Sunday, May 20, 2012

Enjoying the Day

The weather this weekend could not be better!  Bright sun, warmth and not doing much have all helped me to FINALLY feel like myself again!  The trip to the farmers market on Saturday helped too.  I enjoy walking around seeing all the produce and plants--However I have to admit to not buying much.  
I know my feeling better makes Carl and the dogs happy because I have to be honest and admit, that I've not been the most pleasant person to be around.  Even Sam seems to be feeling better.  This morning when the timed-light in the office came on he started barking, giving the wake up call to the entire house.  Its such a good feeling to know that he's enjoying the day.
I think the other dogs enjoyed being on the porch watching me while I worked in my flower garden.  They were quick to point out any weeds I didn't pull and where the poison ivy is.  
The butterflies were finding something they loved around the driveway....Any idea what it could be?   
Whatever you've done this weekend, I hope you've enjoyed it too!


  1. Hi from Sierra Rose and MOM!
    Thank you for stopping by.
    We are good :) Enjoying some nice (not windy) weather here too :)
    Went to our local farmers market as well this morning, and are enjoying prepping for upcoming summer camping trips.
    (My (MOM) work has been so so busy, that downtime, has been mostly, taking Sierra on walks, and a glass of wine to unwind :), not as much blogging time, unfortunately!
    Wish we could stop by for some big golden hugs!
    Kristin & Sierra Rose

  2. Owwww that last picture is so from

  3. Cute pics. You know from reading Moms blog about the weeds, well she has a problem now, Tons of welts all over and the DR says she is allergic to weeding,She got some predizone and cant weed anymore. She is heart broken NOT!! BOL Have a great day


  4. Hi, It must be that type of weekend because I went out today and got a few plants and a birdbath. Of course I didn't weed at all; glad you've enjoyed the nice weather.
    Sending love your way.
    Noreen & Hunter

  5. i love your gardening overseers on the porch! so cute! glad you're feeling renewed. :) a big hug to you, dear kim.

  6. Those sweet faces are so adorable :o) I'm glad you're feeling better, now if you could send some of that sun to us in the UK and we'll start to feel better too!


  7. So glad you are feeling better. What great photos you have added here. Especially like the one with little Todd peeping through, the sort of little chap who isn't left out no matter what!

  8. Really glad to hear that you and Sam are feeling better, Kim!

    No clue what the butterflies were looking at.

    Isn't poison ivy just one of the most annoying plants?

    Hope you all have a great week!

  9. Hope you are have a good Sunday and will continue to feel better. Sorry Todd and you had the toad experience, but I am very glad to know about the problem. Take good care of yourself and be sure to do some fun stuff! Hope you have a great summer.

  10. What nice news from GP that everything is back to normal, happy bipeds and very happy dogs. Glad you are enjoying the day. We are going swimming. Hope to have some fun pictures to share(as long as the resident tiny dog cooperates!). Easton, a pool and two boys 12 & 9. Recipe for fun.

  11. love the puppies on the porch... That needs to be 24 x 30 and framed... and dying to get to our farmers market... YUM!!!!

  12. I am so glad that you enjoyed the weekend. Love the photo of everydog on the porch.

  13. I just read a few posts back, how is Todd, after the poisonous toad? What a scare that must have been...

    Oh those radishes...what are you going to do with them? Salads, buttered egg noodles, and radishes, ah garden bounties.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. I am soo glad to see and hear your weekend went well . Love your photos. Pups on the porch is my fave . I to enjoy walking around the markets to see whats what ! Have a good day !

  15. Kim,

    I've never seen so many butterflies together at one time.

    Love the last picture of your fur children!

  16. What a great way to spend the day

    Stop on by for a visit

  17. I'm very glad you enjoyed your weekend at home. Plus three cheers for the supervising peanut gallery on the porch!

  18. I have more than a bit of envy! Our farmer's market won't be open until June. I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend! :)

  19. Glad to hear you are feeling better. That capture of the dogs on the porch is classic.

  20. So good to hear you are feeling better. I love your furry supervisors lined up along the porch!!

    Poots and Rubie

  21. I'm glad you are feeling better. A lovely day and an interesting day does help.

    Lovely happiness pictures!


  22. Hi Kim
    I am glad the warm sunny weather, and some extra time for yourself has made you feel better. It really makes a difference! Digging in your flowerbed, or shopping at an outdoor market- is just what you need to do.
    (taking care of yourself)
    The photos of the dogs are just precious!!!!!
    And all those butterflys- are they drinking some water?
    They are beautiful all together.
    We are glad that Sam was feeling better today too.

