Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Good to be Home!

I mentioned in my previous post about it being an exhausting week. After a good night sleep, and having nothing scheduled to do today, it has felt really good to be at home.  I actually felt energized so I decided to tackle a couple of cleaning and organizing projects.  It's amazing how much stuff one can accumulate.  How does that happen??

I contacted the rescue today about Lucas. His recovery from this last surgery has been pretty uneventful.  He is feeling really well and his energy level is up!  When he came to us, he only ate to live, now he shows his true Golden personality, and lives to eat!  But I have decided that a new 'forever home' should be found for him.  While we adore Lucas, he is way to obsessed with CC, our cat.  I have no worries about his hurting her, however I don't think that Lucas's constant chasing and bothering CC is fair to her.  He's a really nice boy and will make a wonderful addition to someone's home -- That doesn't have cats!    
~CC on the front porch being watched by Lucas~
Our sunny afternoon has ended with our taking a walk and playing ball with Todd.  Days like this are really fun for me ....
~Perfect Air Time!~
 I think they're fun for Todd too!
 Enjoy your evening!!
~Our Boy Sammy~


  1. Welcome home...your dogs are happy !!...spring kisses

  2. I love that high flying Todd picture! Sounds like a nice relaxing day.


  3. flying todd
    sums up a running scottie perfectly

  4. I agree. Look at Todd jump! That's great.

    Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

  5. Welcome home! Beautiful pics, we love the last one! So golden!!!

  6. I hope you find a new home for sweet Lucas soon.Thanks for your lovely would be very welcome to come to MY birthday tea!
    Shame we live so far apart.
    Have a peaceful,relaxing weekend Kim. :0)

  7. We are keeping our paws crossed for Diamond Luc to find a good fur-ever home.

  8. I am so glad you got some "down" time. I pray Lucas find his forever home very, very soon. I shall miss him though.

    What can I say about Todd that I haven't already said? Love that little guy!

  9. Do NOT touch the kitty, Lucas... No no.

  10. Todd and Sammy look really happy! You have perfect weather too!

    Oh, Lucas, what is your fascination with cats?

    You are right, not fair to CC.

  11. Hi there, Loved hearing all about how well Lucas is doing! I agree that a forever home is needed. I love seeing Todd outside having fun and so glad you've been able to enjoy your day.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie

  12. sweet pups. glad lucas is doing really well, and i understand your concern over his kitty obsession. poor sweet boy... hope he finds a wonderful, loving home.

  13. Love that picture of Lucas and watching CC. Too cute. Todd is such a energizer. reminds me of the energizer bunny. So nice to be out with the dogs and just relax.
    Hope the rescue finds a good home for Lucas like you have given him.

  14. That Todd just makes me smile every time~! What a ball of energy.
    Here's hoping the exact right person will show up for Lucas. We had to leave our foster dachshund at a wonderful rescue when we was best for him and he is still there and living a great life (although I still wish he could find a forever home with someone just for him to play ball and go on walks...he is a little bit of a cranky old man, BUT he walks like a dream and plays catch until he drops.)
    thank you keeping us up on Lucas and how he is progressing and here's hoping you have a peaceful week..

  15. I wish I had room for another golden...Lucas could come live with sharky and they could hate cats together. Lol. I am so glad that he is feeling good now. Todd looks like he was having a blast outside.

  16. such beautiful dogs.....and so lucky to have you to love them! i agree that the cat would not miss Lucas...finding him the perfect home is the goal for all!
    you are an angel to the animals...

  17. super photos especially of Todd...I see you have found his ball.....


  18. Awesome photos !
    Miggy used to do the same thing with our cat Harley and now Harley is the instagater she has a full set of claws got lucky doesnt claw anything but her scratch post not even Miggy has she pulled them out ! I hope Lucas can find a forever home ! Glad you are recharged from your busy week ! Have a good day !

  19. beautiful pictures.
    i think if lucas ever did try to get nearer cc... he would fair less well than cc! cats have a way of having the upper hand.
    but at least he will go to a new home all well and safe now. you saved his life no doubt. i don't see how he could have lasted much longer with such infection in his system and no real way to eat.
    have a great weekend!
    tammy j

  20. That Todd is like a little circus dog! His "air time" to funny! He sure has a lot of energy- doesn't he?
    We understand 100 percent how you feel about Lucas- and we stand right with you- as you focus on finding a home that is just perfect for him.
    We are so glad you got a day off today- to just enjoy being home and watching the dogs play in the sunshine.

  21. Lovely, lovely blog ~ I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥

  22. So happy for Todd that he found his red ball. Mama had a Dane many years ago who had a little rubber fire hydrant [this was years before Kong came along] that he carried everywhere and liked to chew to make it squeak. None of the other Danes ever touched his little red fire hydrant. He had it for 6 years, until it got so brittle it fell apart.

    Sure hope sweet Lucas finds a great, cat-free home. And at least he's got a loving refuge with you guys while he waits.

    Jed & Abby

  23. It's good to be home, I want to play with you, tood is good on jumping ^_^

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  24. You've given Lucas such a great new start - hope a furever family finds him soon! I agree with consensus: that photo of leaping Todd is terrific! LOve how he and Sammy play together!
    xo Sammie and Ava

  25. We totally understand Lucas. We are obsessed with cats...but we're not usually allowed near them!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  26. Welcome home!!

    Im so glad that we are back - Ive missed talking and catching up with yall daily. We had to take a break, I needed some time and to find some joy after the devastating and frustrating epilepsy thing.

    I have alot of reading up to do to see what yall have been up to :)

    Lucas is handsome -what a sweet boy.

  27. What a great picture of Todd catching some air! I hope you can find the perfect forever home for Lucas. He is such a sweetheart!

  28. I do hope Lucas will have his forever home very soon.

    Wonderful photos.

  29. Love that photo of CC and Lucas. CC looks like a bit of a tease as if to say "you cant get me". Have a great weekend.

  30. I'm so glad to hear that Lucas is doing well and I hope you find a good home for him.

  31. Great that Lucas is well after the operations he had. Now he can enjoy food.
    Its a pity he can´t stay with you, must feel sad for you.
    Hope you will find a good home for him nearby your place..

  32. Wonderful pictures, especially of Todd. I will miss Lucas.

  33. Glad you had a relaxing day. WE need those here and there!

  34. Happy to hear about Lucas and totally understand your thoughts on finding him a new forever home. Poor CC. You are so right about the accumulation of stuff. Amazing, isn't it? By the looks of your photos, appears you're having some very nice weather! We have been blessed with nice weather as well, although today was the last of it for awhile. Bummer. :) Have a great weekend!

  35. Love that Lucas is ready for a forever home.. and I so want to photograph Todd.. except that you do it so well....

    Beautiful post.

  36. Everyones happy. Perfect !

  37. Glad to see you still have 'red ball'!

  38. Oh Lucas. I will sure miss hearing about him too. I hope for a wonderful family too, that cared about him as much as you do.


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