Friday, May 10, 2013

Post Vacation


Our post vacation week has come to an end.  Even though we're all feeling a little worn out, we're back into the routine. I'm done with the unpacking, laundry and I've gone grocery shopping.  I love filling up the fridge after its been empty--This time it was easy to do because I made the mistake of going when I was hungry.
~Wegmans Bread--The best!~
This evening we're sitting here in the dark as the rains falls and the first lightning of the year streaks across the sky.  There have been a few big strikes followed by the deep rumble of the thunder.
I just love this part of Spring and so do the dogs!   
~Sheba again!~


  1. glad you're settling back in to normal! :)

  2. Oh how my MOM and I love thunder and lightning. It seems to bring peace to my MOM. I like snugglin' up with her. Glad all is well with you.

  3. Is it hard choosing from that vast array of different breads? Looks yummy to me, and I like to home bake it myself . . .do you?

    I love the spring thunderstorms, too. Only wish Stella did!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. The only fing better than a baycayshun is settling back in at home.

    I amb sitting here listening teu the floods ob rain, horrendous booms ob the flashbangs and trying teu calm my funderfobick mom!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  5. The thundery sky, super, bread galore, great, and Sheba, looking so good too, glad your holiday went well, maybe some spring weather to add. Cheers from Jean

  6. Bet there was a wild reunion .

  7. Glad you are getting back into the routine again, sometimes that can be difficult after a break. Hope the crew aren't too disturbed by the thunder, some get very frightened. (Thinking about it so do I, lol)!!

  8. We don't like the thunder,we shake and bark.
    If I go food shopping when I'm hungry I buy twice as much!
    That bread does look very tempting.
    Happy weekend Kim.

    Bellaboo X

  9. SHE loves thunderstorms....not that we get many. right now, we'd settle for a little rain.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. Hi Kim, life sounds good, like normal.......Pretty sky from your cozy deck, so nice to sit out once again and watch the rain fall.......Enjoy the weekend, Hugs Francine.

  11. I think I see Sheba smiling because mom and dad are back home. xo

  12. Oh I love a thunderstorm, just not while in the camper, which is where we are right now.

  13. Glad to hear life is returning to normal. I love the picture of the Wegmans bread. I live in the birth place of Wegmans and would be lost if I ever had to move somewhere where there were no Wegmans.

    Our pups played through a thunder storm last night and didn't seem to be fazed by it at all.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Millie.


  14. That bread looks delicious Kim. Shame I'm a little distant to share in its charms!

  15. Hi there, We have had two days of heavy rains, thunder and lots of hail. Thankfully we haven't gotten caught out in it. Hope you have a restful weekend my friend. Lots of hugs to your pack.
    Noreen & Hunter

  16. You're back!! I know that feeling returning from a break....tired, rejeuvenated and just happy to be home.
    That bread does look good!!

  17. That's a great night sky the intense blue.

    Being back at home is wonderful isn't it, even though going away is great.


  18. i have loved thunderstorms from the time i was a child.
    they are just comforting and magical to me.
    sheba's face is so beautiful.
    the golden smile.
    have i mentioned lately . . .
    how much you give? that your posts are a gift? even the sad ones.
    they make me treasure life itself even more. the knowing that there are good people. that go beyond.
    just knowing someone like you and carl.
    sorry. should have warned with a mush alert! LOL.

  19. Love your first picture, now that's a happy post vacation face :)

  20. The sky photo is so beautiful! Oh I wish we were there!
    Were glad your all settled in now--- and lots of food to eat.
    Is it lightning bug time yet?

  21. We haven't had a thunderstorm since I was a little puppy, they scared me back then...

  22. Spring does seem to be on the rise! Hope you are all refreshed and your work week remains uneventful! Thanks for your lovely comment about Kramer.

  23. Nice to feature Sheba. We don't see her as much as, well, you know who!!!




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