Friday, March 14, 2014

A Ride Called March

~Thank-you Capital Weather for this illustration!~
I've been reminded this week about why I dislike March. March is the month that teases you about spring. With 31 days, it can be long, cold and bleak with 'roller-coaster' temperatures.  We had a very pleasant start to our week with nice weather -- Added to that I met a visiting friend from out of town one evening for a lovely dinner.

But the week changed on Wednesday when pouring rain chased me most of the drive home.  By the time I got home, the rain had stopped and high winds warnings were in effect.  Todd showed his tough-rugged Scottish side and stood unflinching facing into the wind for a long time.
I finally made him come inside, but I think he would have stayed out if I'd let him.
We got everyone fed and settled and just as I thought would happen, our lights went out as it was getting dark.  All the dogs stayed on guard and barked each time the wind hummed through a drafty window.  It was a long night.  Thankfully our power was restored in the early morning hours.
~Charlie watching the glow of a lantern~
At the end of the week, snow is being talked about for Monday.  I am worn out and am looking forward to what I hope will be a quiet and uneventful weekend.  However, I've no doubt that Todd will find something to bark at.


  1. good protectors. :) i hope you can get some rest this weekend!

  2. Oh Yes,,
    Mother Earth cannot make up her mind what to do.
    I think she has a big kettle cooking on her stove-- with a big spoon, and sometimes she stirs too hard and then the weather changes.. Mother Earth needs to calm a little.
    We hope your weekend gets some calm in it too

  3. I adore that picture of Charlie & the lantern, Kim! :) When faced with a power outage, do the best thing possible.... sit in front of the lantern & get sleepy. *lol*

    I'm tired of this weather too. We woke up to a huge snowfall on Wednesday morning. I wish it had been rain... we don't have to shovel it.

    I think the whole country is more than ready for spring... AND spring weather to go along with it. May it soon be upon us all.

    Love~ Andrea

  4. Howdy Mates, we're tired of our heat but now we are in Autumn and we really don't want winter either, sigh. Enjoy your weekend and hope you get to relax. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  5. March is the same here. We've just come through a week of dense fog, a real pea-souper! Have a great weekend :-)

  6. That is a wild weather ride. Surely the track should straighten out soon.

    Love Todd in the wind.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  7. Kim, I think we had the same wind storm here.. My Goldie Girl does not like the noises either.. I just love your cute Todd, he is adorable.. Cute photos. I am hoping the forecasters are wrong about Monday.. Have a happy weekend!

  8. Here some day it rains, some day it snows and some day it is already totally melted and then it snows again... The weather changes fast! Todd is adorable! ♥

  9. That Scottish boy, steadfast, sturdy and stubborn, just wants to be sure that no critters are close...he is a trooper!!! Get some rest, Kim... Better weather is right around the corner!...:)JP

  10. Our pups become unsettled when it's really windy as well, and they don't sleep well through the night. It's frustrating.

  11. Kim,
    Yes I agree this March has been long and hard for snow shoveling.
    Like Todd's new sporty look.Very handsome.
    I'm glad you managed to stay warm while the power was out. Your loyal crew keeping guard over those nasty winds.
    Take care and have a warm and fun weekend.

  12. And here it was in the high 70's yesterday and today we have thick, chill, fog.

  13. Morning Kim, what a week, hope the weekend is good to you all. We should all have that Irish toughness like Todd in us, brave this unpredictable month of March, Warm Blessings Francine.

  14. Same here , one day spring like the next winter again .Today same thing a mix of spring and winter all rolled into one . The ground is now warmer so what snow we have is melting and any that falls melts so that's a good thing ,All our spring birds are back and feasting on the feeders like crazy our back yard is busy and noisy just how I like it lol The only thing about the melt is mud and Miggs is a mud hog !Lovely photos glad all is good have a good weekend !

  15. i think the noble little scottie was dreaming of his homeland.
    it's in his dna you know! the love of gales and highland mist.
    and the picture of charlie...
    oh sweet charlie.
    and you?
    rest dear one. or try to!

  16. I love that illustration. We've had the same rollercoaster weather here too.


  17. Yes, we hit 80 this week and we're supposed to get snow on Monday. At least the mud isn't as bad as I expected.

  18. Every Sottie I know loves to face the wind. It's sensory overload! I'm glad you all got to be inside and safe during your crazy weather.

  19. Oh Todd! I'm threatening to clip Snippet but he keeps running off every time I pick up scissors. x

  20. Hopefully they are wrong about the snow.
    We have pouring rain right now.
    You all have a blessed Sunday. ♥

  21. We sure have had our share of weird weather too!! We got almost two feet of snow...and the next day it was 40 and things began to melt. Now we are watching the weather for another snowstorm that might dump even more snow! Very weird indeed. Happy Sunday and love the pics of Todd!!

  22. We sincerely feel your pain! Lately we feel like it will be an undeniable miracle if Spring arrives :)

  23. Those are really fabulous Todd photos, even if they were taken in the midst of stormy March. March is tough with how it teases us... but we do know what's coming, right? I like that part.

    I hope that you have a good week. I adored the Elizabeth Edwards quote that you left in your comment. It is perfect.

  24. March madness, it is toying with us as well. From 46 degree's and sunny to 16 inches of snow overnight. Oh well, this is Alaska so expect the unexpected!
    I also enjoyed those lantern lit photos :)


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