Friday, September 6, 2013

Lucky This Time

~Mailboxes on our road~
In the past month, the house in back of us that took nearly a year to build is finally occupied.  It did give me a grin when I saw that the mailbox the new neighbors put up is a locking one.  No one, and I mean no one who lives on the entire 12 mile stretch of our country road has one that locks, and neither does anyone else on the routes that I regularly take.  Is it a lack of trust of  those of us who live around here, or is that what living in the city did to them?  I'll probably never know.
But just as we hoped, their moving here hasn't affected us much at all.  However today when I was out with the dogs where the driveway passes by our property, a work truck that was driving way too fast flew up their driveway, and before I knew what was happening, CarrieAnne was running after it.  With my heart in my throat I ran after her, but of course couldn't catch her in time.  As I rounded the corner of the driveway all I could see was Carrie continuing her pursuit of the truck.  When it stopped thankfully she ran back to me and was unharmed.
~CarrieAnne after her chase~
Needless to say, it reinforced what I've thought since the hedge was cleared by the power company, that we need to consider putting up a fence and hope that the hedge that we've let grow all summer, grows a little faster. Carrie was lucky this time, but we all know that next time, she or one of the other dogs, might not be.
~Annie standing on our side of the new driveway~


  1. I hope all your dogs stay safe. Maybe your new neighbors receive many checks and business mail in their mailbox so feel the need to have it locked.

  2. Oh dear....I'll contribute to the fence fund
    City living does that to some folks
    Or they are just very private
    ...give carrie a hug from me

  3. So scary!! Hoping a fence is doable!! Let us know if there is a "fencathom" I'd love to donate!

  4. Locked letter box sounds like they might not want visiting doggies either.

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. You were very lucky and so was Carrie Ann. I left our gate open yesterday and thankfully Roscoe listened and sat and stayed when I told him to so that I could go over and close it. That was close since there are lots of cats around and he chases them to the fence. If he could climb it he would to get them.
    Don't you just hate when things change from one day to the next. I would not mind the mailbox, you never know what they had been through before.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Ana

  6. Whewww so glad it was all OK in the end. Come on hedge grow grow grow.

  7. Surely if someone wanted their post they could just take the Whole thing anyway, so why bother to have a locking one!

    My heart was in my mouth just Reading about CarrieAnne and the truck!!! Thanks goodness she was okay, but must have been terrifying for you to see.

    Love to all.....ann

  8. Truck chasing. Great cardiovascular workout ?

  9. YIKES! That experience is scary, Kim. Moon for some reason hates motorcycles and always wants to chase them when we walk the paved road. Even though she's wearing her halter, it keeps me on my toes. I am so glad we put up the fence to keep them in and unwanted wanderers out....:)JP

  10. Oh I know that feeling of fear when things in the neighborhood change and not so much for the better where my animals are concerned! I dream of the day when I can move into my own place again and have a fence.
    As for the locked mailbox? I think it is sad that without meeting any of their new neighbors they have already decided not to take any chances. What a tragic way to start a new life in a new area.
    Have a super weekend with those gorgeous pups Kim, oh and I love the "header" with those adorable faces!

    Tina xo

  11. in the past, we had terrible trouble with UPS trucks - they purposely wouldn't slow down if they saw dogs in the road, just hoping to hit them. - in our old neighborhood...

  12. Oh my.... dogs that chase vehicles need to be kept safe so that the opportunity doesn't present itself. Sounds like a fence is needed... quickly!! We live out in the county & used to have dogs & not once did we ever let our dogs roam free. Not once in 13 years.

    Our county has a leash law. No matter if you're within the city limits of a city in the county or outside of a city's limits, your dog must be confined within a fence or on a leash. Period.

    Owning a dog that's been hit by a car is no more fun than hitting a dog with a car because the owner let it run loose. I've never hit an animal with my car (I've been driving for over 40 years) but if I did, I would cry for weeks... and would be *extremely* angry at the owner for setting me up to be so traumatized like that.

    Just my two cents!

    Animal-loving & cherishing Andrea

  13. It's been my experience that once a dog chases a vehicle, they will continue to do it every chance they get because the vehicle runs away and that reinforces the behavior.

    Good fences make good neighbors and healthy dogs.

  14. I surely know how you feel dear Kim...
    So happy the Carrie Ann is OK!!!
    The world is coming to you the way it did to me!!!!!! Awful!

