Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ahead of the afternoon storms I got an early start to help a friend and run errands.  Sitting on the side of the road I saw this discarded piece of someone's history.  Before I really thought about it, I was putting the old rocking chair into my van.  Despite not having a seat or rockers, it's solidly made and still really sturdy.  There's a part of me that thinks I shouldn't have picked it up, but another part of me is thinking of things that I could do with it--What are your thoughts?
Once back home, the dogs played while I took a few pictures. Josh found his old frisbee that has been missing for some time.  It's times like that, I wish he could talk so I could ask him where he found it.
I found this yellow garden spider.  Did you know, the zig-zag reflects UV light and is meant to warn birds and deer (and us) that the web is there, so it's not crashed into?  I appreciate those warnings!
Sheba and Todd found great fun in a good game of ball.
Afterwards, when the rain rolled in everyone found a good place for a nap!
I hope you've found yourself enjoying your Saturday!!


  1. First of all, Kim, if I have something that someone might use, I put it out on the berm, and when its taken, I just love it! Makes me feel very happy. . .so that old chair, will be fun for you to fix up, maybe even put rockers on it, and a new seat would be pretty easy. A scraping and a new coat of paint, a pretty flowered seat cover and you have a special addition to your porch. How fun!


  2. We think the chair just needs a seat...BOL! That's so Todd can get on it.

    Looks like a fantastic way to enjoy a Saturday.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Oh I would bring it back to life and put it on my front porch ! Have fun with that wonderful old rocker just imagine if it could talk the history it would have ! Fantastic photos ! It has finally rained here and is nice and cool ! You and your clan have a wonderful evening !

  4. by putting a few slats across the seat bars, you could easily make it hold a mixed garden pot of plants and blooms! set it on your porch or in a flower bed, next to a tree. :)

    glad everyone is having a good day!

  5. I didn't know that about the spider webs, that makes sense! I love your new chair. I wonder what it would say if it could talk too. Have a great weekend!

  6. What a fun Saturday !
    The dogs always make me smile, they really do love to romp and play with each other.
    I love those garden spiders, the zig-zag line in their webs, and I've learned something new, I didn't know it was a warning sign.
    The old rocking chair, needs a new seat and enjoy it on your porch, or a lovely basket of flowers in the seat part would be sweet.

  7. Boy, all the dogs are looking terrific. I'm sure you will have no trouble finding a solution for your new chair. We had some heavy wind and rain earlier today.

  8. You have a perfect porch for a chair like that. I'm sure you will find the right way to upgrade it.


  9. A thunder and windstorm rolled in this afternoon and now cooler weather is prevailing. Could not have been a nicer day. I'd sometimes like to know where our dogs' toys hide too!

  10. I like the rocking chair. I didn't know that about the spider's web. How clever nature is. I hope you found yourself a nice spot to sit and rest a while.

  11. I agree. Even if you just put a seat on it, it would be okay like it is.
    Or you could add rockers.
    Or make a planter out of it. :o)

    Love your pictures, Kim. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

  12. I like that spider's web, very interesting!

  13. I love Orb Weavers! I showed ours on my FB page the other day :) They are awesome mosquito eaters, too! If they bite you, no harm done. They are good spiders :)
    Loved all your pics today. Glad the frisbee was found. It was a good day!!
    xo, misha

  14. Great find... one man's trash is another woman's treasure! It's crying for new rockers and a seat.

    Yah, Josh is never gonna tell you where he had that hidden ;-)

    Nice pictures - didn't know that about that web. My something learned for the day!

    I hope you have a good tomorrow too!

  15. Love that chair! You made a good find. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    The kids all look so happy today!

  16. Yes, I would've snagged that chair too! It is very shabby chic and once you get a cushion and some wood for support underneath you are all set!
    Love that the dogs are there to keep you occupied and amused! They obviously enjoy being photographed!

  17. That chair wouldn't cost too much to get fixed up I'd wager! You could have a nice, cushioned seat put on and a new set of rockers and you'd be all set for some downtime on you porch!

    As for the spider, yup, warnings are always nice. I've run into a few inhabited webs in my time and it was not a pretty sight since I am afraid of spiders!

