Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who's Happier?

It may be two days after the Presidential election, but there are still some really happy people and some who are less than happy with the results. Because I have been so caught up in all the coverage of the election,  I decided months ago to take the next day off afterwards. My thought was to avoid people if the candidate I supported lost, and enjoy the news coverage if 'HE' won. Without saying who I voted for, I will just say that I enjoyed having yesterday off instead of today.
On the flip-side of the week, we've been trying something new with Todd.  During the day Todd stays in a 'golden sized' crate in the office. And at night he sleeps in a little smaller crate that is in our bedroom.  But lately he's been getting more and more reluctant about going in when I tell him 'it's time for bed.'  Instead he's decided that he'd rather sleep on our bed.  I decided that this is okay, as long as he doesn't get into any mischief while we're all sleeping.  Todd has actually been really good and has been staying in the bedroom.  However I find myself waking up several times during the night to check on him.  While Todd may be happier to not spend the night in the crate, I think I would be happier with a little more sleep.


  1. It will get better Kim--- we like little Todd on the bed with you and hubby... I know he will stay out of mischief.

  2. Blue is such a great color to be!

    Of course, I guess only 47% get that according to 'him'

  3. Aw, let that little boy snuggle with you in the night time. He deserves a little closeness, and maybe you could put a baby gate to the door so he can't meander if he does wake up.

    Sweet little boy!

    Jo and Stella

  4. Hi Kim,

    He still gets in trouble? That sweet boy? How can that be? What could the little guy get into that would be so troublesome? Go to bed, sleep all night. (clean up the whatever in the morning) G'night!

  5. I have to confess that Millie only slept in the crate on her first night with us. Seeing as she is currently an only child there are no distractions from other dogs. At 6 months old now she sleeps well through the night and one of us wakes up if for some reason she hops off the bed. Then we know she needs to go out. I think we both slept a bit lighter the first week or so, but now we can trust her.

    Good luck with Todd. I'm sure he will prove himself worthy of his privilege and you will be sleeping better soon.

  6. Sweet Todd, he has this all figured out.

  7. Good boy Todd. Soon you will have them doing everything you want.

  8. Hopefully more sleep comes after you get used to a peacefully sleeping Todd! I don't blame you -- I think voting day and the day after should be national holidays!

  9. Oh.......such a sweet boy....I have usually got 3 kitties in with me....just love them!!!

  10. I remember when we first let Frankie sleep with us in the bedroom - he was sooooo happy! It look a wee bit of adjustment until we trusted that he really would sleep through the night and not go exploring and get into mischief in the middle of the night! Lucky Todd - hopefully you'll be back to a good night's sleep soon!

  11. Well, YOU might be happier, but Todd MIGHT win you over...can you say "no" to that face??? Keep us posted!

  12. Awwww, looks like Todd knows how to sleep, bless. (Wonder if he's dreaming about getting up to mischief!) lol.

  13. Go for the extra sleep! If necessary you (or Carl) could build a little platform for under Todd's crate (so he is the same height as your bed) and because he is so light (in comparison to G=a GR) lift him into his "sleeping crate" each night - then he can see you, you can see him and he can't wander or get up to things which means you both can sleep. You also have the option of putting a cover over his crate to make it his den if you want him in your bedroom.

    Alternatively try having Todd sleep at night with your GRs - though if you saw my last post Riley hasn't slept well since we got Enzo as he moved from the floor in our bedroom to the same room as Enzo. The only exception is when my partner is away for work and the two boys get special privileges of sleeping on the bedroom floor.

    Have a great weekend,
    Riley's mum

  14. Todd will do fine. I was nervous when Ruairi went to live with his new peeps and they didn't want to crate him at night, but he's done fantastic!!


  15. Nawww... But Todd looks so cute curled up like that...

  16. Molly wasn't allowed to sleep on our bed, but she did have her own comforter on the floor next to the heating vent. There's barely enough room for me and dh in bed, never mind a dog also!!!


  17. That picture of Todd is to die for. He looks so calm and sweet. How could you possibly say not to that angel face.
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Morning Kim, oh Todd looks so comfy cozy sleeping on the bed, ourShih-Tzu sleeps with us on the bed but I do find I wake up to check on her also......Good Luck, Blessings Francine.

