Friday, October 26, 2012

Whose Company?

~Annie and Sheba (right)~
There’s virtually no chance the Washington, D.C. region will avoid the wrath of Hurricane Sandy entirely. The only question that seems to be remaining is, how bad will it be?  Even though its range of possible tracks has narrowed some, there still doesn't seem to be enough to provide a single, confident forecast.  But just as it happens with predicted snowstorms it seems to be the only thing on the news and what people are talking about.
~Lucas, Charlie and Todd's nose~
The only thing we're talking about however is the nice visit we had with our friends.  The dogs were on pretty good behavior.  However they remain totally convinced that whoever comes to our house couldn't possibly be interested in anything else but seeing them.  But I've decided that even if (and when) company isn't here to see the dogs, they do add a lot to a visit, don't they?
I hope you enjoy your weekend!!