Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Humble Arrives at Golden Pines

Just in time for Thanksgiving, 'Humble' arrives at Goldens Pines! She's a lovely 13 year old girl, given up by her family who want to travel and don't have time for her. (Are you thinking what I'm thinking?)  Our crew meet new additions like real pros.  Even Todd after he shows some Scottie attitude is just fine!  However, as expected, Lucas is totally smitten by the fair and lovely Humble who doesn't share those same feelings for him.  One thing they do have in common is their affection and obsession with our cat, CC.  But unlike Lucas who only took a basic class in cat-stalking, Humble appears to have taken the advanced course and we are going to have to be very watchful of her interactions with CC to prevent her from being accidentally hurt.  Humble has also taken lessons in counter-surfing and has shown her talent for reaching whatever is within nose reach.
With the Thanksgiving holiday I'm glad we have several days to get everything sorted out and get Humbled settled in.  She's not been to the vet in about 3 years and is very thin and underweight.  I was supposed to take Wendy in for an exam and check-up at the vet this morning, but she has graciously given up her appointment so that Humble can be seen instead.  I'm hopeful everything for Humble is going to be okay.


  1. Humble looks gorgeous and not 13! She is going to love Golden Pines.

  2. Welcome to sweet Humble (and yes, I am thinking what you're thinking, hmmmmmm). She's such a beautiful girl and I'm sure the rest of the gang will soon have her settled in and knowing the 'rules' of life at Golden Pines.


  3. People... Glad she's got you now :-).

  4. kim
    do you ever meet these owners that no longer want their dogs?
    if you must be a bit of a saint..i would lose my temper

  5. She's beautiful Kim! What a nice addition!

    Gary is wanting to travel across country for a month next year and we would have to leave Gracie behind and every time I think about it I want to cry. I do not understand how a family can just give away to strangers a dog who is a part of their family. But I also know that us dog lovers think differently than others.. The main thing is, Humble has a great home for now!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Kim, and don't put your pies on the counter!

  6. Humble looks good for 13 from what I can see here ! I do hope all is well with her . When I read of the family giving her up to travel yes I shook my head in disgrace . But I now know Humble is in her forever loving home with you and your clan and will have lots of fun ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow !

  7. Hooray for Humble! Oh ya, we are absolutely thinking what you are thinking. Grrrr...... I am so glad that Humble is now in a good place!

  8. It saddens me that people give up their dogs in their golden years just because it is too inconvenient to keep them! I was at the shelter last week where I saw a guy walk in with his 13 year old Shepherd mix and because I'm nosy and curious I pretended not to realize he was surrendering his dog. He told me that he was giving his dog to the shelter b/c his dog's hips are BAD! I was so irritated that I had to get out of there asap!
    Glad Humble has you otherwise she'd be waiting for a home at the shelter or much worse!

  9. She's thin and underweight?...but her prior owners have the money to travel? GAH!!!

    You're a saint and we're all so very happy that Humble will spend her senior years with someone who appreciates her.

  10. What a lovely girl Humble is! And yes, I'm quite sure we were thinking the same thing about her owners. Good grief!!!

  11. Kim,

    She is beautiful and looks so happy to be with you. I have to agree with everyone else - you are a saint and I don't understand people who give up a dog after 13 years because they want to travel. It makes me think of my Java and what I'd give to spend just one more day with him - I still miss him so. He was almost 13 when we had to help him go across the Rainbow Bridge. No trip would have been worth giving him. Humble is in a wonderful home now!!


  12. Hi Humble, so glad you made it to Golden Pines. You will love it.

    I'm sorry that your other family had to leave you behind, for such important reasons, but you will never have to worry about that happening again, cause this family is way too cool.

    I bet you won't be able to counter surf a lot more though. Ah well, whats one little kink in things anyway.


  13. she certainly doesn't look like she is 13. I hope she settles in fast and will be interested to hear what the vet says about her?

    Gill in Canada

  14. She is a beauty. And she came with some skills I see. I had to hold MOM back from typeing after she read why Humble came to be with you. She had a lot to say about it. But I don't think is was very nice. Thank you for your kind and loving hearts.

  15. I have not to nice of words for people such as that.....BUT........You are my hero, I adore you for giving Humble a good home in her later years, she will be loved........Life At Golden Pines is Golden.......Blessing Francine.

