Sunday, November 25, 2012

Five Days

I had so many things planned for the five days that I've had off of work...So many things.

For starters, there was a much-anticipated Saturday lunch date with a very good friend. Not to mention errands to run, a few things to organize and put away along with some cleaning to do and a lesson to prepare for church. Even with Thanksgiving, it was going to be such a productive weekend.

I did none of the above.  Instead, I took Annie and Wendy to the vet early Saturday morning, rescheduled my lunch date with my friend, and spent almost every minute at home.  I just really thought it was what I should do. And so I did.
~On the road with Wendy & Annie (background)~
We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and let all the dog's unleash their energy with long, leisurely, walks. We explored around the pond on the property adjacent to us, and played ball.
~Sheba and Joshua~
Yes, aside from the Thanksgiving Day drama with Humble, it was a perfect five days, even if I did feel a bit guilty for letting a few things slide. That is, until my friend Diane helped put things in perspective.
"Who says long weekends have to be productive?" she said in her e-mail. "Instead, have a memorable weekend like the one you're having.  You won't remember the weekends where you run errands and clean, but you will remember one where you devoted time to those precious to you."
And she's right. So what if the closets didn't get cleaned and my desk didn't get organized?  Instead, I enjoyed catching up with all my siblings, I got to know 'Humble' just a little bit better and spent time outdoors with the dogs.  It was, indeed, a really nice five days.
Productive? Okay, maybe it wasn't. But priceless? Absolutely. 


  1. Sounds perfect! Hey, I'm reading blogs rather than doing paperwork...

  2. sometimes you do have to stop and smell the roses. Glad you had a good weekend. We have had snow here, not sure if its heading your way? Gone really cold though.

    Great photos of the dogs.

    Gill in Canada

  3. it sounds perfect, actually. :)

  4. Sounds like a perfect long weekend to me.


  5. Priceless is what matters, Kim. I was reading back over the post that I missed thru Thanksgiving and all that I can say is your a wonderful person. We arrived home from the mountains today (our Thanksgiving tradition) to find Sprint, one of our rescues dead in his bed. I knew it before I got home because my dad called and told me that he had found him. I am sooo sad, but so grateful at the same time that he died in his favorite spot, in his new plush, cozy bed, and that I told him that I loved him before I left. Sprint was a talker. I loved to listen to him, and told hubby if I could only have one more conversation with him, and watch him turn his body all side ways and throw his head back while telling me about his day.....I rescued him from the Sprint mart (quick stop)about eight years ago as a puppy from a man that was about to smash his head into the concrete and kill him for walking into the quick stop. He has loved me ever since, and I did him, too. We think that he may have had a heart attack, and he went quickly, and he was in his favorite place, but it is still heart breaking!

  6. From our point of view, all peeps should spend msot of their time with the poochies, thats what is productive. We got Mom & Dad to us almost all weekend.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  7. who says giving love to the dogs isn't productive? Looks to me like you had a full weekend.

  8. first... heartwarmed love to you teresa in your loss of sprint. the rescued ones do know. they know you save them.
    and you dear heart ...
    you have a house that's golden.
    golden with love and laughter and memories and doggy smiles and who needs productivity so much? it gets in the way of living.
    love to you.
    tammy j

  9. Sounds perfect to me one can ever take away those priceless memories!! I love weekends like this. Have a great week.

  10. ps...
    thank you for the picture of lucas.
    and his little lopsided face.
    i don't know why but he became special to me as soon as you got him. to think of the agony of every tooth infected in his mouth.
    i couldn't bear it. and now look at him. he's healthy again. you work your magic. he's loved and secure finally. the pain gone. and a kitty of his own to adore. even if it's not reciprocated! LOL.

  11. yeah so what if.....I think spending the days ith the pooches and loved ones doing love things of healing and bonding is well spent

  12. Sounds like exactly what everyone needed. Oh I still love ole Lucas. I love them all, but oh that boy.
    How is Humble doing?

  13. Its sounds absolutely perfect to me. It also sounds like you did exactly what you needed/wanted to do. You made memories. Perfection.

  14. Good for you, glad you got out and enjoyed the nice weather with your furry friendsa, YEY!!!! Diane was oh so right......Blessings Francine.

  15. You friend is absoultly right. And it sounds like a grand five days to me (minus the vet stuff).

  16. Your friend is absolutely right . I used to be the type where all had to be done and organized and cleaned . Now that I am retired and have had a chance to actually enjoy life. I am at the stage in my life now where it really doesn't matter if it takes a bit longer it will all still be there tomorrow and since tomorrow never comes then who cares lol . Lovely photos . Glad to hear you had a nice five days with your clan that's the way it should be, life is to short . Have a good day !

  17. I'm with Diane. Those are wise words indeed.

  18. Love this post, Kim! I spent the past week taking Arabelle in the car and kissing her pretty face. She went back to her new family today and I look forward to her next visit. Things have really worked out well for all concerned.

