Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Day

We had a really nice Thanksgiving day!!  I was reminded more than once about how much I have to be thankful for and I really do try to make sure that I count all those blessings often.  I personally don’t think we should include all our thankfulness on one day just because that day happens to be Thanksgiving.  However, a day set aside where everyone (at least in the U.S.) is being thankful together can be and is a special thing.

One thing I am very thankful for, is that Humble is okay following a little 'incident' yesterday.  I mentioned in my previous post that she was a counter-surfer-extraordinaire.  She showed her talent by eating *8*  yeast dinner rolls that I had rising on the stove.  I really thought I had them situated where she couldn't reach them, but unfortunately I was wrong.  (For those of you who don't know, a dog eating rolls that are rising is dangerous because the warm environment of the stomach acts as an oven and encourages the dough to continue rising and that can cause a bowel obstruction, a bloated/distended stomach, or cause it to twist--And then there is the issue of the yeast because it also ferments in the stomach, and releases alcohol which may lead to alcohol poisoning--Making it all a (possible) life-threatening situation)  
I tried to get Humble to vomit with hydrogen-peroxide but for whatever reason, it didn't work.  So I had to call the rescue and tell them what happened and that I needed to take her into the animal emergency.  While this was a mistake on my part, I had acted quickly enough that all the emergency vet had to do was get Humble to vomit, which they did and out came the 8 rolls, still intact and as the girl said to me 'you could put them right into the oven!'  ....NOT that I would ever do that, but it was a much needed bit of humor at the end of a stressful situation!  Needless to say it left Humble and I both worn out.  However we were still able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with our good friends, minus my homemade dinner rolls!
Today is Black Friday and a day that dedicated shoppers hit the stores in the early morning hours for bargains and deals.  It's a tradition for many people, but for years I haven't shopped on this day.  Instead I enjoy shopping online and spending the day at home.  However I do have to admit that for some reason this year my ignoring Macys was tougher because of a few things they had on sale. But I really do much prefer our “black Friday” at home to that of standing in line in the cold. The picture below was posted on Facebook, and is a very long line to get into a 'Toys R Us' across the street from where I work.  It was taken around 10 o'clock last night and the store wasn't going to open until midnight. The store is in the middle of the photo behind the tree.  YIKES!!  Do you shop on Black Friday?


  1. I'm so glad you didn't put the rolls back in the oven! :-) My Leader Dog puppy just started coun ter surfing....working on fixing it. Glad Humble is OK.

  2. oh, sweet humble! you might need to gain weight, but that is not the right way!!! :)

    glad all is okay!

  3. Sorry, I had to laugh. I live with a group of dedicated counter surfers. Morgan is too short and too old and Fudge learned the hard way not to surf, but all the others have to be watched at all times. Now Sebastian is receiving messages from Samba with instructions on the fine art of counter surfing.

    Glad the rolls came back up and no damage was done.

  4. Humble is truly beautiful, and I wonder was this the way she was fed, maybe there were other smaller dogs in her previous home?? But I had to laugh, dinner rolls all gone in a flash!! Thank goodness you knew what happaned, and many thanks for vets on hand. Cheers from Jean. p.s. rest and relax now the fun is over.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that Humble is okay! We've had a few incidents with dogs eating things they shouldn't in my family, like a pair of my underwear and eight pieces of dark chocolate my mom had set out to make a Christmas cake!

    As for shopping, never on God's Green Earth would I go shopping on Black Friday in the States! I steer clear of it on Boxing Day up here in Canada as well. I may be a crazy Canuck in some ways, but definitely not when it comes to shopping :o)

  6. I don't trust our boxer, Izzy. Although I have never seen her try to get anything off the counter, for some reason I just don't trust her. My husband sets things on the counter without a second thought, but I push everything to the back just in case. You just never know... glad Humble came out okay.

  7. Oh My Dog, Humble, DON'T DO THAT. Here is a trick we learned when Bites got into some mice pellets, a small amout of salt, then in about 5 minutes the stuff comes right out, as in anything down there, yuk, but be careful and read online how much to use.
    Shopping, no way, have yet to find good enough savings to warrant all the time lost.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  8. That line is nuts!!! Glad your pup was okay :-).

  9. That Humble sure does not look her age! So glad she is ok. I agree that we should be thankful every day and as for black friday...fagetaboutit. Not for me. I would not remotely consider standing in that line.

  10. I'm glad Humble is okay! Hubby and I had a good laugh about that one. I'm betting you talk about it for many Thanksgivings to come.

