Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm Glad ...

Its worked out that instead of working every day this week, I was able to arrange to take off work on Friday!  I am so glad I'm done with the near misses of deer crossing the road, and the heavy morning fog.
I'm glad I'm done sitting in rush-hour traffic.   
And I'm glad that for this week I'm done seeing unhappy patients and kids who get sick while I'm trying to take their take x-rays (yes that did happen!)  
I'm just so glad I'll have that extra day to be home, relaxing...
And spending time with the dogs and catching up on things around the house.    
And recharging those inner-batteries so I can do it all again next week.  
~Carl and Lucas~


  1. We are soooo happy for you!
    Recharge those batteries Kim.
    Breathe deep and relax. Pat the furrys heads.
    Its your day!

  2. Enjoy the weekend Kim and Company :) I totally understand the craziness of dental world--it's nice to be home and unwind.

  3. OH that looks like some crazy weather you are having to deal with. We worry about hitting deer too when we go camping. You have to deal with it every day. Wow.

    Hopw you have a wonderful weekend...

  4. those sweet pups would certainly perk me back up. enjoy your day!!

  5. Very glad you can now recharge. Aleays important to do. I bet with just 87 seconds with the pups you'll feel the fog lift and the sun shine warm your soul.

  6. WOW now that is fog!
    bet the dogs are pleased to have you home too.
    Love Leanne

  7. I think tomorrow you should start off with an early appointment with Todd and a ball. That would guarantee you to get your day started just right. Then the rest of the pups . . .

    Cheers and happy weekend!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  8. Happy long weekend Kim! Enjoy! Love the pic of Carl and Lucas.

  9. Woof! Woof! KIM Happy recharge day Friday n Weekend. Golden LOVE to the Golden Pines Gang. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  10. That's some FOG!

    Yep, we hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Kids and X-rays. What fun !

  12. Love those everyday kinds of pics. Havea relaxing day!

  13. So glad you were able to take the day off and enjoy it relaxing. Thankfully I can do this everyday, thanks to the hubs having a decent job. Love the pictures of the 2 dogs sleeping on the same bed and the one with Carl and Lucas, priceless. What a nicely captured moment. Those are the ones that count anyhow. TFS. ana

  14. Hi Kim, wow, that is some thick fog. Yes, time to recharge, enjoy the weekend, slow down a little. So cute how Todd sleeps, love those back legs. Lots of puppy love will do the trick...Blessings Francine.

  15. have a wonderful, recharging weekend!

  16. Hi Kim, I am so lucky that since I had my son I have not had to work but when I did I used to love adhoc days off. Its seems all the nicer for being not planned too far in advance. Lily. xxx

  17. Lucky you! I've been having trouble doing full weeks since my father got sick, I just get tired so quickly I find!

  18. I'm glad for you, too! I wish you a peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable weekend.

  19. Love tose gifts of a day off!!

  20. Boy can I relate! I am so glad you got an extra day off.
    My days at home are treasured time for me as well. That is why I love working for the school district so much, those summers off are priceless!

  21. How you have a 3 day weekend!


  22. It's true, coming home to those happy faces can brighten the darkest day and make it seem worthwhile. No matter how rotten my mood, they're always happy to see me.

  23. Glad you got a precious day off. Love the pics of the dogs, especially the first one of Todd relaxing there, just love those little leggies out behind him. Had a check up today with the dental hygenist, all okay...phew!

  24. Hi, I'm glad you got Friday off too-that commute would do me in, I tell you; who wouldn't rather be at home with the pups. I can't believe that Todd is almost as long as ???(sorry can't tell which pup it is). Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
    Noreen & Hunter

  25. I think you've got the right idea, relaxing with the doggies sounds much better than working. :)

  26. I love how Todd is sleeping!


  27. Oh it sounds like you so needed this day off, good for you.

    Will the fog stop soon?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  28. oh i'm SO GLAD ! ! !
    i could feel the relief in every word.
    i love these pictures.
    well. except for the peek into the dentist's room.
    that todd even takes a nap cute!!
    and the sheer love in lucas's face...
    i'm so glad you gave him a chance ~
    and let him stay. he needs you two.
    and his home. and probably even cc!
    and his brothers and sisters.
    happy weekend!

  29. What is better than a day off? A day off with dogs. enjoy

  30. That sure was some fog. Glad you got your day off after all. I am glad I will have a weekend to myself to get some things done. :)

  31. Have a good, relaxing weekend Kim... and recharge those batteries!

    I just love how Todd lays with his hind legs in back of him. And that bed looks so comfy!!

  32. Just love the way Lucas looks into Carl's face. You can feel the love.

  33. I'm so glad that you had today to unwind. I loved the photo of the dogs relaxing. It made me feel more relaxed!

  34. So glad you had Friday to recharge! I hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend. :)

  35. Hi Y'all!

    I hope by the time you read this that your batteries are recharged and you're looking forward to facing the excitement of this coming week!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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