Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Impressions

It was a beautiful Saturday, although the breeze was a little chilly, the bright sun was very warming. Mid-morning was the perfect time to get the dogs out to run off some energy and explore.  I had my camera with me and we were enjoying our time outdoors.
As you know, things can change and with no warning, that's what happened.  A deer ran out of the woods behind us and I heard voices at the same time.  Of course all the dogs ran in that direction as a couple walking down the newly graveled driveway came into view.  I quickly found out that it was the owners of the property in back of us.  Work began a few weeks ago, and with the completion of a new driveway, the foundation work of the house has begun.
~The new neighbors driveway~
They were nicely dressed and introduced themselves.  Of course I immediately became nervous--Not only to meet them, but I wondered what kind of first impression I was making--My hair was a mess and windblown, I was wearing an old over-sized denim shirt and pants, with garden shoes. Todd and Charlie were barking hysterically in the yard and the dogs were running around them having totally forgotten their names and acting like they had never heard my voice before or ever been told what to do.
In the midst of my trying to get control of the dogs and appear calm and collected, they began talking about easements and power lines--Asking me if it would it be possible to have permission to dig on our property so their power-lines could be underground?  While they were going on about the utilities, my mind was spinning and I was even secretly saying a prayer of thanks that they hadn't been jumped on by one of the dogs--And with that, I found myself agreeing to their request.
First impressions were that our new neighbors seemed nice enough.  I have to admit that it's a relief to finally put a face on the worry that I've had since the property was first put up for sale nearly 2 years ago.  The wife is retired and they mentioned that this home has been in the planning stage for almost 10 years and should be completed sometime in the spring.  They have NO plans to cut down any trees (whew!!!) and they told me they are 'avid gardeners and animal lovers who enjoy the outdoors, nature, peace and quiet and privacy.'  No question they'll be able to have everything on their list, but the quiet?  I don't know, we Todd after all!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!   We have been having internet issues and we're only getting an intermittent signal the past couple of days--We have a connection for a few minutes, and it goes out for a few minutes.  It makes blog-hopping a little difficult.  Verizon said they would come tomorrow to repair it--On a Sunday??!!--Should I believe them?  


  1. well, if nothing else, you showed a huge advancement of good neighborly-ness in giving them permission to dig across your property. thereafter, if they have any issues with your pups, hopefully they'll be very mindful of that and stay quiet about it.

  2. Glad the neighbors seemed nice, I know that was a worrisome thing for you. At least you all will still have a nice space to walk and unwind. :-)

  3. I'm glad your new neighbors seem like nice people :o)

    As for Verizon, don't believe a word they say. If you post that they showed up on a Sunday, especially in the States, I will keel over :oJ

  4. I wouldn't hold my breath about service on a Sunday, but it's not impossible. I'll hope they fix things for you soon!

    I'm glad the new neighbors seemed nice enough!

  5. Hi there, So glad the dogs didn't know one of your new neighbors over with all their excitement and greetings. Sounds like you may have wonderful neighbors. Love your photos, especially the butterfly.
    Have a great Sunday my friend.
    Noreen & Hunter

  6. Glad that your new neighbors are nice people and that they are retired and enjoy nature , animals and gardening , I bet they will be great to have next door ! Hope your internet gets fixed . Lovely photos ! I am the same with Miggy as she seems to forget my voice when new people are around and I am always making sure she doesn't jump up on them ! One thing I haven't been able to cure her of it either no matter what I did , she doesn't jump on me just everyone else ! Have a good day !

  7. I wouldn't worry what you looked like. But that is just me. But it sounds like the first meeting was just fine. As for the internet dude coming on a Sunday, hummmm. Would like to know if that happens. Have a beautiful Sunday.

  8. Whew! The trees are staying! They must be animal lovers as well, seeing as there was no shrieking.

    Good luck with V... maybe they are better where you live...

  9. After you gave them permission for something that important to them, I don't think you have to worry about any noise complaints. Once they find out what you do for the senior goldens I'm sure you will have their full support. I got my computer cleaned by someone in New Delhi, India. Ah, this internet world is amazing. It works a bit better now but it is old and slow. Hope you get your connection fixed.

  10. They don't even show up here when you have an appointment.
    Good luck!
    We have Verizon for our cell phone service. Very iffy some nights so hard to keep up with what little online time I do have, too.

    Glad you finally got to meet the new neighbors. I imagine (and will add a prayer, too) that things will be okay.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Kim. ♥

  11. Hope you get your internet fixed tomorrow. I'm with Goose's mom that I wouldn't care what I looked like meeting the new neighbors since you were just hanging out at home.


