.

  26. Kim, Bless you for opening your home to another,and if Jake could talk he would also thank you.
    We are happy to hear that the rest of your crew are doing OK.

    Sheila & Bob

  27. I'm always amazed at your big heart Kim! It's such an undertaking to let another dog into your life. I admire that. Looks like the others are all having a ball though so hopefully the new guy will fit in well soon!

  28. Woof! Woof! Oh KIm ... I know its hard for you not having internet connection.
    Sending you Lots of Golden LOVE n welcome to Jake. For sure deep inside Jake is very happy to be part of the Golden Pines GANG.
    Lots of LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

    Hope you got your book. Our review will be posted on Saturday. We will be mentioning you on our post. Golden Woofs

  29. Lucky Jake! I'm sure he'll settle in soon, with all of your loving care!

  30. I was wondering where you had gotten to! I'm glad your internet is back up again, that Jasmine's nose is nearly healed and that Toby is feeling better. I'm looking forward to learning more about Jake and I hope that he feels more at home soon.

  31. Hi Kim
    Thank goodness your internet is back once again!
    Sometimes quiet and uneventful is the perfect way to spend a week.
    But , like you mentioned - things do happen. Were glad everyone is feeling better.
    I was looking at Jake, and he looks handsome. We cannot wait to hear more.
    The pics of Toby at day care- crack us up!
    We have cold weather, fog, some frost, snow in the mountains and crescent moon in the sky. Do you see it?

  32. Blindfolded, I will tell you that Jake is our kind of boy.

    You are our hero, and we love what you do for those in need...

    You are awesome!

    with love from the Bleu

  33. You are so, so nice to take Jake, and he is very lucky to have crossed paths with you. :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  34. Oh Mr. Jake... We're sending you calm, confident energy. You've landed in a ood place where you can just take your time and be yourself.

    -Bat and Ruby

  35. I hope Jake settles in with the pack. He couldn't have landed in a better place!

  36. Jake. Here's hoping a good nights sleep does the trick.

  37. Sounds like the good weather is making everyone happy.

    We know you'll do the best you can for just might take him a bit of time to realise it.

    that Todd is sooooo cute.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  38. I like 'uneventful' weeks. It means everything is good. :)

    I love the pups enjoying the sunshine ~ so cute!!

    Happy weekend to you Kim!

    xo Catherine

  39. I'm so glad that Toby is feeling better. Your description from a previous post had me worried.

    It seems like daycare is awesome for Todd. It's socializing him like crazy, and I bet that he's sleepy when he gets home. Yay!

    Enjoy your autumn weather. I love the first photo of the misty day.

  40. look at bubba! he's smiling!
    and the sweet little face of jasmine. such a tiny golden.
    and... a dog named jake can't be all bad! he will relax. can you imagine having things happen to you that you don't understand... being handled and pulled and left... it's amazing that any of them can respond. and yet they do... and they show us what true love is.
    you are simply the best. that's all. the very best.
    tammy j

  41. WE have missed a few posts so we have to go back and read about how everyone has been. I am glad to hear Todd is doing well in daycare.

    I am saddened that another senior golden has been abandoned. So glad you were there to take him in.

    Your example has mad My Vickie commit to only taking in older adn ill homeless dogs as room becomes available.

    You are going to truly be well received when you cross the bridge.

    Please give Jake our love.

    Bert & My Vickie

  42. Welcome Jake - you are in GP doggy paradise. We know your heart is gold. Happy to hear my Chub Brothers are doing well. Todd is always a joy to see. Puppy antics are priceless. Golden licks and Roooooooooos from Easton. KT too.

  43. ahh, can't wait to hear more about Jake. I hope he will settle in soon.

  44. Thanks for taking Jake, I will look forward to hearing how he does with your pack. Just recently obtained a 14 month yellow lab (chained most of her young life) She has some confidence and social issues, nervous and stressed too. So can't wait to see what "works" for Jake. Maybe it'll work for Miss Molly. Y0u can check her out at

  45. Kim,

    I've said it before, you are an angel. There's going to be a special spot in heaven for you!

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  47. Bless you Kim...and good luck to Jake.

  48. It's so awesome of you to help like this.

    Nubbin wiggles,


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