Sunday, August 12, 2012

Josh and the Pear

With it just barely light this morning I got the dogs out for the first walk of the day.  The last few weeks Josh and Sheba have been making their first stop of the day the pear tree where they pick and eat the unripe pears. I've just decided to just let them eat them because the stink-bugs will get them if they don't.
~Josh and Sheba raiding the pear tree~
This morning Josh took off in the direction of the pear tree and I immediately heard his signature howling and barking and I knew he'd seen something.  I started after him and walked right through a spider web. As I furiously swatted at the sticky threads that were all over my face, I knocked my glasses off in the process. In the darkness and tall grass I couldn't see them and decided to leave them to retrieve Josh.  His barking had stopped and with Charlie on lead, and the entourage of the others following me, I knew going after him may mean I'd lose track of them in the chase.  So I tried calling to him.  I waited, and heard and saw nothing.  I called Josh again and waited...nothing.  I called again and waited....Still nothing.
I got the other dogs back inside and grabbed a flashlight.  Fortunately I found my glasses, (in one piece) but there was no sign of Josh.  It was getting light and I looked for Josh in the direction I thought he'd gone and didn't see him. I decided to go back to the house and wake Carl up so he could help me look for him--And there was Josh waiting for me in the garage.  When he saw me he stood up and started wagging his tail.  His eyes were all sparkly and there was something so innocent about him as he was smiling and munching on his morning pear.
Josh, Josh, Josh.....


  1. Cute post, I love your dogs. Josh is a handsome dog. Great photos.

  2. We have three large red and yellow delicious apple trees in the back yard. Bella and I start and end the day with apples. The Paw Challenged One says we eat over 20 apples each, each day. I sure wish we had pears too! As soon as our meal inside is over we dash outside to have dessert.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  3. Somedog is pretty mischievous!

    Bart and Ruby

  4. I'm glad he's a good boy and came back home!

    Looks like lots of pears!

    Nice pictures!

  5. Gotta love him don't ya!! Must be fruit picking time as Gracie had herself an apple that had fallen from the tree.
    **that Josh is a handsome one!!

  6. Josh is so cute. He was probably thinking why do you keep calling me when I'm right here in the garage? I hate walking into a spider web.

    Thanks for your kind words and prayers for Nina. I will be updating the blog after we see the vet tomorrow.


  7. Aw! Glad you got your glaaSses in one piece and that Josh found his way home....with pear. Wonder what he saw.....

  8. Whoo, I was starting to get nervous thinking something had happened.

    All's well that ends well. I bet that pear was good, right Josh?

  9. Boy that can take a chunck out of your heart early in the morning. I am glad he was smart enought o come back home.


  10. Josh: "What mom? You were worried? I was just getting a pear to take to the garage and eat!"

    Your stamina farrrrrr outweighs mine!

  11. I thought I had lost Miggy one day when she was younger and when I couldn't find her , my heart sank , then she showed up with a tail wag and a look on her face as if to say I am ok mum ! Well I didn't know whether to yell at her for taking off or hug her for returning safely to me, I opted to hug her ! I am soo glad Josh returned safely ! Just make sure they don't eat to many peaches they can give them bad gas cramps and diarrhea . Have a good day !

  12. Goodness! He was probably wondering what took you so long to find him, too.

    Really glad you found your glasses in one piece, too!
    Have a great week, Kim. :o)

  13. The smile on his face tells it all..I think he may be watching you look for HIM.
    Isn`t that something that Todd seemed to know Annie`s paw was getting sore already? Animals never cease to amaze me.phyllis

  14. What a crazy start to your day! Josh is sleek and so handsome!

  15. Another Golden Khlown ;-)


  16. Such a wonderful way to start the day-at least finding your glasses and Josh at the back of the house. I hope you have a good day at work and an even better week-you deserve it!
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  17. I can hear Josh now as you spied him in the garage:

    Hee hee, what a funny way to start your day. Hope Carl got to sleep in.

    Have a happy week.

  18. Josh is such a beauty it would be hard to get *very* angry with him.

    I am surprised your pups don't get bellyaches from unripe pears. But I am sure they will let you know if they do.

