Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I came home early from work today.  I don't know if it is just everything catching up with me, or if it's the post-Thanksgiving blahs that are clogging my brain. But when the schedule fell apart, I asked if I could take the afternoon off work and come home.
So far the week is off to a quiet start.  That is if you don't consider zebras sauntering around Loudoun County where I live.  This happened when a couple of them got loose from an animal park.  A maintenance man left a gate open allowing the zebras to escape.  Their adventure lasted about three hours before they were recaptured and returned home safely.
Todd is being kept home from day-care this week because of his surgery last Wednesday.  
I've no doubt that he misses the fun and games with his friends at 'Belly Rubs.'     
But there really is no place like home! 


  1. You are right Kim, no place like home, I think I'll start working from there - full time. A very timely post. I've collected enough material the last 4 years to write a book. It's the thing to do you know!!!!

  2. Todd is just so darn cute! He has the sweetest little face.

  3. Zebras, now that's unusual.

    Is Todd healing well? I'll bet he does miss his little friends.

    Yep, no place like home, wherever it is.

  4. amen to that. i hope you have a quiet week. :)

  5. Hi Kim
    Anytime is a good time to go home.
    In fact, I would love to go to Golden Pines right now,, and sit on the porch and we could chat and eat cookies!
    Did you catch yourself a zebra?
    beautiful home for those birdies!

  6. I think an afternoon off is JUST what the doctor ordered! You do have to take care of yourself too, you know. ;-)

    Happy Dreams!

  7. I'm with you!

    There is no place in the entire world that I would rather be than home.

  8. I can see how you would need a break from work, you seem to keep going at full speed all the time, and your animals keep you so busy with the ups and downs they bring with them. So glad that Todd is doing well from his surgery. The zebra would have made an unusual sight away from the animal park...some years ago I was walking in a park (near a zoo) and was asked by a very frantic person if I had seen a baby elephant!...luckily I hadn't, think I would have been terrified - fortunately it was recaptured safely.

  9. Sometimes the best place to heal and be made whole again is home! And now is the best time to take it easy and recoup our energy before the beginning of holiday mayhem!
    Have a great day with Todd and the crew.
    Tina xo

  10. Good for you to be able to go home early and rest or just bumb around. Definitely no place like home. Glad to know that the zebras are back in their homes.
    Love the bird house.

  11. You can say that again, Kim!
    Zebras,eh? Until I saw the photo I thought...yep, Kim IS overtired!!! lol
    Now how cute is your little fella!!

  12. Yes, Dorothy, "There's no place like home!"

  13. We used to have a Zedonk that lived down our road in Florida! She was hilarious and always escaping. Her name?
    Jezebel! The little hussy!
    Have a wonderful day!
    xo, misha

  14. My hubby has been having those sorts of days at work, too.
    How neat to see zebras. Better them than lions or some such. ;)

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Home makes the heart happy

    Stop on by for a visit

  16. You got that right! Home is where the milk bone is!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  17. I wish I could take off and head home when my shcedule goes down the drain! I've been very busy at work lately and when our departmental secretary took off early yesterday, I felt like running after her yelling 'Take me with you!!!'

  18. Amen...enjoy some down time!!

  19. You are so right. There's no place like home. I'm glad you took the afternoon to rest. Zebras running around? Wow! I hope the dog is feeling well after surgery. Have a wonderful day.

  20. Hi Kim, Hope today is going better for you. Loved seeing the photo of the Zebra. Hopefully Todd is back to normal now. We are expecting a big storm tonight and tomorrow so guess I'll be hanging out at home tomorrow too.
    Hugs & love, Noreen & Reggie

  21. Zebras--how funny!

    You're right, there's nothing quite like your own nest.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & Roxy

  22. Absolutely ... especially when all has quieted down! That Todd, he is so darn cute!

  23. You don't have to tell me that one Kim! We all need that special comforting...please feel better, my firend!..:)JP

  24. i retired from a stressful job six years ago. six years???!!!
    the time flies by. and i'm loving every. single. minute. of being home.
    you of all people should NEVER wonder why you need a special day off!!!
    you're nothing short of amazing and deserve every minute "at home."
    loving todd and the zebras!
    and my thoughts are with little tiny jasmine.
    tammy j

  25. We love it at home too. I could never understand why people wanted a cabin or other places to go. We made our home a santuary and there is no other place we would rather be.

  26. Oh my goodness. I just love those Todd photos. He seems like quite the character. I laughed right out loud at the name "Belly Rubs". That is just too cute! And the zebras......how cool is that? Not everyone can share a story about zebra's loose in their neighborhood. :)

  27. I couldn't agree more! There's no place like home, and our dogs are a big part of what make it a home!

    Zebras! They're not usually part of home!

  28. Todd looks very comfortable. Glad to hear that he's recovering well. I love staying at home with my animals.

  29. Nothing like a zebra escape from the zoo to make a day off more interesting! :) Todd is just so darned cute!

  30. An extra afternoon at home is always so enjoyable isn't it? Although I am not enjoying being sick, I must admit, lazy days spent laying on the couch, watching TV and snoozing with Banjo curled up beside me is very refreshing for the soul!

    How funny to see a Zebra walking around your neighbourhood!

    xo Catherine


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