Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Better Day

~Annie, feeling better~
Time has really gotten away from me, and it feels like so long since I've been here.  Today I was off work because of a broken cable on our garage door. The serviceman, arrived on time, quickly repaired the cable, put the door back on its track, oiled and tightened everything and charged way less than I thought he would, left me feeling really relieved!  So with that, the dogs and I enjoyed some outside time together in the chilly but sunny day, and nice warm nap together afterwards.  
Several times today the cheerfulness of a good friend of mine who always says, "I've never had a better day" kept coming to mind.  I really do think that dogs think that every day, don't you?  But because it's easy to see that Annie feeling a bit better, and knowing that it's safe to say that the infection that Wendy has, hasn't gotten any worse, and because today is my 32nd wedding anniversary, for today I can say that "I've never had a better day" too!  


  1. awww. glad for all of you. and happy anniversary to you and carl!

  2. A huge Happy Scottish 32 Anniversary, and yep dogs always have a happy everyday when they are in a good home!

    The Mad Scots

  3. I'm glad that I'm checking in with you today so I can say Happy Anniversary to you and Carl! 32 years of marriage, what a blessing! On another note, I love Todd's little tartan scarf!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Carl! So glad to hear you had a great day. Todd is so cute in his plaid scarf too.


  5. Glad Annie is feeling better

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. Todd is looking so spiffy and sort of Scottish in his scarf. And Charlie, what a delightful picture. I'm so glad you had a good day, and that Annie and Wendy are feeling better. One day at a time. Happy anniversary!

  7. We love your good day too Kim! And we wish you and Carl a Happy Anniversary

  8. You made my day! So, so happy everyone is feeling better.
    Happy Anniversary and many blessings for continued "Better Days" !!
    Gus' Mom

  9. A great day indeed. Happy anniversary.

  10. Glad all is well with you and your clan . Lovely photos ! Happy Anniversary to you both . Have a good week !

  11. Oh yes that is exactly what we dogs think. Happy Anniversary.

  12. Happy Anniversary Kim, enjoy!!!!!! Love to hear that about the dogs, so happy.....Big Hugs Francine.

  13. Happy 32nd Anniversary! I'm glad Annie is feeling better. Todd is looking particularly jaunty today and Charlie well what can you really say about a good roll.

    Aroo to you,

  14. Happy Anniversary! Now, that's a day to be celebrated.

    But I think you're right. Our dogs celebrate every day like that. I'm so glad that Annie is feeling better (her eyes look bright!) and that Wendy is holding her own! Yay!

  15. So so glad that MIss Annie is feeling better and even more happy to hear that my Dear Wendy is still with you and doing well on her medication.
    There is so much love at your place.

  16. Yippee for Annie and Wendy getting better. Thats a nice little gift for all of us.

    Hooray for you and Carl and your 32 years of marriage. Wishing you many more!

    Cheers and hugs,


  17. Happy happy anniversary. WOW 32 years. Nice to see couples make it that long today.
    Hope you had a wonderful day off and celebrated.

  18. Happy Anniversary and happy, healthy day to all!

  19. Happy anniversary, Kim! Enjoy your day with your lovely furry friends!

  20. Happy Anniversary, Kim! I am glad you had a great day! I am so happy Annie and Wendy are feeling better. Love the cute photos! Have a happy day!

  21. Happy anniversary. I am so pleased the girls are doing better and you have all had a special day. Sometimes out of the blue and with no planning days can become one of the 'best days ever' and stick in our minds. xxx

  22. Happy anniversary Kim! And we're glad to hear that Wendy & Annie are doing better. Yes, life is good!

    Nadine & goldens Neeli & Elle

  23. What a wonderful day!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! We are going to have our 32 coming up next July too!!!
    So glad for you and the dogs!!
    Hugs all around!!!

  24. Oh,i am so happy that Annie is feeling better♥and i wish a wonderful
    anniversary with magic moments ;0)
    Hugs and greetings,

  25. I'm so glad you're all doing better! And Hapoy Anniversary! :). It sounds like a beautiful day indeed.

  26. Wonderful news, so glad the girls are doing better. Hope you have a very happy anniversary today!

  27. Congratulation on all the above. May you have many more best days.

  28. Happy Anniversary to both of you!! So happy Annie was having a good day. LOVE Todd's scarf. :)

  29. Happy should be rolling in the grass with Charlie!

    Hope you're in for some smooth sailing for awhile.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  30. Here's to ALL BETTER DAYS ahead!

  31. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! Here's hoping you both have many more. ♥

    P.S. Glad to hear that Annie is feeling better, too.

  32. Hi Kim, This is a wonderful expression and one I hope to ingrain in my brain. I am glad Annie is feeling better; your Todd looks so handsome and regal in his Tartan scarf. Still have no idea for photos of Hunter. Hope you have a great day and even better weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  33. dang.
    always late to the party.
    but happy anniversary anyway!!!
    i love all these pictures.
    precious annie better.
    joyful charlie (has been groomed!)
    and that beloved wee scotsman in his spiffy tartan scarf!
    only thing possibly better . . .
    a picture of your own smiling face!

  34. Awwww...great day and happy anniversary!


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