Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Giddiness of Spring

This is about as nice of a holiday weekend as one could ask for with a lot of sun and mild temperatures. If I needed something to complain about, (which I don't) I'll just say that we could use some rain.  The last couple of nights and in the morning hours we've enjoyed a really bright, full and beautiful moon.  In reading I found that the first full moon in April is called 'The Pink Moon.'  This name comes from the wild ground phlox, which are as you know, one of the earliest flowers of spring.
When the moon finished its show this morning, it was time for the next act, the birds.  The air has been filled with the cacophony of their singing.  I recorded the video on the front porch to give you an idea.  If you listen closely, you can even hear a rooster crowing.   (You may  have to turn it up to hear it and get the full effect).    
With the crisp temperatures, the full moon, and the birds singing, it's no wonder that a couple of the dogs, especially Toby are feeling downright giddy. On our morning walk there was a different air about him as he lagged behind and wouldn't listen when I called to him. I lost sight of him when I entered the woods to go around the barn.  Toby took that moment to go on an adventure.  Maybe he caught the scent of the turkey that has been around, or the other animals that are everywhere. Whatever the reason, needless to say, the birds weren't the only sound being heard this morning as my voice calling him seemed to echo everywhere.  Fortunately he was found, and I can thank him for getting me my exercise!    Good boy!!  


  1. Lovely post...I hear the Cardinals, Chickadees, maybe a Goldfinch or two!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Easter to you all,

  2. I think that is why I don't mind getting up early, most days, because the gifts of life in the morning are incredibly beautiful. Such as you video of the bird singing..yes I do love to hear the birds as they begin their day. Ours aren't up quite so early as yours though.

    I never knew the name of the moon "the Pink Moon" but how fitting for Spring! I'm going to read what I can find because I find that so sweet...your moon photo was great too!

    Morning walks must be so quiet where you tranquil.

    Toby...glad you came back without worrying the family for too long.

  3. Great post! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Spring conditions around here as well. Very nice for egg hunts and outdoor eating.
    Love Toby's smile :)

    Sweet hugs!
    Sierra Rose

  4. OMG! I love your shot of the Full Pink Moon!! Don't you just love the sounds of birds in the morning.:) Have a Happy Easter!

  5. Kim, love your moon shot. Mine!?!? I was preoccupied with using a flashlight to get the settings on the camera right and trying my best not to knock the tripod over!! The girlz were enjoying the glow of the moon far more than I, cuz they were living in the moment!! I need to be more like my dogs.
    Do hope you have a great Easter.
    gotta get my easter bread out of the oven...maybe a picture in a post later. :)

  6. The video is amazing, what a wonderful start to any day. Toby looks as if he is laughing and really enjoying himself.

  7. awwww beautiful!!! But then I'm a morning person - enjoyed the video thank you!
    As we are in Southern hemisphere we call the moon Blood moon or Harvest moon... time to put sheep in pot sniff sniff.
    Love Leanne xx

  8. Sounds like your yard is alive too!

    Toby is all smiles, love it!

  9. Happy easter blessings from

  10. I think Toby was just testing! Making sure he wasn't dreaming!
    Those birds were incredible Kim....a symphony!

  11. That is exactly what it sounds like outside my house every day too. I think we have a similar habitat as you and I have been thinking of doing a similar video just for the bird sounds.

    Thanks for sharing.


  12. Happy Easter my dear friend. Loved hearing the sounds of your area-oh what joyous spring. I can't wait to fill our house with a dog again though because it is so lonely here. Hug yours for me.

  13. Wishing you and the gang a very Blessed Easter.

  14. Beautiful sounds of spring...
    Have a blessed Easter weekend everyone!

  15. Toby was a bad boy! But so cute with that big smile of his. Your grass is so green, I would think it had rained a lot. Here it was 19 degrees this morning and in the 60s now so it seems like spring is taking its time. I saw the rabbit in your comment. That was so cute. Happy Easter, dear Kim.

  16. your birds sound a lot sweeter than ours. But, this morning ours were very loud!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  17. Yep, I could barely hear the rooster but I heard him! I can't wait to get me some more chickens. That Toby! What a stinker! Gotta love 'em!!
    Have a very blessed Easter!