    We usually go out and get our Christmas tree on Black Friday, but it's really cold and windy today. Tomorrow it's supposed to just be cold, so we're going tomorrow. We went out and watched the crowds, but didn't do a whole lot of shopping. We just picked up a couple of things and enjoyed lunch out with my sister.

  11. I didn't really know that about yeast rising rolls - then again I'm not really a baker. Glad it wasn't worse for Humble!

    I tried going to Walmart a few years ago while visiting my in-laws in Tucson. I got there at 2am and left shortly after. The line to the door looked a lot like the one in your photo. Never again! :)

  12. Thankful Humble is alright, what a girl.......Hope you enjoy a reatful weekend my friend...... Blessings Francine.

  13. Good to know that Humble is okay after that little episode! We don't have Black Friday here, or at least I haven't noticed it, but it sounds like a good idea. Certainly a way of getting people into the shops! I prefer your Online method though.

  14. Whew! Close one Humble! Good to know this just in case Sophie learns that skill!

    I am like you Kim, I prefer to shop on-line now.....more peaceful.

  15. poor Humble, you're going to have to be extra careful I guess from now on. Glad she is fine.

    More or less done my Christmas shopping, so no Black Friday sales for me.


  16. so glad humble "lost" her dinner...rolls! that is a scary situation! (you always need more H2O2 than they recommend...but with all that in her tummy probably blocked the reaction...) poor thing!
    so glad all turned out well!!!
    she is a beauty!

  17. SHE knew there was a good reason SHE doesn't make dinner rolls...not that any of us could reach them. Didn't know about that danger. Glad everything came out alright.

    We think any money saved would not be worth the stress of shopping in a crowd. Just our opinion. Staying home sounds like a good idea.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  18. With all the dogs I have had over the years, I have never had a counter surfer. Stella sticks her nose up in that direction and likes what she smells, but doesn't go after anything.

    So glad that Humble is OK, and maybe once she gets filled up and a little weight on her, she might give up this activity!

    No Black Friday for me. Like you, I love shopping on-line too much. I live in a small town where you often can't find just what you want, so you can almost always find everything on line and not spend all the time walking the stores and hoping for something to turn up!.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  19. Oh My heart, that was scary. Poor Humble just had no idea what she was setting herself up to. There is no doubt in my mind that Bert would do the same thing.

    Thank goodness, I don't know how to cook.....

    Bert's My Vickie

  20. You could not pay me to shop on BF. today was a beautiful day here and I took the dogs to the beach - where it was incredibly foggy :-). Just yesterday morning when I stumbled into the kitchen to get my coffee, Bart had a loaf of bread on the dog bed!

  21. Glad to hear Humble is okay and that your T-day dinner was only missing some rolls.

    I never shop on BF either. Lucky for me I don't have a large list of people to shop for and never need to save a few pennies to endure shopping today.


  22. P.S. I think we were leaving comments for each other at the same time. Millie is definitely an absolute joy and I'm so glad we took the chance on a young dog. We couldn't be happier.


  23. Hi there Kim, I am so thankful that Humble is alright! Hopefully you had a great meal,without rolls, with your friends. I didn't leave today at all, just decorated for seven hours.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Love, Noreen & Hunter

  24. I never shop on Black Friday. Won't chance the rudeness of some people whose kids probably already have too much stuff.

    Glad to hear Humble is doing okay.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. I'm an online Black Friday shopper too! Glad Humble is OK!

  26. So glad Humble is OK. I think you should have baked the rolls up and then given them to the dogs. But that is just one dogs opinon. My MOM has never done the Black Friday thing. We do our own thing on that day and it is much better.

  27. Glad to hear that Humble is OK and did not become the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

    Hamish & Bella

  28. Sorry about the problem with your counter surfer. Um... Have had whole things presented to me in an erp. it's amazing how they can swallow things whole.

    All those people standing in line for toys - wonder if their kids even need those toys...

  29. Oh Goodness! Poor Humble! Poor YOU! So glad all is well! What a scare...and with a new member to your pack... ugh!
    I prefer online shopping personally but we run a small store so had a "black friday" sale (which meant a BIG day ) today. Was NOTHING compared to the "real (big) black Friday deal" LOL

  30. what is a holiday without a little excitement and Humble sure provided that! Thank goodness you reacted quickly and the rolls came back out. If there were a counter surfing contest, she would win hands down. I'm glad you still enjoyed a great Thanksgiving dinner with friends, minus the buns. hehehe They now have started Black Friday here in Canada. Like you I prefer to stay home!

