Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Award and Our Jewel, Wendy

While we're all staying inside trying to stay cool I thought I'd take today to give a heart-felt thank you to two bloggers who recently passed on the 'Sunshine Award' for my blog.  The first blog was Ruled By Paws which is written by Brooke who works with a guide dog.  Her blog is about her adventures with all her pups, Cessna, Canyon, Aspen and Rogue.

The second time the award was given to us, it came from brown dog cbr  which is a blog chronicling the antics of Hawk, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who is an easy going boy who loves to run and find adventure.

I really enjoy both blogs and hope you'll stop over for a visit and get to know them!

When you receive the Sunshine Award, you're supposed to answer seven questions about yourself.  Since I usually only follow rules when I absolutely have to, I've decided to change that up a little.

On July 3rd we celebrated 13 years with our girl Wendy, who is now almost 15 years old.  She was the second dog Carl and I got, and of all of our dogs, she has been with us the longest.  When I think of the years we've had together, and how embedded within our life she is I am humbled and grateful for that time with her.
So, today as a tribute to Wendy, I'm breaking the rules of the 'Sunshine Award' and am going to tell you seven things about her that you may not know.

1.  Wendy is our only dog that will 'speak' when you ask her to
2.   She never had an interest in chewing on bones, swimming, tennis balls or stuffed animals--In her younger days she was an energetic frisbee gal through and through.
3.  She is not a full-bred Golden and is mixed with Border Collie. (probably why she loves the frisbee)
4.  Wendy doesn't like the other dogs (or us) touching her while she sleeps.  She'll give a single bark and a harmless snap to remind us to leave her alone.
5.  Wendy is the very first dog we got from a rescue which means she has known every single dog we have ever fostered, adopted and owned.  She also has known the 3 cats we've had too.    
6.  She came to us with the name of 'Amber' which I changed to Wendy, my favorite character in Peter Pan.
7.  I knew the first time I met Wendy, that I really wanted her.  We didn't get to bring her home with us that night, and I was worried that the foster home wouldn't pick us to adopt her--They did, and the rest is history!
~Wendy and our First Golden, Tod~

So today, 
Here's to Wendy, 
the Jewel of Golden Pines, Cheers!!


  1. oh, sweet wendy! good girl for being such a wonderful rescue that kim and carl couldn't resist but to help so many more after you!

    she reminds me so much of my first dog, colonel. he was 15 when he passed and was a border collie mix of some sort. her face, ears and the way her hair sort of curls around looks a lot like him. such a sweet boy he was, too.

  2. This is the perfect award for you, Kim. Congratulations!

    I really enjoyed getting to know Wendy. She really is a Jewel and I adore her name. :)

  3. I loved getting to know Wendy better. What a sweetie.

  4. How sweet to get to know alittle more about Wendy. I can't believe she does not like to swim or tennis balls or stuffed animals. She is beautiful. You are lucky to have her and she is one lucky pup to have you in her life.
    Congrats on the award.
    Thanks for Sharing. ANA

  5. Kim, I love the way you "changed" the rules for us to get to know Wendy. I didn't know all that about her so it was nice to know. I've been keeping up with you for a long time now and, if anyone deserves an award, it's you.
    Hat's off to you!!!

  6. Wendy is lovely!!!!
    We just got a new puppy into our home - we did think and look at shelter dogs - and feel a bit guilty not having one. But we wanted a dog for a specific need - and all good dogs need a good home. We did buy from a registered breeder - not a backyard breeder or pet shop.

    Love Leanne

  7. bless her heart
    such a great dog

  8. What a beautiful little dog Wendy is - like a mother figure. Thanks for sharing her with us. Lily and Monty Dog. xxx

  9. What a great dog :-). Where in Ky were you?

  10. What a special girl you have there! Forgive me Kim, but sometimes I get confused and if one of the pups don't 'stand out' I may forget their names or their story. I love when you 'talk' in detail about one or another, reminding us of how special each one is. Wendy is a sweetie!

  11. Great stuff Kim, thanks for sharing Wendy's story. I love knowing all about your dogs; their history, personalities and how they fit into the GP pack.