    Glad you found your specs intact!

    JO, Stella and Zkhat

  19. I always love the look on MOM's face when she see I am right where I should be. I think I might have to try a pear, they sound yummy.

  20. Sounds like Josh has been messin' with your mind.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  21. We thought the ending was going to be Josh gnoshing on a rabbit or at least a squirrel. A pear is much easier to clean up. And it's good to know Josh's instinct is to come home when he can't find you.

    How is Annie?

    Jed & Abby

  22. What a cute post....glad Josh is home

  23. LOL...Catcher's Mitt to the face with that spider web! I have done that SO many times. (yuck)

  24. We too have spider webs everywhere. They are driving me nuts. I walk into them often. Can't wait for them to go away. Josh is so cute. Glad to know he is safe and nothing happened to him. They just eat our hearts away when they are wagging their tails and smiling.
    Nice post. TFS. Ana

  25. The spider web would have really freaked me out... ! I'm so glad Josh didn't go far. I have a fear of Gracie getting lose and running onto traffic... and sometimes have nightmares about it happening.
    one day I went out to get her from outside and she was gone! Panic! I went to the other side of the house and there she lay in the cool grass by the door waiting to come in.

  26. Great story,I'm glad you found both your glasses and Josh in one piece!

  27. I dislike spiderwebs in my face too. Sounds like Ol' Josh got around you, glad both of you are OK.

  28. I'm glad you found your glasses and of course Josh too. Sometimes they give us such a scare, don't they. They don't mean to, but still. He is a real beauty.

  29. Phew! thank goodness Josh was okay.

  30. Josh knew everything would be OK.....pears eh? Will have to try them with Sphie....she likes bananas and apples and why not pears?!

  31. Love Josh! Can Neeli & Elle come help pick pears too? Our pear tree is completely empty on the bottom since Neeli showed Elle how to pull her own.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  32. So glad that he came back safe and sound. My neighbors doberman loves to run in our yard and steal the pears that have dropped to the ground.
    Have a great day.

  33. what a fun story.. and so glad your glasses where safe..

    Are you all healed up now???

  34. BOL - he had an adventure, didn't he?


  35. Oh brother. Don't you just love it? That is too much. I have realized tonight that I truly don't know how you do it. Emerson has been very sick for 24 hours - vomiting everything up, including water, and now not eating - just laying down. We have no idea what's going on. If he's not at all better by tomorrow he goes in for x-rays. I'm worried sick about him. I am so grateful there are people like you out there taking care of the animals that others aren't able to/don't care to take care of. I can't imagine having more than 1 sick animal at a time. So I say "thank you" - truly, for caring so much for the wonderful dogs that enter into your life. :)
    Happy Tuesday.

  36. Well, that sure is one way to get your heart pumping in the morning! There's nothing worse than that feeling of walking through a spider web either. Thank goodness Josh came back to the house with his pear! LOL!

  37. Josh, Josh, Josh….he cracks me up!

  38. Haha ~ oh all those pups sure keep you on your toes!!
    xo Catherine

  39. Josh..what a sweetheart! I could tell you about a similar type story but yours is so much more the pic of you on FB!!!!!!

  40. Josh just took himself out for breakfast and then came home, bet you do the same thing sometimes.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  41. Kim,
    You are an amazing writer and blogger! I am in awe of your talent. You draw us into your posts and paint pictures only those with a deep love for Golden retrievers can create. Thank you for sharing your special Golden family with us all.
    sending lotsaluv to you as well as special thoughts for Annie.

  42. They do seem to keep us on our toes when we least expect it !
    A taste for pears surprised me :)
    The deer eat all ours :)

  43. Oh josh you are so cheeky and adorable full of mischief I love

  44. Oh my goodness, that's too funny.

    And something that I would do, without my glasses I am lost, wouldn't be able to find my way back.


    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  45. What a drama !
    Kim have you read The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry ? In it there is "Yellow dog Island" A pack of Golden retrievers gone feral !!! It seems most odd to me. I've gone on the writers site & asked her what her inspiration for this was !
    I really enjoyed the book !


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