  16. Humble is beautiful. I hope she is fine and I sympathize with CC. :-)

    Have a good time settling in and a good Thanksgiving too.

  17. Didn't want to travel with her - or feed her, apparently. I hate when people do this.

    I am so thankful that you are out there helping these dogs. What a blessing for them!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  18. oh, she's beautiful! and quite spry for 13!!!

    and may her previous 'owners' get maggots, malaria, mange, montezuma's revenge - any and everything possible to curse their travels.

  19. Humble's smile says it all. Thank you for being the the person you are.

  20. Humble is so beautiful - what's wrong with people??? Thank God for people like you.

    Here's hoping her vet visit goes well and that a new chapter in her life will be full of love and sunshine.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday Kim.

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  21. Oh Kim! Another beautiful Goldie with reprehensible parenting! I am so happy she found her way to Golden Pines. Our pal Tex, said it like it is, didn't she!

    Are you in need of any toys or playthings for your pups?

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving Day,
    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  22. What a sweet girl. I will never understand people that discard their creatures so that they can travel or some such nonsense.

  23. Humble is in such a happier home where he will have oodles of TLC, as he should have had always. People who put their own life before their pet, should look very carefully into their own eyes.Selfish is an understatement.Your loving hearts will help him adjust, hope CC manages to stay out of harm's way. Greetings from Jean.

  24. Woof! Woof! Just can't believe a family can give up a dog cause they want to travel and did not seek any vet care. Humble for sure is grateful to be with you. Lots to be Thankful for. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Golden LOVE to the Golden Pines Gang. home Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  25. We says Humble seems to fit right in and is really happy. So Todd had a Scottie-Tude, no way, us Scotties don't act that way, Heeheehee.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  26. What? How do you just "stop" wanting your dog after 13 years!! Wow! Can't get my head around that one! Well, Humble your in good hands now. Welcome sweetie! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  27. You know what we all think of Humbles former owners, but we think the opposite (and then some) of you and your family for taking her in.


  28. This is to ask if you subscribe to Letters of Note? If you don't I would like to send you todays letter by singer Fiona Apple. Its called She is My Best Friend and you will find it at Just scroll down and you will see it typed and not have to try to read the writing.

    Its sort of the opposite of Humble's creepy parents.

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving,

  29. Humble has such a lovely face. If dogs could give thanks I know Humble would be thankful to have found her way to your home, to love, sufficient food and the vet care that she needs - plus for the company of your pack and CC to add interest and fun to her senior days.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  30. She's gorgeous. As sad as her'family' is, at least they gave her to you and didn't have her put to sleep or worse.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We think CC must be a saint.

  31. Thanksgiving Greetings to you Kim. You and your man never cease to amaze me with taking in yet another precious senior. I think you deserve a crown filled with jewels.
    I got a couple of photos of Hunter today that I might use for the cards-we will see.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    Hugs, Noreen

  32. That makes me so angry I could spit rocks! what is wrong with those people!!!
    Humble is a beauty with a few bad habits, again the fault of "Those people", at least the counter surfing.
    So glad she is in your loving care. Her life has just changed for the better!

  33. What a beautiful girl! and she is so blessed to have finally found her "real" people!
    I can't even wrap my head around giving up a "family member" for TRAVEL!!! WTH is wrong with people. I agree you probably know what we all think (but probably shouldn't say in polite company :)
    Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours...and so very many thanks for your great hearts and open home!

    and just p.s....a "scottie-tude"??? that's priceless!!

  34. What a beautiful dog. Hope she does well at the vet. And as always, wondering what the heck is wrong with some people!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  35. I am so pleased Humble has arrived so she can settle in during the holiday period. She is beautiful - it breaks my heart thinking of her not being treated nicely. Hope the vet trip goes OK. Lily. xxx

  36. It beggars belief that people can treat animals this way,just abandon them when they don't fit in with their plans.
    Humble couldn't have a better home to spend her twilight years.She looks an absolute poppet.Hope she gets a 'thumbs up' from the vet.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

    Bellaboo X

  37. Some people just don't get it...dogs are not disposable!

  38. Rooooooooooooo, Humble is a fine looking lady. I'm thinking there is some butt sniffing to be done.
    Love, Big Red

    PeeEss: Toby and Annie make a good looking couple. Maybe we can double date and go roll in something.

  39. what a beautiful girl! she's lucky her previous owners didn't want her anymore...(wow) now she's got you and the rest of the pack!! lucky girl!

