Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not the Best

A busy and hectic weekend for us to get ready for company coming at the end of the week, and Carl getting ready to go out of town.  Yesterday we cleaned every area rug in the house and put them onto the porch railing to air out and finish drying.  While we were gone to church this morning heavy storms drenched every one of them.  We've used a wet-dry vac and hope they'll dry and not be ruined.
On Wednesday CarrieAnne is having surgery to remove a cracked and broken canine. It goes without saying that I'm worried about her having this done--Worried because five years ago she had surgery to remove a growth and my vet at the time told me CarrieAnne had a very difficult time waking up from the anesthesia.  Of course remembering that makes me uneasy, but I don't know that there's a choice given the condition of the tooth.
Sandy's weekend hasn't been the best.  Friday and Saturday he was restless and panted and paced throughout the night.  When he would lay down, he'd start a high-pitched barking that was almost non-stop.  Today he seems comfortable and has slept almost the entire day and we had to wake him for his evening meal.  Sandy is storm-phobic and I'm wondering if Sandy's restlessness could have been brought on by the change in weather the last couple of days?
My own weekend hasn't been the best.  Yesterday I took a break to take pictures of butterflies that were on a thistle on the edge of our yard.  I guess my presence wasn't welcomed because something stung me making my hand swell up like a balloon.  But I did get some good pictures ...
Speaking of butterflies, today after the storm there was a beautiful swallow tail that had gotten drenched and was in the grass of our yard.  I gently picked it up and showed Todd thinking that he would be curious about the insect that was crawling on my hand...Instead of being curious, he ate it--I guess sometimes you have to eat something to get an appreciation for its beauty...I hope you had a good weekend!!


  1. poor sandy! and i hope carrie anne does okay this time. todd, you're such a boy! :) hope your hand gets better, too!

  2. What a tough weekend! I hope the surgery goes well and I hope your sting goes down too!

  3. Stella is also storm-phobic and it seems that she knows early on when a big one is coming. Its kind of interesting to see how she is affected by it.

    Stella doesn't like things in her mouth that move and thinks Todd is
    crazy to eat the things he does.

    Cheers to all,

    Stella and Co.

  4. Paws crossed CarrieAnne's op goes well. I'm sure your vet will give the miniumum amount of anestesia necessary, and watch over her really well.

    I also hope whatever Sandy was sensing has now gone and is no longer an issue, and that your hand is better soon.

  5. I sincerely hope your coming week goes better than the weekend. The picture of the butterfly is beautiful.


  6. Oh dear. This coming week just has to be better!

  7. Our sweeet Kim
    We will be sending postive thoughts for CarrieAnn, that everything will be okay. I imagine the vet will be extra cautious. I know you are concerned- and we would be too.
    So we are going to send good calming thoughts to you too.
    The butterfly photo is beautiful. We do not have butterflys like yours, so its always a treat when you share your world.
    Your swollen hand must itch and hurt so bad. We hope you are finding something to releive the pain and itch.
    We are keeping our paws crossed that all your rugs dry out, and not be ruined. I know you probably needed rain,, but not on your rugs.
    We send love

  8. That silly Todd. LOL

  9. HI Kim, what a week you've had. I will keep you and Carrie Anne in my thoughts as she has her procedure.
    I think God gave you Todd for humor...a chance to just stop and maybe giggle when life is tough. Not cool to eat the butterfly, but your story was a little funny. I can just imagine showing Todd the pretty butterfly and them him eating it and looking at you like...Thanks Mom!!
    Hope the hand healing quickly. Take care.

  10. Oh Todd, honest to goodness you actually ate it. Mmmmmm

    We are keeping all our paws crossed at Canine Country club for a successful surgery and peaceful nights at your place.

    Bert and My Vickie

  11. Aw, adorable dogs! Poor Sandy. My Golden, Piper, has storm issues as well.

  12. Hope you're feeling better now. No matter how careful I am, I always get stung or bit by something when I'm working outdoors, too.

    Have a blessed week. ♥

  13. We had extreme heat yesterday and rain today! lol I keep reminding myself about how badly we needed that rain, even though it was on a day when we really wanted to do some things outdoors. I hope your week improves!

    I worry about our girls having anesthesia, too. I hope that it all goes alright for CarrieAnne!

  14. I sure hope everything starts looking up. Of course paws crossed for all who need it and for your hand. I do have to say I did laugh at Todd. That is something I would do.