  12. Yes! So far so good. How could anyone not love your crew?

  13. I wouldn't care either what I looked like, not going to change your style after they move in, are you?

    They will learn to love you just for you, and all those sweet pups too. Oh, and the cat, and Carl!



  14. I am sure you have gotten a huge load off your shoulders now that you have met the owners of the property. So great to know that your new neighbors will also grow to love the dogs. Hope that your internet issues get resolved. Ana

  15. Who, I mean WHO wouldn't love Todd!!!
    Sounds like a nice couple, I think you and the pack are going to be just fine!!

  16. Sounds like your neighbors are going to be fine! Do enjoy your weekend. Are you loving the cooler weather?

  17. Isobelle's lady here: So great that you've finally met the neighbors. Please make sure that you have any permission for digging and easement use in writing. These people may be honorable but anyone who comes after them may not be. I'd suggest defining exactly what can and cannot happen in that easement. You may never have any problems, but having something written down that is agreed upon by all involved will be a great asset to you. :)

  18. Glad you have actually met the new people, and I guess at least the power cables will be Underground, much better than wires above. It takes time to get to know new people...we have new neighbours here, well they moved in last October and keep to themselves but then I suppose we do

  19. I am glad that you finally Got a chance to meet the new neighbors. They say that they are animal lover's.. that's great... because who wouldn't fall completely in love with Todd and his golden's!!! I know I would be looking for the dogs ever day!!!

  20. They do sound like nice neighbors. But, I know the angst of losing a tiny bit of your privacy. Someone is building a new home adjacent to our favorite meadow where we walk and play with our dogs every evening. It feels like an invasion... but I'm sure that we will all work it out, as I'm sure that you will too.

    Isn't it funny how our crazy dogs know just the right moments to forget their names and act wild? Ours did the same with our new "neighbors". R, in particular, barked like a wild banshee while we talked with them. He and Todd may be kindre

  21. Never believe Verizon! BOL! Glad they seem friendly! Enjoy the Sunday!

  22. Thank Goodness for peaceful neighbors! The very first concern or cause of incessant worry in my case and I believe,in everyone who has a 'dog-family' when someone new shifts close by or when we shift to a new neighborhood is this - animal loving or at least dog tolerant people around!
    Life becomes so much easier if those chance encounters are peaceful.
    Lovely pictures!
    And yes, You do sound exactly like me when I'm out walking my kids!!And yes, they all conveniently go deaf exactly when U need them to listen to you!!And I desperately explain what perfect angels they usually are!!SIGh!

  23. What a relief! We'll keep fingers crossed that they are good neighbors.


  24. Hey it's Jet here. Hi Miss Kim...

    We were recommended to your site...but at this moment, Mom cannot recall by which of our anipals...

    This week, we're remembering our beloved golden, Koko, who passed a year ago yesterday. We would love to have you read about her and we look forward to learning about your golden gang (and wheaten of course!)

    Yes, you must be relieved to finally know who the new neighbors will be. Sounds like a pretty good fit. :)

  25. A natural first impression is best!

  26. Yay for having nice neighbors and another yay for them being animal lovers.

  27. I can totally relate to your feelings, it's always scary to not know who, and what is moving in next to you.

    I really hope that as time passes they become even better neighbours.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  28. Hi Kim, so happy to hear that the new neighbors are animal lovers, whee. Such great pictures of those furbabies, love them all. Blessings Francine.

  29. We had given one of our neighbors permission for a power line so I'm sure you did the right thing, Kim...they sound like they'll be great neighbors!...:)JP

  30. happy you were finally able to meet them! Those dog photos are just too cute. And Todd.....who wouldn't love him? :-) Sounds like my Oliver who barks whether he's happy, sad, mad, or just plain bored. Happy Sunday and good luck with the cable company.

  31. Hi Kim
    The butterfly is gorgeous! We have never seen one like that!
    I am glad you got to meet your new neighbors- at least that part is over now. They sound like nice people- and that they do not plan on cutting any trees is wonderful!
    Don't worry about what they thought of you- I bet they could feel your love and kindness- just by standing next to you!
    I know the feeling of having all those unknown changes happen- like your all going through.
    We keep hoping for you- that it all turns out okay.

  32. Oh I know how you feel about the neighbor thing! We recently got new ones also. I was so relieved to know the same things that you learned about yours. Our neighbors news house is almost completed, and now I am wishing they would cut a few trees so that I could see it everyday because it looks like something out of a magazine! Neighbors make all the difference in the world!

  33. Hi Y'all,

    Hope y'all are having a great week!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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