  19. I think your 5 days were perfect!
    I agree with the email from Diane.
    And all your babies are healthy and happy- just look at them!
    Golden Pines is where our heart lives too.

  20. Such a good attitude, and so true.

    Time spent with loved ones is never wasted, be they furry or not.


  21. Oh, I think your weekend was very productive, just not in the way we have been trained to believe what productive means. Bonding and rejuvenating oneself is very productive. Your weekend sounds perfect to me! :)

  22. That's the attitude! A friend once said 'If I knew then what I know now, I would have left the dust.'

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    Priceless beats productive every time.

  23. Woof! Woof! We agree with your friend Diane. Mmm is that Todd on the 1st photo? Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  24. Glad you enjoyed your long weekend. That quote is perfect.

  25. Sounds like you had a perfect five days...all that organizing stuff will still be there when you get ready to do it! I'm sure that the dogs really appreciated your spending time with them! xo Jeanne

  26. Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    Mom agrees with your wise friend... she tries to remember that, too as she's always working on something.

    So very glad that all the K9s are ok... they are, right?

  27. Do you want your tombstone to say "She was productive on weekends?" or "She was a loyal friend to her Goldens."


  28. Good for you to just sit back and relax and spend time with family and the dogs. Your friend is right about not remembering errands and chorea,but yet remembering every moment with the dogs.
    Have a great week. Ana

  29. Sounds like a great weekend to me!


  30. A productive long weekend? What's that? I've never expereinced such a thing. Or maybe I have, but as your friend said, I don't remember them lol

  31. Sounds like you did have a productive weekend! Feel no guilt for spending time with those that matter, it really is all that matters!

  32. If there is anyone on this planet that deserves to spend her five days like that it is you and those wonderful K9's

  33. Besides. You were productive. You refreshed yourself.
    And good health is as productive as it gets.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday! ♥

  34. While I think its fine to spend time with your dogs, you really would love spending time with YOU.
    Where you sit in front of the fire, or look out the window and just get to know yourself better. Your dogs will be happy to join you in this pursuit. Its nice and its quiet. Thats when we learn important things.


  35. I`ve been looking at it this way.there will always be mounds of paperwork,& in my house,clutter,to clear,but you may not always have that special time with the dogs,& I bet you felt good because of the time well spent making memories.
    My heart goes out to Theresa & Sprint`s family.I know she`s sad because she wasn`t with him when he passed,but she gave him such a loving & caring life,he probably dreampt playing with his family as he passed over the rainbow bridge.Have a great week,it`s snowing here in Pa.phyllis

  36. i love your friend's advice, about productive weekends and what's really important. and i love how you name your fur babies. wendy? love that. :) my baby is evelyn and once learning her name, folks either smile and give her an extra love or they look at me as if lobsters are crawling out of my ears. my evelyn wouldn't play with other pooches like yours do.. we don't know her history, but her present shows an aggressive tendency toward other dogs. sad. she's a bit better but it'd be wonderful to get past that. with humans though? incredibly wonderful. :)

  37. It sounds like a wonderful and perfect weekend. You're right - days like those ones are priceless.

    I've been out of town... so I missed Humble's arrival until now. Humble is so very lucky to be with you. And, yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking about those previous owners. Thank goodness that he'll know real love and a happy family with you.

  38. I need five days like yours. Sounds like you made the right choice in taking the R&R you all needed. Oh... I think you did have a productive week end.

  39. Hi Kim. I am glad you did what you wanted.
    Sophie and I visited my father at the veterans Hospital today. He is enjoying his time much more to do and feeling safe.
    Looking at the photos of your 'senior' dogs I can see the contentment on their faces with being in a safe place in their final days. Just like my Dad.

  40. I forgot to comment on Charlie's picture in the last post. Charlie, You sure are looking handsome!!
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving Kim, in spite of all that went down...

  41. It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend! And what wise words! You know, bonding with a new pet can be very productive. That valuable bonding can save a lot of headaches later.

  42. Kim, your friend Diane is wise indeed. Hope the girls had a good vet visit. Those are two of your most senior members if I remember correctly. Josh is so much like Easton. Tall and lanky and always ready to play fetch.

  43. Sounds like a very nice weekend. I agree with your friend. :)

  44. Hi Kim, Somehow I never quite get all my updates on friends blogs, so I missed this. I am so thankful that you got a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. Life is short and I totally agree with Diane. You will remember those precious days with your pack long after you forget what kind of errands you had to run.
    Have a great afternoon and evening.
    Lots of love.
    Noreen & Hunter

  45. Hi Y'all!

    Holidays, birthdays...they are days to do what WE want...not everyday stuff we gotta do!

    So glad your friend reminded the way, my personal definition of "holiday" is "to escape from". :)

    BrownDog's Human

  46. Sounds like you had a great weekend afterall. I know you enjoyed playing outside with the dogs. Such cute photos. I hope the dogs had a great appointment with the vet. Thanks for sharing with us. The animals are adorable!


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