  12. Hi Kim, What a wonderful companion Wendy is; such a sweet tribute to her. I have thought of you alot this week and pray you are doing well. Sending big hugs to you all.
    Noreen & Hunter

  13. Such a beautiful Lady Ms. Wendy is. All those years, that is just so wonderful.
    So many have been helped by you and Wendy to go out and find their forever home.
    May it continue to be so.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Sophie

  14. Ahh, Wendy is so sweet, and you are really lucky to have had her so long.

  15. Wendy is a beauty and we'd love to know her in person. Yes, we'd keep our hands away when she is sleeping!


  16. what a beautiful old gal! and such a lucky gal!

  17. Wendy looks like a lovely old 'gal!

  18. Wendy is such a sweet girl. Thanks for letting us get to know her better.


  19. Here's to Wendy. May she reign for a long time!

  20. Congratulations Kim, on your Sunshine Award, truly most deserving!
    A sunshiny blog if ever I've read one :)

    Wendy, is one of the luckiest girls in the US and she probably knows it.
    What a gorgeous girl she is, I hope you share many more years together at Golden Pines.

  21. I love that you changed the rules! Wendy seems like a wonderful girl.

  22. Cheers to Wendy! I always love to read your stories about your canine friends. Mine are just precious to me too!!

  23. Hi Kim
    Congratulations on your Award.
    All that you said was beautiful, as you told us about how you got Wendy. And all the special things that make her "Wendy", were so fun to read.
    I feel like I know her now!
    What a beautiful girl she is, and so loved. We wish her many more years too.

  24. Congratulations on your award ... :0)

  25. Hi Kim
    Congratulations on your award. And thank you for telling us more about Wendy - she's a sweet looking senior.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  26. There are times in our lives that we meet the animal that is meant to be, both for us, and for them. Your lovely dog was meant to be part of your family.

    What a joy.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  27. Here here to Wendy!

    Congrats on the awards Kim, very well deserved. :-)

  28. Congratulations on your award and 13 years with your sweet Wendy! She truly is a jewel!

  29. Wendy sounds like a real treasure. What a great accomplishment to have a Golden reach 15 years. I've lost count, how many are in your pack now?

  30. Congratulations Kim and thank for stepping out of the box breaking the rules and giving us the goods on Wendy. What a terrific looking 13 year old.

  31. Oh, sweet Wendy, I didn't know you had been with Kim for that long. I can imagine you had a thing or two to teach all the dogs that have been living there all these years. Our Princess was part Border Collie, part Black Lab, and she was a very good and smart girl too. Happy, Happy Birthday to you, dear Wendy!

  32. I forgot: Congrats on the awards, you are such a Sunshine woman, Kim. So just the right award for you.

  33. Wendy is a treasure. It was nice reading a bit if her life.

  34. Wendy is as beautiful as when you got her!

    I snap a little myself if somebody touches me when I'm sleeping...
    Good Girl!

    Congrats on your awards Kim, you are very deserving!

  35. I havent stopped by for a while and I´m sorry to read about Sam. Sorry for you loss , he was really some guy.
    Great work you do. Hope Sandy is feeling ok in your home now.
    What wheather you have!! Hope you are ok with all now.

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  37. Congratulations upon the award. I love the photo of Wendy. I'm so glad to learn all these cool things about her. She is indeed a beautiful animal, such a sweet dog.

  38. Go Wendy! Go Kim! Go Wendy! Go Kim!
    Put these awards in your 'trophy room' Kim, they are so well deserved!

  39. 3 cheers for WENDY!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  40. Oh look at Wendy! What a beauty!!

  41. Happy Anniversary Wendy! Sounds like you have given her a great life.

    Congrats on your awards. Well deserved.

  42. Happy Gotcha Day Wendy! I love your name and your happy smile. You are a beauty through and through!

  43. Hi Kim, I have fallen a little behind on blog reading, but glad I stopped by to learn more about Wendy. It was a beautiful tribute to an obviously much-loved member of the family.

  44. She looks so happy! And congrats on the award. A treat to have her with you for so many years!

  45. I'm so glad to learn more about your sweet Wendy. Both she and you are lucky to have so many years together.

    Thanks for your sweet comments. You've taught me, many times over, that life goes on. It helps to remind myself of that and of you.


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