  23. It sounds like your weekend went great! It's so nice to just hang around the house and pull weeds sometimes! I'm glad Sam seems to be feeling better! :)

  24. Good to know that you are feeling better. Dogs definitely feel when something is wrong. When my husbands blood pressure is high, Roscoe immediately feels it. He will keep jumping on him and pacing back and forth around him. It is incredible.
    We don't really have farmers markets around here. Our weather has been rain and humidity. Lots of it, but we did manage to go out and work in the yard saturday and sunday. Moving plants around and cutting them down. Hope you continue to have a good week.

  25. It amazes me that you can get any work done with all of those sweet face looking at you. The butterfly shot is terrific but the last shot stole my heart. :)

  26. I'm glad you are feeling better Kim -- and your photos made me smile this morning. oxox

  27. Kim, your pictures are always exquisite, but I especially love seeing the pictures of Todd, Charlie and the Goldens on the porch.


  28. Hi there Kim,
    I wasn't aware that your were feeling poorly. I'm glad that you are on the mend and able to work in your garden. There is nothing like a garden to restore one's energy.
    Beautiful photos of the Goldens on the porch. :)
    Sending lotsaluv
    ps. There is a 'Maxdog' give-away on my blog this week. :)

  29. We are so glad you had a good weekend. We love the Goldens all on the porch. Too cute.

    The CheeseHounds

  30. So happy you are feeling better, nothing like a farmers market to get the "feel good" going. Thanks for your comment and yes we did have a great weekend in the garden.

  31. It's good to hear the crew at Golden Pines is feeling better. There's nothing like some beautiful weather to help the soul feel good. :-)

  32. I am berry habby Yeu are feeling better... and all yeur beauty full pitchers habbs maid my the Mom feel better!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  33. Typically Kim when butterflies "sip" the earth, it is for minerals that they need...salt...:)JP

  34. Look at all of those beautiful butterflies. I also loved the picture of the dogs watching you work from the porch. I am sure they were good supervisors.

  35. I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling better :o) As for me, I got a good dose of sunshine as well and spent the better part of the weekend with my Sweetheart, it was lovely :o)

  36. I'm sorry I have missed several of your posts, but glad that I caught one where you are feeling better. I wanted to thank you for you kind words and thoughts on Angel's passing. I appreciate your friendship so much.

  37. I so adore your row of canine supervisors there! Every job need great supervisors ya know? Heeeheehehe!

    It's so great to hear your feelin' better sweetie. Please don't over do..says the kettle to the pot! :o)

    God bless ya and have an amazin' day!!! :o)

  38. Kim, have been on the run, but kept up with you on the is a bit tedious to try to post from there though...about had a heart attack when you started in on Todd's toad adventure! So glad he's ok.
    Also glad that things have slowed a bit for you and you could "breathe" for a moment..
    Thinking of Sam and hoping for the very best...
    Hope the week continues on in a good way for you!

  39. Kim,
    It's understandable that you'd have a let down from the food drive after working on it for soooo long. You have invested so much time and energy, you'll now need to find your new normal-whatever that is...glad to hear Sam is feeling better as well. I am sending positive hopes your way for healing for Sam!

  40. Oh, you probably don't want to know what those butterflies are doing. The ones in our yard love dog poop. Disgusting habit for such pretty little creatures.

  41. So glad you and Sam are feeling better!
    Beautiful pics!

  42. LOVE these photos!!! Hoping you have a great week!

  43. thank you kim for your kind comment about my nugget. i know you have suffered great losses in the past as your heart is so loving to have all of those wonderful babies. i hope you have a great week...

  44. I love the photo of the pups watching you from the porch and the last photo too - extra cute! I'm glad you and pup are feeling a bit better! Take care of yourself my friend!
    xo Catherine

  45. Glad you're feeling better. You've got some really great shots there. We'd love to use the one of all of them on the porch & the last one as Pictures of the Day on Pet Blogs United sometime. (2 different days).

    If we can you you send the attached in an email to pbu at comcast dot net. If not no worries :)

    Nubbin wiggles,

  46. Kim, thanks for letting us know about Wilf. We're very sad even though we were expecting it. We've sent a message to Angus and 'the font'. Still awaiting the new will probably arrive on Friday when I won't be able to get anyone to help connect it! Major frustration here.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella, Roxy & Tobi

  47. I am just catching up with all the going's on around your place. You need a break and sound like you are ready for a break.

    The weather has been really hot up our end, so Molly has been all out of sorts, never mind.

    Take it easy,


  48. Check out all of those adorable faces looking at you from the porch! Just adorable.

    Those radishes are gorgeous! Hope to have a garden next year after Hubby's retirement.


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