  15. Yep, scary, that's the reason for Jack and Jill to have their radio fence. Jack was a chaser and Jill would be too. You would think she would learn... We are always replacing her battery.

  16. Oh so scary Kim, so happy she was bad, yes, need something to block the road, Blessings Francine.

  17. Oh no! Yes...please fence!
    That was an awful scare - hugs.

  18. the outcome of that doesn't even bear thinking about.
    first he was going TOO fast. you don't race along a driveway like that. idiot.
    and secondly... amazing that they actually stay in your yard with no fence!
    well... maybe not so much now!
    love the country lane look of the road.

  19. Kim,
    Your past blog post with pictures have been beautiful.
    Glad the dogs are all doing well and yes I think a fence may be in order for the crazy drivers.
    The mailbox does seem out of sorts but maybe they have checks or personal items that they don't want others to know about.
    Living in the city as you said they did maybe they did have some mail issues.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend enjoying the cooler temp. with the crew.

  20. Oh gosh- thank goodness Carrie Ann is okay.
    And the mailbox thing--
    we never see locks either on any mailboxes on the road- sometimes though we see mailboxes destroyed by kids who have nothing better to do.

  21. Hi Kim and Careful Carrie Ann!!

    I am all for fences, wooden or cyclone or whatever you can manage. We have a small backyard and Stella can visit the neighboring "fenced in" pups, lay around in the sun, play in the snow when it comes and I don't have to worry about her. She would rather have a walk, but she likes being outside too. (Her mother has a Gouty Foot and NOBODY is getting walked this weekend!)

    Take care! Jo and Stella

  22. Howdy mates, oooh be careful Carrie-Anne, you don't want to be chasing trucks miss. We don't have locked letter boxes either around our way but we're a bit rural too! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  23. Oh my - I bet that was awful! Sounds like a fence would be a good thing just to make sure everyone is safe. Hmmm....a locked mailbox? Maybe after a few months they'll relax and realize it's ok. :) In our little town it wouldn't matter because we get other peoples mail all the time and they get ours so the lock on my box would only prevent a neighbors mail from being stolen.

  24. Nothing makes your heart stop fasted huh?

    We adopted a new little lady about a month ago and she got outside of our house when some guests were visiting and gave us an immediate heart attack by running into the road.

    Luckily we kept clear heads, didn't run after her and did the counterintuitive (but best way to get your dog back) action of running AWAY from her. Of course she thought it was a great game of chase and ran straight to us. Phew!

    Definitely scary when that happens.

    ~ Cyndie

  25. My heart actually stopped, I think, as I was picturing CarrieAnn chasing after that truck. Thank heaven she is okay. It only takes a second for stuff like this to happen ... Fences make it much easier and better on Mama's heart.

  26. Carrie Ann, no more chasing trucks stick to squirrels.

    Aroo to you,

  27. Lord knows I hate teu quote my the Mom, butt...

    "better safe than sorry"

    Stay safe!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  28. What a scare. Monty Dog jumped over us while our back gate was open and immediately rushed out of our quiet road and onto a busy one. It was so stressful and the drivers so abusive - they were yelling and shouting as if I had done it on purpose! We have just sold our city house and are looking for one in a rural area but are finding it hard to get a rural garden that can be easily secured as they are more spread out and have natural boundaries such as streams (!). Lily. xxx

  29. That is scary, I am glad Carrie was ok! Our neighbor has UPS and delivery trucks going down their driveway everyday so I am glad we have a fenced yard. Annie and Carrie are both sweet dogs. Have a happy Sunday!

  30. Our fence is good for my peace of mind as much as for containment. Glad it ended well.

  31. Isn't it funny how the little stuff about new neighbors tells you a lot? Around here, many new neighbors last only a year because they can't handle the winters at our elevation. Something like a locking mailbox (or paving a driveway)would make everyone predict that a new neighbor "won't last" :)

    I'm glad that no one got hurt. Vehicles speeding past your place is probably not a fun part of having new neighbors.

  32. Just catching up on blogs. I'm glad CarrieAnne was OK. You need a fence (for when you are not there) and maybe also a good "down" command you can yell at Carrie-Ann (as most Golden Retrievers can run faster than we do!). Luckily for me Riley has been stopped in his tracks, more than once using this command. I think the "drop on command", practiced randomly around home and when out, was the most useful things I learnt at dog obedience classes, especially if he runs towards something he shouldn't like a busy road or dead seagull on the beach. I have to admit I am still working on this command with our younger dog, who is selectively deaf if a cat runs across his path. :)


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