Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Saturday Memory

Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Saturday mornings. It was the height of luxury to be able to sit around in pajamas with my brothers and watch our favorite cartoons and indulging in some sweet, colorful cereal and getting more than our recommended daily allowance of sugar, carbohydrates and artificial color.  But then we grew up, and I'm sure many of you are like me and don't give yourself permission to be that lazy on Saturdays--We're too busy running and catching up on all the errands we didn't get to during the week.  This morning for me was no exception, I was out the door early but before I left I enjoyed a bowl of  Fruit-Loops in front of the television watching an old cartoon--It really took me back to those Saturday mornings from so long ago; I'm glad I didn't resist that urge to buy a box when they were on sale this week!  
Powered by all the sugar in my bowl of Fruit-Loops, my errands were quickly done and I was home before noon for the rest of the day.
All in all, it wasn't a bad day.
I hope yours was too.


  1. really cute. made me smile. :)

  2. You had us scared. We saw the Saturday memory and picture of Shadow....

    SHE remembers having Cheerios and watching telly until Dad returned with Mom from the weekly shopping trip. Anxious that Sky King was able to get the bad guys BEFORE being shooed outdoors and to get out from in front of that infernal box!

    Understand your memories.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. I love Fruit Loops!! And I also love Count Chocula... usually the only time I can find that any more is around Halloween. All those sugar cereals, Yummmm.... I'm trying to get away from them now that I'm older and wiser but I confess, I have a half eaten box of Lucky Charms in my pantry right now and I hear it calling my name... Always love the pictures!

  4. Such beautiful babies! I know what you mean, I sure wish they still had all the wonderful Saturday cartoons from when we were kids, my granddaughter loves Tom and Jerry! I wish they were on like they used to be! Love Love Love Fruit loops and Lucky charms!

  5. Looks like Dale is setting in. He is so cute, Mommy says if you decide not to be a foster failure, you can send him to us.


  6. Ah memories, but here every day is awesome when you get to spend some of it with all your fur pals!

    The Mad Scots & peeps

  7. Yep! Like Scotsmad, I was all about Sky King! Oh, and sweet cereal!!

  8. We loved this post Kim!
    It made us smile!

  9. The weekend, best days of all, out with my Dad on the tractor, baling the hay, feeding out silage, collecting the eggs, making sure the calves were safe in their paddock, coming in to yummy scrambled eggs by the fire, how different these days. Watch the Sochi games, coffee, sun rising slowly, feed one cat, make breakfast , check the emails and blogs, and start another day. I, too, read your title and began to worry, So glad all is well. Cheers from Jean.

  10. Subliminal message- Adopt Dale.

    Aroo to you,

  11. I thought the same, worried that something might have happened. So glad to see all is well. I have noticed in the last couple of pictures of Cissy, that she looks so good! I have never seen her look so healthy! I hope she is doing as well as she looks. I hope Annie is doing ok. I know she wasn't eating well a while back.
    And, Sunny, How is he doing? So grateful that you and Carl gave him a chance. Of course you would. Both of you have such kind hearts.
    Gus' Mom

  12. I am so glad you had a nice day.. I was just happy it did not snow. I have never tried Fruit Loops. Cute puppy dogs love the photos! Have a happy Sunday!

  13. Your title did scare me a bit, especially when I saw Shadow first thing.

    My hubby and I generally usually have lazy Saturday mornings, but we have changed the sugary cereal for pancakes and the cartoons for The Saturday Morning Show. But we still sit around in our pajamas, drinking our coffee/tea and enjoy it.

    I see Todd has finally met the cat - and they are so close in color that she looks like she belongs to him. Bonnie came by for a few minutes earlier in the week and we were both wondering if Todd had met her yet.

    Have a restful Sunday.


  14. Oh Kim, such wonderful memories, love Fruit Loops too, yummy......Beautiful pictures of the furry kids, give them all a hug from me please, Blessings Francine.

  15. I was scared when I saw your title,I`m so happy Dale is settling in,& so sorry for your loss.I think all hearts would heal better if Dale stuck around,have a wonderful Sunday! Phyllis

  16. I used to love fruit loops too. It's been quite a while since I bought a box of them. I think I would go for Lucky Charms if I wanted to induldge.


  17. Love the fruit loops too1 Life was much easier when we were kids!

  18. What a sweet memory and lovely pictures. Is Dale on the loose now?

  19. So, I'm dying to find out...has Dale found a home...he looks like he's got the crew under control!...:)JP

  20. We had a whole lazy Saturday because it was so cold outside. Just stayed in and did nothing much.

    Looks like Dale is getting comfy in a house full of dogs. He looks like a keeper.


  21. That's rights you carrys on havings those lazy Saturdays and enjoys your Fruit Loops!
    I'm glads you hads a goods day mine was pawsome as always, thank you.
    Big wet kisses,

  22. i love walks down that lane!
    and i'm like some of the others after the picture of our darling shadow... i held my breath a little and kept reading.
    now i want a bowl of fruit loops!
    stay warm dear heart.

  23. I don't think we had those in UK - we used to have Kellogs Variety pack with little individual portions of things like coco pops and puff-a-puffa rice!! My brother and I used to turn my bed into a tent and play in there until nearly lunchtime. Wish we could give ourselves permission to stop and enjoy more

  24. I'm breathing a sigh of relief, thought one of your sweet babies were sick...
    Yes, those were the days, all play, and no worries :)
    Had trouble leaving comments lately, sorry to have been scarce.

  25. I'm glad that the froot loops powered you so well! Wow, that's a blast from the past! Love the photo of Dale looking down on Todd...

  26. Boy do I remember those saturday mornings just being lazy and having tons of sugar. We were 5 and all drove my poor mom and dad nuts after all that sugar. Dads fault. He would buy it for us. My mom was always the one to so no. LOL.
    I know what you mean about the errands now and not having time to do the things we did as children.
    Hope the res of your weekend was relaxing.
    Stay warm. Ana

  27. So Todd and Dale are fast friends, right? Thank you for sharing such lovely memories!

  28. Hi Y'all!

    Oh yes, Sunday has always been a special day. The only rush is to get to church on time because my Human Papa refuses to go inside if they are late and the minister is in his pulpit.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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