Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting Past the Problems

I've had really frustrating and exasperating problems with blogger this week which has kept me from posting on my blog.  More than once I had a post ready to publish, only to be given a "BX error message" that wouldn't let me save, post, or preview any posts. I spent precious evening hours in what seemed like a black hole otherwise known as the 'help forum' where I painstakingly combed through posts from other bloggers, hoping to find the answer to the problem.  What I did find were some who were also having the same issues I was.  In the end it somehow got the attention of Blogger, and it now seems to have been resolved because I'm now able to post. Have any of you had any problems posting or saving your blog posts?  

Knock on wood, because I'm hoping those problems are behind me as I am looking forward to the weekend.  Last evening Taylor returned to the vet for a check of her ears to see if the infections have cleared. They haven't, so another infusion of antibiotics was done. We have found her to be a quiet, sweet and endearing girl that is anxious to please and be friends. She has a great appetite and is also feeling like being up and around more than she was previously.  She fits in nicely with our dogs, and even Todd has tried to get her to play with him a few times.  All good signs.
The signs are not so good for Cissy.  Unlike the Goldens she is not a gal that 'lives to eat' but rather 'eats to live.' and her appetite has been waning for more than a week.  Cissy will have a couple of days that she acts like she's not feeling well and and won't eat.  Then she seems to feel better and her appetite returns, not fully, but it does return.  We are back on the track of her not eating.  My vet and I discussed it and she recommends that she be seen for a good once over if things don't change.  I know that Doctor J is right. Last night on the way home, I couldn't help but become discouraged by it all.  
But this morning I'm reminded that I should stay positive.  I was sure the problems with my blog could be resolved, and it appears that they have been. Cissy has been through so much and has come so far, I have to think that she can get past this too. 


  1. I've had blog problems too this week. Took forever to upload pictures and then the template seemed off ?
    Hope all is fixed now, the Blogger forum frustrates me no end...
    Hope that Cissy's appetite improves, maybe she's just a finicky eater, and hoping that Taylor's ears are improving.
    Enjoy your weekend deary !

  2. I never seem to have any problems with my wordpress blog, but you blogger peeps have routine issues.

    Glad to hear Taylor is doing well, and I hope Cissy perks up soon. We have had eating issues with some of our pups in the past and it can be very frustrating.


  3. I don't use blogger to post I use Windows Live writer ! I do hope the posting probs have been solved for you now ! I pray that all goes well for Cissy and she perks up and is able to eat better ! Todd in the photo looks like he has done something bad and is hiding lol . Hope Taylor gets better to ! Thanks for sharing , keep your chin up, as me mum used to say and hope you have a good weekend !

  4. ups and downs in your house, all the time.

    as for blogger, not sure what internet host you use (internet explorer, firefox, etc.) but i use google chrome and it seems to work smoothly with blogger. i've seen others run into problems until they switch over to chrome.

  5. Glad you sorted out the problems with your blog. I haven't had that particular issue, but you may well have seen that last weekend I 'lost' my blog completely! Fortunately it came back, but not after I had set up a new blog and told a few people!!, then had to back track to my 'found' blog again. Doh!
    In fact I am using the new blog for a separate project, so may be it was an ill wind after all :)
    There is one blogger I follow who has had trouble getting posts online though, wonder if it's the same thing as you had. Very pleased you got yours sorted.

    Also good to know that Taylor is so settled, she looks such a sweet girl. But sorry that there are problems with Cissy, here's hoping whatever it is it can be helped.

    Hugs to all the crew :)

  6. Hi there! I, too, have problems from time to time with Blogger, but it has become much better since switching to the Firefox browser. Google Chrome is also good. I'm so sorry to hear that Cissy isn't feeling well and I sure hope she gets better soon! Hugs to all your pups!! xo Jeanne

  7. Sorry you are having blogger problems. Mine seems to be fine right now. It is great that Taylor has settled in but sad that Cissy is not feeling good. I always feel bad when My Goldie Girl is not well. I wish you all the best there, happy weekend!

  8. Cissy looks great today! Sorry about your blogging problems. So far so good here.

  9. I wish we could magically know why dogs don't eat. I'm sorry you've had so many problems. I'm in awe of how you handle all the stuff you do! You're superwoman! We're sending our prayers for answers and a little peace for you!

  10. Even if Cissy doesn't make it, and I really hope she does, she has had such a great section of her life with you Kim.

    As for Blogger, is there anyone to complain to??? I lost my followers list a couple of days ago but it's now back. I suppose, because it's a free service, they don't feel we have a right to complain!

  11. Having spent many hours on WP and DreamHost forums I feel your pain...glad it's sorted now...Hope that things turn around for Cissy

  12. Sitting here feeling bad about Cissy. Hope too that her eating issues can be resolved easily.

    I have been able to post to Blogger, but I was getting some weird message when I would try to save a post. I would ignore the message and simply save again and that seemed to solve my issue. Glad they fixed it!

  13. Oh that Todd-you could just post pictures of him and we'd miss your words, but THAT FACE! (can I be president of the "Todd Fan Club"?
    I'm sorry to hear Cissy is having some problems that continue to flair-bless her heart. I hold out hope for her continued progress and that she will be comfortable.
    And Taylor, what a dear.
    Hope your blogger straightens out. I have gotten to posting from my phone to blogger and while it is riddled with typos (which I abhor) and the photos are as large as I'd like, it seems to post with very few problems.
    Hope your weekend is smoothe and relaxing for the whole pack!