  18. What a beautiful picture. The moon has been gorgeous these past few days. Bright yellow in the morning when I walk Roscoe and white like the snow at nights.
    The video recorded is awesome. I would not mind waking up to those sounds of nature. We wake up to people honking. LOL. Love that you took something that anyone else would say is negative and turned it around as something positive. Toby running off and you turning it to a great workout.
    TFS> ANA

  19. good toby!
    for coming back... and giving you exercise to boot!
    and after the wonderful video with the birdsongs i had to watch the ones of todd over and over again...
    todd being todd and todd's first snow... and the squeaky blue ball!
    all just heaven!
    and to finish with the laughing face of toby upside down... perfect!
    happy easter dear heart to you and all your crew!
    tammy j

  20. Kim, your moon shot took my breath away! That should be framed. Loved listening to the birds. Felt like I was sitting and having a coffee with you. Love Toby! :)

  21. Happy Easter to you all! ♥

  22. Happy Easter dear friend!!!!!! So enjoyed this post today.

  23. Gorgeous moon shot!

    Happy Easter :-).

  24. Hi Kim
    You tell the best storys ever! That silly Toby- he does look like he is laughing at you- cause he got you all concerned ! He was just playing hude and go seek!
    The moon photo is just incredible!
    Its another one for National Geographic, I just know!
    We love that you are out there in your world and have the passion to capture those special moments and share them with us!
    We did not know this was the pink moon- but it sure did shine in its glory! Our whole mountain was lit by what seemed the golden glow!
    The video of the birds in the morning- oh my gosh!!! We felt like we were sitting on your porch steps with you-drinking ice tea and listening to the beauty of all those happy morning songs.
    What sweet little birds!
    We keep replaying it over and over making sure we are not missing anything- and yes,, we heard the rooster. It feels so good to have heard all those beautiful sounds that are in your woods, and your world. The sounds are so tranquil and happy.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us- it makes us feel so much closer to you- now we have been in your world, and hear what you hear.
    Thank you Kim!

  25. I could listen to the birds 24 hours a day, seven days a week and be perfectly happy!

    Toby looks Quite proud of himself...


    Have a wonderful Easter my Friend!

  26. Here's to Toby's sense of adventure ! A dogs sense of mischief never seems to diminish . Sensible old things !

  27. Happy Easter to you and all the k9 babies!!

  28. Happy Easter ending from us in Sweden. Lucas is still with you? He´s getting along with your cat? You can train that, I know one of our dachshunds hated cats, it was hunting for her. But our friends who took care of them when we had a holiday trip had a cat. Nova did learn that its not so good to chase a cat :-)

  29. What a great post, so beautiful!!!

    Happy Easter!!

  30. First, this may be your best masthead photo ever. Love it. It perfectly sets the tone for your blog.

    Glad the weather has finally turned at GP. Spring is so wonderful on the east coast. Living is Seattle most of my life with evergreens + so many years in the Sonoran desert, I always loved my deciduous east coast springs when I was traveling.

    Toby: oh my he has blossomed into such a wonderful, goofy, happy boy. My heart leaps to think about the day he and Bubba first came into your life and how he doted over Bubba like a serious big brother. He has come a long way thanks to the pack at GP.

  31. Love that smile on Toby!...Happy Easter, Kim... take all the crew for a good walk!...:)JP

  32. Your story of Toby made me smile ear-to-ear. What a happy boy!

    I am still looking forward to our spring becoming as vibrant as yours. We usually get about 6' total of snow in April but we've gotten only 6" so far...

    Happy Easter.

  33. Toby likes an adventure too, that's clear!! He looks happy as a result.
    The video was neat! Love the sounds.
    Happy Easter!!!

  34. Beautiful vid sounds - just love all those twitterings! And Toby - you are a card - good for you for helping Mom get her daily Kcal burn heh heh! Love that last pic of you - mostly, we want to say Happy Easter! Hope you all got an egg!
    Sammie and Avalon

  35. Hey friend ~ you want to send some spring my way? It keeps passing us by. It snowed again Friday. Well it's all so depressing... :(

    Hope everyone had a good Easter!
    xo Catherine

  36. Hope you've had a great Easter Kim.
    One of the joys of Spring isn't it?waking up to the sound of birdsong.
    Have a good week. :0)

  37. Its so lovely when spring finally arrives. We've had rain the last 2 days and the forecast says rain for another 3. Its welcome, the plants need it and the water butt needs filling ... :0)

  38. Happy Spring to you Kim & all of your gang! Hope your Easter was blessed.

    Great picture of Toby - reminds me of my Neeli

    Nadine & golden Neeli


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