Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On The Road Again

Off to the vet this morning with our three foster pups, Annie, Lucas and Sandy. I thought taking the three of them would be easy enough but I hadn't taken into consideration that Sandy can't see where he's going and Lucas is a little bit leary about being taken anywhere--Annie on the other hand is happy wherever she is.

Sandy was the main focus of the visit.  Despite putting drops in his eyes they continue to be red and today was the day to check his eye pressure.  As expected, it was high in both eyes indicating that he has glaucoma--Having previously had a dog that had glaucoma (Tanner) I felt pretty sure of what the diagnosis would be and would have been more surprised if it hadn't been.  We're going to try medications in hopes of lowering the pressure, but if it doesn't help, he'll need to see an ophthalmologist for more treatment.  Paws crossed.

Tomorrow I hit the road again for Lancaster Pennsylvania to spend a couple of days with my good friend Sidney.  We have some things planned to do, and I'm excited to see her and have some fun.

Then the following week my brother comes from Kentucky to spend a week with us.  Will the month of July slow down--Probably not until Todd does!


  1. sweet sandy. he's in good hands. :)

    be safe in your travels! enjoy your time with your friend (and then your brother). that's awesome. :)

  2. Three dogs at once to the VET?! Wow you are quite the woman. I'm pretty sure my MOM could not do that. Enjoy your time with your friend.

  3. Hi, You are headed to one of the places I long to see; hoping your time with your friend is incredible.
    I know your pack will be more than happy when you return. I'm not sure where the days are going either, but they are flying away. Love Todd's photo.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  4. Sounds like a month of fun is planned, enjoy! And I have my paws crossed for a good check up for all at the vet!!

  5. Hi Kim
    We hope the medication helps Sandys eyes! 3 furries all together in the same car, sounds a little challenging,, but I bet you could handle a whole car load of them.
    Your up coming trip sounds wonderful!
    I just know you will have a great time.
    And then of course when your brother comes to Golden Pines- you'll have more fun yet!

  6. Sounds busy for sure and Todd is just a little cutie pie!!


  7. Three big dogs at the vet at once is a handful even if they are a bit older and slower. Have fun on your trip and I have to say that Todd always brings me a smile.


  8. I can barely handle one, three? No chance.

    Have fun on your visit with your friend!!! I mean it!

    Don't you wish you had Todd's energy? I do!

  9. Enjoy your time in PA. I'm sure you could use a break. Travel safe.
    Loves to the pack from us.


  10. I'm sure that you have a great time on that place, and still praying for your safe trip.

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy Bond

  11. Enjoy your trip to Lancaster. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed for Sandy. :)

  12. Paws crossed here too!...Hope you have a super time with your friend, it's good to get away and recharge your batteries. (I love the pic of Todd peeping through the veranda in your Header) :)

  13. Have a good trip and good luck to Sandy with her glaucoma. We are thinking of you!

  14. Wow, poor Sandy. That looks like it hurts her eyes - does it?

    I'll be in Pennsylvania the 10th of August for a sporting clay shoot! Love the PA!

  15. You are definitely brave to take 3 dogs at the same time to the vet. And one that can't see. Wow. I hope the best for Sandy. Hopefully he will get better.
    Todd looks like he is so much fun to have around. He must be the clown that makes you happy even when things could not be any worse. Gotta love him.
    Have fun with you friend and then brother.

  16. Hello Kim, came across your blog and bless your heart, love that you foster and rescue dogs, yey!!!!Enjoyed your blog,will follow for sure, safe travels, Francine.

  17. I love Lancaster, Kim! Hope you have a great time. I'm going to Lancaster County, VA, tomorrow to visit my sister.

    Hope you get good news about all the darling furchildren!

  18. Here's hoping the meds work for adorable Sandy!

    Have a wonderful time away. You sure deserve it.

  19. Wishing Sandy the best - hopefully the meds will work. Wow, 3 dogs at the vet at once & I thought that 2 was bad!

    Enjoy your trip to Lancaster too!

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  20. That must've taken a lot of coordination, good humor, and strength to get all 3 of your dogs in the car and in the vet's office! I hope one of the tech's assisted you in and out of there!
    I do hope Sandy's eyesight improves and I hope he's not in too much pain, poor guy! Keep us posted!

  21. You are a brave soul, Kim. Just taking "Henri" is quite a task for both my husband and I! I, too, hope the medication works for Sandy. Paws crossed here. My daughter had a beagle with glaucoma and so I know the worry and heartache.

  22. I hope an effective treatment can be found for Sandy's eyes! I also hope you have a good time with your friend and then your brother! If you have sa much fun as Todd looks like he's having, you should be all set :o)

  23. Poor Sandy. We hope the rest of the vet visit was positive.

  24. I barely manage two dogs to the vet!


  25. I used to carry all of my dogs to the vet at the same time...however I did work there, so not quite the same as you ;)
    Todd is the happiest little chap !
    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your brother, and I just bet he'll spoil the dogs ...

  26. Oh a vacation will be so good for you Kim! Have a ball with your friend! And thanks for sending up the warm air! We owe you! lol

  27. I am totally impressed. We always take two people for two dogs! Have a wonderful trip to Lancaster. Such beautiful country.

  28. I can't imagine trying to take our three dogs to the vet myself. I could do one dog and the cat, but that is Have a nice trip.

  29. I love Lancaster! There is so much to do there... have a safe and fun trip, Kim! I love that picture of Todd running with his ball. These dogs take retrieving their ball very seriously, don't they?

  30. Hope you are traveling safe Kim!
    Wishing you perfect weather!
    xo Catherine

  31. You must be a courageous person to take more than one animal to the "dreaded" vet. I have four small dogs and can only deal with one at a time. I enjoyed looking through your blog and admire you for taking care of those precious animals. I am an animal lover, too. I have a feature on Friday's where a guest can post anything about their pets of any kind. Would love it if you would get in touch with me and schedule a guest spot. I wish you good luck with Sandy and the others. ------ Shannon

  32. Kim, you're amazing!

    Oh... and I want Todd. ;)

  33. Hope the meds work for Sandy.
    Have a great time with your friend, Kim.

    Thor and Jack


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