Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lessons From Wendy

I've previously mentioned how Wendy (who is more than 14 years old) had problems with arthritis this past winter.  She has still enjoyed going on walks, but she's staying closer to the house. When she does wander, getting her back to the house can take a little extra time.

Wendy has always been an independent, confident and high-spirited gal.   In the 13 years we've had her, she has never really seemed to want or need our help.  However, this seems to have changed in the past several weeks.  Wendy will now wait at the bottom of the steps and won't stop barking until we come to help her up the steps and into the house.
However nearly every single time when we start to help Wendy, she'll go up the steps herself.  She'll then look back at us as if she's saying 'never mind, I'll do it myself!'  
Todd seems to have adopted this same 'I'll do it myself' attitude.  When he wants something off the counter, like the green ball, he's decided that he'll just (try to) get it himself.  I guess he's been taking lessons from Wendy!


  1. oh, sweet curly wendy! bad boy todd!

  2. Think Wendy just wants you there for moral support.

    Todd figures that if there's a will, there's a way! :-)

  3. Todd you are a cutie ! Wendy is a pretty thing . She does what our Miggy does with things its almost like a game see if we will do it and when we get there they change their minds not so dependant are they ? Hope all has a wonderful Easter weekend !

  4. oh these are great pictures and story! as are they all.
    but that second one of wendy reminds me of an old faded movie star that still lines her eyes with coal to put on the glamour!
    maybe she gets afraid suddenly with the stairs and the pain... then because you're there for support she gets her courage back.
    and puppy todd... airborne!
    i just love it!!!!
    friday tomorrow dear heart!
    feeling happy for you,
    tammy j

  5. That Todd is quite the fellow...and sweet Wendy, she reminds me of my 99 year old MIL who still won't take the elevator, that is for old people! ;)

  6. I agree with Sharon. SHe may just want some moral. Todd is a cutie pie. Too adorable not to have taken this picture and shared it with us followers. Your post are always a pleasure to read.

  7. Poor Wendy. I understand. I have a pomeranian that will be 19 years old in November if she makes it. I think we are their rock because if she see's me, she will come up the steps, or try to jump on the couch if I hold out my arms for her.
    And Todd, lol, that is a great shot of him! Kinda reminds me of Sophie when she wants something out of the candy bowl.

  8. It doesn't look like Wendy is ready to give up her independence quite yet. Bless her heart... Now that Todd, he looks pretty determined. Have a good weekend Kim. It looks like it should be nice weather-wise.

  9. Wow, that boy can JUMP!

    Good for Wendy, she's just letting you know she's still in charge!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. Maybe she wants you to be standing at the bottom of the steps to catch her in case she doesn't make it herself and falls back down them.
    Beautiful dogs!

  11. He's a little stinker, that Todd boy! LOL

  12. I had an old poodle that would do the same thing...bark for help up the steps, and then do it herself.

    I think he is just letting you know it hurts, and he's glad you are there. Tell Todd I'm sorry his legs are so short :-)

  13. I think Wendy is very clever, she knows her limits and barks to get you there to check she does it okay, she probably feels safer with someone to hand. As for Todd, what a little pickle he is!, but Oh, how could anyone get cross with him, he's inventive if nothing else...hehe. Hope you are feeling better in yourself Kim.

  14. Hi there, I think Wendy just wants you near her in case she needs extra help-you are her security. As for Todd, he reminds me of my brother's terrier who can retrieve almost anything off a counter. Life is grand, I think Todd wants you always to embrace life the way he does.
    Happy Easter dear friend.

  15. I know just how Wendy feels.
    It's just nice to know that someone is there IN CASE you need a hand...


  16. Hi Kim, Is that picture of Todd in the air??? You stopped Todd's action in mid-air?? Great picture!!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

  17. My late Scottie Otis used to fall on our porch steps, and I would go to help him. He was having none of that and run over in under the lilac bushes. So I'd go back in the house and check on him about 15 minutes later and he would be sitting on the porch with this I told you I could do it kind of look. He was 17 and one hard case. Todd will probably be the same type. You could start getting ready now!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  18. Wendy certainly seems to be a good teacher :o)

  19. Oh how I love hearing about sweet Wendy. She has such and individuality. And Todd!!!my goodness, he has grown so much. I can't beleive he already can reach the top of the cupboards.

    Way to go Todd

  20. Oh Wendy! Are you saying "watch me- see what I can do?? "I can do anything if you are close to me".
    What a sweet girl she is. She just wants you near!
    And little Todd- oh my gosh- how can you stretch that far?
    Someone taught you to do that didn't they?

  21. So fun to see...and the comments here are great..LOVE the "fading movie star" and the likening to 99 year old MIL...what visuals.and thanks for pointing out the action shot of TOdd..I didn't catch that he was off the gound and airborne, little stinker! are all great here..
    LOVE hearing about the "kids" Kim. Hoping you have a peaceful weekend..and that Wendy can make it up the steps and that Todd can stay down off the counter! LOL

  22. And som people say they're ' just dogs '.

  23. Proud, sweet, beautiful Wendy! The photo of Todd just cracks me up!

  24. Wendy is such a sweet old girl. :) Todd can bounce!! teehee!

  25. Kim,
    Independence even in dogs can be a funny thing to watch.
    Wendy is such a sweet girl and you are probably right she is telling Todd all her secrets.
    So glad you are feeling better, must have been the chocolate cake.
    Take care and have a wonderful long weekend and a Happy Easter.

  26. Aren't animals just so smart? How funny is Todd jumping up to get his own ball ~ haha ~ that's too cute!

    Wishing you and all the pups a very happy Easter Kim!
    xo Catherine

  27. Happy easter from the crew at Menagerie Manor

  28. I agree, Wendy is putting out the call for a Spotter, not a lifter.

    I think that's precious!!!

    Todd is a little stinker!!!!!

  29. Those beautiful seniors teach a young pup quite a few things.

  30. Ah sweet Wendy - nothing like a senior doggie to warm your heart.

    Nadine & golden Neeli

  31. Tsar wants to do everything himself, yet his legs don't work and he can't always get up by himself. I'm there to help, but I know how much he hates that. Still he's starting to accept a hand now and then.

    Oh those short Scottie legs don't quite reach!

  32. I think that's Wendy's way of telling you there's life in the old dog yet! do make me smile with your antics. :0)

  33. Maybe Wendy just needs to know you have her back?

    Todd and Freighter seem to have counter surfing in common. :)

  34. Cute post, Kim! I love the picture of Todd.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  35. Sweet Wendy, playful Todd. By the way, I've moved blogs. You can find me at
    Hope to see you there xxx

  36. Wendy just making sure you are all still there for her! Reminds me of my Dad at this stage in his life now.

  37. We agree, Wendy is just testing out her support system to be sure it's in working order 'just in case.'

    Todd is going to figure out how to climb those cabinets one day.

    Jed & Abby

  38. Sweet sweet Wendy. She's a strong and amazing girl.

    I was struck by a similarity with my K. K has had some major fear issues in her life, and one of them is stairs. There are certain sets of steps that she'll only take if I walk behind her. It has to be *behind* her - not in front or on the side - no, no, no.

    I've always thought that somehow me being there gives her confidence. Perhaps Wendy feels the same way about you.

  39. She is such a sweet older gal and she does have that independent look about her! I happen to have a soft spot for old dogs being darned close to being one myself..:) us older gals have to stick together eh Wendy?
    Love ya 'ol girl!
    Tina xo


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