  40. Welcome, Humble! You're a beauty. And a lucky gal to have landed at Golden Pines! Happy Thanksgiving!

  41. We have had many cats over the years, and they have always traveled with us.
    It's even easier now with all the hotels that allow pets - granted, for a fee, which is understandable.

    I'm sure you and your pack will have her manners polished in no time.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  42. What a lovely dog. She doesn't look (or apparently act) 13 at all. Glad she landed at your place! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all at Golden Pines!



  43. She does look young doesn't she....

    Got to say this, do people not do the math? Dogs and cats live for longer then a few years, it's a commitment, not a toy.

    Thank goodness you are there for them.


  44. Humble looks like a sweet heart. You have come to a wonderful family Humble, we are sure you will love Golden Pines.

    Hamish & Bella

  45. She's such a beautiful girl, abd looks far younger than her thirteen years..
    I have a very low tolerance for people who have the least of excuses when rehoming their pets.
    Thank you for stepping up....
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours may it be a joyous one.

  46. I know Humble is saying " thank you so much for taking me in! Thank you for talking kindly to me- and loving me!!!"
    Happy Thanks Giving to all of you.

  47. I echo the thoughts of each and every one of those comments above mine...what is wrong with people these days??? You and your husband have a special place in my heart for all of the wonderful rescue work that you all do!! Humble looks like such a sweetheart and I'm sure all she wanted to do was give unconditional love...because that's what dogs do. I sure do hope the vet visit goes ok. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug (ps...we wanted to travel too...we bought an RV as there was NO way I was going anywhere without my girlz and my Zippo...who sadly crossed the bridge a couple of years ago). I still miss him every single day.

  48. Sweet girl -- I'm sure she will fit in just fine with the rest of your crew. Bless you Kim. xo

  49. I'm so glad Humble is there at Golden Pines now! She will never have to worry about being left behind again! Like everyone before me has said, I cannot understand the mentality of some people these days, to just cast a family member aside because they want to travel! GRRRR!!!! Being with you and Carl is the best thing that could have ever happened to her! Bless you both for always being there to take another senior into your home. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family members there at Golden Pines! Hugs to all!

  50. What a darling dog. I only hope the best for Humble. Yes, I was thinking what you were thinking and sometimes am quite out-spoken about the whole thing. They aren't deserving. Deb

  51. Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful you gave the beautiful Humble the golden gift of living a golden life at Golden Pines.

    Yes, we're thinking what you're thinking.

    She sounds like Little Miss JJ... counter surfing, advanced feline stalking, gorgeous golden girl!

  52. Welcome aboard the 'Golden Pines Express', Humble! You are in for the ride of your life!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kim and all!!

  53. Happy Thanksgiving! Humble has not idea all that she has to be Thankful for...

  54. Humble sounds lovely, she's lucky to have found you all... :)

  55. well.
    with any luck those 'people' will eventually have to be put in a nursing home and abandoned by selfish children who no longer want the 'responsibility' of caring for them. maybe the selfish children will just want to 'travel now.'
    poor little lucas the amorous welcoming committee! lol.
    she is a beauty. she is similing all out in that first picture!
    she knows. and she's telling you thank you.
    bless you as always dear heart.
    bless you.

  56. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the gang.

  57. Humble is so lucky to have you all! I am sure you will have her in top notch shape in no time.

    You know, I can't possibly express the disgust I feel when I hear of someone discarding their long-time (or anytime for that matter) pet like a piece of furniture they have grown tired of. Those kinds of people should never own a pet to start with!

    One of the many reasons I have decided to quit raising my Boxer puppies is that I heard too many times (especially this last time around), "Well, we weren't sure if we wanted a Boxer or another breed, but we have decided that we will try one." Meaning that if they decide they don't like him/her, they will discard it and try another breed. UGH!!!! I think that is one of the many reasons I had such a hard time selling my puppies. Whenever I heard someone say something along that line, I would not sell to them, I would not let a puppy go home with them.

  58. I just love Lucas. He's just like Fudge, thinks every girl dog he sees is "the one". What a great spirit.

    Humble is lovely and yes, I'm think the same thing you are about those selfish former owners.

  59. I've got a pretty low opinion of Humble's former people... I'm glad she is with you.


  60. humble is such a lovie ♥ haha.


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