  31. Humble sounds just like our Lab'; never happy unless he has a FULL STOMACH.

  32. Maybe Humble's name should be changed to Hungry. Poor thing. LOL. This reminds me of the time either Gary or I (I forget which one) dropped a piping hot huge chicken breast (fresh out of the oven) from the counter and Gracie intercepted it and 'GULP' it was hot in her belly. She rubbed her face all over the floor, I guess that was her way of saying WOW THAT WAS HOT and then she puked all over the place. My son has a cocker spaniel who actually jumps onto the counter.

    Kim, there is never a dull moment at your place. I'm so glad Humble was okay.

    No Black shopping for me! Maybe in my much younger and adventurous days..
    Have a great weekend!

  33. Goodness, what a horrible experience with the rolls! Yes, a little bit of humor hopefully lightened your spirits.

    We're glad in the end everything turned out well.

    This is Mommy's first year that she did NOT go shopping on Black Friday. She was a little disappointed.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  34. LOL. but scary not funny at the time!
    humble is already building memories at golden pines.
    maybe that's how she had to forage for her food. since she came to you so thin they must not have fed her enough.
    although i knew a well fed bassett hound that was a natural counter surfer! lol.
    love dear heart,
    and kudos to you always for thinking so quickly!
    you're the best.
    tammy j

  35. 8? Holy cow! I think I would have been panicking!


  36. Although I've only had to resort to the peroxide concoction once for Moon, it did work. I was glad to read that Humble was OK and that your holiday turned out nicely, Kim!...:)JP

  37. Howdy Everybuddy. Glad to hear your Thanksgiving was good. Well except for Humble eating the rolls. We're happy it all turned out fine in the end. We know all about counter surfing here too mates, hehe.

    Wowza, what a line up for shopping. Mum says she couldn't be bothered at all. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  38. Oh my goodness. You don't know how many times I've worried about mine getting a hold of rising bread or rolls. Ugh....drama you didn't need. :) No - I did not shop on Black Friday. Just can't bring myself to do it.
    Happy Saturday!

  39. Khousin Merdie used to be khwite the GReat bread and roll snatcher!

    AND years ago, Mom says Fluffy The Schnauzer stole cinnamon rolls Unkhle Steve had made in Home Ec - they were not khwite the best risers - so Fluffy was pretty miserable 'til they passed!

    Here's to a GReat and khalm rest of your weekend!


  40. Ah yes, I have been through the whole counter surfing of my dogs ate an entire roast beef! I totally would have panicked with the yeast rolls though...EIGHT of them especially!! So glad that Humble is ok...Gorgeous dog!! Glad to hear that you all had a nice Thanksgiving!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  41. Oh my stars! I'm glad pup was ok! Living in Canada, we do not have Black Friday but I can tell you that standing in line with those crowds are NOT my idea of a good time. No matter how good of a sale it is! Haha!
    xo Catherine

  42. Despite the drama with Humble, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Humble is beautiful. I can't believe her people would choose travel over their dog. Our Golden was 13 when we lost him. I would have loved more time with him.

    Thunder was a counter surfer. He was so tall that he could reach all the way back to the rear of the counter. Thank goodness he outgrew it. But I do know of dogs that never have.

    No Black Friday shopping for me. We spent the weekend at our cabin which means only very limited 3G so no online shopping either, (and why I am catching up now). One Christmas season way back in the mid-80's I worked at a store as Christmas help. I think it cured me of any BF shopping. lol

  43. We are so thankful everything turned out okay for Humble too, and that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  44. Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    OMD, thank heavens Humble is ok. Mom said she would have reacted the same way. Thanks for explaining the yeast connection (hey, good name for a book... yup, Mom knows about YEAST!)

    Casa Jetty echoes your Thanksgiving sentiments.

  45. We're so happy to read that Humble is okay and that your Thanksgiving was fine!

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  46. I once counter surfed a bar of chocolate, the vet said since it was milk chocolate I didn't have to come in. Guess I lucked out.
    Bad girl Humble! Surf the turkey instead!

  47. Oh, those Black Friday folks are NUTS!

  48. What a Thanksgiving memory Humble has given you, Kim. Glad to know she was OK. And no I never shop on designated sales days like BLack Friday or cyber Monday. In truth aside from some gift buying for the grandkids, we are not shopping because it's not what the holiday is about...but so few seem to recall that...sadly.


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