  19. I still wake when any of mine start moving around. We do close the door so no one can party in another room, but they all sleep well.

  20. Woof! Woof! Just glad the election is over ... n lets move on to make the economy better. Todd will be fine not being in his crate. Happy Friday n Weekend. Golden LOVE to the Golden Pines gang. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    BTW: Kim sent you a FB message. Golden Thanks

  21. Hi dear Kim, I love this-you know our Hunter sleeps on the bed; sometimes he'll jump down and sleep on his bed but for the most part he is with us. He never gets into trouble and actually curls up between us for the warmth. He is so light that it doesn't bother us at all. Hope you have a warm and wonderful weekend. Any photos yet?
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. Gla dto hear Todd is being such a good boy. Eventually you'll get used to having him out and sleep more at night :) As for the election, us Canadians were very happy with the results, now if we could only get rid of our conservative Prime Minister and get a Liberal in there...

  23. Could you put an x-pen up? Maybe just confine him to one part of the bedroom?


  24. Hopefully you get used to Todd and don't keep waking up. I am thinking he just wants to snuggle with mamma! Cute!
    xo Catherine

  25. A day off is great at any time. Roxy has just been allowed out of her crate. She likes to sleep in the big bed and takes over BUT, She's been a great sleeping companion.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  26. Don't you know that once you let them in your bed, you're DONE for?

  27. hahaha. i've been 'done for' with every dog who ever owned me.
    zeke slept right up against my back like a person.
    they just want to be with us.
    i can hear the goldens and charlie and cc now... "nothing like being mom's PET!" lol.
    baby todd.
    he really is you know.
    love dear heart,
    from a happy camper.
    have a great and restful weekend.

  28. I think he just wants to be close to you too.I never crated my dogs,but then I`m a light sleeper & would wake up if someone was up to no good.
    I remember when we first got my Max,the second collie in my life,he had every kind of worm under the sun,was so sick,& hard to housebreak because he was outside on a concrete floor all of his life ,at 4 months he was afraid of the carpet & just everything.I woke up during the night,& heard him upstairs in the attic.I wondered why he was up there.A few days later when I went up,I found out why he was there,he had to go out & didn`t want me to wake.I don`t know why I`m going on like this,it just made me think of how smart Max was.
    But,getting back to Todd,would he use a little ramp to get up & down off the bed?All of my dogs preferred to fall asleep with me,but at some time during the night,they jumped down off the bed & slept on the floor.Maggie would not use a ramp,so I put her down when I was ready to sleep.
    Todd is so adorable,what an expressive face,have a great weekend!phyllis

  29. Sheba seems to be happy with the result !

  30. mom says you will soon get to the point where you can't sleep without him in the bed!


  31. Our dogs have free-rein of the house all day, but sleep in their crates at night. It seems clear that you have concerns about Todd's terrier nature. Put him in his crate at the same time every night and stick to your plan.

  32. Have to catch up with you! Love Todd's little sign about chasing the cat...or not, I mean. Glad you didn't have anything awful happen with the storm. And...I am so sorry about your other Sandy. Lucky to have you at the end. You are so special.

  33. I think that taking the day off after the election was brilliant, especially considering how late the speeches were. They were late here in CO so they were in the wee hours of the morning there!

    We recently went through a similar transition with Shyla as you have with Todd. It's worked out great, just as long as we wake up as early as she does. The dawn hours are when she wants to find mischief!

  34. Dear Todd, I told you it would work!!! High five buddy!! your friend, Gracie.

  35. Unlike with the Danes, Jed & Abby still cannot be trusted to have the run of the house while mama sleeps. They, of course, each have a doggie bed in the bedroom. To keep them in the bedroom, mama either closes the bedroom door or uses a baby gate if it's too warm to close the door. They've both learned to sleep to mama's schedule [unless someone is sick] and it's worked just fine. They're allowed to bring a stuffie or bone to bed, which Abby does, but she invariably drops it by her bed and ignores it for the rest of the night. Unless the other dogs also sleep in crates, we bet Todd has decided he's a big boy now and he wants to be treated like the other grown up dogs.


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