    As for my weekend, it has been enjoyable so far and it looks like yours has been as well!

  18. Kim
    Just checking in on you. I think that chair was the perfect find!
    And of course we love the photos of the furries.
    sening love to you my friend.

  19. What a great chair. MOM ask me all the time, "Goose where did you find that?" hehhhe A dog never tells.

  20. Some of us don't need to wait for rain to find a place to settle down and have a nap.

  21. I love that old chair...I would have stopped to rescue it too.

  22. Great found that chair!!! the picture from Sheba !!..enjoy a happy xxx...

  23. I can put a new bottom in that chair for you. Just bring it on down and we'll sit on the porch and do it.

    Some people use them to put plants in and set them in their yard.

    Like you, I could have never left it sitting. It would have definitely come home with me.


  24. I'd have stopped for the chair too! How about putting a pot in it and growing something with vines - they could climb the chair and cover it? Like snap peas? Yum yum!


  25. Keep it till the next time you are asked to deliver a speech on TV, you can use the chair to talk to. Worked for Clint!

    Mogley G. Retriever

  26. No Pres! Keep it and fill it with the most colorful, bountiful flowers!!!!...:)JP

  27. Hi Kim, oh I love the old rocking chair and yes, I would have also picked it up, you bet. I might put it in the garden, let plants grow up and around it, Morning Glory or something that climbs. Love the pictures of the dogs, always a treat to see them play, oh happy Dogs!!!! Blessings Francine.

  28. Oh Lee and I have been known to stop and pick up treasurers along side of the road. We always have projects going, when we finish someone comes and wants them. Your country side looks so green. With the two rain we have had things are starting to green up here. Have a good week.
    Sweet William The Scot

  29. Hi Kim! I can't wait to see what you do with the chair. It looks perfect for your porch. Love all the pictures... but I do not like spiders at all. It's nice of them to warn us though... I certainly wouldn't want to run into one of them.

  30. Wow to the zig zag, and the found chair. Way to go.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  31. Josh was just telling Easton that he wished you could bark so he could know where you found that chair. Then he would tell you where that darn frisbee was hiding.

    We highly approve of considerate spiders. We hate running into webs.

  32. Love the chair... you could add a seat, back, rockers and refinish it ... or you could put a very large planter in the seat area, plant some terrific plants and set the whole thing on the porch or garden. Enjoy!

  33. Mom had a friend who used an old chair like that as a planter. She put some type of screen in the seat, lined it with spagnum moss, and filled it with potting soil, and planted flowers in it. Maybe you could repaint it in bright colors first?

    Looks like your pack had a lovely Saturday!

    your pal,

  34. We have a couple of those yellow spiders, one on each gate. They're fascinating.

    We're all glad that Josh found his frisbee. Sky hunted for his favorite ball for days. Then Fudge brought it our from where he'd hidden it. Kids!!

  35. Kim,
    I think the chair was a great fine.
    I would probably wash it with some bleach or tsp. product and then but some wooden slats across the rungs and throw a nice cushion on top to sit my ass into. There is so many possibilities for this chair that I really could just go on and on.
    We have lots of those spiders here and they love to hide in the golden rod around my pumpkin patch.
    If you have ever seen a egg sack from one of them they are the size of a grapefruit.
    Love that last shot of Annie looking back.

  36. I love your rocker, but don't try to sit in it! It needs a seat :)

    I always wish our dogs could talk, except when they might give away our secrets!

    Last, I wanted to mention with regard to Todd's accidents by the door... R had a similar issue with house training. After many accidents next to the door, our vet tested the pH of his urine, and it was much too high. Apparently, that makes it really hard to hold in the urine. A urine pH test is actually free at our vet. It's not hard to fix. Just a thought for you...

  37. Honestly, I have so many old discarded pieces of furniture I want to redo I would probably have to pass by quickly. But, this chair reminds me of one I seen on a garden tour this summer. It was in the midst of a lush flower bed with flowers growing up through the seat. You probably don't need to do anything to it, just plant it in a bed of flowers!

  38. I think the chair is GREAT! And I didn't know that about the zig zags :-).


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