  14. We have occasionally had blogger do stupid things. Luckily, they work out, but very frustrating while happening.

    Poor Cissy...we hope she gets her eating sorted.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. I have had my share of blogger woes, but it has been working pretty well for me lately.
    I hope Cissy gets sorted out, we old ladies can have any number of things mess up our appetites. She is a sweetie!
    Taylor is looking good, I hope the additional ear treatment takes care of it.
    Todd does look like he's done something... ;-)

  16. I have had tedious little problems right along. I switched to Firefox and things were worse with them. Back to Explorer, and not wonderful, lots of picky little things like can't move words or photos so its OK now. I suspect Blogger wants everyone to switch to Chrome, so I may try it. I'm happy not to be an everyday poster, don't think I could manage it.
    All good wishes to Cissy, and Taylor, and all the rest of the pups! You, too!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  17. oh please no. not cissy. not so soon.
    she's come so far. like you say.
    and as to blogs...
    i have wordpress. i no longer did the update they call 3.5 and now they're launching 3.6. i wish they could just leave the darn thing alone for maybe... oh i don't know... 20 days!!!! AAAGGGHHH.
    glad you're back on line. i kept checking. just thought your were terribly busy. and you were!
    holding the closest thoughts for cissy.

  18. Oh look at all your fur-babies! *heart* I hope your blog issues resolve and that Cissy's appetite returns.

    (New Zealand)

  19. Awww... Poor Cissy... I hope she feels better soon.

  20. Just keep telling yourself that you are doing everything you can to help Cissy. And that's the best you can do. Much as we would like, we simply cannot control everything. I know you really do know that, but sometimes it helps to be reminded that the best you can do is the best you can do. Hope your blogger problems resolve.

  21. You are doing the very best for Cissy!!! You are a wonderful Mom to the pups!!

  22. Sending good thoughts your way.

  23. I hope you and your vet find out what has put Cissy off eating regularly. She has such a lovely face.

  24. We are saying doggy prayers for Cissy
    that she gets to feeling better. We know how it can affect you- because you love your furrys so much!

    We had blogger problems last weekend- the message said we had no followers.. finally the next day everything was back to normal- but we worried all night..
    Take care Kim-- we are right here sending you love


  25. Howdy Mates, no problems here (touch wood). Glad yours seem to be resolved. We hope Taylor's ears clear up real soon and keep our paws crossed that Cissy feels better soon too. Don't be discouraged mate. You do an amazing job with all your furry friends. We're here to support when you need it! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  26. I have had problems off and on too; not for a while and I, too, just try to think positive or rather not think about it and hope the problems do not come back. The ear problems are sure a pain in the "ear"! Henri has that too, off and on. It's a shame. And oh, Cissy - please feel better and eat.

  27. I missed Taylor's arrival, but am glad she is doing well. Cissy is so sweet, I really hope she will be OK so she can have some good times of being loved and cared for after her other life. That's why I am so grateful for every day with Soldier. He had seven bad years of being tied to a doghouse. Now he has had six good ones with us. The picture of Todd is adorable. And, finally, I am so glad you went back and read all that Feral Woman and her husband went through. The cows screaming was finally what really got to me. I don't think I would have ever been able to get over that. Hugs ~ Inger

  28. I wish I could tell if I had issues with Blogger this week, but I've only been leaving comments, not posting and that has been going fine.

    I hope Cissy feels better soon, it's always so worrisome when our pets go off their food. I hope Taylor infection clears up well too!

  29. It's so hard when your fur baby is off....I really hope that she responds soon to the extra love and care that she is getting. Poor darling.

    I've been having great difficulties with Blogger too, it jumps the comment box all over, and flashes it at me, throws me out of the blog, and this can happen quite a few times when I am trying to comment. Discouraging...

    But hopefully they have fixed it now.


  30. I've had some blogger problems too. They seem to go thru this every now and then. I call them growing pains.

    I do hope you can help Cissy. She's a real favorite of mine. Don't you wish you could explain to them why they must do certain things?

  31. Hi Kim, glad Taylor is fitting right in but sad for Cissy, pray she feels better......Oh blogger, makes me very angry most days, hope it's good for you.....Hugs Francine.

  32. I haven't seen a problem with Blogger - I hope the issues are resolved.

    Saying prayers for Cissy.


  33. I sure hope Cissy feels better Kim and that all your blogger problems are behind you.

  34. Poor Cissy. She has a good mama in you, Kim.

    I had similar problems with my WP blog for awhile. I did a million different things. Then one day it stopped having problems. Weird.

  35. Hi Y'all!

    Paws crossed for Cissy.

    My Human has had problems from time to time with blogger. She uses Windows Live Writer and finds sometimes, if she's interrupted she needs to close it and reopen it. Most of the time it will grab the parts that weren't saved. Sometimes it loses part of the post. She says she just has to remember to keep saving the work like in the "early days" when everything had to be saved manually.

    Glad at least blogger is being nice to you.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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