  15. Sending good vibes to Golden Pines...

    Bart and Ruby

  16. We will keep CarrieAnn in our prayers! Sending you hugs!


  17. Thinking of Carrie-Ann as well as Sandy. Sending good vibes your way for all that is happening in your household, Kim. I saw the beautiful butterfly pic that you sent to Tweedles on FB.
    Give sweet Todd a kiss on the nose for me.
    Enjoy your week, sweet friend.

  18. My thoughts will be with you when CarrieAnne has her extraction. Maybe they will adjust the medication.

    Poor Sandy, We have those weather problems here too.

    Nice butterfly shot!

    Yep, I would say Todd has a good taste for beauty!

    Wishing you an easier week!

  19. You should take proper care of yourself, Kim. I remember when last time you got those allergies all over. Hope it's better now.

    Prayers your way for Carrie.I'm sure all will go well for your girl...I know how taxing it is. Buddy reacted to anaesthesia during his neutering surgery, developed fits and took a long time to recover. It was most heart wrenching.

    TODD!What a bundle you are!

  20. Silly Todd! Thistle the Jack Russell Terriorist is like that. I'm sending many goat kisses for CarrieAnn and her tooth! xoxoxo

  21. Hope CarrieAnn's surgery goes well. Now that they know about her issue with anesthesia, maybe they can just put her only slightly under?

    Poor Sandy. Our old Golden used to get very anxious with storms in the area. I remember one day he was pacing and nervous. The weather looked OK to me and nothing predicted. I went to work and around lunchtime the tornado sirens sounded. Freak storm and he knew. I always figured it was something about the air pressure.

  22. Oh dear, what a time you're having. Hope things get better soon.

    Waggles, Dougall.

  23. I'll send some good thoughts your way Kim. You may want to get your hand checked out if the swelling does not go away, I need steroids when I get stung. :-(

  24. Hi Kim, I will pray that everything goes well with Carrie Ann. Maybe Sandy really is storm-phobic, I know Roscoe is. He shivers without consolation. Hope your hand gets better. Todd is a ham. You have to love him. His face is just adorable.

    I do have a request. If you could please pray for Roscoe. He woke up yesterday morning not being able to put his paw down. We immediately took him to the vet and she said it could be cancer because of what the x-ray is showing or mersa. He is on antibiotics and pain meds. We will have him on meds for the next 2 weeks and repeat the x-ray, if it does not show any better than they will do a biopsy. Please pray that he gets better and is able to be with us longer. He is only 4 years old.
    Thank you, Ana

  25. Hi Kim, I think Sandy knew the storm was coming and was very nervous,so he was restless all night. Will say a prayer for Carrie Anne, hope everything goes well. Oh that Todd, can`t believe he ate the butterfly, to funny. Blessings Francine.

  26. Hi, Kim! Our Jack, who is blind, is very gunshy/stormphobic....we bought our 2 very nervous dogs Thundershirts. It seemed to calm them down right away....not completely as they will have to get used to them, but they are a pretty good thing, I think. You may have already heard of them...
    anyway...have a SUPER week!!!

  27. Hi Kim, hoping your week ahead is better for you and the dogs. We are keeping paws crossed for Carrie Anne and Sandy. Storms are a tough thing for some dogs to handle. For the first time since we've had Easton, he's beginning to show signs of his age. Nothing serious I hope. He's back to almost normal today.

  28. So I suppose Todd has butterflies in his stomach now then! Hope CarrieAnne will be okay, I'll be thinking of her. I reckon you could be right about Sandy and the change in weather, some dogs are ultra sensitive to these things. Hope your week goes well.

  29. I hope CarrieAnne does OK. It must be very stressful knowing the anaesthetic is needed but not for a life threatening problem as it seems a big risk. Pity she can't have a local like we would for a tooth extraction. I hope Sandy is OK too. Monty was like this a couple of years ago and I think looking back he had taken a tumble on the stairs when we were out. Lily. xxx

  30. Dear Kim, Sending peacefilled thoughts to you today dear friend. I'm sorry you had so many things to deal with this weekend. I wanted to ask you how you clean your area rugs? We have one that desperately needs cleaning but not sure if we need to use a carpet shampooer or do it by hand.
    I hope your hand is back to normal. Sending love your way.

  31. I always worry when the dogs need to be anesthetized...just a thing I have...sounds like you had a bit of an allergic reaction to that bee (?), Kim...:)JP

  32. Sorry....we're chuckling at Todd! We have an 'eat first and question later' policy here.

    Hope the hand is better. The photo is certainly a consolation.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  33. I hope everything goes well for Carrie-Ann and that Sandy is doing better. As for Todd and the butterfly, that must have been quite a surprise! Poor butterfly!


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