Saturday, November 10, 2012

Feelin' Groovy

I'm wondering how many of you remember an old Simon and Garfunkle tune,  "Slow down, you move too fast?"  The lyrics of the song remind us, "You've got to make the morning last, just kickin' down the cobblestones. Lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy."

Today we didn't have to look for any fun, it found us all by itself.  This morning a couple of friends unexpectedly stopped by and we enjoyed an impromptu breakfast of my homemade biscuits, gravy and eggs.  After they left, we were feelin' really groovy rejuvenated from their visit and spent time outside in the unseasonable warm temps and sunshine.

But I was reminded that it's never a good thing when you see three dogs standing together smelling the ground and taking turns rolling on something.
 That turned their fun into impromptu baths for CarrieAnne and Sheba.  
Josh who was part of the crime didn't need one.  He doesn't really like baths, so I'm pretty sure he was 'feelin' groovy' about that!  .  
Afterwards we took all of the dogs for a walk and came in and relaxed. 
Whatever you are doing this weekend, whatever your weather, 
I hope you're 'feelin' groovy' too.


  1. I bet they were also smellin' funky as well as feeling groovy. Hope the groovy weekend continues minus the funky.

  2. just love your babies. they make me smile. :)

    i think i'd rather have the odor of skunk wafting through the house (which i do!) than something dead smell. :)

  3. I've got no deeds to do, no promises to keep
    I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep
    Let the morning time drop all its petals on me

    Life I love you, all is GRoovy -

    How's that?

    PeeEssWoo: Tucker needs our PAW power!

  4. I am mad for the cute little pics of that rowdy boy Todd, the upside down one and the flirty looking one on top.

    Too bad about the rollers, lot of work sudsing up those big pups!

    Jo, who had lousy weather with rain, cold and snow on the way.

  5. Great pictures! I had to laugh. Fun post.

    Er... I play that CD a lot, S&G in my favorites

  6. Just the title (before reading your words) reminded me of that song. My father still quotes those lyrics! I'm glad you and your dogs are having a groovy weekend (even if it did involve extra bath time).

  7. Ahhhhh, unplanned baths. We've been there. Love those Todd photos.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. We had a funky rolling session in our yard today performed by Miss LadyBug. Not Fun! Now I have that song stuck in my head!! That's that song!! Love each and every single one of these pics!!

    Happy Sunday!

  9. ...and now I'm going to be singing that all day! Hope your weekend goes well too. {{hugs to groovy Todd}}

  10. What a sweet feet post today! Glad ya'll are feeling groovy and yes, I remember that song very well. :-)

  11. The dogs sure were happy! It's supposed to warm up to the mid 60s today and I'm looking forward to it...probably warmer at Golden Pines.
    Have a great day.

  12. Morning Kim, your post made my morning once again, don`t know why they like to roll in stinky something, funny......what a wonderful day you had, we are knee deep in snow this morning.......Sweet Todd, what a little stinker........Blessings Francine.

  13. When I was growing up, my mom was a HUGE fan of Simon and Garfunkel, so I know the words to every one of their songs. Love them!

    Your dogs are totally adorable, and it is obvious that they love their playtime.

    Happy Sunday!
    (who I think doesn't live too far from you.)

  14. I have often wondered why they insist on rolling in it? ANy ideas?

    Love that song, haven't heard it in a while.


  15. Dogs rolling happily in anything is a bad sign - hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


  16. We're getting the warm weather today and tomorrow and plan on taking full advantage by getting Millie out for some nice walks too.

    I love that song too.


  17. It sounds like you're having a lovely weekend! Mine has been quite as well, very relaxing for the most part :)

  18. Bet the dogs thought it was great ...;. apart from the bath .

  19. I remember that song well, love Simon and Garfunkel! Sounds like you all had a super fun day (aside from the stinky stuff)! Mine were all loving being outside for a good part of the day yesterday too! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  20. We say the whole pack was up for the groovey, but Tood was really into it!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  21. I love the Todd pictures, what a charmer he is. And the rest of the gang are all so sweet. I have been feeling groovy for the past few days because the weather turned and winter arrived with a little snow yesterday and 12 degrees this morning before sunrise.

  22. oh kim!
    the song! the pictures!
    good times.
    yeah. good times.
    haven't seen a picture of my little toothless love lucas in awhile. he must be behavin'!
    that todd's eye says it all. LOLOL!
    love to you dear heart.
    have a fabulous work week ahead.
    oops. sorry. just spoiled sunday.:)

  23. Kim,
    I love that song and how fitting for the crew, even if they where rolling around in doggie doo-doo or something else They were still feeling groovy.
    They look happy and healthy and enjoying the day.
    Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog it was good for me to know that people care. Thank-you!

  24. Howdy mates, nothing better than rolling in something stinky to start off the weekend well hehe. Sorry about the baths though! Mum knows that song too and hasn't thought about the word 'groovy' for soooo long. Thanks for the memories. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  25. Love that song too! We can tell it was a good day for one and all. Love that smile.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  26. The pups are indeed looking like they are having lots of fun. Even while they are resting. And Todd looks extra cute!
    Hope you and all the pups are having an enjoyable Sunday Kim!
    xo Catherine

  27. Jeepers Sneepers...doggies do the 'roly poly' down you way too.....grind 'er into the it!

  28. Too funny - three dogs staring at something and rolling in it. Never good :-D.

  29. Yep...been there done that with my two!! That last pic of Todd makes me chuckle...such a ham!!!...:)JP

  30. that first photo is a delight
    as is that photo of annie... what a sweetie
    do you know kim.. we have commented on each other's lives for an age now!
    I like that

  31. One of my most favorite groups, and a great song. Cheery upbeat, and happy...

    I hope that you are OK after falling, can't believe that someone would be so callous as to not inquire if you needed help.


  32. Hi there, I so remember how my Sadie loved to roll in poop and other disgusting things, which then required a bath. Hunter hasn't discovered this yet-for that I'm thankful. He does love the snow and just wants to eat it all.
    Have a great evening my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  33. Yep, when that shoulder goes down you know you are in trouble. Great post, Kim. Makes me feel groovy!

  34. A good stink roll, great start to the weekend, shame it leads to a bath...

  35. Thanks for the smiles on my face this morning. My goldens got baths yesterday just because the weather was nice!

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  36. Woot woot!! we all need days like that. Glad you enjoyed and have a great week.

  37. We love that song too- and also biscuits and gravy.
    We would like to feel groovey with you.

  38. That is very funny! Love your sense of humor. I must admit, however, I cringed when I saw the rolling. Usually it doesn't end well.....typically pretty stinky. :) Happy Monday!

  39. Haha! That first picture of Todd is so cute! I've seen that look in Gracie's face before. It usually means 'I'm ready to play, how about you?' I also liked the last one of him... it looks like he's right in the middle of playing and he's laughing cause he's getting the best of you. And of course, I always love seeing the Golden's! I haven't seen Charlie in a while. How's Charlie?

    I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day Kim. I think it will start to get colder now...

  40. Oh yeah they always find crud to roll in. lol Hope you had a nice weekend.

  41. It looks like you guys had a real groovy weekend! Now I will have that song in my head all day. LOL!

  42. It's OK to feel groovy, you just don't want to smell to groovy! Josh, your the smart one!

  43. Fortunately the turkey vultures keep things pretty well cleaned up around here. Oh my gosh, Todd!!!! What a funny little character he is:-)

  44. Hey Golden Pines Gang, Jet here. Hi Miss Kim.

    What a glorious day... Mom said she remembers the song and your post was perfect for the song!


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