Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crossing My Fingers and T's

The day before Thanksgiving started out cloudy, rainy and foggy.  But as the morning has progressed there has been some clearing and we are getting some welcomed sun and temps well above freezing.    

Todd is having surgery this morning to be 'altered.' You'll recall it had to be rescheduled when I gave him a teeny-tiny training treat last week.

Also spending the day at the vet with Todd is Jake, our newest addition.  He's having x-rays taken of his heart and lungs and a couple of other tests.  Results were returned on a thyroid panel that was done, and it came back 'normal.'  What explanation could there be for his baldness and very thin coat?  Could the reason be as simple as a poor diet?  I have no idea, but I do know that I'm going to have to find my dog coats for him, because he's going to be cold this winter.

Following Todd and Jake will be Bubba.  He's going in later today to have follow up blood work to check the level of seizure medication in his system.  So far, he's not had any seizures, so I'm hopeful that the vet got the dosage right on the first try.

~Jasmine and Toby~
Then, last but not least Jasmine's adoption has been put on hold because she's having surgery next week.  I really wanted to make sure to cross my T's and make sure she was healthy prior to her adoption.  So I called the vet to make sure a hard and lumpy quarter-size tumor on her belly wasn't an issue.  Apparently, it is an issue.  Jasmine's initial test results were coming in at the same time Bubba was having his cluster of seizures so somewhere it didn't register that aspirate confirmed that something should be done about it.  But it may explain why I was a little unsettled about the lump in the first place if  (when) the vet mentioned that it should be removed and biopsied.  At any rate, I dropped the ball and feel really terrible about it.  But her having this surgery will ensure that she's healthy at the start of her new life.  Which is the positive that I need to keep in mind.

I'm off work today and am going to spend it catching up on your blogs, which will also help to keep my mind off worrying about our crew.  I hope you'll keep your fingers crossed and positive thoughts in mind for Todd, Jake, Jasmine and Bubba.

Enjoy your Wednesday!
~Charlie and Barney the donkey~


  1. blessings to you dear heart on this day before thanksgiving. when do you rest?!!
    i will hold only the best healing thoughts for all your beloveds. they are people to me... people of the best kind. look who their leader is! thank God for people like you.
    tammy j

  2. Woof! Woof! As always sending you Lots of Golden LOVE to the Golden PINES Gang. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Golden Grateful to your Golden Goodness. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Wow, you have your shoes full today. I will be praying for the well being of the 4. I really do hope that everything does well.
    I am so happy I found your blog and I look forward to reading it daily.

  4. Oh wow! I will keep my fingers, toes what ever I can crossed that all is good for you and your your furbabies ! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

  5. Hope they all come through with flying colors! Wishes to you and yours on a wonderful Thanksgiving day Kim.

  6. kim
    my fingers are crossed for you too!

  7. Oh I always keep my fingers crossed for you and yours....I hope all goes well with the biopsy
    Todd will be just fine
    a good diet is best for all
    I'm hoping my coat gets better too
    now that I'm eating healthy!
    BLesssings and love to you, dear saintly woman of canines

  8. Everything crossed here for all concerned.

  9. Sending prayers that your entire crew will return in good health.
    We wish you and your family a Wonderful Thanksgiving !!!

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish, Rescue Sophie & Foster Tucker

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. God bless. ♥

  11. For sure Kim~~~~~healing vibes for all 4 of them...Happy Thanksgiving from across the border!!!!!

  12. Hope everything turns out well for your crew. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Gosh, that is an awful lot for you to think about in one day. Sending good thoughts to you and all your four-legged kids.

  14. Everything crossed up here! Boy, that's a pile of vet visits!

  15. When one is away from our pack for the day, at the vet or the groomer, it's very quiet around here. The others seem to either be concerned or they're trying to make me believe that the missing one is really the big noisemaker.

    We hope your pack is back to normal soon.

  16. All four pups are going to come through this because they have someone who is tuned in to all their needs. You'll have to set up a recovery room with all that going on.
    Do your best to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Talk about distractions.

  17. Sounds like you are going to have your hands full....more than usual with all the recouperating dogs.

    We're having winter weather here at the moment....just crazy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  18. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your entire crew, hoping that everything turns out okay! Enjoy your Holiday tomorrow :o)

  19. What a crazy day your having! We hope you have lots to be Thankful for tomorrow and that all is well with your pack. Best wishes,
    Ryker and Sandy

  20. My paws (and mum's fingers) are all crossed.


  21. I think you are fantastic !!

  22. Wow! What a busy day! We are extra thankful that the dogs have someone like you to look after them!


  23. Sending positive energy your way!

    -Bart and Ruby

  24. Paws crossed for all to be well. Happy Thanksgiving.

  25. With as many balls as you keep juggling at any one time, you can never blame yourself for dropping one. I hope that Jasmine will be OK and I send love to all your crew and you and hubby too. Happy Thanksgiving, Kim.

  26. you are such a wonderful mom and caregiver to these pooches! and you take on more just when you might be getting a little bit of a break. you certainly can't be expected to stay 100% on top of everything all at once!!!

    i do hope all of your babies come thru their surgeries and tests okay today. and in coming days!

  27. I don't know how you do it. You are an amazing juggler, Kim. I can't imagine keeping up with so much. Fingers and paws still crossed here for all.

  28. Ahhh, you certainly have a lot going on Kim. I am so glad Jasmine made her choice and although sad for Marilyn, Jasmine is undoubtedly happy and that really is all that matters.
    I wish you and your goldens the best of happiness this holiday week.

  29. What a time! I will be praying for all to be Okay and that everything just falls into place! Have a great Thanksgiving Day, Kim..

  30. So stressful are the trips, the tests and the 'wait and see'... I am wishing good news, good results and a Happy Thanksgiving!

    I've got a lot to be grateful for this year, and your frienship is on the list!!!

    with love from the Bleu

  31. Hi Kim
    We certainly are keeping our paws crossed for Todd, Jake, Jasmine and Bubba!
    So much going on- how can you keep it all straight?
    We were thinking of Todd and hoped he is home and ok too.

  32. love and thoughts to all your brood! xx


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