Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Weekend of Self-Control

Our week may have begun with a winter storm, but it ended feeling like springtime.  Saturday could not have been a nicer day for us with bright warm sun.
~Todd, sporting a new spring hair-cut~ 
Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy much of the day outside, because it was an adoption day for the lovely Ms. Yellow.  We dropped her off with the "cat people" and hoped that after 5 hours, just as it was with Dale, she would also find her forever home. When we picked her up, we were told that there wasn't one single nibble from anyone interested in her.  Probably because she hissed at people, slept the rest of the time, and aside from there being about 20 cats to choose from, she's just not as sociable and cute as the kittens that were there. The volunteers also running the adoption event hardly even knew she was there, and I think that may have played a part in it as well. At any rate, she's here to stay with us for a while longer, and that's okay.
While Ms. Yellow was showing her not-so-good side, Carl and I spent the beautiful day doing the only thing you can do when in town, we went to the mall and had lunch.
~My personal Corner-Bakery favorite, a chicken pesto sandwich~ 
After a little bit of shopping we followed the advice on this sign....
And we shared this....
I know that wasn't exactly the intention of the sign, but we did enjoy it.  Our weekend is ending quietly and uneventfully -- No self control needed for that!  I hope you've had a good weekend too!

A few of you asked about my recipe for banana bread from my last post.  
I found it online here.  I've used this recipe for more than 20 years and it's simple and easy and best of all, it's perfect every time and delicious!  Enjoy!!


  1. Pretty kitty wonderful colorings and markings . I am glad the snow has all gone for you , ours is still kicking around but melting more each day with warmer temps and sunshine ! Lovely photos ! Self control for Cinnamon buns ? I think NOT lol ! They are YUMMY ! Oh thanks for the Banana bread loaf recipe . Good all are doing well . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  2. well, sorry ms. yellow does not present well for adopters, but glad she has you to take care of her.

  3. I am happy that Ms Yellow will be staying a bit longer.. I am sure she is happy with you and the gang.. Todd looks cute with his new haircut. The Sandwich looks yummy. I have not had a cinnabon in a long time. YUMMY! Shadow is a sweetie taking a nap.. Glad the weekend was a happy one. Enjoy the week ahead!

  4. Oh Miss Yellow! When the right person comes along they'll all know it...until then she has YOU! Looks like a FAB day and some YUMMY food!

  5. Amazing how quickly the snow melts and the sun warms us again. Glad you are all better.

  6. You are my kind of woman! Now I am going to check out your recipe for the banana bread. I'm very jealous that your snow is gone.

  7. We are still waiting for our snow to melt. It is challenging walking around on the uneven snow now. Ms. Yellow is so cute I hope she gets adopted soon.


  8. Ms. Yellow is so beautiful. I sure hope that people can see her outside the stressful environment of a public event...

    The photos today are fabulous! Todd is such a handsome dude. Glad that spring is showing its face.

  9. Printed off the Banana Bread recipe...thanks. Now when I get a new stove with working oven, I might make it. It's been too warm for baking anyway.

    We think the cat is plotting to stay put. Has found the right family.

    Glad your weather is improving.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  10. Evening Kim, Ms. Yellow is very pretty, oh well, don't think she minds staying at Golden Pines....yummy on both sandwich and bun, have a great week my friend, Blessings Francine.

  11. Awwww... I'm so sorry Ms.Yellow didn't find her furever home today, Kim. :-( Our Mistletoe is getting up in age & I fear he is beginning to reach for the stars & beyond, to Rainbow Bridge. I would take Ms.Yellow in a heartbeat if I could because she sounds like she has about as big an attitude as Mistletoe does.

    I'm attracted to those types of "folks". A little hiss here & there is good for the soul & spirit. :-)

    May someone who likes a little hissing in their life too, come & find Ms.Yellow & realize what a wonderful addition she would make to their household. There's somebody out there... they just have to be found.

    I'll be praying!!

    Love ya~ Andrea

  12. Gosh, well its okay Miss Yellow can spend more time with you. I think the furrys all tell her interesting stories!
    That cinnamon roll is exactly what I have been craving!

  13. The hissing probably did not endear Ms. Yellow to those looking for a pet. Hopefully, she will have better luck next time. Meanwhile, she has a home where she is welcome, and that is a good thing.

    Yes, self control is over rated and life is too short not to indulge in sweet things that give us joy.

  14. Ms Yellow will have happy days with you now, and maybe one day she will find a new loving family. Every time we have a cat adopt us, I think they have made their decision, and accept it. Enjoy sweetness when necessary, every so often it is a great tonic. Cheers, Jean.

  15. I get a feeling Ms Yellow may have already found her forever home! :-)

  16. Sad that Ms. Yellow has competition that is causing her not to be adopted. I'm sure the right person will come along and recognize her value. xo

  17. Ms. Yellow is a Torbie and that's awful close to a Tortie--which means she has attitude and proud of it. ;-) I had a Torbie once--Madison--plucked her off the streets at just five weeks old. She lived with me for eight or nine years, and was a royal snot. Then she packed her bags and moved down to my Mom's barn (where she is coddled no end with heating pads and special foods, is now 15 years old and pretends she doesn't see me when I stop by. Hoping that someone that appreciates a good Torbie with 'tude will snatch Ms. Yellow the meantime I know she is in the best hands!


  18. I wish that Ms. Yellow will find a good home with people who love her, No I mean I KNOW that she'll get a perfect home!! Nice photos. Todd looks great with his new haircut! And Shadow look as gorgeous as always.♥

  19. Self control? What's that? I have ten dogs, I don't have much self control.

  20. Someone right will adopt Mrs will be aerfect'll see,...:)JP

  21. Ms.Yellow is adorable! And so is that sandwich!!
    Kim, looks like spring may just be there to stay.

  22. i LOVE your self control!
    it's just like mine! LOLOL.
    spring has sprung a little here too. was 74 today. but 32 tonight.
    i know they're necessary.
    but i always hate 'adoption' days.
    it's like i'm thinking they're thinking they FINALLY have found a loving home... (foster not in their vocabulary) ... and then they go somewhere in a cage to be given away to strangers.
    not nice.
    i know. i know.
    it's all part of it.
    xo ♥

  23. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

    Aroo to you,

  24. Glad Todd is feeling better, I don't think suet cake was made for dogs. The sunshine looks good. I have nice warm weather today but they say snow and rain for tomorrow. Pesto Lee loves pesto on sandwiches and warm pasta. If we lost self control Lee would go for a Godiva Shake at our mall. We hope Ms Yellow finds that perfect home.
    Sweet William The Scot

  25. self control? self control? Im not familiar with that term

    Stop on by for a visit

  26. Pretty kitty and yummy-looking banana bread. And oh...that "Sin-a-bun"!

  27. Could Miss Yellow be sabotaging her adoption? Cats are clever!
    Looks like you had a fun time at the mall. I haven't been to a mall in a long time, but I did finally make it to the movies and saw Gravity. Sat on the edge of my seat the entire time!


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