Friday, May 31, 2013

The Other Side of the Hedge

On the other side of the hedge from us, hay is being cut.  I love the sweet smell of fresh cut hay that is filling the air. I wish I could bottle the scent and use it as a home air freshener during the winter months. For me, it's kind of like the summery version of the smell of pine needles in the late fall.
In back of us, the work on the house continues.  It was supposed to be done in April.  But when I last spoke to the owners in early April, they were hoping for the middle of May.  But looking at the progress, or lack of it, my guess is the end of June.
On our side of the hedge, I'll start by thanking everyone for their healing thoughts and remedies on my latest bout with poison ivy, that by the way is really improving.  I really do appreciate your voices of experience in helping me to find the cure, because I think those remedies are always the ones that work the best!!  Many, many thanks to you for sharing them!

Speaking of cures, I have heard back from my vet about Cissy.  Her test results were returned and they showed that the last of her infections has cleared up, and she is now finally finished taking antibiotics!  She is still bothered with an ongoing rash on her stomach, and she chews her feet more than I'd like her too--But we're managing it, and there's no doubt at all that she's feeling better and feels totally at home with us. She certainly looks better.
I think her "inner spark" is fully ignited!  
The other dogs are doing well.  All of us are beating a summer heat-wave by staying inside where it's cool.  
I hope you are doing well, and I hope you enjoy your Friday!!


  1. Glad to know you are feeling better. Good news about Cissy. Good for her and for all the work you and Carl have done to help her through her ordeal. SHe deserved a good home and now she has it.
    The neighbors home looks beautiful. Huge and what a nice size property. Here in Miami, we could literally touch the neighbors home if we extended our arms. I would love a property like that just to see Roscoe running in the yard. We do have a descent size yard where we play with him, but would love a bigger one.
    Have a great weekend. Ana

  2. Glad to hear you and Cissy are feeling better . It is humid here AC is on but I still like to be out side in my gardens ! I hear you on the smell of fresh cut hay I love that smell to I like most country smells and would love to bottle them lol ! Lovely photos . Stay cool and have a great day !

  3. You have all kinds of action in your neighborhood. Glad the poison ivy is disappearing and that Cissy has improved so much. I think we are having similar weather. Stay cool.

  4. Glad your run in with poison ivy is clearing .How wonderful it must be to have a heatwave .

  5. Very happy to hear you and Cissy are doing better. She certainly looks quite content!

  6. Morning Kim, oh I love the smell of fresh cut hay too, ahhhh, summer......So happy Cissy is feeling better, love her face and Todd`s of coarse....Happy Weekend, Francine.

  7. Glad that itchiness is getting better. And if you bottle that cut hay smell I think I would get some for my OM she loves it too.

  8. glad you're getting better. and yay for cissy!!!

  9. I am so happy for Cissy, she is a beautiful girl! Glad to hear your poison ivy is getting better,too.

    We seem to stay in the 50s, 60s and sometimes 70s. Suits me and Stella just fine,too.

    Cheers and happy weekend,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  10. I love that you not only notice, but love the smell of freshly cut hay! Life offers us many gifts each day.

  11. i too love the smell of fresh hay. but it does not love me. like you with your poison ivy... it stops my nose so tight that i cannot breathe for days. well. i'd be dead. i mean breathe through my mouth and have an awful sinus headache! LOL.
    cissy is so beautiful. i cannot imagine letting her get in the condition she was in. so brutal.
    and to end with smiling josh? and rascal puppy todd. nothing better!

  12. Cissy looks quite the character, glad you are feeling better.

  13. Yay for Cissy, she's such a sweet looking girl.


  14. It is hot here too. The girls are coping, but Ryder, our rough collie, is miserable.

    Do you like the new neighbors?

  15. Happy to hear that Cissy is doing better, she's a sweet girl !
    I've never had poison ivy or anything like that, but other family members have, and it sounds miserable...
    We are akin on the smells of hay cutting, reminds me of my days riding horses through the countryside.
    Be well sweet friend.

  16. Your neighbor's house is something else! Glad Cissy continues to get well. She does look content. Yes, summer is here, with its heat waves and weirdness.Enjoyable - so far.

  17. That's some house. We think your hedge might have to be higher!

    Glad the poison ivy is clearing up and that Cissy is doing so well.

    Keep cool guys.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  18. So glad that your itching isn't driving you nuts. Love hearing Cissy's infection is better. We are having cool and extremely windy weather here, so staying inside where it is warm. Have a fantastic weekend Kim.
    Hugs, Noreen

  19. Glad the news is good with you on all fronts. Say Hi to the crew from me :)

  20. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Cissy is such a sweetie it's good to hear she is doing better too.


  21. Good news for you and Cissy!
    Nothing small about that house behind you.

    The heat really gets to us. Fortunately we have an air conditioner in the bedroom.
    If it gets really bad, we go out to our trailer.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  22. We had no power today in this 95 degree day!!! A limb fell and hit the corner of the house and the power lines!!!! So fun!!! The cats just stretched out on the kitchen floor and slept!!! They will play all night now!!
    So happy for Cissy!!! Really all your dogs!!

  23. I'm so happy for sweet Cissy, and glad your poison ivy is clearing up fast. The smile on Todd's face is priceless.!

  24. Love that hay smell too. Glad to see Cissy is feeling better and settling in well.

    Heidi and Daisy

  25. I whish I libbs wif yeu... I lubbs the Cissy. And teugeffer, me and the Todd wood be seuber wicked. hahaha.

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  26. I love it when the cats have been rolling in the hay & smell lovely.

    Sorry to hear about the poison ivy must be so itchy.

  27. Oh yay for Cissy! We are glad she is on the mend. I know they have those anti-lick strips for paws? I wonder if they would work?


  28. Beat the heat indeed! So happy Cissy will be able to stop her medication and is comfortable in her new environment. Great news!

  29. I am glad to read both you and Cissy are doing better. Your dogs are all so cute. It is hot here today too, trying to stay cool indoors. Happy weekend to you!

  30. Glad to hear all are on the mend. What sweet dogs.

  31. Hi Kim
    We love that sweet smell of hay too.
    We know exactly how you feel about it.
    We are glad Cissy is doing so well!
    That is marverlous,, and we are glad you are healing too.
    Your neighbors new house is huge!

  32. My heart goes out to you with that nasty rash...not a good thing at all.

    But I am glad to hear that it's getting better.


  33. Thanks for the update on Cissy. We are Rooooooing with happiness that she is both feeling better and fitting in. Look forward to someday know what fresh cut hay smell like. I'll put that on my bucket list...really. DOG ID: Todd in the foreground, Josh looking on.

  34. Expecting for the new house to have more windows ... enjoying the country view. Glad to hear good news. Hope Todd is behaving well indoors. Golden LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  35. So glad to hear Cissy is feeling better and you as well.

    Hubby had this awesome soap that you spread on the rash that cleared it up fast, but I got it from a friend and she ordered it special. I'm glad yours is clearing up!

  36. That is awesome news bout Cissy! I think she is happy to be there with you and all of your four legged friends...she knows she is loved!! So glad to hear your poison ivy is going away too!!


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